REVEALED: Cover Artwork, Content & Trailer for WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 DVD, Photos of ‘SD 20’ DVD

October 17, 2019 by Daniel Bee

Yowie wowie! It’s time to check out the official (and rather “fiendish”) cover artwork, content listing and trailer for WWE’s Hell in a Cell 2019 DVD.

The front cover will be graced by Bray Wyatt (and The Fiend) from the event poster, the spine will showcase The Boss vs. The Man with shots of Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, while the back cover will feature several photos of the evening’s in-ring action.

WWE Home Video UK unveiled the artwork for the UK version first this week and right now we’re doing the same for the U.S. version. Hell in a Cell 2019 will be a single-disc DVD and it’s scheduled to hit stores on November 12th (pre-order your copy), with the UK release not far behind at all on November 18th.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 DVD - Cover Artwork Revealed!



Designed to imprison and torture those who inhabit it, the Hell in a Cell alters the lives of all who enter its crimson walls. Once the door is locked, careers are shortened, mayhem is inflicted and carnage reigns supreme. Can Universal Champion Seth Rollins survive and prevail when he puts his championship on the line against “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt?

It’s The Boss vs. The Man for the RAW Women’s Championship when Becky Lynch defends her title against Sasha Banks. An unlikely pairing finds themselves against two of WWE’s heavy hitters when Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan team up to take on Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Charlotte Flair hopes to redeem her loss from Clash of Champions and win her tenth Women’s Championship against Bayley.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 DVD - The Fiend Bray Wyatt on Front Cover



To Slay a Fiend

RAW Women’s Championship Hell in a Cell Match
Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

Tornado Tag Team Match
Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

The Slayer Speaks

Randy Orton vs. Ali

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The Kabuki Warriors

The Viking Raiders & Braun Strowman vs. The O.C. & AJ Styles

A Prediction from the Profits

King Corbin vs. Chad Gable

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match
Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair

The King Gets His Revenge

Universal Championship Hell in a Cell Match
Seth Rollins vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 DVD - Back Cover Artwork

Grab your copy of the new WWE HELL IN A CELL 2019 DVD…

United States: November 12th. Pre-order the Hell in a Cell DVD now here on

UK/Europe: November 18th. Pre-order a copy of Hell in a Cell now via

Australia: December 18th. Your pre-order opportunity has gone live on

“SmackDown 20th Anniversary”, the newest WWE Home Video release, officially hit stores last week and landed in the UK this week! It’s in stock on both and right now. The DVD will follow to Canada next Tuesday and Australia in December.

WWE 'SmackDown 20th Anniversary' DVD - Photos, Front Cover

SmackDown didn’t just get a fresh new look, pyro and a new home, 20 years of the blue brand are being commemorated with the “SmackDown 20th Anniversary” DVD too! The collection packs in close to 30 matches and some out-of-the-ring segments from 1999 through 2019, all hosted by WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler and Byron Saxton.

Get a look at the shiny new finished product in these pics sent in by WDN reader Matthew Tremble.

WWE 'SmackDown 20th Anniversary' DVD - Photos, Back Cover


Beginning as a legendary catchphrase and transforming into a television phenomenon, SmackDown has become the home of unforgettable television, captivating Superstars, and incredible action.

Launching the careers of The Rock, John Cena, Batista, Brock Lesnar, Becky Lynch, JBL, Rey Mysterio, Charlotte Flair, and others, the blue brand has made a lasting impression in the minds of the WWE Universe.

Now, in this historic collection, relive the greatest matches and moments from SmackDown’s 20-year history, and witness the influence SmackDown has had on WWE’s history.

WWE 'SmackDown 20th Anniversary' DVD - Photos, Packaging Layout
WWE 'SmackDown 20th Anniversary' DVD - Photos, Disc Artwork

Runtime Info (approx.)

DISC 1: 3 hours and 2 minutes
DISC 2: 3 hours and 6 minutes

EXCLUSIVE: Full Match List for WWE “SmackDown 20th Anniversary” DVD

WWE 'SmackDown 20th Anniversary' DVD - Photos, Paper Insert
WWE 'SmackDown 20th Anniversary' DVD - Full Content Listing

Grab your copy of the WWE “SmackDown 20th Anniversary” DVD…

USA: RIGHT NOW! Get the new SmackDown DVD right now here on

UK/Europe: RIGHT NOW! Get the new SmackDown DVD now via

Australia: December 18th. Your pre-order opportunity is now live over at

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. whut says:

    of course ironically, considering what kind of mess the show and the main event in particular turned out to be, that “Hell in a Cell” cover is actually decent and among the better ones in recent years.

  2. VintageSimon says:

    Apparently the UK version of the Smackdown DVD has a bonus match exclusive to this region – Steve Austin & The Rock vs. The Undertaker & Triple H from the Smackdown pilot in April 1999.

    Just thought I’d mention as I hadn’t see this reported on WDN yet.

  3. SRB says:

    @David, I always wait for your Saudi comments and they always deliver!

  4. Andemoine Winrow says:

    The Sasha Banks/Becky Lynch match stole the show. The rest was good too. I will pre-order this.

  5. Patrick McNamara says:

    Looking forward to adding this too my collection. I can’t wait to see the HIAC for the Universal CHAMPIONSHIP. I personally think WWE booked that right. Think about it you don’t want to take any momentum away from either Seth Rollins or The Fiend so having the match stopped was actually the best way to do it and The Fiend getting the last word at the end of the night. It only strengthens the character and builds more into this push for Bray Wyatt. Think about it Crown Jewel is on Halloween night. What better date for The Fiend to capture the Universal CHAMPIONSHIP then Halloween. If in fact he does or what better date for the Slayer to slay The Fiend then Halloween. I mean people really don’t see the long term picture, I’m not criticizing just stating a fact. Everyone is so critical. I personally love this. I’m a minority I suppose.

    • whut says:

      2/10 trolling attempt.

    • LP1 says:

      Of all the possible finishes, that was absolutely the worst possible finish to do. If they didn’t want either guy to lose then don’t book the f’n match to begin with! Or at the very least, don’t make it a cell match. They completely killed the cell gimmick with that finish. Nobody is going to care about that match anymore. By not wanting to hurt either guy’s momentum, they actually did more to hurt both guy’s with that finish. Rollins is getting the old Cena/Reigns treatment now and Bray has jumped the shark. The right finish was to have Bray win the title. The timing was right, the fans wanted it, the story was set up perfect for it. Now it’s too little too late. Nobody cares about this feud anymore.

    • lynx oleja says:

      weel patrick you are practically SCHOOPID for praising that match. sheesh

      • Patrick Mcnamara says:

        First of all unless you are being intentional with your spelling you spelled stupid wrong. Secondly I’m a writer. Thirdly I like controversial weird “makes no sense ” endings. Now back to you insulting my intelligence. How dare you even attempt too. People are allowed to disagree. I’m sick of everyone thinking the same way, it’s not about just that match anymore. This is period. This society is so soft that a slightest joke or insult, results in people being sued. I remember 6 years ago at the earliest that people did and said whatever they wanted too. Within reason ofcourse. Everyone has to find something someone did or said at any time and completely ruin them. The sheer ignorance is completely astounding. So maybe I am an “asshole ” because I “think differently “. I have auspergers syndrome you uneducated people. I have functioned possibly accomplishing more stuff than about 75% of you will ever accomplish. I have published works and I continue to write. I actually take the time to research what I write as well. So next time any of you want to insult me think before you say anything. Please and thank you. That especially includes you Rabid Heat. Just because you don’t like something does not necessarily mean that nobody else likes it.

  6. RabidHeat says:

    Every once in a while a PPV event comes along that WWE produce a DVD for, and you just think: “What a waste of plastic and paper”. The environment could have benefited from the likes of December to Dismember 2006, Backlash 2018, Super Showdown 2019 and Hell in a Cell 2019 never having been released.

    • David says:

      You could probably add Saudi Blood Money IV (AKA: Crown Jewel) if that even gets released on DVD as that looks to be shaping up to be a dumpster fire.

      At this point the network is only worth it for the classic content that show how good WWE use to be, the other promotions and the originals like docs. NXT is good too, especially the Takeovers but with the whole change of NXT to USA it’s only a matter of time before Vince and his group of yes men will have their fingerprints all over it and ruin it too like they did with the main shows. Now that we are seeing AEW getting higher viewerships than NXT the last few weeks it will likely be changed up by the end of the year no doubt and basically going to be an extension of RAW and SD to include crossovers.

      I got into AEW and really enjoying it. I hope this company succeeds and gives WWE serious competition as that is when they will stop being complacent.

    • J says:

      It has the Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks Hell in a Cell match, so it’s a long way from “a waste of plastic and paper” my dude.

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