Confirmed Title for WWE Chris Jericho DVD, Top 50 Superstars Update

June 19, 2010 by Daniel Bee has updated their product listing for WWE’s upcoming 3 Disc Chris Jericho DVD release revealing that the actual title will be:

WWE – Chris Jericho – The Highlight Reel

With the tentatively planned title of “The Best at What I Do” not going ahead, in addition to the reported content listing not originating from a credible source, there is currently a lot of unknown surrounding this DVD release. Rest assured as soon as the fully confirmed content for this DVD set is known and art work released these will be posted on

As noted here, Joey Styles recently ‘tweeted’ that WWE employees have been voting on the 50 greatest superstars of all time for a new WWE DVD that is planned for production. Reports suggest that there is already controversy surrounding the project as a lot of employees are voting but Vince McMahon will look at the final list and rearrange it the way he sees fit.

Interestingly, rumor has it the DVD will contain wrestlers from all over the world, not just North America. Right now it looks like the concept will be The Greatest Superstars of All Time rather than The Greatest WWE Superstars of All Time. It will be intriguing to see if names like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair make it onto the DVD (Wrestling Observer Newsletter).


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  1. Danny Gowen says:

    i like the list but what about the rock?

  2. top 5

    5- shawn micheals
    4- undertaker
    3- ric flair
    2- hulk hogan
    1- stone cold

  3. Daniel Bee says:

    I’m thinking they will include those two, maybe Savage, how could they not? They will probably run through their parts quicker than others but it taints the DVD if completely ommited.

  4. IceDan001 says:

    I hope they do include stars like Hogan & Flair for the sake of the dvd sales, im not a fan of either but you cant deny what they did for the industry. If they dont include stars just becuase Vince has a grudge with them then this dvd will be a totsl joke. Im still annoued that Pillman wasnt on the “Greatest stars on the 90’s” dvd.

    As for the Jericho dvd i cant wait to see some of his classic WCW stuff, what took them so long?!?!

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