REVEALED: Cover Art for WWE Survivor Series 2019 DVD & Blu-Ray, The Roddy Piper Unreleased Review

December 2, 2019 by Mark Armstrong

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Speaking of WWE Home Video UK, they’ve unveiled the official cover artwork WWE has planned for Survivor Series 2019.

The latest installment of the Survivor Series Pay-Per-View will be released on DVD to the United States on December 24th; pre-order now on The UK/Europe will get it slightly later on January 20th next year, however fans across the pond will be treated to an exclusive Blu-ray edition that includes some additional extras; pre-order your Blu-ray on

WWE Survivor Series 2019 DVD - Front Cover Artwork

Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio, Becky Lynch, Shayna Baszler, Bayley, Daniel Bryan and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt will get top billing on the cover artwork, as shown above. The artwork on the back cover will feature several shots of in-ring action from the evening which you can check out below.


– 10 Team Inter-Brand Tag Team Battle Royal
(Survivor Series Kickoff Show)

– NXT Cruiserweight Championship Triple Threat Match
(Survivor Series Kickoff Show)

– Champions Triple Threat Tag Team Match
(Survivor Series Kickoff Show)

WWE Survivor Series 2019 DVD - Back Cover Artwork


For the first time ever in head-to-head competition, Superstars from RAW, NXT and SmackDown collide in the ultimate battle of brand supremacy!

Who will have the ultimate bragging rights when RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch faces off against NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley? In a Survivor Series Triple Threat Elimination Match, Team RAW battles Team NXT and Team SmackDown.

Plus, lucha legend Rey Mysterio defends his family’s honor when he takes on the biggest test of his career, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in a No Holds Barred Match! Daniel Bryan steps into the darkness and challenges “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt for his Universal Championship. Who will own the night at Survivor Series?

WWE Survivor Series 2019 Blu-ray - Official Box Artwork

Grab a copy of the WWE SURVIVOR SERIES 2019 DVD (or Blu-ray)…

United States: December 24th. Pre-order Survivor Series on DVD here on

UK/Europe: January 20th. Pre-order your copy on DVD (or Blu-ray)

Australia: February 26th. Your pre-order opportunity has gone live on

You have probably seen our recent articles with the news that WWE will only focus on DVDs pertaining to Pay-Per-View events from 2020 onwards, potentially spelling the end for monthly releases based on a particular performer or topic. It’s a sad moment, albeit one that seemed to have been on the cards ever since the launch of the WWE Network, which has swung the company’s focus away from the bi-fortnightly physical compilations and more towards providing similar content on its streaming service. Nevertheless, as visitors to will know, there remains a large, dedicated following for wrestling content in a DVD format, and so we hope that WWE will rethink its decision in the near future, especially given the entertainment, financial success and long-term impact provided by so many WWE DVDs over the years.

The final non-PPV DVD for WWE is currently scheduled to be “WWE 24: The Best of 2019”, which will arrive at the end of the year (of course). In the meantime, though, there have still been some recent collections released that we’ve yet to review. Let’s now take a look at the newest, but possibly the last, “Unreleased” collection on the legend that is “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

WWE 'Roddy Piper Unreleased' DVD - Available Now!

Having seen “Unreleased” DVDs on Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels among others in past years, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper recently became the subject of one such collection – “Getting Rowdy: The Unreleased Matches of Roddy Piper”. And for good reason: Hot Rod was one of the biggest names in wrestling history, as well as being one of its very best talkers, if not THE best. With a back catalog of matches spanning decades (including his incredible body of work from the 1980s), and tons of memorable segments via his Piper’s Pit talk show, Roddy was an ideal candidate to be profiled on one of these sets, with the word “entertainment” being particularly key for this 2-disc release.

The one issue with these compilations is that many of the bouts are generally brief and/or uneventful from an in-ring standpoint, so to delve into each contest would be regurgitating the same points. Therefore, as I usually do with the “Unreleased” DVDs, I have picked out ten matches that especially caught my eye for various reasons, not all of which were related to the wrestling itself.


WWF All American Wrestling – February 26, 1984
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper & Mr. Wonderful vs. Jose Luis Rivera & S.D. Jones

After some bouts from Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, the DVD quickly brings us to Piper joining the WWF. Hot Rod just as quickly formed an alliance with Mr. Wonderful, which would play a major role in the Federation during a milestone period for the company. They demonstrated their skills in this tag bout, with the fans all over the heels in a fashion that was typical of the time, but which is sadly rarely if ever seen in modern wrestling (unless you’re a top babyface, apparently).

WWE 'Roddy Piper Unreleased' DVD - Roddy Piper & Mr. Wonderful Tag Teaming

WWF Championship Wrestling – March 31, 1984
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. S.D. Jones

Exactly one year before the first WrestleMania, Piper competed on the weekly Championship Wrestling programme (the precursor to Superstars) against one of the era’s more famed lower-card competitors, S.D. Jones. Of course, Piper wins, and does so fairly handily, but I mention this match because it’s incredible to think of how huge the WWF’s popularity would become to go from this presentation to the inaugural ‘Mania in a 12-month span, and Hot Rod was vital to that surge in the company’s fortunes.

WWE 'Roddy Piper Unreleased' DVD - Piper vs. S.D. Jones

WWF Live – July 7, 1984
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. Superfly Jimmy Snuka

Piper soon engaged in an almighty feud with Superfly Jimmy Snuka, following the unforgettable episode of Piper’s Pit which saw Hot Rod crack him in the head with a coconut. Since that has been featured so many times, this segment isn’t shown on this “Unreleased” DVD, but one of their matches from Philadelphia does appear. It’s hard to emphasize how popular Snuka was in 1984, given the historic focus on Hulk Hogan, and especially given the legal issues that plighted his legacy prior to his death. This match is a perfect example of just how over Superfly was.

WWE 'Roddy Piper Unreleased' DVD - Piper vs. Jimmy Snuka

WWF Live – October 8, 1989
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. Ravishing Rick Rude

Over the next five years, Piper would main event the first WrestleMania, engage in major feuds with Hulk Hogan and Mr. T, main event the first WrestleMania, turn babyface, retire to crack Hollywood, and return as a loveable hero to oppose some of the Federation’s most dastardly villains. One of those was Rick Rude, and Roddy found it just as easy to get under The Ravishing One’s skin as he was able to antagonise the fans in 1984 and 1985. This is one of their showdowns, and while it isn’t their best, it’s a fun example of why their feud was on fire during what was a great time to be a WWF fan.

WWE 'Roddy Piper Unreleased' DVD - Piper vs. Rick Rude

WWF Wrestling Challenge – May 13, 1990
WWF Intercontinental Championship Tournament Match

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. Rick Martel

After that match, which took place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we have a clash between a Scotsman who was actually Canadian and a Canadian whose Model gimmick saw him claim to travel across the globe. Got all that? Anyway, this is part of the tournament to determine the next Intercontinental Champion, and whilst neither man would go on to triumph in the competition’s entirety (Mr. Perfect did), bouts like this demonstrate the depth of talent and stardom that the WWF had in the spring of 1990.

WWE 'Roddy Piper Unreleased' DVD - Piper vs. Rick Martel

WWF Live – March 19, 1991
WWF Intercontinental Championship Match

Mr. Perfect (C) vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Just days before WrestleMania VII, Piper had the chance to alter the ‘Mania card by attempting to dethrone Mr. Perfect as the IC Champion. Since Vince Russo wasn’t booking, there was no title change, and as it turned out, an injury prevented Roddy from competing in a match at WM anyway, but it is very cool to see these two all-time greats share the ring. Perhaps this should have happened at ‘Mania instead of Perfect facing The Big Boss Man, injuries aside?

WWE 'Roddy Piper Unreleased' DVD - Piper vs. Mr. Perfect

WWF Wrestling Challenge – March 29, 1992
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. Sandy Beach

This basic squash bout marked Piper’s last WWF/WWE match on regular television for 11 years. His Intercontinental Title loss to Bret Hart at WrestleMania VIII was followed by occasional PPV appearances, before he surprisingly defected to WCW in 1996 to target his old nemesis Hulk Hogan, with Piper remaining a legendary babyface against the now-villainous Hulk. Their PPV bouts aren’t on the DVD, but some of Piper’s memorable promos leading up to his SuperBrawl VII clash with Hollywood are present, and are worth checking out.

WWE - Young Good Looking 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper in 1980s/90s

WCW Monday Nitro – March 30, 1998
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Piper’s feud with Hulk Hogan never truly ended, even when the two legends later returned to their old stomping ground. Even in WCW, their hostilities didn’t conclude with their three PPV singles matches, as evidenced by this collision. To me, this is fascinating because it occurred on the same evening as the famous post-WrestleMania XIV episode of WWF RAW. Considering that Nitro still won in the ratings that night, it’s proof that while Piper and Hogan’s best in-ring days were behind them, they remained top draws for WCW.

WWE 'Roddy Piper Unreleased' DVD - Piper vs. Hulk Hogan in WCW

WWE SmackDown – April 24, 2003
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. Rikishi

Piper left WCW in early 2000, but even at that point, a WWE return seemed very unlikely. That all changed when he appeared at WrestleMania XIX, and shortly afterwards, he competed in his first non-PPV match for the company since 1992. He battled Rikishi in a continuation of his old rivalry with Jimmy Snuka, and while it’s nothing special, it has historic value for longtime Hot Rod fans.

WWE 'Roddy Piper Unreleased' DVD - Piper vs. Rikishi on SmackDown

WWE SmackDown – October 28, 2005
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Batista & Eddie Guerrero vs. Mr. Kennedy, Randy Orton & Cowboy Bob Orton

This is a fun showcase of various different talents, from the veterans Piper and Orton to the younger Kennedy (who seemed to be a shoo-in for future WWE prosperity at this stage), along with three headline acts in The Animal, The Legend Killer and Latino Heat. Piper and Orton bringing nostalgia to the occasion was the draw for this bout, though in hindsight it’s unfortunately more notable for being one of Eddie’s final televised bouts.

WWE - Rowdy Roddy Piper Celebrates with Eddie Guerrero And Batista!


These “Unreleased” DVDs are aimed at the die-hard fans of a particular grappler more so than the usual profiles. A casual supporter might still have an interest in watching how a Mick Foley or a Steve Austin made it to the dance, but it is a grappler’s most devoted followers who are keenly interested in collecting as much footage of their favorite performers as they can. As noted, though, this looks set to be the final “Unreleased” set to hit the shelves, but the mini-series has ended on a high with this one.

The matches are far from classics given that a fair few are squashes and others are short bouts designed to pop a TV rating, but there is plenty of enjoyment to be had. Then you have the variety of Piper’s Pit segments which provide confirmation (as if we needed it) of how talented Roddy was on the microphone, and also some insight from Ronda Rousey as to how Hot Rod inspired her. Overall, then, I wouldn’t deem this to be an essential DVD to purchase, but if you do buy it, you’ll have a lot of fun reliving some hidden gems from an all-time legend.

Get rowdy with the WWE “Unreleased Matches of Roddy Piper” DVD…

United States: RIGHT NOW! Get your copy of the new Piper DVD here on

UK/Europe: RIGHT NOW! Grab your copy of Piper Unreleased now on

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  1. Dennis winship says:

    I wish i had the wwe roddy piper dvd some day. Dennis winship Lynn Massachusetts

  2. Joseph says:

    Has anyone else pre-ordered Survivor Series on blu ray from WWE DVD UK? I received an email days ago that it had already shipped. Wondering if they got it in stock early.

  3. We want a new Ultimate Warrior Unreleased Matches DVD/Blu-Ray!

    Warrior Warrior Warrior Warrior Warrior!

    • LP1 says:

      Not sure you heard, but WWE isn’t releasing anything other than PPV’s from now on. And DVD-only, at least in North America. As for Warrior, they just put up a Warrior vs. Nailz dark match on the Network a few weeks ago. It’s a bonus on the Survivor Series Showdown 1992 special.

  4. Alex Davies says:

    This wrestling fan sees little to no demand, regarding all the modern WWE stuff. If only there could be a few more DVD releases of the good old days 🙁

  5. Big Jon says:

    No dvds besides Ppvs means that these unreleased will go to the network, right? Why has wwe not gotten onboard with the digital age? It seems like it would be much profitable if they just released these physical forms on iTunes for purchase they could put up one a week!!

  6. LP1 says:

    So they’re only going to focus on releasing PPV dvd’s, you would think that would at least mean they would include all of the pre-show matches, especially since all 3 of those matches counted towards the final tally in the Raw-SD-NXT scorecard at the end of the night. Not to mention the battle of tag team champions 3-way was a really good match. I know, I’m beating a dead horse.

    • RabidHeat says:

      @LP1, of course you’re right; but when you stack the importance of including a pre-show match against the production costs that WWE would pay to add a second disc all over the world, I think you’ll find that money will win out.

      • LP1 says:

        Yeah I get it. But with them cutting back on releasing anything other than PPVs, you would think they’d focus more on the PPV releases. The number of discs that are included is based solely on how long the PPV running time is. Usually if a PPV goes over 3 & 1/2 hours(which is a lot of PPVs lately) it’ll get the 2 disc treatment with the pre-show matches. So it’s not like they can’t do a 2nd disc to include the pre-show matches, they just choose not to. I still say having the full show with pre-show matches on 1 blu-ray disc is cheaper to produce than 2 DVDs. Then again 1 DVD is cheaper to produce than 2. Going forward they’re just going to deliver the bare minimum. I’m waiting for the day to come when WWE does a PPV that goes over 3 & 1/2 hours and WWE decides to only include the top matches on the show and cuts out the less important matches so it could fit on 1 DVD. Like the 80’s all over again. Coliseum Video used to do that in order to fit PPV’s on 1 tape.

        • RabidHeat says:

          Haha yeah, they did that with the WrestleMania 20 VHS in the UK too. It was right at the tail end of VHSes in 2004 and they only included the top matches so that they only had to produce one tape.

        • Joseph Owens says:

          For what it is worth, they managed to squeeze the 2019 Royal Rumble onto one blu ray at darn near five hours. Quality didn’t suffer from what I could tell.

          • Timothy Thorpe says:

            I was wondering how that worked out for you. I think 5:20 of total content including the pre show matches. Seems a lot to put on a blu ray.

            • LP1 says:

              It all depends on what kind if discs they used. Blu-ray discs come in different layers, depending on how much data they intend to use. A single layer BD holds 25 GB, which is a little less than 3 hours of HD video. A dual-layer BD can hold 50 GB, which is roughly 4 hours. They make BD’s up to 6 layers. To the best of my knowledge there are BDs that can hold up to 128 GB. Obviously the more data a disc can hold, the more HD hours it can hold. A lot of movie studios don’t usually go for more than 2 layers because the cost of more layers gets passed on to the consumer. Which is why BDs are more expensive than DVDs and why 4Ks are more expensive than BDs.

              • whut says:

                I’m not even sure if there is any WWE 25 gb bluray. all that I know of (= the usual WrestleManias, many special sets) have used 50 gb discs.

              • David says:

                It also depends on the codecs as well. Most use AVC or H.264 (WWE included) which can hold a lot more content on a single disc but with better compression so there is no loss in quality. In the early stages of Blu-ray they used MPEG-2 which took a lot more space with the same quality as AVC, which why you saw early Blu-ray titles with hardly any extras because they were using 25GB discs and most 90 minute to 2 hr movie took up most of the disc.

                So with H.264 it is possible to hold more than 4.5 hrs on a single disc.

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras4Life says:

      Vince McSenile and Co. at the Survivor Series 2018 ignored Smackdown’s only win on the pre-show.. so, of course the pre-show matches this year too would have to be with the “some sort of ignoring it” treatment, especially when it had a really decent match compared to most of the main card.

  7. Patrick McNamara says:

    If it means anything the US Amazon says 2 discs. They’re planning to do the big 4 events as two discs with WrestleMania possibly being 3. I mean SummerSlam was two discs they just released a two disc set on Finn Balor. And as I stated on Amazon the US version it says two discs. So if that helps. Than I would be happy to pass along any information on I can.

    • RabidHeat says:

      @Patrick McNamara, I don’t know if it’s changed since you posted, but US Amazon is now saying 1 disc.

      • Patrick McNamara says:

        It did change. My bad. I’m alright with just the event on DVD. I really wanted The Fiend’s title defense Adam Cole’s title defense and Lesnar’s title defense. I really thought it was cool to see WWE have an NXT title match at Survivor Series as part of the main card. Let’s see we still got the Women’s elimination tag , The men’s,The triple threat with Nakamura,Styles, and Strong…. I just cut my losses and be grateful that the event is coming

        • Patrick McNamara says:

          …out. I mean I take what I can get. I agree about the broader fanbase point you iterated in one of your responses. Very well put.

  8. BAS says:

    Hopefully, the demand will be high enough for WWE to consider bringing back miscellaneous dvds in the future. Sure, we’re in the digital age now, but it’s apparent that people still like owning physical media, not just wrestling, but even other sports, movies, TV shows. Hell, the Simpsons stopped making DVDs for awhile, but the demand to bring them back was high enough to make the creators bring them back.

    • LP1 says:

      But the demand won’t be high enough. That’s why we’re in this situation to begin with, because sales have dropped drastically due to low demand. If there was going to be a high demand they wouldn’t have made this decision to go PPV-only.

      • RabidHeat says:

        Precisely. This is what people aren’t getting. People who comment on this site, because they happen to be collectors, are saying that WWE is stupid for leaving money on the table because WE buy the DVD sets. But it costs WWE to produce these things in the first place and get that past censors officies etc. If we are the minority that’s actually buying them but the rest of the fanbase isn’t and is going digital, then WWE are NOT leaving money on the table at all; they’re actually making/saving money by not releasing this stuff full-stop. Physical media clearly isn’t profitable anymore, save for the PPVs which appeal to the broader current fanbase.

        I know people will the argue: “Well DVDs would sell if they released beter sets and about the superstars we want” … possibly, but I doubt it. WWE used to do market research with surveys as to what people would like to see on home media each year, and the stats from that clearly told them otherwise.

        • DDT says:

          one reason they probably realeasing shows only is they are just less effort to produce. if we do get them to realease any match compilations i would expect them to be generic with out commentary and quite random matches. A best of NXT would be most logical as that is up against AEW on tv and tv viewers are prob more likely to buy them. I still say there are other companies that do wrestling dvds, specifically pwg and roh but also impact and some indies do less regular realeases. maybe we should support them.

          • Anonymous says:

            Supporting indy wrestling would be a good idea. With the decline of WWE DVDs, it’d be nice if this site started covering other companies again. Like ROH’s product is terrible but they have great compilation sets, PWG is having its famous annual DVD sale, there’s plenty to spotlight outside of WWE.

            • whut says:

              very much agree with this, especially since this could potentially mean me getting to know wrestlers, shows or even whole promotions I am not (or at least wasn’t before)familiar with.

            • RabidHeat says:

              They could, but outside of the very occasional TNA report over the years, I feel like this site has always been in bed with WWE somewhat, and trying to push the WWE agenda and product. I mean it was even called ‘’ for many years. Would’ve been lovely to see some ROH or Impact DVD reviews over the years, but meh.

        • Joseph says:

          It isn’t just that. The edits to content on the network, particularly anything pre-PG are ridiculous. Off the top of my head, Summerslam 2000 comes to mind. Bubba Dudley takes a brutal chairshot to the head that is cut from any recent presentation of the match. He also utters something to D’von in that match to the effect of “Let’s kill them.” That is nowhere to be heard either. For those who want things as close to the original presentation as possible, these home video releases are the only way to go.

          • LP1 says:

            No idea what you’re talking about. I just checked SummerSlam 2000 on the Network and both of those instances are included in that match. The chair shot and Bubba’s “Let’s kill them” line. Nothing is cut. Mostly everything is left in tact from the attitude era. The cursing is unbleeped, middle fingers, choking, shots to the head. The only things that are edited are certain theme songs that they no longer have the rights to and nudity is blurred out, like Miss Kitty at Armgaeddon 1999. Other than that, nothing is censored on the Network.

        • The DVD Guy says:

          DVDs are not expensive to make in this day and age and that is a flawed argument. If WWE made something the fans wanted they would still sell. The lack of good current product right now is a better indicator and they are just wanting to drive people to the network.

          • LP1 says:

            If all they wanted to do was drive people to the Network, the why would they release it only the PPVs on DVD? The PPVs are the biggest draw for most subscribers. If all they wanted was to drive people to the Network, the last thing they should be releasing are the PPVs. Let the people go to the Network for them.

    • RabidHeat says:

      I would venture to say that The Simpsons has a much broader fanbase than wrestling. I think people forget how “niche” a thing wrestling is. It can’t rival the vast majority of popular TV shows.

      • The DVD GUY says:

        I agree with you that this website definitely has a biased view and I am guessing towards whoever is giving them funding. Howeve you had mentioned the cost of making a dvd and it is not too expensive in this day and age. I think the greater cost that I have heard a lot of film makers complain about is pirating and how that takes away more than the digital age.

  9. wwe ppv collector says:

    So will there be any extras for the wwe survivor series 2019 dvd???

    • David says:

      The PPV ran about 3 hrs 25 minutes (they will probably shave off several to remove ads, sponsors, etc) and its only single disc so there is no way extras will be included because even holding over 3 hours on 1 DVD is pushing it and sacrificing the quality.

      • whut says:

        seriously, apart from the whole “hd footage on dvd” discussion. as you mentioned, even putting such a long show on one dvd disc is kind of sketchy.

  10. The 2nd to Last Outlaw says:

    The one compilation I want is of Taker. I want released and unreleased matches, spanning his entire carrer and maybe a bio to go with it. A little lead in to each match, from Taker, would be awesome, too. I want a Blu Ray. I will pay more for it. That’s what okay. They cannot retire the bio/compilation sets without giving Taker his.

    • RabidHeat says:

      “They cannot retire the bio/compilation sets without giving Taker his.”

      As things stand right now, they’s exactly what they have done. So yeah … they can, in fact.

    • whut says:

      wasn’t there talk of a extensive Network documentary being in the works?

      I would argue that this would at least make sense for a nice custom set.

  11. Timothy Thorpe says:

    Unfortunately, it’s safe to assume Survivor Series will be one disc in the states. It’s a shame, I was looking forward to (maybe) some Raw and Smackdown segments as well. I may import the blu ray though.

  12. Robert Emons says:

    Digging the front cover for Survivor Series 2019!

  13. RabidHeat says:

    Can I be the first to dare ask the question we’re all pondering…

    …just who is the girl in the YouTube vid, plugging the UK site’s Black Friday deals? I mean … wow. 🙂

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