Cover Artwork for WWE Extreme Rules 2018 DVD, More Artwork for Shawn Michaels – UNRELEASED!

July 20, 2018 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'Shawn Michaels: Showstopper Unreleased' DVD - Logo

Let’s take a closer look at the artwork for “Shawn Michaels: The Showstopper Unreleased”.

The cover artwork you may have had a peek of already but here at we’re ending the week with a Superkick and bringing you some more exclusive shots of it including the back cover and spine, along with an updated synopsis for the release.

Own 35 Shawn Michaels matches brand new to Home Video this October; pre-order the collection for only $23.74 by clicking here to If the price should drop before October then you will automatically pay only that lower price. The Showstopper (well, Amazon) guarantees it!

WWE 'Shawn Michaels: Showstopper Unreleased' DVD - Front Cover Artwork


“I will give you a show that you’ve never ever seen before, why? Because I can.” – Shawn Michaels

To the WWE Universe, Shawn Michaels made every match he competed in feel like a main event. No matter the time or the place, when The Showstopper stepped inside the ring, he delivered a performance unlike any other.

Now for the first time ever, WWE Home Video dives deep into the archives to bring the WWE Universe never-before-released matches spanning the entire career of The Heartbreak Kid. From tag team classics as one half of The Rockers to hidden gems against Mr. Perfect, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Ric Flair, this is a special collection for any fan of The Showstopper.

WWE 'Shawn Michaels: Showstopper Unreleased' DVD - Back Cover Artwork


UK/Europe: October 1st. Pre-order the HBK Unreleased DVD soon via

USA: October 2nd. Pre-order the HBK Unreleased DVD now here on

Australia: TBA. Your pre-order opportunity is due to go live soon over at

Speaking of artwork, here’s your first look at the cover design for WWE’s Extreme Rules 2018 DVD!

Most of the marquee matches from Extreme Rules are spotlighted here with imagery of 14 featured WWE Superstars. Kevin Owens’ fall from the cage is shown on the spine and the back cover.

As expected this will be a 2-disc set. We should be able to confirm any extras soon.

WWE Extreme Rules 2018 DVD - Front Cover Artwork


It’s the one night of the year in WWE where the rulebook is thrown out of the window. At Extreme Rules, the only rule is… there are no rules!

WWE’s biggest Superstars collide for the first time in their careers when Roman Reigns battles Bobby Lashley one-on-one. “The Showoff” Dolph Ziggler hopes to keep the Intercontinental Championship around his waist when he defends the coveted title against Seth Rollins in a 30-Minute Iron Man Match.

The RAW Women’s Championship is on the line when champion Alexa Bliss takes on rival Nia Jax in an Extreme Rules Match. WWE Champion AJ Styles puts his title on the line during Rusev Day as he makes a title defence against Rusev.

WWE Extreme Rules 2018 DVD - Back Cover Artwork

Grab a copy of the new WWE EXTREME RULES 2018 DVD…

United States: August 14th. Get your copy of Extreme Rules 2018 here on

Australia: September 19th. Pre-order Extreme Rules 2018 in time for then at

UK/Europe: October 1st. Get your copy of Extreme Rules 2018 soon via

Is July’s big WWE DVD release “The Shield: Justice For All” in your collection yet?

Below you can preview some more of the new material found in the set – one of the new interview segments with Roman Reigns in which he talks about his passion for WWE and being the guy to follow in John Cena’s footsteps. The Shield’s new WWE DVD is available now in both the USA ($20.40; and the UK (£24.99;

“Greatest Royal Rumble” has finally been added to WWE’s 2018 Home Video schedule!

The Pay-Per-View is coming to DVD on November 13th in the United States and is expected to follow as a worldwide release. This will be a 2-disc set and it can already be pre-ordered now.

WWE 'Greatest Royal Rumble PPV' Logo - With Huge Stadium

The next WWE DVD release on the way is also a PPV – Money in the Bank 2018.

It’s releasing this Tuesday to fans in the USA as a 2-disc set with the full event, matches from the Kickoff Show and a few extras taken from RAW and SmackDown Live episodes leading into the PPV. Before then, watch the trailer here:

EBAY WATCH: Here’s your roundup of the most noteworthy WWE/F DVD goodies up for grabs in eBay auctions this weekend – some great deals, some rare stuff and some massive lots!

Among them is the “Monday Night War Vol. 1: Shots Fired” Blu-ray which we noticed has been bid up to $41.00 (and priced high on Amazon) so this title might have become tricky to find.

$0.99WWF Stone Cold Steve Austin: What? DVD
$2.50WWF Best of RAW Vol. 1 & 2 DVD
$2.5030 Years of Survivor Series DVD
$7.30WWF WrestleMania 18 DVD
$8.99WWF Vengeance 2001 DVD (Free Shipping)
$12.66WWF Attitude Collection: TLC DVD (Free Shipping)
$13.00Lot of 4 WWE Double Feature PPV DVDs
$16.20Eddie Guerrero RAW Tribute Show DVD
$29.99WrestleMania 34 DVD (UK 4-Disc Set with NXT TakeOver, Sealed)
$41.00Monday Night War Vol. 1: Shots Fired Blu-ray (Free Shipping)
$100.00Big Lot of 19 WWE PPV DVDs (incl. Rare Judgment Day & Vengeance 2002 DVDs, Free Shipping)
$510.00Huge Lot of 235 WWE PPV DVDs

WWE 'Double Feature' Pay-Per-View DVDs

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Warrior Fan says:

    Honestly even if they did another HBK dvd I would be all in, he’s probably got the richest amount of good matches. I’ll add to my collection.

  2. Daniel Bee says:

    NOTICE: Some comments had to be removed on recent articles due to arguments and insults made without any sort of relevance to the topic.

    If it doesn’t cool down you might find yourself with comments automatically flagged for moderation so they won’t show until approved. Nobody wants that.

    Removal of comments like this and the extra moderation involved means more work for the WDN staff and less time put into the stories we aim to deliver. We preferred having the trust to leave you guys to your own devices and comment responsibly without intervention. Didn’t you?

    Stick to the topic, be friendly. DVDs vs. Blu-rays… well, at least that’s sometimes on topic but keep in mind WWE is only releasing WrestleMania on Blu-ray domestically and that isn’t changing, so the debate doesn’t mean a great deal at this point.

    On topic but going out of your way to be overly negative to evoke some sort of reaction from other commenters? No go either. The above will apply in this case too.

    Trolling? Playing a character? Not in our 8-year-strong community.

    Thank you to the good guys. 😎

  3. RabidHeat says:

    I’ve loved the covers for Backlash and Extreme Rules, but hated the PPVs themselves. Proof positive that you can never have it all, lol. I have appreciated the move away from spoiler covers though.

  4. Thatkliqkid says:

    *Impatiently waiting to be able to pre-order HBK DVD in the UK*

    Covers look great.

  5. SCSA says:

    Nice… I like the back of the Michaels set! (I’m just imagining it right now in my head as a Blu-Ray set! It would have been awesome)!

  6. SRB says:

    Interesting how there was discussion on WWE lowering how many PPV events they were going to have this year. When you add the GRR and the upcoming Australia show, the number seems about the same.

    • LP1 says:

      They ran 16 ppv’s in 2017. This year they eliminated 5 of them. Payback, Great Balls Of Fire, Battleground, No Mercy and Clash Of Champions. But they added Greatest Royal Rumble and Super Show-Down. So there’s 13 ppv’s set for 2018.

      • SRB says:

        I was actually going to mention you in my post because I knew you’d be right there with the stats.

        • SRB says:

          I also just read some news about them possibly adding another event this year besides the Australia show involving just the ladies. We will see.

      • Anan says:

        Idk if GRR and SSD are actual ppvs though. I believe they’re more like special events. PPVS traditionally or always don’t have the main event match announced several weeks before the event happens like they did for Taker vs HHH at SSD. PPV matches, the big matches anyway will be officially announced either after they get built up a certain amount or after one match participant issues a challenge to their opponent which is official once accepted.

        And regarding those special events, make it 3 this year with the all women’s event titled Evolution in October at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island NY.

        • LP1 says:

          Any event that airs on traditional pay-per-view channels (cable, satellite, etc.) is considered a PPV. And those shows aired/will air on traditional PPV. Regardless what WWE says about “only available on the WWE Network”, all of their events still air on traditional PPV channels as well.

          • Anan says:

            Anything can be considered as something. Doesn’t mean it is. Just bc someone is considered the greatest doesn’t mean they are. Just bc a show is considered to be a ppv does not mean that it is. Like opinions on everything else, different people have different opinions on everything and different people consider something as different things. I don’t consider GRR, SSD and Evolution as ppvs bc
            1. They aren’t traditional ppvs that aired every year. Yeah that can be said about Great Balls of Fire too but I think that’s bc the reaction to the ppv or its name were well received. And GRR and SSD were/are not happening in traditional ppv show countries/venues. They’re like that Beast In The East show from Japan, a special event.
            2. These special events aren’t as long as ppvs typically are I don’t think.
            3. There’s one ppv a month. Especially now with all of them being co-branded. GRR was in April, same month as Backlash. SSD and Evolution are in October, same month as whatever ppv is gonna be on that same month which might be No Mercy again.

            Just my opinions and considerations on this

  7. RabidHeat says:

    “Own 35 Shawn Michaels matches brand new to Home Video this October”

    With the exception of a Tornado Tag Match that was in fact released worldwide, one vs. Jericho that was already released to the UK and European market and a match vs. Ric Flair that was released to Japan.

    • SCSA says:

      What are you talking about? Are you saying that these matches should have been on this Unreleased set??

      • Daniel Bee says:

        He’s talking about the fact that one of the matches isn’t actually unreleased – someone messed up a little on that one.

        That can’t be disputed so Rabid has a point.

        We addressed it in the content listing post:

        The country exclusives though never really count the same as the WWE DVDs on the main schedule for worldwide release, so I can’t agree with those extra two.

        • RabidHeat says:

          It counts to buyers within the regions those matches were released in, surely. That’s room on the discs which could have been used for truly unreleased matches worldwide and wasted space for European and Japanese buyers. The title still specifies ‘Unreleased’ in the UK/Europe and Japan, so it’s false advertising within those regions. Not sure how that can be disputed. Those regions are getting less for their money.

          My point is, why couldn’t they just find three alternative matches instead of those three, just to avoid the issue completely and fully stick to the ‘Unreleased’ concept for the whole world? There isn’t a shortage of matches in the vault.

          • Daniel Bee says:

            Obviously I and everyone else can see what you are saying so a UK fan like yourself might be disappointed – but exclusives such as UK exclusives have always kind of ran separately to the main schedule ones that get a release everywhere and it is those WWE traditionally look at as to what has and has not been released.

            So it doesn’t change now all of a sudden.

            So you get to moan about one match mistakenly selected but not all three. 🙂

  8. andemoine winrow says:

    Both front and back covers of ‘Shawn Micheals-the show-stoppa Un-released’ and ‘Extreme Rules’ look great. Can’t wait 4 november for ‘The Greatest Royal Rumble’ d.v.d. There have been rumors that Vince Mcmahon may give the go ahead to have 2 ‘WRESTLEMANIAS’ a year starting next year and there may be a all women’s wrestling event. If these rumors turn out to be true and they turn out great, the ‘w.w.e’ will have truly done the impossible.

    • whut says:

      why would anyone want two WrestleManias in one year? (that’s literally like the NFL having two Superbowls)

      • andemoine winrow says:

        I have no problem with that.The more the merrier.

        • LP1 says:

          There won’t be two seperate WrestleManias in 1 year. If anything they’ll make it a back-to-back 2 day event on Saturday and Sunday. And even that doesn’t sound good.

  9. meme says:

    That back cover is so good. Love it.

  10. meme says:


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