Complete Runtimes of WWE Undertaker The Streak DVD & Blu-Ray

July 10, 2012 by Daniel Bee

BBFC have released the complete runtimes of both DVD and Blu-ray editions of WWE Undertaker: The Streak.

The 4-Disc DVD has a total runtime of approximately 8 hours and 54 minutes. The Blu-ray edition has an extra 23 minutes of exclusive content, bringing that up to 9 hours and 17 minutes. Below is a complete breakdown of chapter runtimes – documentary, matches, and extras.

The European version (via is planned to have identical content included, but will instead be produced on 3-DVD and 2-BD formats.




(06:51) WRESTLEMANIA VII – MARCH 24, 1991
(15:57) WRESTLEMANIA IX – APRIL 4, 1993
(12:48) WRESTLEMANIA XI – APRIL 2, 1995
(24:02) WRESTLEMANIA XII – MARCH 31, 1996
(33:09) WRESTLEMANIA 13 – MARCH 23, 1997
(24:30) WRESTLEMANIA XIV – MARCH 29, 1998
(13:24) WRESTLEMANIA XV – MARCH 28, 1999
(26:21) WRESTLEMANIA X-7 – APRIL 1, 2001
(21:54) WRESTLEMANIA X-8 – MARCH 17, 2002
(13:46) WRESTLEMANIA XIX – MARCH 30, 2003
(15:33) WRESTLEMANIA XX – MARCH 14, 2004
(20:25) WRESTLEMANIA 21 – APRIL 3, 2005
(20:10) WRESTLEMANIA 22 – APRIL 2, 2006
(25:50) WRESTLEMANIA 23 – APRIL 1, 2007
(36:06) WRESTLEMANIA XXIV – MARCH 30, 2008
(42:24) WRESTLEMANIA XXV – APRIL 5, 2009
(35:24) WRESTLEMANIA XXVI – MARCH 28, 2010

Blu-ray Exclusives


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  1. jeff says:

    So is there an answer to the ? In the 1 st dvd close to the end of the disk that goes you cant take me down you”ll never take me down whats the name of the song n whos it by

  2. nightmare says:

    So who who is going to buy WWE Undertaker The Streak in 7 days and will you be buying dvd or blu ray .

  3. Darnell harris says:

    i wish that they would had include the live performance from wrestlemania XIX to the undertaker entrance since this set will have all his matches in their entirely i want to know why wwe did not put this in the 4 disc should been 9 hours and 54 minutes

  4. nightmare says:

    Well I just pre order The Undertaker Blu ray couldn’t wait until I sold my items have to get it .I have ever Undertaker release so far even some of the crappy ones .I heard it does come with a slipcase so I hope so .I was going to get the dvd but the blu ray well it’s blu ray you know .

  5. Shane says:

    Can’t wait for this box set to come out! I am new to this site and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have stumbled upon it, this site is great and the interaction is as well. Wish I would have known about you guys sooner.


    Why doesnt db ever answer questions i want to know if they blur out the old wwf logo on the turnbuckles etc the old block logo on this dvd comon man!!

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Ever answer questions? Answered a ton of questions in running this site for 2 years. The majority asked, I’d say! The block logo blurring going on lately only appears to happen on TV and in online video, but I’ll check the Taker DVD again this week.

      There are many site comments these days so it can be difficult to track every one. If you have some important questions feel free to email using the Contact page at the top of the site.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Honestly I think this release would have been better off if it was formatted like other match based releases. Show the doc split up in chapters in between the matches.

  8. nightmare says:

    Yea I know I wonder if I will just wait and see what the review is before I buy or trade for this I think that would be the smart thing to do right now .I mean I bought the Edge blu ray online and only watched it once and have not watched it again nor do I plan too .

  9. ChadWWE says:

    37 minute documentary. Is that the shortest on a WWE DVD? I can’t imagine anything close, let alone shorter.

  10. pmdmf says:

    From the runtime on 26 I’m going to assume Shawn’s farewell to the audience is cut out.

  11. nightmare says:

    I wondering what the sale price is going to be for it thanks alot for letting me know Jordan B I will have to get this someone I hope I sell my dvds I have or trade .

    • Shane says:

      Amazon has the pre-order at $19.99 for DVD and $24.99 for Blu Ray. Seems very affordable for a four disc set.

  12. nightmare says:

    Cool thanks alot I have to buy this online or get it in trade because my Walmart even though it’s a super Walmart will not have either the blu ray nor the dvd which sucks .

  13. Jordan b says:

    I just saw the undertaker bluray at fye and it had a slipcover. They didnt have the dvd seeing how the bluray was out a couple of weeks early then the release date. There was no sale price on the bluray because it was $40 and one of the workers said it wouldn’t have a sale price until closer to the release date.

  14. nightmare says:

    Maybe this is it for him I mean maybe he will lose at the next WM it makes sense .I just wish it was either Cm Punk or Chris Jericho or Daniel Bryan to end the streak not Brock L which I am afraid that whats going to happen .I hope not

  15. nightmare says:

    I am still curious if the Blu ray will have the slipcover with it just like the dvd and if they edit out the blood during some of his WM matches because some were bloody like him very Triple H the first time and also when he battle Ric Flair .Thanks

  16. UKWWEFAN says:

    I need to know if they blur the old wwf logo like they have been doing recently on this dvd please answer this because on the trailer for the dvd they showed bits of the Mania 9 match between giant g and taker and i could see the turnbuckle blurred out from distance, hope this is not the case and if it is all wwf archive is worthless now Please answer this DB!!

  17. Darnell harris says:

    on the blu ray exclusives for undertaker the streak i want to know is the streak in pictures is the undertaker 20-0 promo video

  18. Rob L says:

    I would love to know when Vince decided Taker would never lose at Mania. Did he determine it from the very beginning or was it thought of after he won a few matches? I wish they would have talked about stuff like that in this set.

    • SRB says:

      I agree with your statement 100%, the inside stuff is much more important than what we probably already know and it would give fans a big reason to buy this set. It’s funny that the set is about the streak, yet how the streak came about and how it was determined is left off.

    • SRB says:

      Nice job on those run times DB, very organized. The nerdy side of me actually is always interested in how long these DVDs run.

    • Big Cal says:

      The streak literally came about by accident. JR was doing research for his commentary going into WM 17 and discovered that Undertaker was undefeated (he mentioned it on one of those weekly interviews he does for a sports site or something). From there I guess they decided to go with a streak thing for him lol.

      • LP1 says:

        WWE would never break kayfabe to that extreme by coming right out and saying “We decided that Taker would never lose at Mania.” It just won’t happen, nor should it. WWE and Taker himself are very protective of his character, to the point that Taker always watches the Hall Of Fame backstage and never sits in the audience. They would never come right out and talk about how his streak will never be broken(essentially saying “Yeah this is all fake”) on their own release. Taker would have to be retired for a long long time before they would ever consider that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Couldn’t have been there since Taker being undefeated at Mania was mentioned as far back as Wrestlemania XII against Diesel.

      • NickP says:

        Sorry that is not correct..

        Actually if you watch Wrestlemanias 12 – 15, in each match the commentators do acknowledge that Taker has never lost at Wrestlemania. At 17 the term “The Streak” was never used.. from 17 – 20 it was referred to as 9 and 0, 10 and 0 and so forth. The term “The Streak” started around WM 21 when Randy Orton referred to it as The Undertaker’s Streak..

        As for how The Streak came about, Vince in a issue of WWE magazine never gave a yes or no whether it was intentional but he did say that he and the creators of the character wanted to make it unique in every way possible.

    • Josh says:

      I’ll put this in the “rumor” category, but supposedly the original plan for WM IX was for Giant Gonzalez to beat Taker clean to make him look strong for a potential Gonzalez/Hogan feud. In hindsight, I’m sure many are thankful creative at the time didn’t go that way.

      • SRB says:

        Josh, have you ever seen the Story of WM DVD? For a split second at mania 9 they show a backstage moment where Gonzalez and Hogan lock up. Great moment there

    • Tony Kegger says:

      “I would love to know when Vince decided Taker would never lose at Mania. Did he determine it from the very beginning or was it thought of after he won a few matches?”

      I have thought about the same thing. It’s one of the questions I’d ask him if I ever got the chance.

  19. Jeff says:

    This could easily have been a three disc set but still looks good. Love the cover

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