EXCLUSIVE: Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) To Get First Superstar-Themed WWE DVD Release of 2017

October 7, 2016 by Daniel Bee

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Who’s getting the first 2017 WWE DVD announcement? It’s me, it’s me – it’s DDP!

We can now exclusively reveal that WWE’s first Superstar-themed DVD and Blu-ray release planned for next year will be on former WCW World Heavyweight Champion and current DDPYOGA CEO, Diamond Dallas Page; a look back at DDP’s near-30 year career in the wrestling business.

DDP (and his yoga) was of course featured heavily in two recent, well-received documentaries — “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake” in 2015 and “Living on a Razor’s Edge: The Scott Hall Story” in 2016 — and he may well end up with one all of his own come 2017.

Whatever the format ends up as for this new DVD, which is currently scheduled for March, expect to see lots of newly filmed interview material with the “Master of the Diamond Cutter” himself.

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Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) - First Superstar-Themed WWE DVD Release of 2017
Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) - First Superstar-Themed WWE DVD Release of 2017


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We reported last month that several upcoming WWE Home Video releases in Australia will not be produced on Blu-ray, one of which was “Brock Lesnar: Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.”.

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We would love to be able to release all WWE titles on Blu-ray, however we have found the uptake of Blu-rays in the Australian market for WWE much slower than we thought.

Blu-rays unfortunately are much more expensive to produce than DVD so we are being a little more selective in which PPVs (and general releases) we put out on Blu-ray.

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  1. Jeff Copeland says:

    ohhhh DDP!!!!! 2017 GONNA FEEL………. THE………….. BANG!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ !!!!! nice!!! i hope we get diffrent matches but i expect goldberg vs ddp havoc 98 and a page savage match from 97 other then that

    all for ddp dvd !!!! BANG!!!

  2. Cherie Smith says:

    I’m kinda curious about this one still really hoping for a documentary/match comp set for Lex Luger and Vader wouldn’t mind one for Rick Rude either

  3. SCSA says:

    I guess I’m waiting for the sets of wrestlers like Kevin Nash (including his Diesel matches), Paul Wight (including his ‘WCW) – The Giant matches as well as WWF/E – Big Show matches! I’d also like to see a 3disc set on Kane from his start to finish in the WWF/E where he didn’t just start at Bad Blood, but also showed himself as other strange looking wrestlers from time to time!

    • Brad Attitude says:

      wwe already released a dvd for Big Show 2-3 years ago called Big Show: A Giant’s World featuring matches from wcw and wwe.

      the closest a kevin nash dvd you’ll get are his matches from The Kliq Rules set. an actual set of his own would be boring so I dunno why fans keep on craving for one when he wasn’t even a good wrestler to begin with.

      • SCSA says:

        Yeah, you’re right about the two sets. As for a Kevin Nash set though, I’d like to see one with a documentary all about him.

  4. mememememe says:

    DDP!!! Wow what a surprise this is!

  5. Patrick Mcnamara says:

    I am excited about this one. I want it. I can’t wait to see what matches make it onto here. I hope they have some interviews from his early days as a manager. From AWA and WCW.

  6. Domenic says:

    Awesome!! Just hoping to see DDP go into the HOF next year…

  7. Linda says:

    I hope they dub over his wwe music with his wcw theme. the former was one of the worse themes I’ve ever heard. Oh and I hope he doesn’t plug his DDP yoga either on the dvd. It had nothing to do with his wrestling career. Otherwise I’m looking forward to his dvd set.

    • LP1 says:

      Don’t expect his WCW theme. On the Network they’ve been dubbing over his WCW theme song with a generic song. Which is strange because his WCW theme in itself was a knockoff recording of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” It wasn’t the real version he was using.

  8. Alex says:

    Very cool! Will have to pick that up!! A little off topic but I’m wondering will wwe survivor series get a US bluray release like Summer slam and royal rumble did ?

  9. Foster says:

    He wasn’t that great of a wrestler , no one can convince me this will sell more then a ultimate Andre the giant DVD set. Who is the person making decisions on what gets released a 25 year old ?

    • Alex says:

      Was Andre a good wrestler? I only saw his 80’s matches and for most of them he just kinda wobbled around the ring very slowly .he’s impressive to look at but I don’t think a 3 disc set of Andre would sale large numbers

  10. Brad Attitude says:

    Well, give me a SELF HIGH FIVE!

  11. CMW says:

    Wonder if they will include his feud with Dave Sullivan? The DDP DVD will most likely have DDP vs Goldberg from Halloween Havoc ’98, and probably some of his already released matches from the Monday Nitro DVDs, cause we know how WWE loves to re-release matches.

  12. Richard W says:

    Still hoping for WCW Best of Nitro Volume 4 to come out in 2017

    • Brad Attitude says:

      Don’t get your hopes up. Volume 3 wasn’t event good and had so many dud matches.

      • LP1 says:

        At this point, the title “Best Of Nitro” wouldn’t even be accurate. After 3 volumes we’ve already gotten the “best” of Nitro. A more appropriate title for volume 4 would be the “Pretty Good Matches Of Nitro”.

  13. Max says:

    DDP, feel the Bang!!!….I just hope the Savage Halloween Havoc97 match is NOT there…I know it’s one of his matches but we don’t need to see it again

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