REVEALED: Official Cover Artwork for WWE Super Showdown 2020 & Elimination Chamber 2020 DVDs

March 15, 2020 by Daniel Bee

REVEALED: Official Cover Artwork for WWE Super Showdown 2020 DVD!

It’s time to unveil the official front and back cover artwork WWE has planned for next month’s release of Super Showdown 2020 on DVD!

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and Goldberg are featured most prominently, with the likes of The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns introduced on the back cover, along with Bayley and another shot of Goldberg on the spine of the DVD artwork.

WWE will release the new Super Showdown 2020 DVD to fans in the UK and Europe on April 27th (pre-orders available now on, and just one day later to fans in the United States.

WWE Super Showdown 2020 DVD - Front Cover Artwork


Super Showdown witnessed Goldberg re-capturing the Universal Championship in a shock victory over “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, on a night The Miz and John Morrison would also win gold in the form of the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, while Bayley held on to her SmackDown Women’s Championship, and The Undertaker made a surprise return to win the Tuwaiq Trophy.

The full match listing of the event is shown below:

WWE Super Showdown 2020 DVD - Back Cover Artwork


For the first time ever, two of sports entertainment’s most destructive forces collide for a match never seen before by the WWE Universe! What will happen when “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt defends his Universal Championship against the devastating Goldberg?

The rivalry between Roman Reigns and King Corbin reaches its climax inside a Steel Cage. WWE Champion Brock Lesnar finds a new contender in the high-flying Ricochet, and WWE makes history in Saudi Arabia when Bayley puts the SmackDown Women’s Championship on the line against Naomi.

The road to WrestleMania continues at Super Showdown!

WWE Super Showdown 2020 DVD - Full Match Listing

Grab a copy of the WWE SUPER SHOWDOWN 2020 DVD on…

UK/Europe: April 27th. Pre-order your Super Showdown DVD now via

United States: April 28th. Pre-order your copy very soon here on

Australia: May 20th. Super Showdown is available to pre-order now at

More artwork through now from WWE Home Video UK, with the first reveal of cover plans for the Elimination Chamber 2020 DVD!

The new shot of the box art, shown below, confirms that this release will be a 2-disc set in order to accommodate the full Pay-Per-View runtime and a set of extras sprinkled in too.

Do you prefer the Elimination Chamber or Super Showdown artwork? Let us know in the comments.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 DVD - Front Cover Artwork

Elimination Chamber 2020 is scheduled to arrive on DVD format in the United States on April 14th, the United Kingdom on May 18th, and down under in Australia on May 20th.

The extras on the Home Video release will be as follows:


– The Viking Raiders vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder
(Elimination Chamber Kickoff Show)

– The Women’s Elimination Chamber Contract Signing
RAW • February 24, 2020

– The Intercontinental Championship Contract Signing
SmackDown • February 28, 2020

– A Moment of Bliss with the nWo is Interrupted
SmackDown • March 6, 2020

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  1. Timothy Thorpe says:

    Word has it that they are taping multiple endings to all the matches to thwart spoilers. Maybe a bonus feature is alternate endings?

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      “WrestleMania 36 – the Bandersnatch edition” 😉

      • Timothy Thorpe says:

        Choose your own adventure. lol

        • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

          As a Brock fan I will definitely NOT CHOOSE the Chosen Scottisch Psychopathic One.. again: He’s a fooking former 3MB’er.. on the level of 2017’s Jinder push: so unbelievalbe imo.. Brock even needs to feed him instructions.. -lol-

          Slater’s next in line to be pushed.. and then, in 2022, induct 3MB in the joke that is HOF. -lol-

          • RabidHeat says:

            Dude, 3MB was like 6 years ago in the guy’s career. He doesn’t look the same, wrestle the same or act the same. He went to the Indies and TNA and complete re-invented himself (unlike Jinder) and was a TNA World Champion.

            It’s like saying The Rock should never have gotten to the main event because he USED to be Rocky Maivia!

            * SMH *

            • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

              Comparing Drew’s (socalled) revamp to Rock’s is rubbish.. Drew is, has never been and never will be on the level of the Rock, since he does not have the “it” factor.. which is the case also of just about 99 % of not just WWE performers but AEW, Impact etc.

              Brock and Jericho – each in their own unique way – know how to BE their charachter..and BE it in an unique, strong and above all believable way..most importantly, they believe in their charachter themselfs..and they rise above the heavy over-scripted crap, which makes them the “it” factor..and ultimately the draw.

              But.. to each their own.

              • RabidHeat says:

                There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to becoming a big star/character though. Brock was booked strongly as a destroyer from day one so he had it a lot easier than Drew.

                But you’re right, each to their own. You’re entitled to your opinion, of course.

    • RabidHeat says:

      I don’t think they would break kayfabe to that extent on a PPV release.

  2. Andemoine Winrow says:

    Did you know that ”WRESTLEMANIA” part 36 is already up for pre-order on ”AMAZON” and ”BLU-RAY.COM” ? And they haven’t had the show yet.

    • RabidHeat says:

      Pre-orders nearly always go up before a show happens. has Money in the Bank 2020 up for pre-order and that may not even happen.

  3. Patrick McNamara says:

    WRESTLEMANIA 36 is going to still be released on DVD. However it’s a bare bones essential DVD set I think at Max three discs. The first two being 1.Saturday April 4rth. 2. Sunday April 5th. I don’t know what the third disc or if there will be a third disc. I just thought I’d let everyone know that is what I hear from the underground wrestling DVD community, no that’s not bootleg or anything like that. Just people who may or may not know people in WWE marketing of home videos

    • RabidHeat says:

      Lol… “Underground”. You rebel.

      Also, “may or may not”

      Also, “bare bones” would be less than three discs, surely?

      Thanks for the speculation. I’ll wait for the official word.

      • Patrick McNamara says:

        It is definitely going to at least be the entire event. I’m just not sure if they are doing any extras. Hence the may or may not. It’s a certainty that they are doing it still but to what extent is the only question.

        • David says:

          I don’t see them including any extras on this as there really isn’t anything to include – no HOF, no Takeover, and no RAW After WM as it will just be another empty arena show. I’ve been trying to watch some of these empty arena shows and I just can’t get into them and the fans really do make these shows worth watching, also goes to show how god awful WWE’s product really is without the fans and the irony is all these years WWE always made fun and insultuing the audience’s intelligence. AEW had the same situation last week but they knocked it out of the park making their show so much fun to watch whereas WWE failed producing the same cookie cutter type show, only difference without fans. Can’t imgaine how boring a 3-4 hr WM over 2 days will be after these lackluster shows.

          Lastly, Amazon already has the DVD and Blu-ray up for pre-ordr and their listings say 2 Discs for both. So yeah, looks like it will just be the Night 1 and Night 2 on separate discs.

          • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

            David: both amazon uk and wwedvd uk have listed a 3-discs DVD and a 2-discs bluray as I write this.

            It will most likely be quite a letdown, when this is suppose to be The Grandest Stage of them All show.. then again.. I have a hard time thinking when the last time it was, that WM as a whole really was memorable.. WWE’s product is forgettable moments after one has experienced it..

            So maybe, this year will actually be itched into our memory..but obviously not for the best of reasons, like most things in our life these days.. I will look forward to how they pull this off..and then make up my mind, wheather it is worth getting..

            Not the same by any means, but with “No mercy 2007” WWE did manage to turn around a difficult situation with their poster-boy Cena seriously injured few days before and make it the best ppv of that year. But.. of course..that was back then, and this is now, so, you know..!

            Again.. WWE do have ability to create..why they don’t is beyond me..and has been the past several years. But, I guess we’ll have to see.. “history’s in the making” as Gorilla Monsoon would have said.. and.. as a Brock fan I have to see if they really will let a former 3 MB member kick The Beast’s ass! :-/ (next year they problaly put the strap on Heath Slater, because, come on: that Kid has got kids, you know..!)

            • LP1 says:

              Did you really compare John Cena getting injured to the worldwide pandemic that’s going on right now? One person being removed from a main event is in no way, shape or form even remotely close to the entire world having to shut down. Having to come up with a new PPV main event on 6 days notice can not be compared to having to completely move your biggest show of the year out of a 70,000 seat stadium, into a small gym, with no fans, not being able to have more than 10-15 people in a room at the same time, all while trying to avoid airplanes, mass transit and coming in contact with other people, hoping nobody on your roster gets sick.

              Seriously dude.

              • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

                Yeah.. with what this has turned out to be..and what is laying ahead, and what this cluster-fack this is likely to be, Vince should cancel it and postpone it..but, that is not going to happen of course.

                • LP1 says:

                  Postpone it until when though? Nobody really knows for sure how long this shutdown is going to last. It could be 2 months, 3 months, 6 months. Who knows? And at that point do you really wanna do a WrestleMania in the fall, only to have to come back a few months later and get ready to do it all over again so soon for Mania in LA?

                  • David says:

                    It won’t be the end of the world if WWE postones or even cancels WM this year given how larger entities like the NBA and NHL with their seasons more likely cancelled this year and the Olympics being postponed which is a MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH bigger event than a wrasslin’ show just goes to show how out of touch and stubborn Vince is. I guarantee you everyone in the WWE, even close to Vince hates the idea of this dumpster fire of a show still going ahead and is only happening because of Vince and Vince only.

                    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

                      I respect that one try to make a living with ones legit business whenever it is possible, even in a crisis like this..

                      but, not at the costs of everything, thats for sure. Risks are still very high for the health of even sound and healthy athlethes.. the recent informations should tell Vince and Co. that it is not just the weak and olderly humans that the virus attacks with fatale consequences.

                      And.. shows gonna suck..there are expectations to the concept of WrestleMania..

                      hell.. WWE even has had a hard time fulfilling those expectations many times the recent years when they were having normal conditions..they can and will certaintly not be fulfilled with the trash they put together on paper this year under these extremely limited conditions.

    • Peter says:

      I think it’s entirely possible WWE cancels the home video release considering the event as it is will turn no profit for WWE. Or at least I wouldn’t be surprised if the blu ray edition is cancelled although I don’t want that, because I’m a completist and I will buy the show.

      • Heartburn Kid says:

        Hell why would WWE cancel a blu ray or dvd release of mania seeing its the only profit they could actually make given the circumstances

        • RabidHeat says:

          I agree, they may as well release it as we don’t even know for sure whether other PPVs will even happen for the rest of the year and it may be their last DVD release for a while. If so, it might sell surprisingly well as wrestling fans on lockdown the world over may actually want something new to watch, even if it does suck. Besides, the fact that it sucks because of the situation isn’t the same as when it sucks just because it is bad. The suckiness had kind of been forced on them this year.

          • RabidHeat says:

            I have to ask though, do we even think that DVD-pressing factories are even open? It hardly sounds like essential work right now.

  4. BAS says:

    So I wasn’t the only one that noticed this article was gone. For a moment I thought maybe it was a glitch on my end, Idk why.

  5. RabidHeat says:

    Aaaaaand it’s back… with no explanation as to why it was taken down, lol.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Hey, the website had a tech issue beginning last night, nothing about the content of this post. As you guys saw though, some of the UK pre-orders look to be delayed if we’re going off what Amazon UK is saying.