REVEALED: Cover Artwork, Content Listing & Extras for WWE ‘Ruthless Aggression Vol. 1’ DVD

September 12, 2020 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'Ruthless Aggression

Last month, a WWE DVD update here at shook up the 2020 schedule with the news of another “non-PPV” title on the way; the “Ruthless Aggression” docu-series from the WWE Network was headed to Home Video!

EXCLUSIVE: The Next “Non-PPV” WWE DVD for 2020 Has RUTHLESS AGGRESSION, Photos of New Release

“Ruthless Aggression Vol. 1” will release as a 2-disc DVD set this November and house all of the episodes of the series so far, accompanied by a sprinkling of special features on both discs — including an extended scene and an alternate ending for one of the featured episodes, “Evolution”.

Courtesy of, let’s break down the full list of content included. In between, you’ll get a first sighting of the official cover artwork!



It’s Time To Shake Things Up

  • Ruthless Aggression
  • The Monday Night War
  • The Invasion
  • Not Quite Ready
  • A Shot of Adrenaline
  • Brand Split
  • The Unthinkable
  • State of Flux
  • Business Picking Up
  • Still Something Missing

Enter John Cena

  • Failure
  • Star-Driven Business
  • Discovering John
  • The Keys to the City…
  • …But Then What?
  • Doctor of Thuganomics
  • Maybe They’re Not Ready
  • WrestleMania XX
  • An Unconventional Rise
  • Electric Reaction
  • John Cena Everywhere
  • On The Verge of History
  • Every F*&%$#@ Inch

Special Features

— The Birth of Ruthless Aggression
RAW • June 24, 2002

— Season 1 Teaser

— Season 1 Trailer

— Season 2 Trailer

WWE 'Ruthless Aggression Vol. 1' DVD - Official Cover Artwork

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  • You Can Not Stop Evolution
  • Forming a Friendship
  • Pieces in Place
  • The Dawning of a New Era
  • The Hate Button
  • What Do We Do Now?
  • The Story of Mark Jindrak
  • On Top of the World
  • The Randy Orton Dilemma
  • An Investment in Batista
  • Evolution Has Just Passed You By

The Next Big Thing

  • Only Two Years
  • Recruiting the Beast
  • Thrown Into The Fire
  • If Not Now, When?
  • The Next Big Thing
  • A Private Person
  • How Do You Top That?
  • Where Am I Today?
  • I’m Quitting
  • Once In A Generation

Civil War: RAW vs. SmackDown

  • A Half Step Back
  • Brand Extension
  • Continuing to Evolve
  • Breaking The Stigma
  • Kicking The Rivalry Into Gear
  • Building the Future
  • All About Opportunity

Special Features

— Evolution at WrestleMania 21 – Extended Cut

— Evolution – Alternate Ending

WWE Ruthless Aggression DVD Added to 2020 Schedule!

Grab a copy of the WWE “RUTHLESS AGGRESSION VOL. 1” DVD…

United States: November 10th. Pre-order opportunities on the way soon via

United States: November 16th. The first Amazon product listing is here on

Australia: TBA. Look out for a pre-order announcement soon over at

We have another update for you today, on the “Undertaker: The Last Ride” DVD.

There will be a Walmart exclusive of this title, which will mean the DVD arrives 4 weeks earlier than expected in the United States! Read more by tapping the link below:

EARLY RELEASE for WWE’s “Undertaker: The Last Ride” DVD (With Alternate Artwork!)

WWE 'Undertaker: The Last Ride' Documentary Coming to DVD and Blu-ray!

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  1. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras4Life says:

    I’m All In for alternate endings, extended cuts and expanded versions.. it is what the physical media is in need to have, for still being a value in the ever growing market of streaming-editions.

    I hope for more, when vol. 2 will be released ( hopefully ), and ( hopefully ) a complete box with all 10 episodes + extra extras will be avaliable..and yes: on bluray ( hopefully )! 😉

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