REVEALED: Official Cover Artwork for WWE’s 4-DISC ‘Best of 2000s’ DVD, Freebie in New WWE Magazine

March 3, 2017 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'Best of 2000s' DVD - Logo

Last month we confirmed 19 of the greatest battles from the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Era for inclusion in WWE’s upcoming “Best of 2000s” DVD — a new 4-DISC, 10-HOUR Home Video compilation that will be hosted by the legendary Mick Foley:

EXCLUSIVE: Full Match Listing Revealed for WWE “Best of 2000s” DVD…

And now a new month brings us the official cover artwork!

The newly-revealed pack shot features no less than 9 of the most influential WWE Superstars of the decade: The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Trish Stratus, Kurt Angle, Booker T, and (…he’s there if you look closely…) Randy Orton.

“Best of 2000s” will arrive in April, a stacked month for WWE Home Video releases with the DDP biography and the first “Double Feature” PPV pack also on the way. Fans in the United States can pre-order the 2000s DVD here on; fans in the UK here on

WWE 'Best of 2000s' DVD - Cover Artwork Revealed!

Get your hands on the new, 4-DISC WWE “BEST OF THE 2000’s” DVD…

UK/Europe: April 24th. Pre-order the WWE 2000’s DVD right now here on

USA: April 25th. Lock in your pre-order for the WWE 2000’s DVD here on

Australia: May 24th. Your pre-order opportunity just went live over at

A DVD freebie was just spotted in the latest issue of WWE Kids Magazine!

“Roman Reigns: Iconic Matches” is attached to issue #120 of the UK exclusive magazine (dated March 1st, 2017) which is on sale now for £4.99. You may recall seeing this DVD before; it surfaced in the United States last year as part of an “Ultimate Fan Pack” figure set on Roman Reigns, and it was also released as a standalone title in the UK later in the same year.

A special thanks goes out to WDN readers Harrison and Ashton for this first look:

Free Roman Reigns DVD in WWE Kids Magazine
Free Roman Reigns DVD in WWE Kids Magazine

“WWE 24: WrestleMania Monday” is WWE’s big documentary offering for the month of March — now less than 3 week’s away!

New “deleted” or extended scenes were slated to be added to the content listing soon, however we can confirm that WWE has instead made the decision to extend the main documentary portion with some additional chapters. The matches previously revealed are unaffected by this change.

We’ll have the full updated listing for you right here next week.

NEW STUFF: Heads up, there are 2 new WWE DVD releases coming at you next week!

Roadblock: End of the Line in the UK this Monday (DVD,

Royal Rumble 2017 in the USA this Tuesday (DVD & Blu-ray,

WWE 'Roadblock: End of the Line' DVD - Main Menu

Get it on Amazon UK:
Get it on Amazon

CHEAP (AND RARE!!) STUFF: Our latest “eBay Watch” entry finds all these recently-released WWE Blu-rays titles up for grabs cheap at the weekend…

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$3.58NXT Greatest Matches Vol. 1 Blu-ray
$6.52Scott Hall: Living on a Razor’s Edge Blu-ray

WWF Unforgiven 1998 DVD - Disc Artwork, Rare!

On Monday, eBay seller “kford613” is auctioning off tons of rare WWE DVDs including the likes of…

$12.50WWF In Your House: Unforgiven 1998 DVD
$16.50Vengeance 2002 DVD (US Version)
$40.00Judgment Day 2002 DVD (US Version)

Also on Monday, look out for this large lot of WWF Attitude Collection DVDs…

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  1. Gene goodlett says:

    How do we contact wwe about voting/asking for certain dvds? Next nice to have an updated royal rumble collection for the u.s. wish they would do a third 5 disc set on survivor series. How bout a Kevin Nash 3 disc collection of matches?

  2. Brian says:

    No John Cena this cover is Glorious

  3. LP1 says:

    What exactly is the purpose of Orton’s arm being there? I’m curious what the cover editor was thinking.

  4. Craig says:

    Nah a fan of the artwork. Glad Cena isn’t there haha.

  5. mememememe says:

    We have to be pretty close to hearing more of the lineup for the second half of 2017. At this time last year we knew much more than we do now. Usually the announcements come in bunches rather than a steady stream so with the Owens announcement I am expecting another one soon. The only thing left that we know of to reveal is the Rollins DVD.

  6. Garmonbozia says:

    It looks like Orton is cupping Kurt’s balls tbh.

  7. Steve says:

    Good cover and awful release

    • RabidHeat says:

      It’s really not an awful release as it really does contain the best matches of the decade. I’m assuming your problem is “repeats” …. * yawn *

  8. Mark Markson says:

    It looks weird, that you only seen Ortons arm. 🙂 Why not just put his face between Trish and Booker?

  9. D.P. says:

    HA! at Orton getting cut off at the arm

  10. FranckCollector says:

    No John Cena or Edge or Lesnar on a 2000s cover?

  11. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Cover art department of the DVD-development office lacks of creativity and excitement as rest of WWE..poor photoshop and the similar way of putting performers on a string.

    This one really takes the price though, if a performer, be it Orton or another, is only shown like that.

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