Cover Artwork & Trailer Revealed for WWE ‘The Road is Jericho’ DVD/Blu-Ray

January 23, 2015 by Daniel Bee

Jerichoholics, this week we revealed the full content listing and today comes the official trailer and cover artwork for…

Chris Jericho - WWE Superstar

“The Road Is Jericho: Epic Stories & Rare Matches from Y2J”


Australian fans, “The Road is Jericho” DVD lands April 1st. Get it from


As you’ve heard, this one will feature over 20 full matches and more than 25 new interview segments with Chris Jericho. Watch the trailer and check out the cover artwork below!

WWE The Road is Jericho DVD & Blu-ray Cover Artwork

Pre-order WWE “The Road is Jericho” on DVD or Blu-ray…


USA: March 10th. Pre-order now here on

UK/Europe: March 16th. Pre-order soon from

Australia: April 1st. Pre-order now via


Thanks to The Blue Meanie‘s latest tweets this week, we’re now able to decipher and confirm two more planned matches for the “ECW Unreleased Vol. 3” DVD, as listed below.

The new ECW Unreleased DVD and Blu-ray set hits stores worldwide this April.

ECW Television Championship Match
Too Cold Scorpio vs. Dean Malenko
Hardcore TV • November 29, 1994

— Justin Credible & Mike Awesome vs. Jerry Lynn & Masato Tanaka
Hardcore TV • July 29, 1998 (Blu-ray Exclusive)

Last year WWE re-released “The John Cena Experience” DVD in the UK as a single-disc (documentary only) version with new, green cover artwork. It is now being re-released to the United States and Australia, also as a single-disc DVD, now with a black cover.

WDN reader Kevin Ford sent word of finding it out in stores already. It will be released online in March – right now listed for $9.97 to pre-order here on

WWE The John Cena Experience DVD - Single Disc Version

WWF WrestleMania 16 DVD (2000) - Rare

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$11.00WWF WrestleMania 16 DVD
$13.51WWF Rock Bottom 1998 DVD
$26.00WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD
$32.00WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD

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  1. John says:

    Am I the only one who hates the cover art? That cover art makes me think it is a movie instead of a wrestling blu-ray

  2. Shane C. Montgomery says:

    This Jericho release looks very promising. Day one buy for me.

  3. attitude.era.4life says:

    Warming up to the Fast Lane event, with that cover of Jericho’s..

    I knew, it could never be as cool as the blue’ish version of Matrix from the first multiple discs release..this one not having the same coherent historical effect for me, but, it is the content that matters at the end of the day, and that is top notch.. 😉

  4. SCSA says:

    Crap cover 🙁

    It looks like the kind thats based on a life time doc w/no matches!!!

  5. Jason says:

    Any word on Nitro Vol 3? Bad cover but Jericho’s dvd will be good.

  6. King5555 says:

    Best cover ever

    • Daniel Bee says:

      You’re the King of my world! ♫

      I actually don’t seem to dislike it as much as everyone is saying – you knew they had to do something like this if going with the name “Road is Jericho”.

      • Vintage Simon says:

        It looks like the cover of a straight-to-video action/thriller movie.

      • motorhead says:

        The DVD format looks like a plastic case, not the usual square cornered, straight-edged paper-based boxes. Is that how this will release, in a plastic type case or is that just for the preliminary advertising? Just curious. Not many WWE 3-disc DVDs have been released in plastic cases with a floating insert, so to speak, to hold the second disc. As long as it’s not like the old Undertaker set, where the discs were stacked (terrible idea), anything works. Just curious if the format for release has changed. Any ideas?

  7. Vintage Simon says:

    I legitimately laughed out loud when I saw that cover. Terrible!

  8. Kenny says:

    Yeah, the cover isn’t very creative and is very uninspired. Seems to be plaguing the company all over the place.

    I’m sure the content of the DVD will more than offset the poor cover, though. How often do we buy a DVD/Blu-Ray for the cover anyway?

    • LP1 says:

      You’d be surprised how many people on here make their purchase decisions based on the cover. It could have the greatest match listing of all the time, but if the cover’s atrocious there are people who won’t buy it. I’m not kidding. I’ve seen here people say it a few times. It’s scary.

      • LP1 says:

        Man, I’m just full of typos today.

        • SRB says:

          LP1, I know you said many times, “Covers don’t matter.” However, you admit they do matter to other people. So, am I correct? They don’t matter to you, but do to other people? I do agree that buying it/not buying it based on the cover is a little ridiculous. This cover isn’t too bad, but it doesn’t change my purchase decision one bit.

          • LP1 says:

            I’m not sure I understand your question. Do covers matter to me? If you mean do I base my buying decision based on if I like a cover or not? Absolutely not. It’s all about the content. With that said, if WWE were to release a DVD/BR, for example, on “The Best Of Hulk Hogan” and the cover is just a picture of Shawn Michaels(random name) then that would be ridiculous. But there are definitely a lot of people that take covers very seriously, almost to an obsessive degree.I’m not one of them. I hope that answers your question.

  9. Timothy Thorpe says:

    I’m not too happy with the cover either. But I don’t think anything could have topped the Matrix design of his last release.

  10. SRB says:

    Seems like the full content for ECW should be up very soon. There have been tons of reveals, and is likely that there aren’t many left.

  11. Jimmy says:

    Wow that is a bad cover. Looks like the cover to dvd for some E! Reality show

  12. Alan Shore says:

    What the Hell is that?! Looks more like the cover for a Top Gear DVD or something.

  13. Warrior Fan says:

    I agree, but they went with how the title of the DVD was so the cover had to resemble it. I would have just called it something else and been more cooler with the cover like him in his light up jacket or something.

  14. Marcio says:

    I think its a terrible cover!