REVEALED: Official Cover Artwork for WWE’s 2017 ‘WrestleMania Monday’ DVD & Blu-Ray

February 6, 2017 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'RAW After Mania' - The Greatest RAW Of The Year!

Following Friday’s Royal Rumble reveal, a new week kicks off with a new cover unveiling! can now give you a peek at the official artwork WWE has planned for “WrestleMania Monday”, hitting DVD collections this March. AJ Styles features front and center, who will be joined by Enzo & Cass, The Miz & Maryse, Apollo Crews, and Cesaro.

As for the content, the main feature of the 3 disc set will be an extended “director’s cut” of a RAW after ‘Mania-themed WWE 24 episode that’s speculated to drop on the WWE Network very soon, on top of more than 30 matches and moments from arguably the greatest RAW of the year!

Plans for a Blu-ray offering of this title in the United States are still up in the air right now (despite it initially being listed here on — however the release of the Blu-ray to fans in the UK has been confirmed on the way for April 3rd and its box art follows now:

WWE 'WrestleMania Monday' Blu-ray - Cover Artwork Revealed

FULL Content Listing Revealed for WWE “WrestleMania Monday” DVD & Blu-ray

The RAW after WrestleMania has become one of the most anticipated nights in sports entertainment. New Superstars emerge, familiar faces return, and the WWE Universe feels the fallout from The Showcase of the Immortals.

For the first time ever, get a behind-the-scenes look and follow both WWE Superstars and spectators alike as they experience one of WWE’s most exciting events of the year!

WWE 'WrestleMania Monday' DVD - Cover Artwork Revealed

Grab a copy of WWE’s new “WRESTLEMANIA MONDAY” DVD/Blu-ray…

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  1. Leca says:

    Contain Spanish audio?

  2. shaun blackford says:

    id give this a look

  3. foley is good says:

    I would sooner have an extended cut of the 24 episode on the women’s division.

  4. Donny Boy says:

    This set looks and sounds pretty boring

  5. Midnight says:

    Anybody feel this is WWE making up for the fact that AJ was at the back of the Royal Rumble cover?

  6. LP1 says:

    Considering what the main documentary is all about, the people on the cover make perfect sense. It’s a documentary following those wrestlers, plus others. The older stuff from the 90s/2000s are the appetizers, not the main course.

  7. SCSA says:

    When are they gonna release the Disc 2 content material of the DELETED & EXTENDED SCENES ?! For both, it says TBD, which I’m thinking means ‘To be decided’ ? But they need to hurry it up so that I can make my pre-order (I’m depending on great content)!

  8. RabidHeat says:

    I think it was obvious from the trailer that the documentary was going to zero-in on the 2016 Raw after ‘Mania. It’s not a “horrible” cover, it’s just not what half of the people on here wanted (which is usually the case). Too many people on this comments board forget that it’s all down to personal opinion. Ah well, you can’t please them all.

  9. John says:

    That cover is terrible

  10. David says:

    Hey, shouldn’t you people be happy, your boyfriend AJ Styles is front and center. Isn’t this what you people complain about majority of the time?

    Its still funny how people still complain and moan about how a cover looks of a wrestling DVD of all things.

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      I’d date another AJ and it would not be my boyfriend, but my Crazy Chick friend. Put that in front and center.. -lol-

    • RabidHeat says:

      Homophobic humour from David there, always nice to see.

      He called AJ styles your “boyfriend” … you see, David knows most of the people on here are male and AJ is too. David’s really clever, isn’t he?

  11. Timothy says:

    Seeing the listings on Amazon, I’m not only concerned for this release, but DDP’s release as well. I hope this is a false alarm.

  12. mememememe says:

    Horrible cover. Only current stars. Makes no sense based on the content listing.

  13. Rocky says:

    Based on the cover it looks like the wwe24 doc is on this past year’s raw after mania. I was at that show live it was crap we cheered for a beach ball cos we were so bored great choice.

    • SCSA says:

      Well I stopped watching wrestling from up to the time when HBK & Stone Cold left, though there are quite a few past matches & speeches added to this set which interest me

      However, when are they gonna release the Disc 2 content material of the DELETED & EXTENDED SCENES ?! For both, it says TBD, which I’m thinking means ‘To be decided’ ? But they need to hurry it up so that I can make my pre-order (I’m depending on great content)!

  14. Conor says:

    How can you make a cover for Raw after Mania and not include Brock Lesnar…

    • SCSA says:

      Don’t you mean Stone Cold Steve Austin / The Undertaker / HBK / yet not even any sign of Triple H!?

      • Conor says:

        I mean the cover is based on the last 1-2 years of Raw after Manias. If they’re aiming for this current generation, they could’ve put Brock there front and center since it happened 5 years ago.

  15. Alan Shore says:

    That cover screams “Lets bang this out quickly and head down the boozer.” to me.

  16. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    “Quiet on the set..can we please have quiet on the set…for the: “Director’s Cut..” ?!? Really!?! -lol-

    Extended version would make it just fine as subtitle.. but.. what the hell.. its only Super Monday once a year, so by all means let Kevin Dunn enjoy his in-and outcuts to crowd when ever something horrible like choking or finger gesture is going on. -lol-