Exclusive: Details on New WCW PPV DVD, Plans for WWE PPV Matches Blu-Ray

December 5, 2013 by Daniel Bee


A few weeks ago it was revealed that “Best of WCW PPV Matches” is the latest World Championship Wrestling themed DVD in the works for next year.

We can now confirm its go ahead and exclusively release the official synopsis. The project boats being the “first ever all-encompassing WCW pay-per-view match compilation” released by WWE and is slated to include several matches never before released on Home Video. It’s coming to both DVD and Blu-ray formats on March 11th, 2014.

Starrcade! Halloween Havoc! The Great American Bash! Road Wild! For the first time ever, collect all the greatest pay-per-view matches and moments from the rich history of World Championship Wrestling. During the 1990’s, WCW showcased numerous legends of sports entertainment, producing an annual slate of wildly successful pay-per-view events.

From Ric Flair’s championship clashes with the enigmatic Sting, to the n.W.o running roughshod over the promotion, early thrillers between legends Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, and brawls amidst a sea of Harleys at Strugis, “The Place Where the Big Boys Play” brought the primetime audience to their feet. In this 3-disc DVD/2-disc blu-ray set, relive these historic years and celebrate WWE’s greatest rival in sports entertainment.

Click here to see Amazon.com’s “Best of WCW PPV Matches” DVD listing.

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A Blu-ray edition of Best PPV Matches 2013 will be released in January to the United Kingdom and Europe through WWEDVD.co.uk. As reported, this is a DVD only title elsewhere.

WWE Best PPV Matches 2013 Blu-ray Cover

The plan is for the Blu-ray to include 5 extra matches on top of the previously revealed content. Two of those matches are ready to be revealed, exclusively below.

Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk
Payback • June 16, 2013

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Shield vs. The Usos
Money in the Bank Kick-Off • July 14, 2013

The Best PPV Matches DVD will hit US stores on December 31st; pre-order by clicking here. As of now the release date of the UK’s Blu-ray edition is January 13th at WWEDVD.co.uk.

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New WWE DVD and Blu-ray Releases 2013

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2 Anthology Box Sets (171187607583)

5 Recent WWE DVDs (111232361587)

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  1. Dwain says:

    I Cant believe everyone has left out the steiners vs sting and luger from the superbrawl 1 it was only the best tag team match in the history of the company

  2. Mike Poulin says:

    Also Midnight Express vs Southern Boys and Doom vs Rock and Roll Express from 1990 Great American Bash big fan of both those matches

  3. Mike Poulin says:

    Windham vs Anderson from Slamboree 93 is another untapped gem i love that match.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just looking through the threads on WCW PPV matches has reminded about a few. These are the ones I’d most want:
    11/26/87 Starrcade- Garvin vs. Flair for the NWA Title
    1/24/88 Bunkhouse Stampede – Bunkhouse cage match
    2/20/89 Chi-Town Rumble- Luger vs. Windham in a US title match
    5/7/89 WrestleWar – Road Warriors vs. Williams/Rotunda for the NWA tag titles
    12/13/89 Starrcade – Flair vs. Luger tournament match
    10/27/90 Havoc- Doom vs. Flair/Anderson for the NWA tag titles
    2/24/91 WrestleWar- Freebirds vs. Doom for the NWA tag titles
    5/19/91 SuperBrawl- Fujinami vs. Flair for disputed world title
    7/14/91 Bash- Sting vs. Nikita Koloff in a Russian chain match
    2/29/92 SuperBrawl- Sting vs. Luger for the WCW world title
    5/23/93 Slamboree- Vader vs. Bulldog for the WCW World title
    7/18/93 Beach Blast- Windham vs. Flair for the NWA title
    10/24/93 Havoc- Vader vs. Cactus Jack in a Texas death match
    2/20/94 SuperBrawl- Vader vs. Flair in a Thunderdome match
    5/22/94 Slamboree- Cactus/Sullivan vs. Nasty Boys
    6/18/95 Bash- Flair vs. Savage
    10/29/95 Havoc- Anderson/Pillman vs. Sting/Flair
    11/26/95 WW3- Battle Royal
    12/27/95 Starrcade- Sting vs. Flair vs. Luger for a WCW title shot and Savage title match
    3/24/96 Uncensored- MegaPowers vs. Alliance cage match
    9/15/96 Fall Brawl- Giant vs. Savage
    10/27/96 Havoc- Anderson vs. Luger
    12/29/96 Starrcade- Malenko vs. Ultimo Dragon
    4/6/97 Spring Stampede- DDP vs. Savage
    5/18/97 Slamboree- Hall/Nash/Syxx vs. Flair/Piper/Greene
    9/14/97 Fall Brawl- Steiners vs. Harlem Heat
    10/26/97 Havoc- Hennig vs. Flair
    6/14/98 Bash- Jericho vs. Malenko in a WCW TV title match
    7/12/98 Bash at the Beach- Booker T vs. Hart
    9/13/98 Fall Brawl- Raven vs. Saturn
    11/22/98 WW3- Hall vs. Nash
    1/17/99 Souled Out- Goldberg vs. Hall in a ladder match
    2/21/99 SuperBrawl- Hogan vs. Flair
    3/14/99 Uncensored- Flair vs. Hogan in a cage match
    5/9/99 Slamboree- Sting vs. Goldberg
    9/12/99 Fall Brawl- Hogan vs. Sting
    12/19/99 Starrcade- Jarrett vs. Dustin Rhodes in a Bunkhouse match
    8/13/00 New Blood Rising – Nash vs. Steiner vs. Goldberg
    10/29/00 Havoc- Sting vs. Jarrett
    3/18/01 Greed- Steiner vs. DDP

  5. Ronaldo says:

    I like to see Jeff jarrett matches on the list here few matches Jeff jarrett vs big show Halloween havoc 96 and Jeff jarrett vs hulk hogan bash at the beach 2000 and Jeff jarrett vs sting Halloween havoc 2000 last Jeff jarrett vs Kevin Nash new blood rising 2000

  6. Wonderllama says:

    These are WCW matches I want to see and should be included:

    1992 War Games Match
    1992 SuperBrawl – Brian Pillman vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger
    1993 SuperBrawl – Vader vs. Sting (Strap Match)
    1993 Halloween Havoc – Vader vs. Cactus Jack (Texas Deathmatch)
    1993 Starrcade – Vader vs. Ric Flair
    1995 SuperBrawl – Vader vs. Hulk Hogan
    1996 Bash at the Beach – Rey Mysterio vs. Psychosis
    1996 World War 3 – Rey Mysterio vs. Ultimo Dragon
    1996 Starrcade – Dean Malenko vs. Ultimo Dragon
    1997 Spring Stampede – Diamond Dallas Page vs. Randy Savage
    2000 Fall Brawl – Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner

    I really hope this compliments The Rise and Fall of WCW DVD and has no repeats from that set. It’s still IMO the best WCW DVD to date. A ton of the greatest WCW matches were included in that one… it’s practically a prelude to this. Anything else is okay though

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with your overall sentiment that this set should compliment The Rise and Fall of WCW DVD (and preferably completely unreleased).

      With that said though, it should also compliment the actual subject matter which is WCW PPV matches. As a result, any matches released on The Essential Starrcade and War Games shouldn’t be on this. After all, these are releases that actually better compliment this upcoming release than the Rise and Fall of WCW set. They’re simply not necessary and its obvious that whoever buys this upcoming WCW PPV set will unquestionably already own these other sets.

      Hopefully WWE gets the message from recent sales figures where War Games and Very Best of Monday Nitro Volume 2 were in the top 3 best-selling WWE released 2013 sets: Heavily UNRELEASED WCW sets SELL. The numbers don’t lie.

      By the way, I’m as big a Vader fan as anyone, but the match I most want to see of his make this set is the SuperBrawl 4 match against Ric Flair — arguably the last match where Vader was still Vader (the Cactus Halloween Havoc match is my next most wanted Vader bout).

    • Nature Bud says:

      The War Games 1992 match was just released this year on the War Games Anthology. WWE doesn’t need to be encouraged with the repeats. 🙂

  7. Sake Joe says:

    I’d like to see Dynamic Dudes vs The Freebirds from the first Halloween Havoc simply cause I remember Hayes hitting Johnny Ace with a punch that looked as real as they come. Chambers of Horrors match just for its absurdity. I’d like to see one of the World War III battle royals. Rest is all good.

  8. Terrence says:

    I would like to see some Chris Benoit matches on there – just ones where he loses like the world title tournament finals against Bret Hart.

  9. Nick says:

    It’ll most likely have 1 unreleased match and the rest will be repeats. It’ll be matches like:

    Rey vs Eddie from Halloween Havoc ’97, Kevin Nash vs goldberg from Starrcade ’98 etc

    • Erik G. says:

      Almost everything good from Mysterio has been released so that’s inevitable. There is still plenty of good unreleased stuff from others, though.

  10. mark foster says:

    I would like to see on wcw payperview road warriors vs sid vicious and dan spivey,vader vs british bulldog,and sting vs lex lugar

  11. Brad Attitude says:

    Can’t wait for the match listing! Hope it’s gonna be mind blowing.

  12. KarlKayfabian says:

    Many matches on my wishlist have been noted by previous posters. I would also love to see:

    Steiners vs Nasty Boys from Halloween Havoc ’90
    Pillman vs Badd from Fall Brawl ’95
    Hulk vs Flair from Uncensored ’99
    DDP vs Savage from Spring Stampede ’97
    Flair vs Savage from GAB ’95
    Flair vs Vader from SB IV
    Malenko vs Dragon from Starrcade ’96
    Steiners vs MVC from Beach Blast ’92
    Luger vs Windham from ChiTown Rumble ’89

    • Anonymous says:

      Great list! I’d think almost all of these should be locks.

      The only one I’d switch out would be the Nasty Boys Havoc match for the Doom vs. Horsemen match on the same show.

  13. number1jf says:

    Should the FYE sale still be going on Monday?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I would think so.

      • number1jf says:

        My mom’s going to buy Christmas that day & wants to take advantage of the sale. Also, I’m surprised that no one has commented on the 50 dollar drop of the Summerslam Anthology sets. If the sale is going on Monday, I’ll get Volume 1 for $10 & Volume 2 for free.

  14. Steve says:

    Very glad that WWE is continuing to release WCW material. Hopefully we will get multiple Volumes of this style set. My only criticism is that I would prefer Best of particular Pay Per Views. But beggers can’t be choosers I suppose.

  15. newt says:

    ray mystetio vs dean malinko at a halloween havoc. legit match

  16. newt says:

    sweet. bring on the wcw dvds

    shame we wont see any of benoits wcw matches. i totally agree that wwe should not feature any of his matches… but he did have some memorable wcw ppv bouts

    • Erik G. says:

      I agree but I’d really like to see the Uncensored 1997 main event. If they can show Benoit in War Games, then they can show this.

  17. Erik G. says:

    One thing that is for sure about this set is that Jeff Jarrett will be shown losing a match. Probably to Booker or Big Show since those guys are current WWE guys. Jarrett faced both two times on PPV.

  18. John Peterson says:

    Excited for the WCW PPV Matches set.Hopefully we finally get the Vader/Cactus Jack Match from Halloween Havoc 93.

    Hopefully they don’t have a lot of repeats such as;
    Eddie Vs Rey Halloween Havoc 97
    The Outsiders Vs Luger,Sting,and Macho Man Bash at The Beach 96
    Hogan Vs Flair Bash at the Beach 94
    Goldberg Vs Nash Starrcade 98
    And Many Others I can’t think of

    Plus Hoping For These Matches as Well;
    Kidman Vs Juvi Vs Rey Starrcade 98
    Goldberg Vs Scott Hall Souled Out 99
    Bret Hart Vs Ric Flair Souled Out 98
    DDP Vs Raven Spring Stampede 98 and Their Slamboree 98 Match
    Raven Vs Saturn Fall Brawl 98
    A World War 3 Battle Royal Match
    The Main Event of Uncensored 97
    And Many Others

    This set has a ton of potential.Can’t wait for it

    • Erik G. says:

      I would like to see WW3, also. This set is almost impossible to mess up.

      • Anonymous says:

        The first World War 3 match was great. Every other one pretty much stunk.

        I just hope they focus on the pre-Hogan (1994) era. That was true WCW as opposed to the already well-covered Nitro era.

        • Erik G. says:

          Remember that WCW didn’t even have a PPV every month until 1997.

          • Anonymous says:

            Which is exactly why each of the PPVs leading up to June 1994 should be represented by at least one match.

            By the way, WCW had three PPVs in 1988 (equal to the WWF), five PPVs in 1989 and 1990 (WWF only had four in 1989 and 1990). WCW also had six in 1991 (WWF only had five), seven in 1992 (WWF only had four), eight in 1993 (WWF only had five), seven in 1994 (WWF only had five), 10 in 1995 (and the WWF finally equaled them at 10).

            There’s more than enough from the pre-Nitro era WCW to fill out more than a single set. (Not that I’m expecting that to happen, though I wish it did.)

            And, the difference between the pre-Nitro era PPVs and the ones after Nitro started is that the PPVs weren’t playing second fiddle to the all-important Nitro ratings, which typically resulted in better Nitro rematches than the previous night’s PPV event.

            I enjoy the Nitro era as much as the next guy. BUT, that era has been well covered and they have a perfect vehicle to finally show us some pre-June 1994 WCW. It’s time that they start releasing some UNRELEASED to DVD WCW pre-June 1994 classics.

            I can’t wait!

  19. Mongoose Wizard says:

    First off once again I’ll say to WWE when it comes to WCW Macho Man Vs Sting Spring Stampede 1998 for the World Heavyweight Championship make it happen! And second of all thank you WWE for the wonderful match finally between Chris Jericho and CM Punk on Best PPV’s 2013 now I will definitely buy!

  20. motorhead says:

    and if the vader/cactus jack texas deathmatch isn’t included i’ll be pissed. also the nasty boys vs. cactus & sullivan broadstreet bully match from slamboree ’94 also needs to be included. both were great matches. and u haven’t seen funk/blanchard match from the same show, boy are u missing out. can’t wait to see the listing.

    • Jason H says:

      Terry Funk vs Tully Blanchard is available now on the Terry Funk/Roddy Piper Legends of Wrestling Roundtable DVD.

  21. WWEBlu-rayFan says:

    look out a few repeats on the wcw pay per view dvd/blu-ray comp but that will be expected, as long as they have really good matches on it and some never seen before espically since i never watched WCW when it was around im sure going to get it 🙂

  22. WWEBlu-rayFan says:

    If you analyze the cover for the best ppv matches 2013 i still think its one of the best covers they ever done, i think it even beats the cover they done for the attitude era dvd/blu-ray (up to that point best cover for a dvd/blu-ray release) even though i more fan of the attitude era then this era we in now i just think the cover is frickinn awesome, now why cant they do this for all there ppv releases, looking forward to the blu-ray release even though i got all the ppvs on blu-ray lol, the blu-ray release would have been more suited for america fans cause they dont have all the ppvs on blu-ray!!

  23. RCS1988 says:

    So far the WWE DVD releases for 2014 are not good in my opinion. Hopefully they come out with a Bruno Sammartino DVD, Warrior DVD, & RAW Dark Matches DVD.

    • Anonymous says:

      You may be right about the 2014 calendar not looking great, but your choices are arguably worse. It’s been proven: WCW sells much better than anything else. According to data released in the last week, three of the top four (75%) releases in 2013 were WCW releases (the only non-WCW release was this year’s WrestleMania). And, that’s a great thing as they have endless hours of footage dating back to 1981 through to 2001. Hopefully WCW gets the message: WCW means lots and lots of Ric Flair, Sting, Horsemen, along with some nwo, Goldberg, Austin, Vader, Luger, Steamboat, etc.

  24. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Looking forward to the WCW PPV set. I was never a fan of WCW until after they closed in 2001. I actually respect what that company did for the pro wrestling industry. At least there was a different product for the people who didn’t like WWE at that time. Not like this TNA crap out there now. Horrible.

  25. Mr Z says:

    I’m hoping there isn’t too much overlap between this new PPV set and the Best of Starrcade DVD from a few years back.

  26. Steven says:

    Can’t wait to see a match listing for the WCW PPV set. Hope they include Spring Stampede 1998 Randy Savage vs Sting for the WCW Heavyweight Championship.

  27. RabidHeat says:

    motorhead, I don’t really understand your point, are you saying they should list all the negative points you stated in your comment on the back of the DVD, as opposed to doing what an advert is supposed to do and trying to sell their product? Are you really that naive?

    • motorhead says:

      no. i was just pointing out that is a wild exaggeration of the facts. that’s all. i don’t care what they put on the cover as long as it sells and we get a volume 2. the statement just stuck out to me as wildly off the mark. one or two years of good numbers doesn’t actually justify the comment on the synopsis. it’s just odd. i’ll still buy it no matter what. and if i didn’t see it now i’d say the same thing after i’d bought it. if they were so successful, why did wcw go out of business? i get the point of advertising, i’m not r-tardo, i’m simply saying the statement is just not true and made me laugh when i read it.

  28. TheManInBlu says:

    Anyone know if there’s a chance the Best PPV Matches 2013 Blu-ray will be Region-Free so we can import it to North America? I refuse to buy the DVD even if it’s very tempting. It makes no sense to watch HD content in SD in 2014…

    • Daniel Bee says:

      They’re all Region B and C so you’ll need a B, C or multi-region player to watch.

      • TheManInBlu says:

        🙁 That’s too bad. Thanks for the answer though 🙂 Let’s cross our fingers that the WWE releases Best PPV Matches of 2014 on Blu-ray in North America next year!!!

  29. Brian Kraemer says:

    why would anyone pay $56 got like new raw 20 shipped when u can get it brand new for under $50 on wweshop

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Actually it’s now gone off WWEShop. Looks like they had crazy sales of it and I’m not surprised.

      It’s $60 in store so that $56 bid with free shipping aint that bad. 🙂

  30. motorhead says:

    wildly successful ppv’s? there weren’t very many of those for wcw. their buyrates sucked for a long time. good matches, yes; great matches, yes; wildly successful, hell no. no one was buying wcw ppv’s prior to july 1996. even after that the buyrates were nothing to brag about. mid-card $20.00 boxing cards at the time regularly out scored wcw. that is just not a true statement. revisionist history to say the least. besides, wcw fans still around today could care less about how successful the ppv’s were, they just want the footage. uncut and unedited…

    • LP1 says:

      You have to look up the numbers from 1997 and 1998. WCW topped the WWF in buys pretty much every month. Starrcade 97 in particular was the biggest buyrate in all of wrestling that year.

  31. RabidHeat says:

    Looks like I don’t get Punk/Jericho for committing the unforgivable sin of only having a DVD player.

    Not hyped for the WCW sets since I have every WCW/NWA PPV in full converted to DVD, lol.

  32. @IMDJLUIS says:

    I would rather see generations of years, like, best of WCW PPV Matches, 95-2001. I think that would be a better set of matches all together.

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