Cover Artwork & Match Listing for ‘Drew McIntyre: The Best of WWE’s Scottish Warrior’ DVD

September 22, 2021 by Mark D

WWE Drew McIntyre: Scottish Warrior DVD - Logo

Last month we reported that a Drew McIntyre DVD, McIntyre’s first Home Video offering, is set to close out 2021: “Drew McIntyre: The Best of WWE’s Scottish Warrior”.

Now, exclusively at, it’s time to unveil the official cover artwork and match line-up WWE has planned for the release! The listing begins during McIntyre’s first stint in WWE, journeying through NXT and his return to the main roster, right up to his WWE Championship match against Goldberg at this year’s Royal Rumble.



The Warrior Arrives

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Drew McIntyre vs. John Morrison
TLC • December 13, 2009

Drew McIntyre vs. The Undertaker
SmackDown • March 19, 2010

NXT Championship Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Roode
NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III • August 19, 2017

Drew McIntyre vs. Kurt Angle
RAW • November 5, 2018

2020 Men’s Royal Rumble Match
Royal Rumble • January 26, 2020

WWE Championship Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Brock Lesnar
WrestleMania 36: Night Two • March 26, 2020

WWE Championship Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton
SummerSlam • August 23, 2020

WWE Championship Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Goldberg
Royal Rumble • January 31, 2021

Disc runtime (approx.): 3 hours and 13 minutes

WWE Drew McIntyre: Scottish Warrior DVD - Cover Artwork


UK/Europe: December 13th. Pre-order the Drew McIntyre DVD now on

United States: December 14th. Pre-order the Drew McIntyre DVD soon on

The recent A&E documentaries were officially released on Home Video to fans in the United States this week, in the form of a “Biography: WWE Legends Volume 1” DVD and separate “Biography: WWE Legends Volume 2” DVD.

However, there’s been a few issues here! Several readers have been in touch to say Volume 1 includes Volume 2’s discs, in error.

Given the number of fans we’re seeing this happen to with their purchase, the issue appears to be widespread, so it’s probably worth holding off buying the Volume 1 set at this time. If you have already picked it up though, Amazon and other retailers will most likely accept a return of the DVD given the contents of the item are incorrect.


We’ve got our hands on “The Attitude Era WrestleMania Collection” DVD ahead of its release next week, so let’s now check out some photos of the 5-disc box set!

WWE The Attitude Era WrestleMania Collection DVD Box Set - Photos, Front Cover
WWE The Attitude Era WrestleMania Collection DVD Box Set - Photos, Back Cover


Welcome to WrestleMania! Here, Superstars become heroes. Heroes become legends, and legends become immortal.

In this set highlighting every WrestleMania during WWE’s Attitude Era, you can now relive WrestleMania 14-17 (1998-2001) in this one-of-a-kind collection.

From the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin to the sibling rivalry between Undertaker and Kane to legendary matches and moments featuring The Rock, Triple H, Mankind, Chyna, Trish Stratus, and more, this collection will take you back to one of the most in-your-face periods in WWE history.

WWE The Attitude Era WrestleMania Collection DVD Box Set - Photos, WrestleMania 14
WWE The Attitude Era WrestleMania Collection DVD Box Set - Photos, WrestleMania 15, 16 and 17

“The Attitude Era WrestleMania Collection” will officially release to fans in the UK this coming Monday, September 27th. As you saw, the box set includes the re-releases of WrestleMania 14, 15, 16 and 17. Pre-order your copy now via

WWE The Attitude Era WrestleMania Collection DVD - UK Exclusive, Available Now!

WWE has announced that Crown Jewel will replace Clash of Champions as their October PPV. That means a slight change to the WWE Home Video schedule.

The slot for Clash of Champions will now be taken by Crown Jewel and for the US market the release date moves slightly to November 23rd. For the UK, the same release date of December 6th that the Clash of Champions DVD had previously will now apply for Crown Jewel.

Our WWE DVD Release Dates page has been updated to reflect these new dates, where you can see the complete schedule through to the end of 2021.

You may recall that the last Crown Jewel event in 2019 was released on DVD as a UK/European exclusive, while the 2018 event didn’t make it to DVD anywhere.

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. RCS1988 says:

    They should do more Unreleased sets for 2022.

  2. DDT says:

    also his match with Roman should be on there as it was pretty essential

  3. DDT says:

    WWE could include ICW and EVolVE on this set. I was also hoping for a documentary as Drew story is interesting that he was fired and then they wanted him back after his indy runs. Im taking a break from collecting untill survivor series comes out just how I feel. Only NXT or the return of NWA/WCW dvds could tempt be back before then…

    • AJKing says:

      I am also still hoping for a Takeover Boxset for the first 36 events. Now with the “relaunch” of the brand, it would be a perfect time to do so. If they think it will not sell very well, limit it to only a few hundred pieces and release it in a quality-packaging. I would buy that in a heartbeat

  4. Strangebotwin says:

    Ordered mine from Amazon.Com internationally to UK so really hoping i dont get part 2 discs in part 1 dvd

  5. BAS says:

    Such a shame with the Legends DVD packing errors, I was really looking forward to getting them and seeing if I could by chance pick them up when I next go out.

    Can anyone confirm if all of them are like that, or just some?

    I’m not sure if it’s worth taking a chance or not.

  6. BAS says:

    Cool cover, highly doubt this is worth the purchase though.

    The only thing that truly has me sold are the unreleased matches, but even then, I don’t know if those matches alone are worth this. As disappointing as it is that they did away with the 3 disc sets, I’d been fine with this being a 2 disc set. I just pray this isn’t the beginning of single disc releases being the thing going forward.

    • BAS says:

      After researching, to make a correction, the only match on here that wasn’t released was the Takeover Brooklyn match vs. Bobby Roode, everything else you can either get on a PPV DVD, or a best of Raw/Smackdown DVD. So now I’m not really sure if I want to get this.

  7. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras4Life says:

    Rock-bottom hit yet again when a former 3MB’er is getting a DVD release. Next: Jinder Mahal’s champion reign + leftovers.

    And of course, when Heath returns a complete “I have kidz”-collection is going in production.

    And then.. on sept. 21 2022 there will be the inevitable 3MB release upon the inevitable 3MB reunion show to mark the 10’th anniver.! Mark my words, you heard it here first!


    • whut says:

      there are a lot of things to potentially criticize about this set. but releasing a set about McIntyre in the first place isn’t. since he has definitely become of their top stars in the last years.

      you refering to him as “a 3MBer” would be like complaining about Shawn Michaels merely being “a Rocker” (“a team that never even won the titles”).

      • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras4Life says:

        I’m pretty sure of just about 99.99999 % of everyone, believes rightfully so that the Rockers were a millions times better team than 3MB was! Same goes for comparing HBK to Chew-Drew.

        Physicality, athleticsm and being positioned by top-management just because they can, does not do it for me.

        What lacks in todays WWE is authenticsm and interesting, exciting, cutting edge charachters. Nothinhg is organic these years..

        I’m a huge Brock fan, but even he comes off as a totally watered down version of his former self, and I’m not talking about his awesome first run from ’02-04, but his Suplex City-period which was one of very few things going on that kept me following. But.. to each their own, and long live the right to choose wheather to spend money on something. 😉

  8. RabidHeat says:

    We’re down to one-disc sets for superstars now. Great. It’s like being back in the days of VHS superstar compilation tapes. Thanks, but no thanks.

    • AJKing says:

      I totally agree. I am surprised they acknowledge his time in NXT. I am also surprised they left out probably the best match duribg his title reign against Roman at Survivor Series, but then add a 4 minute “match” against Goldberg. No documentary. They could have ar least added the “24” doc from the Network and made it a 2 disc-set. So little effort

  9. LP1 says:

    Interesting that on the McIntyre match listing, for the Mania match with Brock, WWE listed the date the match was taped as opposed to the date it aired.

    • LP1 says:

      And I just noticed that the date they have listed is wrong. In Drew’s autobiography that came out a few months ago, he has the taping date as March 25, 2020. He said it was taped on day 1, even though it aired on day 2.