Cover Art for WWE WrestleMania 1-15 DVD Re-Releases Next Week

March 7, 2013 by Daniel Bee

As we reported last month, WWE are re-releasing the WrestleMania 1-15 events on DVD in the run up to this year’s extravaganza. These late additions to the schedule are to be released to the United States next Tuesday. Get yours.

We don’t yet have information confirming if the later events are now “unblurred”, but we do now have a look at most of the planned cover artwork thanks to Walmart’s website.

Note: The covers for the WrestleMania 3 and 13 DVDs are not yet revealed. We’ll add them here when they are.


WWE WrestleMania 1 DVD Re-Release

WWE WrestleMania 2 DVD Re-Release

WWE WrestleMania 3 DVD Re-Release

WWE WrestleMania 4 DVD Re-Release

WWE WrestleMania 5 DVD Re-Release

WWE WrestleMania 6 DVD Re-Release

WWE WrestleMania 7 DVD Re-Release

WWE WrestleMania 8 DVD Re-Release

WWE WrestleMania 9 DVD Re-Release

WWE WrestleMania 10 DVD Re-Release

WWE WrestleMania 11 DVD Re-Release

WWE WrestleMania 12 DVD Re-Release

WrestleMania 13 Artwork Below


WWE WrestleMania 14 DVD Re-Release

WWE WrestleMania 14 DVD Re-Release

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  1. farzad3620 says:

    Thanks for your good site
    I am a third world country
    Is it covers and photos on DVDs products
    I was on your site
    Thank you

  2. are they going to come out with wrestlemanias 16 thru 19?

  3. Jeremy says:

    Now I’m glad I canceled my order ,and didn’t waste $157 on something I already have!

  4. Scsa says:

    Ne coming out on blu-ray?

  5. Brad Attitude says:

    anyone find it weird Hogan is locking hands with one dude and hugging another??

  6. Stuart says:

    Does anyone have any info on Wrestlemania’s 1-10. Are the original themes for Demolition, Akeem, Big Boss Man, Jimmy Snuka, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair etc included.

  7. Aerozeppelin19 says:

    I just went and got 14 as well, as I said earlier 15 is not blurred but on 14 the logos and everything are still blurred.

  8. Cassette says:

    I guess we just gotta buy them I believed that guy yesterday too I hate Liars!

  9. Jeremy says:

    So I cancelled my order for nothing, if they’re not blurred? So what is it are they blurred or not?! I’m not very happy right now!

    • LP1 says:

      You shouldn’t have cancelled until there is verification that the discs are blurred or unblurred. Neither Daniel nor anyone else officially reported what these releases consist of yet.

  10. Aerozeppelin19 says:

    Just got Wrestlemania 15 at walmart, popped it in and all the wwf logos are unblurred!

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Somebody else yesterday said it was just Anthology discs repackaged. Now I can’t believe either of you. 😉

      • Stuart says:

        I guess we will have to wait until we get the dvds ourselves. Im like you, I don’t know who or what to believe. My own gut instinct tells me it will be as originally aired at the time.

      • LP1 says:

        Anybody who cancelled their pre-orders based on 1 person’s comment on a message board without any verification is silly.

      • Aerozeppelin19 says:

        They are blank discs just like the anthology set but wrestlemania 15 is not blurred but i find it weird that 14 still is.

  11. Lou says:

    Wrestlemania 13 Cover is the best one besides IV.

  12. Tv-14 says:

    Wow I was looking forward to getting wrestlemania 14 on DVD . Since it was only released on VHS in the US! Now that i know it’s blurred I’m good ! and , I will get wrestlemania 15 from amazon when I see a good price for it.

  13. Jeremy says:

    Unfortunately just did the same as a few others , had preordered them all and now that I know they are all the same discs as the anthology I had to cancel them, I know it’s a fantasy but I was hoping for a lot more out of these DVDs and not just cases, don’t get me wrong some of them are kinda cool, but I’m not spending $157 on cool cases, and something I already own!

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I believe the guy (never had someone fake news sent in to us yet) but may be worth just waiting a little more for the final verdict.

      • Mrwhisler08 says:

        I tried contacting you to get an e-mail address to send the pics to but I never got a reply

        • Daniel Bee says:

          I did reply to you. Address was Mrwhisler08 @ g___ . com

          Blanked out that last bit so you aren’t spammed. Other option, upload the pics to and post the links here or in the email box again.

  14. neverAcquiesce says:

    13’s is up and I’d say it’s easily the best of ’em all.

  15. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I’m going to be honest, I don’t really care if they’re just the Anthology DVD’s repackaged. I want to get these mainly for the DVD covers anyway. I just went to Amazon and they have pics up, and show the DVD spine which has the logo and everything. Only reason why I’ll buy these.

  16. Mrwhisler08 says:

    Bad news guys and gals, even though it was stamped 2013, they are nothing more than repackaged discs from the Wrestlemania Anthology, blurred scratch logos, changed entrance music in all.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Believe ya, but got some proof so we can report the news here on the site? Get in touch with anything you have like pics of them using this form: Thanks

    • Stuart says:

      Which entrance music has been changed?

    • Bill says:

      No Way! Really? Why would they release that junk again now that they can show all their past footage unedited? Was excited for this without all the muting throughout and blurring on 14 and 15. Cancelled all 15

      • David says:

        Kind of surprised by this as well, but doesn’t shock me. These seem to just be quick releases before Wrestlemania so they didn’t bother to use the unedited master tapes (with some theme edits they don’t own).

        Whatever themes were dubbed were actually cleared for Summerslam, Royal Rumble and Survivor Series Anthologies. So we would have seen much better WM releases compared to the anthology version.

        I guess they just didn’t bother with these and basically repackaged the WM Anthology discs.

  17. Mrwhisler08 says:

    Just got my hands on Wrestlemania 14 at my local Walmart. They had every one from 1-15. Gonna go home and watch to see if they are blurred, will report back once confirmed. I can say there is no artwork on the discs, but the disc is stamped with a 2013 date so I’m sure they are not repackaged of the Wrestlemania anthology sets.

    • Stuart says:

      I thought it wasn’t released until Tuesday?

      • David says:

        Stores get DVDs before release and some sell them early while others have them in the back room and put them out day of release.

        Stuff like this always happens. Look at people getting Best of Nitro Vol. 2, Dungeon Collection and others couple weeks before release date. Some stores follow it, others don’t.

  18. insanetombstone96 says:

    I actually really like these covers! Using the same old poster or VHS cover is kinda played out. I like that they went in a different direction.

  19. Blue says:

    If Tagged Classics were available in the USA or if they were region free you would all be buying them.

  20. Blue says:

    At least Tagged Classics show the original ppv covers on them even if it is small!

  21. Blue says:

    WOW Those covers really suck. Looks so cheap not to have the original covers on them. Having stills from the actual event as covers make them look like some kind of bootleg shit. With crap covers like that i’m surprised they aren’t like 2 dollars each! Looks like someone has just made them in about 20mins with a printer!

  22. Mongoose Wizard says:

    I also wonder what version of WM XI we will get? Because I remember everyone talking about 2 different editions

  23. Scsa says:

    Why wont these be coming out on Blu-Ray too?? 🙁

    • Daniel Bee says:

      More of a quick budget series than anything major. Fun though.

    • Ed says:

      i agree with SCSA could have put these on bluray im not complaining or anything ill still buy these for my collection but common wwe put them on bluray PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Why? They’re not going to look any better on Blu-Ray.

        • Person says:

          Everything looks better on bluray… If you can’t tell the difference, your tv sucks and/your vision does.

          • Person says:

            *and/or your vision does.

          • How Many Times? says:

            Because the footage is standard so it wouldn’t look any better. If the footage is not shot in HD then Blu-ray or not it looks tpretty much the same. You Blu-ray gays need to stop jerking over those cheap ass blue cases!

            • Person says:

              Colors are much more vibrant and resolution better on bluray… All you have to do is look at and compare the ‘WW’ logo on a recent dvd release to a bluray release. if you watch the original Nitro release on dvd and then Vol. 2 on bluray and don’t notice an improvement in picture quality, then your eyes are failing you.

  24. X-23 says:

    WrestleMania 7 is the best WrestleMania of the Hulkamania era!

  25. Jesus Lopez says:

    These covers don’t do much for me. The exception is Wrestlemania III. That cover is magic. But these releases are not intended as the “be all-end all” of Wrestlemania releases. That title goes to the Wrestlemania anthology. These releases should serve well as filler for those nostalgic collectors, or for those who not looking to spend a bundle on Wrestlemania dvds now out of print. Fortunately, I own all the wrestlemanias in one form or another, so I will probably only pick up this particular WM12 (because I was there live) and this particular WM 14 (because it was just so much fun to be a fan during this era).

  26. JFR_WWfE79 says:

    Why is WWE re-releasing WM XV again? Doesn’t make sense to me at all. WM XV was the first WrestleMania to be released on DVD and bet most people still have their DVD copy.

    • RabidHeat says:

      Don’t buy this one then. What you moanin’ about? Lol.

    • RabidHeat says:

      I hate the WrestleMania VIII cover, why put Shawn up front? Because of his game-changing legendary opening match with…El Matador? Lol.

      • Jesus Lopez says:

        I agree with you (and your comment is HILARIOUS!!). Micheals’ face takes up a third of the cover. Shawn Micheals probably saved the life of the guy who had the final say on this particular cover. But we do miss El Matador. I even forgave him for that “Strike Force” thing…

        • RabidHeat says:

          Lol, well it just seems odd to put somebody on a ‘Mania cover when at the time he was only an opening match guy. Oh well.

    • Anonymous says:

      A lot of people probably don’t actually. It’s been a long time since the unblurred Wrestlemania XV was put on DVD. It’s not as rare as Mania 2000 is, but I wouldn’t say that a lot of people already have it.

  27. John says:

    Cool pictures but I already have the sets so I will not be buying

  28. Mongoose Wizard says:

    Please oh please let there be Special Features!

  29. Paul says:

    I like them. I plan on getting them. Something different from the original VHS and dvd (in wm 15 case) covers. They have to be unblurred and all wwf material has to be original you’d think otherwise why release them again. It Will be great to have them unedited in perfect quality.

    • Anonymous says:

      I doubt they’ll be completely unedited. Some of the music will still probably be changed (Lawrence Taylor’s for example).

  30. wrestlingfan says:

    Would have preferred wwe go vintage here and have the original covers they had on the VHS tapes, these come accross tacky

  31. M P says:

    Are these blurred?

  32. Steve213 says:

    Can’t wait for the reviews on these!

  33. Jamie says:

    Will these be released in Canada too, or just the United States?

  34. Tony says:

    Please someone reply when you get the dvds , IF THESE ARE THE DREADED DOUBLE SIDED PROBLEMATIC DVDS !!

  35. Jordan B says:

    Im glad I ordered all these last night….. they all went up in price since last night!!!! They were $10.48 and now there $13.46

  36. Harry Faversham says:

    Shawn Michaels on the cover of Wrestlemania VIII makes no sense whatsoever. You might aswell have had the Natural Disasters on there because their match meant just as much as his on that show. Flair or Piper would make much more sense. I could care less about the cover really, but the skewed history always grinds my gears. Maybe just an indication that not a lot of thought is going into these DVDs.

    I am hoping one day there will be a proper unedited complete Wreslemania release worldwide. The WWE always plays up the legacy of Wrestlemania yet doesn’t treat it as that on DVD. I’ll be surprised if these are any more than just a budget re-release of the anthology discs, otherwise they’d come to other countries too surely. I think Wrestlemania is the only anthology that might get re-issued, simply because its Wrestlemania and the meaning of other events has been toned down. Ultimately,as the years go by, ppvs get dropped, policies change and formats change, I think Wrestlemania is the most likely thing to survive.

    • Anonymous says:

      For some reason WWE’s trying to push Shawn as the face of Wrestlemania VIII this year. Their GetGlue sticker for last night’s main event had the same thing.

  37. Jose says:

    How are they gonna be

  38. Simon says:

    Don’t really understand why the images have ‘WWEDVDNEWS’ emblazened across them when they’ve been ripped from Walmart’s website? Also, the Walmart site states that these are full frame releases.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      It’s not like we claimed the covers were exclusively revealed here. We said they are from Walmart’s site at the top of the article. We took the time to upload each image and break the news, and other sites will inevitably use the images we put up here as is always the case (it’s easier). If they do then our site name is displayed. Good pub.

  39. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I think I may have to purchase these. I went to WM11 so I at least have to grab that one for its own cover purposes. I like all the covers though. WM8 and WM11 are really nice.

  40. Tommy B says:

    Any word on when/if FreeMantle will be bringing these to the UK? Really nice artwork, will most certainly pick a few up if they get released over here.

  41. Steven Jackson says:

    Very good simple covers. WM 7 is definitely my favourite. OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  42. Nate says:

    Hoping somewhere there will be a re-release of WM 17…unblurred of course.

  43. Mongoose Wizard says:

    The only cover that has me questioning it is Wrestlemania XI, Why not put Diesel or Shawn or what about Bam Bam Vs. LT?

  44. Mark Markson says:

    I have the first anthology set, featuring WM 1-21, and the first 8 from Silvervisions Tagged Classics. If maybe WWE did some great extras, I might buy them. Why not include a lot of the build up to each show? Promos and matches. That’d make me much more interested.

  45. captain planet says:

    Very cool straight-forward covers.

  46. Lou says:

    I pre-ordered all except WM 3. Have the Championship edition and sold my anthology.

  47. Steve213 says:

    I’ll be waiting for reviews before I get these. The only one I would really want is 6 because my anthology one has so many music edits.

  48. Big Jon says:

    Two questions:
    1. Ceaser if all these covers are apart of the WM28 program history, can you predict the cove of 3 and Wm13?
    2. Also if these are just copies of the anthology discs, does anyone know If the WM3 anthology disc is edited different then the WM3 Championship edition disc?


  49. Cody Schields says:

    I think I’ll be picking these up as I never really like the double sided anthology discs.

  50. Zach says:

    I’ll be getting 6, 7 & 10 (since I have Vol. 1 and 3 of the anthology and 8 & 9 on VHS). I’d be getting 16 and 17 as well if they were to release those. I just hope and pray that they don’t have coloured/designed sidebars and that they have less edits and no WWF blurs.

  51. Zach says:

    I wonder if they stopped at 16 to avoid having to deal with putting Chris Benoit on DVDs.

  52. Cassette says:

    I hope wrestlemania 14 and 15 are unblurred .

    • David says:

      I’m sure they will be…but i wouldn’t be surprised if they just took discs out of the WM Anthology Volumes and put them in individual cases.

      I wonder if the longer WM events from 4-7 will be 2 Discs or double-sided DVDs, since they’re all advertised as 1 disc releases.

  53. Cody says:

    The fact that the logos have been photoshopped from all the turnbuckles on the covers has me a little bit worried. I actually don’t mind the cover images that much but I’m not a fan of the scratch logo being used in all the WrestleMania logos.

    • David says:

      From what i understand WWE cannot advertise the WWF logo (scratch and block) on DVD covers since its considered a “new release”. The footage however will be unedited.

      This is also why they blur out the logo for DVD advertisements on television.

  54. NickP says:

    dammit… they spoiled Wrestlemania X..

  55. Cesar Albino says:

    All of these covers are on the WrestleMania history section of the WrestleMania 28 program so im not impressed.

  56. Nate says:

    Are these coming to australia ?

  57. Bill says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Wrestlemania XIV the only one to have not gotten a DVD release that actually has the blurring in it? They didn’t even use the scratch logo till XIV and the block logo has never been blurred. I guess some people may be irritated by the muting of the F when they say WWF but overall there are only two releases here that ever had blurring and XV has actually been released on DVD well before the lawsuit. If all you have is the anthology I see no reason to pick up any releases other than XIV and XV.

    • JVSPassos says:

      The Scratch logo was in the Intro of Wrestlemania XIV. But only there.

      • Ryan says:

        Many of the camera crew and such have the scratch logo on their shirts, so you see the blur constantly in the anthology release for WM XIV.

        Doesn’t really bother me, but I know for some it does. I’m fine with the Anthology for 1 – 14. I have the rest from when they originally came out.

  58. Eric Bischoff says:

    LOL @ WM 8 — the opening match guy on the cover? Why isn’t Austin or HBK on the WM14 cover? Seriously….that’s stupid.

  59. Jeremy says:

    It obviously wasn’t on purpose, but cool to see Paul Bearer on the cover of 11!

  60. Dennis says:

    I actually really like these covers! Using the same old poster or VHS cover is kinda played out. I like that they went in a different direction.

  61. pmdmf says:

    I hope someone will take the time to review these. I’m wondering about the edits, like if Piper’s Pit is complete on 5, or if the post match on Hell in a Cell at 15 will stay.

  62. Lou says:

    They are all ok. 12 does look weird though. Couldnt find a better picture from the match? lol

  63. WetOREO says:

    Why the hell would the WWF logo be blurred? They officially ended that last year. And if people keep asking, just ignore them.

    • @imdjluis says:

      It’s not known whether these are just the Anthology discs re-released in solo packages, or if they went back in and took out the blurs. It’s a legitimate concern.

      • Dennis says:

        I doubt these are the Anthology re-releases.

      • Justin says:

        I’d be more worried about whether WWE will blur the old school WWF logo (the block logo). In the last year, WWE has been blurring it on retro footages.

        • Paul says:

          Only in TV clips. Not on any DVD releases. Hopefully WM XIV is NOT blurred or bleeped. That’s the only WrestleMania I don’t have on DVD without those type of edits because it never had an official standalone release before. I have the original DVD releases of WM XV, XVI, X-Seven and X8 all unedited.

  64. Zach says:

    Mania IV definitely is the best cover out of them. XIV and XV suck while the other ones are good I think.

  65. Geolink says:

    Meh… I guess its okay. Would of been nice if they would of just left the original artwork like it was on the original VHS releases.

  66. @imdjluis says:

    Oh man, these covers are absolutely terrible. Well I don’t keep them in their cases anyway, they go in a big DVD book.

  67. If these DVDs are left unblurred, my shelf is going to be very, very happy about these releases.