Confirmed: WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin DVD & Blu-ray

August 25, 2011 by Daniel Bee

WWE - Stone Cold Steve Austin Shakes Hands with Vince McMahon!

It’s official. WWE’s upcoming Stone Cold Steve Austin release will be a 4-Disc DVD set. There will also be a 3-Disc Blu-ray version available.

The WWE Home Video schedule just updated to reflect these changes.


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  1. tickc317 says:

    You may think it’s wasting cash, but the reason I buy it twice is because I’m a collector, plus the blu ray is way better in quality to watch it and the the reason for the normal DVD is the the artwork for the boxset. I would love if wwe made the blu rays with the cardboard artwork you get with the normal DVDs. Then I would only buy 1 copy.

  2. Thomas says:

    @Tickc, that is wasting cash on buying both dvd & blu-ray

  3. LP1 says:

    @Mike, the documentary is in HD. The matches were all taped before WWE started taping in HD, so they will have the widescreen bars on the side of the screen. But if you have an HDTV it’s easy to remove the bars by adjusting the screen. As for restoring old matches, they really can’t do that because WWE records all their shows on tape instead of film. Movie companies record on film and it’s easier to digitally restore them. I won’t get into a long boring detailed discussion about how it’s done. Google digital film restoration.

  4. Mike Elmo says:

    So, are the matches remastered/restored (like old movies such as Godfather) on the blu-ray? Are they HD? Or is the documentary the only thing that’ll be HD???

  5. YhWatever# says:

    Haha Nice 1 LP1 at least the person has common sense people who buy the same dvd on dvd and blu ray is a bit sad tbh why waste that money on the dvd version when your are going to buy the same dvd on dvd when it can go to somewhere more useful that could benefit from it hey!!

  6. LP1 says:

    @SRB, yes you’re right. I have to make a comment about OCD 3 times every 4 hours and then knock on the door twice before I hit “submit comment”.

  7. Steve says:

    curious as to what kind of money you guys that buy 2 of each dvd/bluray released make

  8. Tickc says:

    I will be buying both, will keep 1 sealed and 1 to watch. Just the way I work.

  9. SRB says:

    @LP1. The OCD comment again??? Sounds like YOU are the one with OCD

  10. MadMike says:

    I can’t wait to pick up the blu ray version, however, I understand why serious collectors would buy both versions. For myself I love the blu ray content/extras and the upgrade HD quality. But I bothers me that the DVD version gets the nice cover art treatment. Especially for events like Wrestlemania. I want to go back and purcahse the regular DVD versions just for the art work. Blu Ray format should get an upgraded case…just my thoughts…

  11. LP1 says:

    People buy 2 copies of DVD’s? One to keep sealed? That sounds like a severe case of OCD to me. But hey, whatever works for you.

  12. Steeve says:

    @ YhWatever# : If he wants to do that , it’s his money so he can do whatever the hell he wants with it.

  13. vince says:

    I wonder how the cover will look?

  14. Dennis says:

    OHH HELL YEAAAAHHH!!!! (my inner mark when i read this)

  15. Anonymous says:

    I was doing the same thing last year with ppv blu ray and DVD but at the beginning of this year I thought that all ppv would be blu ray so I bought royal rumble through over the limit and didn’t purchase DVD version. I may or may not buy the DVD version to have complete year of DVD ppv.

  16. jason goldsmith says:

    i do the same benjamin–no shame in being a completist–my dvd copy stays sealed and open the blu ray–cant wait for this set

  17. YhWatever# says:

    Benjamin can tell your very anal about your dvds whats the point in buying the same 2 DVDs with the same content with the exception of the blu ray edition which will have bonus extras its just a waste of money how sad can you be get it for the content not for it look nice on your shelf bloody ell dint know how sad people are thesedayz geez!!

  18. YhWatever# says:

    Awesome looking like the set of the year of 2011 without a doubt the icing on the cake would have been if the footage of the wwf attitude era wasnt blurred but we know the case there will be lot of blurring shame otherwise great looking set !!

  19. Dave says:

    Awesome! definitely picking up the blu-ray.

  20. Benjamin says:

    I am definitely buying both versions. I want the Blu-Ray to watch and the DVD to be on the self with the rest of my other multiple DVD sets. I’m very anal about my WWE DVDs.

  21. John23 says:

    3-Disc Blu-ray it is 😀

  22. Steve says:

    i like this alot

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