Cover Artwork for ‘The History of WWE’ DVD, Another Blu-Ray Down?

September 30, 2013 by Daniel Bee

The History of WWE DVD Logo

Shared today via, here’s a look at the cover artwork for “The History of WWE” on DVD and Blu-ray.

Officially titled The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment, this one is slated to contain a 3 hour documentary main feature! It’s on the way for release to the US and Australia in November, following on to the UK and Europe in December.

History of WWE - 50 Years of Sports Entertainment DVD Cover

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According to (where UK fans can now pre-order the set for December 2nd) the documentary sheds light on the ups and downs in the company’s 50 year history, exploring such topics as the launch of WrestleMania, growing from a regional promotion to a global brand, the steroid scandal, the XFL and many others still to be named.

You can pre-order the DVD or Blu-ray for November 19th by clicking here to

Blu-ray Disc Logo

The Blu-ray edition of Survivor Series 2013 has now been taken down from Amazon, as you can see here. This may be a sign of yet another cancellation of a WWE Blu-ray this year.

As mentioned, the Best PPV Matches 2013 Blu-ray was also removed from sale. Right now we can only confirm that the “Raw 20th Anniversary Collection” box set is officially no longer going ahead on Blu-ray, though indications for the other two titles are not looking good.

If you still haven’t got your hands on the Triple H “Thy Kingdom Come” DVD, or if you’re waiting for the UK release two weeks today, below is a new preview of the documentary. This clip looks at Triple H in the year 2000, and contains new comments from The Rock.

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  1. Spritz1999 says:

    I LOVE the Cover! Honestly, I was expecting the whole McMahon Family to be on the cover & that be it! As bad as that sounds! But, I am officially disappointed in WWE with the Blu-Ray discontinues this year! Basically the cancelling of the Blu-Ray for 20th Ann. means the U.S. will NOT get the exclusives, & now I have to buy the UK version of the blu-ray or Canadian, if that has not already been cancelled as well! Now SS 2013 & Best PPV’s of 2013 too? My collection is going to be all out of it now! What is going on? Jeez WWE get it together!!!

  2. NickP says:

    Awesome cover!

  3. pablo says:

    YES! It has edge.

  4. Shumway says:

    No Randy Savage pictured? Craziness.

    • Marty says:

      I imagine more people will get pictured both on the back cover, as well as in the interior artwork. Backlund and Graham aren’t pictured either, to name a couple others.

      • Nick says:

        Stop with this Savage nonsense. He wasn’t that great.

        • WWEFAN says:

          Yeah ok.. Savage wasn’t that great and the Kennel From Hell match was the greatest match of all time. Any idea how stupid that sounds?

          • Nick says:

            Savage was a paranoid wife abuser.

            • Wes says:

              Yeah, and when did Elizabeth died? It wasn’t with Savage, it was with Luger. Know your shit, Jackass! Never disrespect the Madness.

              • Spritz1999 says:

                I do agree with Nick though! He did abuse Elizabeth, it was one of the major reasons for their divorce & her drug use with Luger, which led to her death! And yes Macho Man was very paranoid! But, so was Hulk Hogan & countless others on both counts! (Ex: Chris Benoit, and people still consider him one of the best technical wrestlers of all time, and he is BANNED from WWE!) My point is that just because he had personal problems doesn’t mean he didn’t do his job well! I mean if that was the case, where would Triple H be? I also have to agree with Wes & WWEFan… Macho Man is one of the GREATEST of all-time! In the top 3 even! Macho Man had charisma like no other! So, again… DO NOT DISRESPECT THE MADNESS!!!

  5. Sean says:

    Is this going to be a biography or documentary or just matches?

  6. VICK says:

    I actually wrote to on their customer feedback about this issue and stated that many people are upset about WWE cancelling some future Blu-Ray releases.

    Hopefully perhaps if enough people write to them they will reconsider??

  7. xxKinGoFKinGsxx says:

    Damn that really sucks that a lot of these are getting canceled but o well I got a region free blu ray player so don’t matter for me I’m good to go

  8. Richard says:

    My guess is that WWE will be more selective about what they release on Bluray. That was the initial plan but it soon got out of hand with every PPV.

    The home video market is struggling mightily at the moment as evidenced by a walk thru BB recently. The music/concert DVD and Blurays are almost all gone. They simply don’t sell to anyone other than the hardcore fan. Why should wrestling be any different? Music DVDs like Wrestling, are geared toward a niche audience, unlike most Hollywood movies.

    The fact that almost any music concert can be found online doesn’t help matters. WWE is promoting complete matches on their website but scales back on bluray releases? Think about that.

    I own both and love both. I love bluray quality but miss the old DVD presentation. I recently got two WWE compilations on DVD because I didn’t think the extras were worth the extra cost. I was happy with that decision.

    I’ll get the Biographical releases on Bluray and stuff like the Mid South set and Best of MSG , but I’ll typically skip the PPV releases. No point in that for me.

    As much as I loved the 2 Summerslam main events, I’ll wait until the end of the year to own them on Bluray when they’re included in the Best PPV matches set. I can live without the rest of the show.

    DVD/Blurays are highly valued by WWE, and if handled correctly, it can still be really lucrative.

  9. Dalton says:

    This is so stupid. What is WWE hoping to gain by cancelling blu rays?

    • VICK says:

      I guess to save money from producing Blu-Rays since they feel not enough people buy them. It is pathetic since WWE should consider themselves equal to Hollywood in this sense. Every major Hollywood movie comes to Blu-Ray so every WWE DVD should come to Blu-Ray as well.

      • Dalton says:

        But at the very least, they can make them exclusive to There’s no need to cancel them outright. I’d really like to talk to their home video production people, because this is ridiculous. 4K TV’s are going to be hitting mainstream within a few years and WWE will still be releasing Blu Ray’s lol

  10. mdax says:

    hope match listing is good

  11. Timothy Thorpe says:

    With the Raw 20th box set cancelled and the Best PPV 13 and Survivor Series blu rays on the way to being cancelled, is this it for WWE blu rays?

  12. phil says:

    Looks like Survivor Series on Blu-ray might be a Best Buy exclusive. Here’s the link: survivor series&lp=12&cp=1

    • David says:

      Its possible, but they still have Best PPV Matches 2013 and RAW 20th Anniversary listed…Best Buy is probably just slow to update.

  13. victory73 says:

    So for those who only buy Blu-Ray what did you do with all of your DVDs? Throw them out, sell them, don’t watch them because you don’t like the quality? Just curious as I have a mix of both and only collect Blu-Ray when I like the extras that are included, quality isn’t a factor for me.

    • David says:

      I still have my DVDs, they’re just on a different shelf with the Blu-rays on another. I still pop in DVDs from time to time. The quality is sub par compared to Blu-ray but DVD was the only way to watch them and there is no way I was going back to VHS. In earlier releases from 1999-2001 you can see how bad most ppvs pixelate with fast motion or lighting effects.

      Once WWE went HD, i thought the DVD quality sucked even more than the older releases because its basically 1080i downscaled to DVD which absolutely blows, you can see all these artifacts on the screen and pixelation due to compression. Just terrible.

      I always choose Blu-ray over the DVD if given a choice. If Blu-ray isn’t a option, i tend to settle for the DVD but i wait til it goes on sale.

      I’m actually so use to the side bars that when watching the DVDs i put the screen in 4:3 with the black bars and it actually does look better.

      • Anonymous says:

        “I’m actually so use to the side bars that when watching the DVDs i put the screen in 4:3 with the black bars and it actually does look better.”

        You mean you had previously stretched the footage to fill the screen? Why on Earth would anybody ever do that? When I watch shows or DVDs that aren’t filmed in 16:9, I always watch in their original 4:3. I absolutely HATE watching stretched or manipulated footage WAY more than the idea that I’m watching something in standard definition. It just makes everything look very awkward. So the screen isn’t filled up. Who cares?

  14. Arkam says:

    I Love it

  15. King Shabazz says:

    Long live the DVD! Blu-ray, it was nice knowing you. Now please go take your seat next to the plasma tv to the left, to the left…

    • ChadWWE says:

      The 50 years is still Bluray and DVD, and the Bluray is not going away, WWE just feels no need to release the Blurays, I guess the WWE universe isn’t buying them, but the world sure is.

  16. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Let them keep cancelling Blu-rays and I’ll keep cancelling my purchases all together.

    I own an HD TV, a Blu-ray player and I order PPV’s in HD for an extra $10-$15. I will not be buying any DVD’s! Time to write a letter to WWE’s Home Video department.

  17. Tardo317 says:

    Captain Lou Albano should have had a spot on the cover…..

  18. KarlKayfabian says:

    Bob Backlund should be on that cover…still a very cool look.

  19. Wonderllama says:

    I absolutely love how all the cornerstones of WWE are literally at the corners!

  20. victory73 says:

    Cover looks cool. Definitely looking forward to the doc.

    Kind of strange with all the Blu-Ray cancellations. Last time I checked the sales of those were pretty good overall. I personally pick and choose. For War Games I went with the DVD and the Mid-South I went with the Blu-Ray. Video quality isn’t a big deal as it is rarely noticeable on the older stuff which is all I collect. So I judge it on the extras. They really rip us off on DVD time compared to before so Blu-Ray is the way to go usually.

  21. Mean Gene says:

    Blu-ray is how i want to watch my wrestling in 2013 > Not dvd.

  22. Marty says:

    More Blu ray bad news, mind you on a much smaller scale and only here in Canada: HMV Canada took off the Blu ray versions of the HHH and Mid South sets. Significant because, unlike all the other retailers up here, HMV would at least have WWE BRs in stock here and there.

  23. David says:

    I was a dvd fan , but once i got my first blu ray i was totally hooked i never wanted to go back to dvds again …

  24. Domenic says:

    This does not look good at all, however, do not count it out just yet.

  25. A Fan says:

    History of the WWE … and Iron Sheik isn’t on the cover? Pathetic.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Face it: If they’re pulling the Blu-ray releases that means they’re simply not selling. That said, maybe the WWE needs to look in the mirror to find blame. They simply aren’t making use of the space. What are they putting on each Blu-ray disc? 4 hours or so. There was a time when DVDs would get around 3 hours and 20 minutes. Not much of a difference, yet the price tag is often significantly different. Maybe if they started to load these releases up at least a little bit better (like 5 hours per Blu-ray without so much repetition) they might see the format take off. Until they do, they’re only getting what they’re giving.

  27. LP1 says:

    If you look at the few years where Survivor Series is concerned…

    -2009 was supposed to have a Blu-ray release in the UK, but was then cancelled at the last minute.
    -2010 was released on Blu-ray worldwide.
    -2011 was supposed to have a Blu-ray release in North America, but was then cancelled. Only the UK got it.
    -2012 was released on Blu-ray worldwide.
    -And now 2013 looks to be cancelled in North America.

    SMH. Such inconsistency.

  28. Simon says:

    So glad that the cover wasn’t just the WWE logo on a black background. Based on the recent artwork for the Raw sets, I’d feared the worst.

  29. LP1 says:

    Are The Bushwhackers in charge of the Home Video department?

  30. J says:

    Keep booting Blu Rays cause their overrated/

    • TheManInBlu says:

      You clearly haven’t watched a Blu-ray then to make such a statement. Either that or you have a small 32″ screen which doesn’t give you the full benefits of Blu-ray. Trust me, pop in a DVD then a Blu-ray of any match from a PPV from this year. The difference is striking. Once you’ve gone Blu, you never want to go back…

    • David says:

      Only people that say that are the ones that don’t even own a HD TV and/or Blu-ray player and are judging from pics posted online.

  31. Mongoose Wizard says:

    All I can say is if they keep canceling Blu Rays we better keep getting Exclusive matches, interviews, and etc etc

    • VICK says:

      A lot of times the Blu-Ray extras are so important to buying some of these sets. The Summerslam 2013 Blu-Ray extras were really fun to watch again.

  32. Mr Disc says:

    Blu-ray players are worth buying for the usb connection to play movies etc from your external hard drives alone.

  33. Mr Disc says:

    Well if you’re in the UK don’t worry cause every PPV is released on Blu-ray from now on.

  34. Nick says:

    People catch up with the times DVD is useless. If you can buy dvds on a regular basis then you should buy a blu ray player if you dont already. No more excuses.

    I really want the History of WWE on blu ray. DONT CANCELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ITTTTTTTTTT.

  35. Mr Disc says:

    Now cue all the moaners about how the set will be full of repeated matches (when announced). Come on with a documentary running at 3 hours long who cares about the match listing.

  36. TheManInBlu says:

    Terrible news about another Blu-ray cancelled 🙁 What is wrong with WWE??? This is backwards thinking. And I was looking forward to WWE History but now I wouldn’t be surprised if they cancelled that Blu-ray as well. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: no Blu-rays, no sale for me. I’m done buying DVDs.

    • Mr Disc says:

      If WWE had the same digipak cases for Blu-ray’s as they do for DVD’s i think it would be a different story. You would be surprised about how packaging matters to a collector.

      • TheManInBlu says:

        I like packaging as much as the next guy but there’s no way the picture quality on a DVD can come close to a Blu-ray! I’ve watched back to back matches from the same events shifting from Blu-ray to DVD and the DVDs look like crap compared to Blu-rays. I don’t understand why the WWE, which produces all its shows in HD, would not want to release Blu-rays of their events, even if sales aren;t as high as DVDs. They could simply produce a smaller amount of BDs or try to push BDs a bit more by making sure stores offer them to their customers. In 2013 (2014 in 3 months), it makes absolutely no sense!!!

        • David says:

          I agree…its 2013 and WWE still have not consistently released all PPVs on Blu-ray format (in NA of course).

          I’ve said it in another post, but WWE should really consider making their non-big 4 PPVs WWEShop exclusive, at least all profits go directly to WWE with no middleman involved and of course us Blu-ray folks are happy.

          • TheManInBlu says:

            Yeah, that’d be a good solution. I’d definitely buy them at WWEShop if that was a way of getting Blu-rays. The way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if the only PPV they released on BD from now on would be Wrestlemania. These last couple of news of cancellations suck; I was really enjoying building my WWE BD collection and now this brings everything to a halt…

  37. Mr Disc says:

    This set looks great. With a documentary at approx 3 hours they say? I will be buying this set for sure. It even has a chapter about the steroid scandal from the 90’s.

  38. VICK says:

    That really sucks about the Blu-Ray situation. I hope this is not an indicator for the near future of WWE Blu-Ray releases. They better not wipe out all future Blu-Ray releases for now because that would really be terrible.