EXCLUSIVE: Cover Artwork for WWE ‘BROCK LESNAR – Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.’ DVD & Blu-Ray

July 15, 2016 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'Brock Lesnar: Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.' DVD & Blu-ray - Logo

As promised, let’s exclusively reveal the cover of WWE’s 2016 BROCK LESNAR DVD!

This official “Brock Lesnar – Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.” artwork will feature on the front cover of the upcoming Home Video release — a release that will pack in 14 of “The Beast’s” best matches on a 7 hour DVD set and 5 more bouts exclusive to the 8.5 hour Blu-ray edition.

With the full content and cover both unveiled, expect to see it live for pre-order any day now.

A Steelbook Blu-ray is also coming, so look out for our second cover reveal too…

WWE 'Brock Lesnar: Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.' DVD - Cover Artwork Reveal

Release Dates for WWE’s “Brock Lesnar – Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.” DVD & Blu-ray where you are…

USA: October 11th. Look for your chance to pre-order very soon on Amazon.com.

UK/Europe: October 17th. Look for your chance to pre-order very soon on Amazon.co.uk.

Australia: TBA. Look for your chance to pre-order very soon at Madman.com.au.

In case you missed it, 5 new Limited Edition WWE DVD Box Sets were just released!

Here’s a quick look at 2 of them – “The Big 4: 2015” and “The Monday Night War Collection”. These Australian exclusive sets are available in store and online through Madman.com.au.

In the case of the latter, this is the first opportunity to get hold of all 20 episodes of the WWE Network series together on DVD, complete with Bischoff, Sting and Triple H’s sit-down interviews.

Australian Exclusive WWE DVD Box Sets - The Big 4 & The Monday Night War

The ‘cancelled’ “OMG! ECW Craziest Moments” DVD is being replaced by RANDY ORTON!

Hit the link below to read everything we know so far regarding the change…

WWE Randy Orton DVD & Blu-ray To Be Released in 2016

EXCLUSIVE: WWE Releasing New RANDY ORTON DVD & Blu-Ray – Just Added to 2016 Schedule!

STEELBOOK SALE: Right now UK fans can take 20% off the price of any of the recently released WWE Steelbook Blu-rays! Plus, when buying 3 together another 10% off will be applied.

Simply head to WWEDVD.co.uk this weekend and enter code “SB20” at checkout.

WWE Steelbook Blu-rays - 20% Off Sale

RARE STUFF: There’s not 1 but 2 chances to add the highly sought-after WrestleMania X-Seven DVD to your collection today! Look below for links to the eBay auctions.

$38.00WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD
$39.99WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD

Rare WWF/WWE DVDs - WrestleMania X-Seven

And all of these rare WWF/WWE DVD goodies are also up for grabs this weekend…

$0.99WWF No Mercy 2001 DVD (Disc Only)
$4.00Chris Benoit: Hard Knocks DVD
$5.00WWF Royal Rumble 2002 DVD (Free Shipping)
$5.00WWF SummerSlam 2001 DVD
$10.00WWF Invasion 2001 DVD
$13.50WWF SummerSlam 1999 DVD (Free Shipping)
$19.99WWF WrestleMania 16 DVD


New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Badass cover for a pointless dvd

  2. Badass cover for a pointss DVD

  3. AD Degreez says:

    Great work home video when the lesnar and orton sets both under sell because they are pretty pointless to us because it’s for casual viewers that don’t really care enough to spend money on it. They won’t understand the mistake it was making these and not the ecw omg set that not only is highly awaited and needed to complete the big 3 omg sets they will think it’s a sign and think physical media is on the out lets just make network stuff…. The vicious cycle of wwe shooting themselves in the foot…. And their fans in the face

  4. Bruno says:

    they should have titled it Brock Lesnar: The Beast Incarnate instead of Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Repeat. That sounds more like a gym workout quote.

  5. Jeff Copeland says:

    the cover is cool but dvd is still pointless HELL i rather take another orton dvd then lesnar xD!!!

  6. SCSA says:

    WOW! This Brock Lesnar cover looks awesome, even though I’m not a Lesnar fan, nor will be buying this set, I’d just like to say that the cover looks incredible!!!

  7. Ryan Johansson says:

    As someone who never liked ECW I am kinda happy they cancelled it. I do like Randy Orton (more so when he was the Legend Killer) so hopefully we get a new compilation with no repeats of his other DVD and some less seen stuff.

  8. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Brock looks like a combination of Hulk and Big Foot! Terrible cover! Nothing cartoonish over THAT man, unlike Cena..

    oh well, at least it is not like the cover of the Slam City crap..and thank god, they left out the Susan G. Komen pink..one could be worried since it is an October release.

  9. RabidHeat says:

    Don’t like it, personally. Reminds me those WWE Graphic Novels they once did. Looks cheap.

  10. John says:

    That is just a ugly cover

  11. Indyfan says:

    Amazing..I just saved money on the reveal being Randy Orton.

    Seriously what letdown. Was looking forward to the ECW release. Randy Orton is boring.

    Don’t care about Brock Lesnar either

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