REVEALED: Cover Artwork for ‘WWE 24: The Best of 2018’ DVD, Alternate Artwork for AJ STYLES DVD!

September 14, 2018 by Daniel Bee

Not one but two new WWE DVD covers to unveil today!

The cover artwork for “AJ Styles: Most Phenomenal Matches” was revealed here at last month and we told you then that a second cover design was also on the way.

In the UK it is now confirmed that this version will be stocked by in a limited edition run. Details are to follow on the stockist for this exclusive in the United States.

WWE 'AJ Styles: Most Phenomenal Matches' DVD - Alternate Cover Artwork

Next up is your first look at the front (and back) cover artwork for “WWE 24 – The Best of 2018”.

Following the AJ DVD in November, WWE will release this collection of WWE 24 documentaries in December. As the new artwork suggests, we’re being treated to four episodes first seen over on the WWE Network and a selection of extras with them – “Empowered”, “RAW 25”, “The Hardys: Woken”, and “WrestleMania Orlando”.

You can grab a copy of the WWE 24 DVD for $19.98 by clicking here to

WWE 24: The Best of 2018 DVD - Cover Artwork Revealed!

WWE 24: THE BEST OF 2018

The greatest WWE 24 episodes from 2018 are now available to add to your DVD collection! Experience this incredible docuseries and step into the lives of your favorite WWE Superstars as they prepare for some of the most monumental nights in their careers.

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the return of The Hardy Boyz to WWE, The Women’s Evolution, the 25th Anniversary of RAW in NYC and WrestleMania 34. Plus, so much more! Experience the very best of WWE 24.

Full content listing for “WWE 24 – The Best of 2018” DVD…

WWE 24: The Best of 2018 DVD - Back Cover Artwork

Get your copy of the new “WWE 24 – THE BEST OF 2018” DVD…

UK/Europe: December 10th. Pre-order the WWE 24 collection now on

United States: December 11th. Your pre-order opportunity is now live here on

Australia: TBA. Look for a release date announcement shortly over at

The artwork doesn’t stop there as this week we received the official box art for the U.S. release of the “Greatest Royal Rumble” DVD, along with the planned design for the back cover too!

Although a documentary was rumored, this one turned into your usual 2-disc PPV DVD offering that features the full Greatest Rumble show and a series of extras taken from RAW and SmackDown Live episodes leading into the event.

We also recently confirmed Super Show-Down for DVD – it’s coming out on the same day as this one.

WWE 'Greatest Royal Rumble 2018' DVD - Official Box Artwork


Live from King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, comes the Greatest Royal Rumble! In the biggest Royal Rumble in WWE history, 50 Superstars compete in an over-the-top-rope free-for-all, where the winner receives the prestigious Greatest Royal Rumble championship and trophy.

Locked inside a steel cage, Roman Reigns looks to get redemption when he tangles with Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. For the first time since 2010, John Cena does battle with Triple H. And Rusev tries to avoid being put to rest when he faces the returning Undertaker in a Casket Match! Plus, more! Anything can happen at the Greatest Royal Rumble!

WWE 'Greatest Royal Rumble 2018' DVD - Back Cover Artwork

Grab your copy of WWE’s new GREATEST ROYAL RUMBLE DVD…

UK/Europe: November 12th. Get the Greatest Rumble 2018 DVD over on

United States: November 13th. Get your Greatest Rumble 2018 DVD here on

Australia: TBA. Look for a release date announcement shortly via

Did you check out our first look earlier this week at many of the unseen matches to be included in WWE’s new “Shawn Michaels: The Show Stopper Unreleased” DVD?

Since then WWE Home Video UK have revealed a sneak peek clip which features HBK talking about his time in Mid-South Wrestling and it gives us a glimpse at the Mid-South footage on the set.

EBAY WATCH: If you haven’t yet picked up the “Randy Savage Unreleased” DVD also from 2018 there may be a chance to buy it cheaper than retail today – add this eBay auction to your Watch List:

$7.50Randy Savage Unreleased: Unseen Matches of the Macho Man DVD (Sealed)

These WWF/WWE/ECW DVDs being auctioned off on eBay are also worth a look this weekend:

$1.99Fight Owens Fight: Kevin Owens Story DVD (Sealed)
$5.30WWF Royal Rumble 2002 DVD
$9.95WWF Royal Rumble 2000 DVD
$10.00WrestleMania 24 Blu-ray (Sealed, Free Shipping)
$10.00WrestleMania 34 Blu-ray (Sealed)
$17.003x The Rock DVDs (incl. 2 WWF titles, Free Shipping)
$26.00WWF Lita: It Just Feels Right DVD (Sealed)
$30.003x TNA DVDs & WWF WrestleMania 16 DVD
$36.00WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD
$45.00WrestleMania 32 & WrestleMania 33 Steelbook Blu-rays
$74.95Big Lot of 26 Original ECW DVDs & WWF/WWE Bonuses

WWE 'Randy Savage Unreleased' DVD - Unseen Matches of The Macho Man!

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. RabidHeat says:

    Why did they HAVE to put a photo of Braun Strowman actually winning the GRR belt and trophy on the back? I mean seriously, why? It doesn’t benefit them in terms of sales and it’s just annoying spoiler for those that prefer no spoilers.

    • Decky says:

      Dude the event happened like 3 years ago and the belt was forgotten the next night.

      • SAB says:

        Although you (slightly!) exaggerate how long ago the event happened you make a great point. Any die-hard wrestling fan will know results of events and young kids who buy DVDs (if any still do) really wouldn’t care what pics are on the back cover. Contrary to some people’s opinions WWE do know what they’re doing when it comes to making money!

        • Vintage Simon says:

          I never really understood the complaints about ‘spoiler covers’. Wrestling DVDs are categorised in the sports section of the DVD charts, and every other sport does it – because the disc serves as historic documentation.

          I mean, would you look at this and complain about a spoiler cover?

          • SAB says:

            Excellent point Vintage Simon. I think spoilers mean even less in ‘sports entertainment’ anyway. Bret v Austin at Wrestlemania 13 was a [spoiler alert!] win for Bret but Stone Cold never actually quit and came out the hero…

          • RabidHeat says:

            I just think it gives you the option of watching the DVD again in 5 years or so when you may have forgotten certain results and watch it as if it’s the first time again. My point is, without a spoiler cover, you at least have that option. But I see no real benefit to a spoiler picture being on there. Nobody would be saying: “Damn, I wish there was a spoiler picture of him holding the belt amongst the screenshots on the back!”

            So my logic is just that without a spoiler picture everybody is happy, so why not just go that route?

          • David says:

            Damn Vintage Simon! you spoiled the winner of the NBA finals…I didn’t know Golden State won even though it happened 3 months ago and all over the news and internet…thanks a lot for posting that spoiler cover!

            Spoiler covers for pro wrestling is a pretty weird thing to complain about. If you follow the product, you already know the results. Do people honestly follow WWE through their PPV DVD collection? do you not go on the internet? talk to your friends? watch RAW/SD? read Meltzer BS? etc.

            Good point Vintage Simon on WWE discs being historic documentation, because thats honestly what it is if people think about it.

            • RabidHeat says:

              I haven’t said I don’t follow wrestling in those ways; my point is in a few years time you may forget the winners of certain things and it’d be nice to at least have the option to watch it and appreciate the surprise again. My point is at least you have that option with a non-spoiler cover, whereas a spoiler cover doesn’t benefit anyone. With a non-spoiler cover everyone wins, so why not just do it like that?

              • LP1 says:

                I have no problem with spoiler pics on the back cover. One of my pet peeves, however, is when they have a description on the back thay says, for example: “Who will will walk out as the WWE Champion?” and then right next to that is a picture of the guy who won holding up the belt. To me that’s just ridiculous. Why would you have that question on the back cover and then show the winner right next to it? In the case of Greatest Royal Rumble, they don’t ask who will win the Rumble, so that’s fine.

  2. TheDVDFreak says:

    Any news on if the Alternate Cover will be available In The US? I like it a lot better than the original personally.

    • Rkmo says:

      Says in the article that details are upcoming on where it will be available in US. Just need a little patience.

      I also like the alternate cover of the Style set. It will probably not be anywhere I buy my DVD’s so there is no use worrying about it.

  3. RabidHeat says:

    Not sure why it refers to WrestleMania 34 in the synopsis on the back cover when the ‘WrestleMania: Orlando’ documentary was about WrestleMania 33.

    That AJ artwork really isn’t any better than the standard artwork, so I’m not gonna break my back trying to get the limited edition. I don’t like how he appears to be leaping on nobody in the action shot on the bottom, given how they’ve photoshopped in the ring around him.

  4. LP1 says:

    “The greatest WWE 24 episodes from 2018”. Considering there’s only been 4 episodes in 2018, they should’ve just said “Every WWE 24 episode from 2018”.

    • RabidHeat says:

      They have more specials coming up in 2018, so maybe that’s WWE admitting that the next ones are going to be rubbish, haha.

  5. Ryan Wickey says:

    My wal-mart had wwe summerslam 2018 4 days early.

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