REVEALED: Cover Artwork & Special Feature for WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 DVD

February 24, 2021 by Daniel Bee

WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 DVD Cover Artwork Revealed - The Miz is Champion!

The Elimination Chamber 2021 Pay-Per-View will arrive on Home Video next month across the United States. And as well as an Amazon product listing, the Elimination Chamber 2021 DVD now has official cover artwork for the U.S. version, and a confirmed special feature!

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre will feature on the front cover in a slightly modified version of the PPV’s promotional poster. The exclusive shot of the full sleeve artwork below reveals The Miz will sneak his way on there too, holding up the WWE Championship on the spine artwork.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 DVD - Full Cover Artwork

Target’s site was actually first to unveil artwork plans for the front cover, before the PPV even aired!

At that time, presumably the event was expected to go longer and the DVD to include 2 discs to accommodate the full content, so Target’s version of the cover states “2-disc set”. However, due to the shorter runtime of the event the Chamber DVD will be a single-disc offering.



Housing unforgiven steel and miles of chain, the Elimination Chamber Match is the most treacherous bump on The Road to WrestleMania.

Who will be left standing when Drew McIntyre defends the WWE Championship against Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Sheamus and Jeff Hardy inside the ominous structure? In the second chamber match of the evening, Daniel Bryan, King Corbin, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Jey Uso will battle for the chance to face Roman Reigns for his Universal Championship.

In tag team action, Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair get a shot at Nia Jax and Shayna Basler’s WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Plus more! The stakes have never been higher at Elimination Chamber!

WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 DVD - Front Cover Artwork



Escape The Chamber

SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro vs. Jey Uso vs. Sami Zayn vs. King Corbin

Universal Championship Match
Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan

Championship Material

United States Championship Triple Threat Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Riddle vs. John Morrison

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair

Business Money

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Sheamus


Extras for Elimination Chamber 2021 DVD

The Kickoff Show match from the evening will be included as the sole special feature:

Fatal 4-Way Match
Mustafa Ali vs. Elias vs. Ricochet vs. John Morrison
(Elimination Chamber Kickoff Show)

Disc runtime (approx.): 2 hours and 39 minutes

WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 DVD - Back Cover Artwork

Get your copy of the WWE ELIMINATION CHAMBER 2021 DVD on…

United States: March 30th. Add Chamber 2021 to your collection here on

UK/Europe: April 12th. Pre-order the Elimination Chamber DVD over on

Australia: TBA. Look for your pre-order opportunity soon over at

Speaking of U.S. artwork, we’ve received the official box art for WWE’s Royal Rumble 2021 DVD. The 2-disc set will be available in stores from this coming Tuesday!

As you may have been following, the extras line-up for this year’s Royal Rumble DVD will include the Kickoff Show match plus three additional matches from the build to the Rumble, bouts which took place on RAW, SmackDown and Backstage.

REVEALED: Extras List for WWE Royal Rumble 2021 DVD & Blu-ray…

The UK release, less than 3 weeks later than the U.S., will also include a Blu-ray with all this content!

WWE Royal Rumble 2021 DVD - Official Box Artwork

Grab your copy of the WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2021 DVD (or Blu-ray)…

United States: THIS TUESDAY! Pre-order your Rumble 2021 DVD here on

UK/Europe: March 22nd. Pre-order your Rumble 2021 DVD now on

Australia: April 21st. Your pre-order opportunity is available now via


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  1. Lee says:

    Elimination chamber 2021 dvd was not at walmart, best buy or target on release day. Only available to order online. Anyone know what the heck is going on here??

  2. Lee says:

    At walmart, target, best buy, the elimination chamber 2021 dvd was supposed to be out March 30th. Went to get it that day, nowhere in sight at these stores. Only available to order online, not in stores. What the hell is going on here???

  3. Lee says:

    Major problem with these dvds, I have a question

  4. Timothy J Thorpe says:

    Sorry to be off topic, but any news on release dates for April and beyond?

  5. Ed Huisenga says:

    At least the dvd covers are the posters from the ppv…I remember the dvds blurays have the outcome of the main event on the cover..that was kind of stupid especially when the posters for that ppv was badass by itself

  6. Andemoine Winrow says:

    The 2 Elimination Chamber matches rocked. 3 stars each to both of them. I’ll pick this event up.

  7. DDT says:

    worst wwe dvd cover for a bit and they had improved somewhat in 2020 in my opinion…i wish roman vs drew title unification was the mainevent of wrestlemania….
    on another topic people need to campaign for a uk dvd realeases of AEW events. if wrestlingstore uk can sell them for £25 pound each (USA fans do pound to dollars and you will see uk fans are paying way more than exchange rate for them) and are also selling them out i cant see why uk realeases which would be in the ten to fifteen pound price range would nt do well. Especially if promoted on ITV. obvious freemantle would nt touch it because they do wwe but there must be another manufacturer who would..

    • RabidHeat says:

      To be honest mate I’ve never felt more than I do now that DVDs are on the way out. I kind of understand why AEW don’t really wanna go “all in” on that (sorry, that was lame).

      They have I’m sure done the calculations and have probably found that mass distribution of DVDs wouldn’t be profitable for a company that isn’t as entrenched in the casual viewers’ consciousness as WWE is. Sure, some casuals will grab a WWE DVD while doing their shop at ASDA or WalMart, but how many would bother with AEW? And these days it’s all about the casuals. Collectors only make up a tiny portion of their profit margin.

      In short, we’re a dying breed! I mean look at how the activity on this site has dwindled.

      I understand it more since I’ve properly got into streaming and started to feel like all these DVDs are just cluttering up the house and I have everything at my fingertips via an Amazon Firestick.

      Sad days. 🙁

      • DDT says:

        Rabid you may be correct. though i still like collecting DVDS..i know a wrestling casual and he does nt spend money on it at all just watches it on free to air tv..I still think that if someone knew what they were doing and went to AEW and asked for the license to manufacture the dvds in the uk they would sell enough copies as there is no way of watching old AEW ppvs. i collect anything i can i hope it does nt end up being that wwe is the only company that does DVDS. in the meantime ROH and IMPACT! are my prioritys as they have been around longer than AEW

  8. whut says:

    If there is anything good about the pandemic regarding its influence on the WWE it is that most ppvs have returned to more reasonable lengths.

  9. RabidHeat says:

    This cover has proper “custom cover” vibes to it for me. I think it’s the font for the title.

    Not keen on the Roman/Drew cover either. That poster was designed when they had planned for Roman to defend in his Chamber match itself also.

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