Confirmed Artwork for WrestleMania 31 DVD, New WWE Network Series Tonight

April 9, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE WrestleMania 31 DVD & Blu-ray

The WrestleMania 31 cover artwork shown above was recently revealed via for the UK and Europe’s versions of the DVD and Blu-ray.

We can confirm that WWE is going with that artwork in the United States market also, but with a few alterations made. You can check out the official DVD and Blu-ray cover shots below.

Still no word right now on the extras list for the Home Video release – we’ll keep you posted.



WWE WrestleMania 31 Blu-ray Cover Artwork

WWE will release WrestleMania 31 on DVD and Blu-ray to fans in the United States on May 5th, to fans in Australia also on May 5th, and finally to fans in UK/Europe on June 1st.

Amazon recently dropped the pre-order price of the WrestleMania 31 DVD to just $20.29 and the Blu-ray edition to currently $22.99click here to to pre-order yours.



WWE WrestleMania 31 DVD Cover Artwork

Pre-order WrestleMania 31 on DVD or Blu-ray now…


USA: Pre-order now here on – May 5th release.

Australia: Pre-order now via – May 5th release.

UK/Europe: Pre-order now from – June 1st release.


Tonight sees the debut of a brand new WWE Network series – WWE MUSIC POWER 10.

The 30 minute episodes will count down music in WWE. The premier edition begins with the music of WrestleMania 31. You can catch WWE MUSIC POWER 10 tonight at 10PM EST.

The WWE Network is FREE to new subscribers this month – click here to subscribe now…

WWE Network Show - WWE Music Power 10

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  1. THOMAS says:

    @Shane C. Montgomery, you have not offended me or made me angry at all dude, as long as we don’t get anymore whining little kids moaning / complaining about the artwork for WrestleMania XXXI 3 dvd set / 2 blu ray set lol

  2. attitude.era.4life says:

    Total Divas – the WDN readers spin-off version. -lol-

  3. THOMAS says:

    I’m not going to argue with you @Shane C. Montgomery, I agree with what you’re saying about people voicing their opinions on the artwork on every WWE DVD / Blu ray

    • Shane C. Montgomery says:

      Thanks, I don’t want to argue with anyone on here either, nor do I want to make anyone angry. I will apologize to anyone I might have offended.

  4. THOMAS says:

    I am not going to argue with you @Rabidheat

  5. THOMAS says:

    @RabidHeat, you have mentioned my name with Shane in vain because of me saying whining kids like you moaning about the artwork for WrestleMania XXXI, so don’t take your moody temper out on Daniel or Mark because of what I honestly think of you, I’m entitled to say what I want about the artwork for WrestleMania XXXI as long as I don’t get any bullying from you or anyone else or in any sort of confrontations with whining moaning kids / children like you

    • RanidHeat says:

      It’s just a joke that you’re the only one who has been doing the name-calling, yet you have the unmitigated gall to call me a bully.

    • Shane C. Montgomery says:

      The point I was trying to make is that those who complain about others voicing their opinions is lame. Why do it? For someone to get so upset because someone would prefer a different cover is sort of nuts. I thought that was kind of the point of this site, to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of all things wrestling DVDs. And some of you do sound like children and maybe you are I don’t know nor care, but try to keep your anger to yourself, my point anyway. Look, we are all complete nerds here, everyone of us or we would not be collecting wrestling DVDs, so maybe we should treat each other better, I mean really, no one else we know in our daily lives gives a crap about this hobby we each love.

  6. Mike Hunt says:

    LOL@ this comment section. Marks will literally complain about everything.

  7. Mark Markson says:

    I don’t mind the cover. It’s a good thing it isn’t a spoiler cover, I hate those.

    It’s a shame WWE doesn’t include the final Raw and Smackdown before Mania. I liked when they did that for the blu-ray.

  8. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    Well said Motörhead, very well said….I agree 110% & could not have said it better myself.

  9. number1jf says:

    This is what I would have made the cover look like (had I been the person in charge of designing it). Yes, it is a “spoiler” cover (I know a lot of people hate those), but it’s not bland & has a different look.

    (Note: It took like 15 minutes for me to make this, so it wouldn’t have taken much more time to create a cover different than the one that’s official)

  10. Shaun Blackford says:

    I’m personally a fan of ppv posters carrying over to the DVD box art. Not the best cover but oh well

  11. M.Woods says:

    I don’t see nothing wrong with it. I don’t get why people complain about dvd covers, its just a COVER.

    • Vintage Simon says:

      Just because you don’t care, it doesn’t mean that other people can’t. If you’re not bothered about the artwork, why not just stay out of the conversation and leave it to those who do want to discuss it?

      • M.Woods says:

        Because I can do as I please. Well just like the people have the right to complain about a pointless thing, I have the right to complain about the people that complain about it. Thats it

        • RabidHeat says:

          Yet with your comments, you make people feel like they aren’t able complain about things without getting bashed, so don’t make yourself sound so diplomatic, Woods.

          • M.Woods says:

            I just said I dont know why people are complaining its just a cover. So maybe u can explain why people get so mad over a cover. Also why do people complain about covers with so called spoilers. People know what happend at the event already. If u or anyone else would feel free 2 answer, that would be helpfull. Thanks. And thats M.Woods 2 u

  12. RabidHeat says:

    Reading the below comments, it does appear like this board is becoming somewhere where we’re not really allowed to voice an opinion on the quality of cover artwork anymore without getting flamed/chastised. I’d be interested to know if that’s the kind of reputation Daniel / Mark etc. want for the site, just so I know if I’m allowed to post a comment to our across any kind of negative opinion in the future – or is it just complimentary comments only from now on?

    • RabidHeat says:

      To put across * I meant to say (auto correct strikes again!)

      • Daniel Bee says:

        Why aren’t you allowed to post what you like? There’s all sorts of comments on this very page, nonsensical or otherwise (ha ha) – none have been in held in a queue, none have been edited, none have been deleted. Opinions are very much allowed and that hasn’t changed for 5 years.

        If you’d like my own opinion, the cover is ok. I like it. I like that poster from the start and poster covers usually work for the DVDs. I’d have also liked it to change though and be a bit more creative given how good the event turned out to be, but it doesn’t bother me and I won’t be losing sleep over it.

        What do you think of it? 🙂

        • RabidHeat says:

          I’m personally not big on just a random bunch of superstars faces being put on there, and the fact that Roman Reigns/Lesnar and Sting/HHH and next to each other, but then randomly, Cena/Bryan/Taker are in there without their respective opponents, I think it’s just a. It random. That said, I don’t think it’s a “bad” cover perse.

          I just don’t see why it’s okay for people like Shane and Thomas to refer to people as “children” or “whining kids” if those people happen to say they don’t like the cover – insults like that will put people off feeling like they’re even allowed to have an opinion. I just hate how sites like this and YouTube are a haven for people to go online and hurl insults at people rather than just hear out somebody else’s opinion and have a healthy discussion/debate.

    • Jakki Steal says:

      I agree, big deal if somebody loves/hates the cover of a future WWE release.
      Whether I agree w/the posters opinion or not, I love that they are able to express themselves.
      It really bothers me when people complain about another poster expressing himself (I’m pretty sure that same person would be pissed if somebody disrespected his/her opinion)

      Right or wrong ( & whether I agree w/them or not) I love reading people’s opinions on the the covers.

      People do this all the time about crappy album/CD covers, why should WWE releases be any different.

      Obviously a crappy cover (I.E WCW OMG) will never make me not buy a release because of it but, that doesn’t mean that it is not extremely disappointing for a product I like to be wrapped in wrestlecrap.

      • Vintage Simon says:

        The argument, in general, is somewhat tiresome.

        The fact is, there are some people who are interested and do care what the covers look like. These people should be entitled to offer their opinions and views without getting abuse for it.

        If you’re only interested in the content, and not the artwork, then that’s fine – but there’s no need to criticise those people who would like to discuss the artwork.

        This website covers news regarding all things to do with new DVDs. It’s not for any user to tell another that they’re only allowed to care about the same aspects that they do.

        If you really don’t care about the artwork, then it makes me wonder why you’re clicking on this page to begin with.

        (For what it’s worth, I like the cover. I hope it’s acceptable that I have an opinion on that).

  13. THOMAS says:

    I agree with Motorhead there, why is there so many little whining kids moaning about the artwork for the WrestleMania XXXI dvd & blu ray

  14. attitude.era.4life says:

    There should be room for the Terminator.. just saying..since the show and what was leading up to it was….woooooh, here it comes:

    advertising for the next Arnold movie!

    Granted, not as awfull as WCW did with Chucky, buuuut, I hate these cross-overs, just for the sake of pop, with no substance at all.

    WWE continues the sad downfall, that began post Network.. and this show was no exception.. the cover absolutely not helping there.

  15. motorhead says:

    Hey look… It’s a cover to the WM 31 DVD… Darn… I was hoping it would be the same as last year. Feature Hulk Hogan, Daniel Bryan, have the little french saying on the bottom. and have WRESTLEMANIA XXX right across the front. Yeah…

    GET OVER IT, FOLKS!! It’s just a damn cover to a DVD designed specifically so it won’t look like other DVD the company has put out. What the HELL is the bitching about? Somebody please explain why the cover of ANYTHING is a good factor in the least at determining the overall quality of ANY product. Sometimes some of you sound like little kids pissed off that everything doesn’t taste like chocolate or PB & J or pizza. Get over yourselves and juts enjoy the damn release. Buy it or don’t, but know that NOT buying it because of how it looks says more about YOU than it does the damn DVD.

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      Lemmy – the 49 % motherfu(ker. 51 % son of a bit(h, has spoken. 😉

    • Shane C. Montgomery says:

      I think you all sound like children on here, every time artwork is revealed people complain and others complain about people complaining. It is those who get so upset about the smallest things, like Motorhead here that is truly entertaining. He must really take this stuff serious. Maybe a little too much. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, it will all be alright!

  16. THOMAS says:

    I just knew there was going to be complaints made about the official artwork for WrestleMania XXXI dvd by Aaron Carnevale, it reminds him of the superstar collection series which is a lot of bull shi*e, I don’t have any complaints for the official artwork for WrestleMania XXXI dvd set, I really like it 100%, it makes a change from last year’s artwork for Extreme Rules dvd

  17. Mr Hesse says:

    I would love to see a limited edition steelbook for Wrestlemania.

  18. I’m really disappointed in this cover – It reminds me of the Superstar Collection series

  19. number1jf says:

    The cover’s fine, but I really wish it would have featured the moment when Rollins was on Lesnar’s shoulders in the F-5 Position at the exact moment before Reigns was about to spear Lesnar. That really would have looked awesome & would have made someone want who hadn’t seen/heard about Mania want to know what would happen or what happened before (to have Rollins out there), but I guess the generic old poster cover will have to do.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Then there’d be complaints here that the cover features a live in-ring shot, you know the drill… 😛

      • number1jf says:

        Yeah, but it’d be better than this cover.

        This cover leaves so many holes, in my opinion:
        Where’s Rusev at (only Cena’s on here)?
        Where are the other participants in the IC Title Ladder Match (only Bryan’s here)? Where’s Wyatt (only Taker’s on here)?

        Just saying, for the amount of work/effort he’s put in to get where he currently is, Rollins deserves to be on the cover, live in-ring shot or not.

        • Cody says:

          The reason Wyatt isn’t on is because he wasn’t on the Mania poster but I think the reason Rusev isn’t on it is because they only had a certain amount of space for a DVD cover so they weren’t able to fit Rusev on it is my guess since he’s the only one who is on the Mania poster that isn’t on the cover.

          • number1jf says:

            I get that, but they could have just made a new design & not just slapped the official poster on DVD cover & call it quits. The official WrestleMania 29 poster only featured Rock & Cena, but they edited it to include Rock, Cena, Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose, Ryback, Swagger, Lesnar, Punk, Undertaker, Triple H, Del Rio, Henry, Sheamus, Orton & Show.

            They could have just created a new design to feature Lesnar, Reigns & Rollins in large form near the top with Orton, Cena, Rusev, AJ, Paige, The Bellas, Bryan, BNB, Ziggler, Truth, Harper, Ambrose, Stardust, Undertaker, Wyatt, Triple H & Sting all filling up the rest of the cover in smaller form.

        • Vintage Simon says:

          >> Where’s Rusev at (only Cena’s on here)?
          Where are the other participants in the IC Title Ladder Match (only Bryan’s here)? Where’s Wyatt (only Taker’s on here)?

          Nobody said that every single person who wrestled on the show would be on the cover.

          • number1jf says:

            True, I get that they put the bigger names on the poster, but I’m just saying they could have done so much more with this cover. I hoped they would, but they didn’t last year, so I didn’t expect too much.