DDP WEEK: Matches Revealed All This Week for WWE ‘Diamond Dallas Page – Positively Living’ DVD

January 9, 2017 by Daniel Bee

DDP WEEK - WWE 'Diamond Dallas Page: Positively Living DVD & Blu-ray

Following the cover reveal, our exclusive interview, and in the midst of what could very well be an imminent Hall of Fame announcement, we’re about to find on what’s on the new DDP DVD!

Join WrestlingDVDNetwork.com all week as we release match content WWE has planned for the “Diamond Dallas Page – Positively Living” DVD and Blu-ray in March.

DDP Week kicks off with a day of firsts; today’s reveal (6 matches!) confirms the inclusion of DDP’s first TV match, his first PPV match, and a bunch of his first title wins too…


Get it on Amazon UK:

— The Diamond Exchange (The Diamond Studd & Diamond Dallas Page) vs. Brian Lee & Chris Sullivan
World Championship Wrestling • December 7, 1991

— Diamond Dallas Page & Mike Graham vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger & Bill Kazmaier
WCW Starrcade • December 29, 1991

WCW Television Championship Match
Diamond Dallas Page vs. The Renegade
WCW Fall Brawl • September 17, 1995

WCW United States Championship Match
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Curt Hennig
WCW Starrcade • December 28, 1997

Four Corners Match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Hollywood Hogan vs. Ric Flair vs. Sting
Special Guest Referee: Macho Man Randy Savage
WCW Spring Stampede • April 11, 1999

WCW Tag Team Championship Match
Diamond Dallas Page & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Raven & Saturn
WCW Monday Nitro • May 31, 1999

WWE Diamond Dallas Page: Positively Living DVD - Box Art

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USA: March 21st. Pre-order the new DDP DVD/Blu-ray soon here on Amazon.com.

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The next WWE PPV DVD release on the way is Roadblock: End of the Line, scheduled for release later this month in the United States and following overseas in March.

Check out a closer look at the cover artwork below and lock in your pre-order now.

We noted recently that, in an interesting twist, this one will NOT be making it to Blu-ray format, even in the UK where all PPV releases usually do. However, it may have been penciled in for Blu-ray at one stage because this list of planned extras came through to us recently:

If Roman Reigns Wins, He Receives a WWE Universal Championship Match at Roadblock: End of the Line
Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens
Monday Night RAW • November 28, 2016

— Will Charlotte Apologize to her Father?
Monday Night RAW • December 5, 2016

Triple Threat Match for the Raw Tag Team Championship
The New Day vs. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho
Monday Night Raw • December 12, 2016

WWE Roadblock: End of the Line DVD - Cover Artwork

As for a PPV that definitely will be seeing a Blu-ray edition, TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2016 is due be released in the UK at the beginning of February.

We can now reveal the extras coming on that TLC Blu-ray, a UK exclusive offering:

Intercontinental Championship Match
The Miz vs. Kalisto
SmackDown Live • November 22, 2016

— Becky Lynch vs. Natalya
SmackDown Live • November 22, 2016

#1 Contender’s Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship
American Alpha vs. Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton
SmackDown Live • November 29, 2016

WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2016 Blu-ray - Extras Revealed

Expect to see Royal Rumble 2017 released on Blu-ray format worldwide, as per usual.

That includes Australia too — after a string of DVD-only WWE Home Video releases in the country (since way back to “Attitude Era: Unreleased”), the Australian distributor has now confirmed they will be producing a Royal Rumble 2017 Blu-ray as a limited edition, available while stocks last.

WWE - Royal Rumble 2017 Logo

MORE RARE STUFF COMING AT YA: This past weekend saw a bunch of rare WWF/WWE DVD goodies auctioned off by eBay sellers, but Monday has a ton more!

Look for the links below to get your hands on the likes of Invasion 2001, WrestleMania 18, Rumble 2000, Rumble 2002, the Hardcore DVD, and the Benoit DVD — most are going pretty cheap.

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$3.29WWF SummerSlam 2000 DVD
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$5.00WWF WrestleMania 18 DVD
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$10.50WWF Royal Rumble 2000 DVD
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$25.00All Royal Rumble Anthologies + Bonus Rumble DVDs/Blu-rays

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  1. RabidHeat says:

    “A lock in” your pre-order for that amazing Roadblock DVD as I’m sure it will sell out in minutes. What a stand-out PPV.

  2. Travis Taylor says:

    I hope they leave his version of nirvana’s theme song intact and not replace it with his wwf theme or that soft rock music like they did on the best of the great american bash set.

  3. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Blu-ray exclusive extra: “Ready to Rumble” – the director’s cut, with optional commentary track by DDP and David Arquette. Eastern Egg: Cena on his cameo role as Gymrat, pleeeeease, WWE. 😉

  4. Ryan Johansson says:

    I understand they want to have his biggest wins and most meaningful matches but I hate it when they recycle matches from other DVDs. The Four Corners match was on the Greatest Finishers DVD, Tag team Title match was on Best of Nitro Vol 2 and the Diamond Exchange vs Lee/ Sullivan match was literally just on the Scott Hall DVD. I hope the rest of the matches are not as recycled. I want to see some hidden gems, Thunder, Saturday Night and just good matches no matter win or loss. We need stuff that isn’t on the WWE Network (Thunder, Saturday Night, Worldwide, Pro)

  5. roy says:

    raven was one of the hosts of the newest hardcore championship set so I’m sure he is okay with the WWE now

  6. Brad Attitude says:

    The tag team championship match from 1999 was on The Best of WCW Monday Nitro volume 2 and it was Chris Kanyon who was Saturn’s tag team partner for that match, not Raven.

    As for the other matches, I only remember the four corners match not being put together very well and the Curt Hennig match is the only good match so far from that list (along with the tag team title match).

  7. RCS1988 says:

    Hopefully one the reveals later in the week is a match where he did commentary with Lord Alfred Hayes on.

  8. Jammer says:

    Nice!!! So far, loving it, loving it!! Lots of big title wins there, nice to see that. Looking forward to tomorrow now!

  9. Ricardo Aguilera says:

    So far so good can’t wait for it

  10. Donald says:


  11. Donald says:

    I doubt his 1-on-1 match against Raven from ’98 will be on there, but hoping for the one he had against Sting from Nitro ’99 is on (too). I was surprised to see Raven on any dvd ser, I wonder if that means WWE’s relationship with Raven is cool now.

    • Brad Attitude says:

      The tag team title match is actually Saturn and Kanyon actually. And that match was also on Best of WCW Nitro Vol. 2 where they show DDP & Bigelow beating up Raven before the match earlier in the day.

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