Details on TNA’s Home Video Plans for 2012 – Distributor Problems

January 5, 2012 by Roger Palmer

We’ve confirmed with TNA that their DVD distributor Navarre are exiting the home video business and they are actively looking at finding a replacement.

Recently added two new PPV’s (Bound for Glory and Turning Point) to their online service before the release dates which apparently was a mistake and has been rectified.

TNA have also told us that because of the issues with Navarre, they have shelved an upcoming DVD which is as of yet untitled and unknown, set to be released in April 2012. There is also another two unknown Home Video sets to be released in 2012, but until TNA get a new physical distribution/manufacturing partner secured they won’t get released.

We can also confirm some further details for the 2012 TNA Home Video releases. TNA will continue their trend of releasing PPV’s in twin packs – including Turning Point 2011 & Final Resolution 2011, Against All Odds 2012 & Victory Road 2012, Sacrifice 2012 & Slammiversary 2012, Hard Justice 2012 & No Surrender 2012 and finally Turning Point 2012 & Final Resolution 2012.

Genesis 2012, Lockdown 2012, Destination X 2012 and Bound for Glory 2012 are all set to be released on their own.

TNA will continue their policy of releasing titles on a 30 day delay to their digital vault (iTunes/Zune) and own online service,

Here is the up to date TNA release schedule for 2012:

Title Pay-Per-View Date DVD Release Date Digital Video Vault Date + 30 days
Bound For Glory 2011 16-Oct 17-Jan 21-Feb
TNA Wrestling Twin Pack:
Turning Point 2011, Final Resolution 2011 13-Nov, 11-Dec 21-Feb 20-Mar
Genesis 2012 8-Jan 20-Mar 27-Apr
TBA 17-Apr 29-May
TNA Wrestling Twin Pack:
Against All Odds 2012, Victory Road 2012 12-Feb, 18-Mar 29-May 26-Jun
Lockdown 2012 15-Apr 26-Jun 24-Jul

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  1. russell says:

    does anyone know where i can buy the tna house shows on dvd

  2. SRB says:

    @Dave/Chris. Correct. There are exactly 111 with the other 6 being specials around the holidays. Just went through my stack. Great stuff.

  3. Dave says:

    @ Chris

    There were 111 ppvs…the other 5-6 were just specials…there were two for Christmas and New Years Eve in 2003; Best of X-Division and Best of NWA-TNA. There was also a special in the fall of 2002.

  4. jasongoldsmith says:

    yeah–shamrock was their 1st NWA-TNA champion and ddp was around till late 05 the best i remember.
    i was thinking savage just did the appearances at victory raod and turning point 04 but im not too up to date on who was around during the weeklys.
    i always liked shamrock and am not sure why he just seemed to disappear–i loved his feud with the rock.

  5. SRB says:

    A friend of mine got them from a torrent site and sent them over to me. All very good DVD quality. Great asylum stuff. Since I was not 100% historically knowledgeable on the TNA roster it was a crazy site to see Shamrock, Sabu, Randy Savage, DDP and Mr. Perfect. Ill count mine again, i may have 117.

  6. Chris says:

    Trust me there’s 117 I used to have them all.

  7. jasongoldsmith says:

    every one that i have seen advertised says 111 of them.
    how much did it run for them all?

  8. Chris says:

    There was 117 weekly PPVs not 111.

  9. oldschool says:

    yeah dude got a link, and are they good quality?

  10. jasongoldsmith says:

    did you buy from ioffer?
    ive been planning to buy them all since ive got all the WCW and WWF/E and AWA ppvs–as soon as i get the ECW ppvs from 2000 its on to the TNA weeklys.

  11. SRB says:

    I was just able to get my hands on all 111 pay per views from TNA from 02-04 when they first started. Really great stuff there. My DVD collection is complete.

  12. Chris says:

    TNA going in house and only selling through their website would kill any international sales they currently have, no way I would be able to afford their DVD’s anymore since it would cost $35 just in shipping for each one.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I really want AJ vol 3

  14. oldschool says:

    I could not agree more jgold

  15. jasongoldsmith says:

    @oldschool–i cant believe how dead that crowd was.
    cant forget such classics as the corporation,the ministry of darkness,the corporate ministry,lita and snitsky,and the classic katie vick angle.

  16. jasongoldsmith says:

    these young guys should pay edge or randy orton for lessons on how to make the crowd want to drag you out back for a thrashing–i believe those 2 are the best at that of this modern era.

  17. oldschool says:

    Anyone who says wwe does not book bad just take a look at this crapfest

  18. jasongoldsmith says:

    oh yeah–wccw was where i 1st learned to hate ric flair.
    i seen bruiser brody beat him like a government mule one night and beat him for the nwa title then of course got disqualified for throwing flair over the top rope while the ref was knocked out.
    i knew the throwing over the top rope was illegal but was still crushed when brody got disqualified.
    good guy vs bad guy–how hard is that to understand nowadays?
    i heard bobby heenan say pro wrestling was all done for since the fans were told how they did the tricks but i disagree–if they would remember that simplistic approach it will always live on.

  19. oldschool says:

    Yes that is my favorite tna era, it reminds me of the wccw sportatorium..

  20. jasongoldsmith says:

    i would kind of like to know which dvd compilation got cancelled.
    new aj styles maybe?
    i would like to get some more of the asylum stuff myself

  21. oldschool says:

    nope just give Paul Heyman the book…

  22. jasongoldsmith says:

    yep–killed the goose that lays the golden eggs with the cm punk angle.
    tiple h,kevin nash and now i hear rvd is going back to WWE as well.
    i will take a 40ish kurt angle over any of the 3 and i know he is not the most charismatic but jeff jarrett will be 45 soon and can go in the ring with them.
    paul heyman i think would be a good answer but i have issues with the 100% hiring and firing authority–TNA management should have some say in that.

  23. oldschool says:

    It seems all the older guys are leaving tan for wwe…Look for Nash vs warrior at wrestle mania

  24. oldschool says:

    Vince Russo was a mistake but wwe creative has not been much better. They took CM Punk and killed it. HHH should have done the job and launched him. I just do not understand wwe creative right now, TNA is getting better but if I were them I would immediately sign Paul Heyman or Gabe Sapolsky and give them the book.

  25. jasongoldsmith says:

    and lets not forget another huge mistake that even jerry jarrett admitted–letting jeff jarrett have his way and get vince russo as head booker–the guy doesnt have a clue.
    listen to jj dillons shoot interview and that will be some insight into his genius lol

  26. jasongoldsmith says:

    no–the muppets wouldnt fly during the late 90s and yes i do agree that TNA does seem to care more about the fans the the E does.
    as far as hogan and bischoff i will say that was a mistake because i feel bischoff has no idea of the wrestling business and got lucky twice with the nWo angle and goldberg but he dropped the ball countless other times with killing the 4 horsemen vs the nWo angle,chris benoit,eddie guerrero,chris jericho,making the nWo too big (it seems everybody but ddp,flair and goldberg was in that group),and even rey mysterio and i dont feel he is a true wrestling fan.
    hogan i just dont feel has a true understanding of it all either but i could be wrong.
    flair could help in ways but not being in the spotlight in any way,and sting and kurt angle i still believe has value to add to the product.
    i believe angle at 42 could still go with most young guys of today in ring or on the stick.
    one glaring spot i see messed up is samoa joe not being pushed harder but that is just my opinion.
    as far as being a WWE fan or TNA fan that is personal choice as well–as far as myself the 1st wrestling promotion i ever watched was crockett promotions and loved it immediately then i found WCCW before i found WWF.–they had good stuff going but i was never a hogan fan–loved flair or the road warriors much more.
    to each their own but i just dont and never will buy that TNA losing their distributor shows lack of foresight on their part–just bad luck and when a new one comes along it will roll smoothly again.
    just please dont go to on demand exclusively.

  27. Dave says:

    @ Anonymous

    I remember reading TNA was going to be releasing their first Blu-ray this year…i think it was “Best of Impact/Impact Wrestling” or something along those lines. They began with HD in 2008, so there is decent amount of HD footage to be used.

    On PSN they have some TNA ppvs in HD which cost $4…i got Lockdown 2009 and Slammiversary 2009 and they look pretty damn good in HD…would love to see Blu-ray releases from TNA.

    Only issue is what WWE is facing right now, which is if they would even sell. WWE scrapped their remainder of PPVs on Blu-ray with Capitol Punishment onwards. Can’t imagine how TNA DVDs DVDs sell, given how they are a pain to find in stores and best bet is online.

    But maybe TNA Blu-rays exclusive to their website could work…WWE could have done this like they did with Judgment Day 2002 and Vengeance 2002 which were exclusive to WWE Shop.

  28. SRB says:

    @Dave. I think TNA releasing the DVDs on their website is actually a great idea like ROH does. In a way that would make them their own distributor and they wouldn’t have to rely on companies who might not be professional about them. They would only have to circulate DVDs to those who order them as opposed to finding large retailers like Best Buy and FYE. I think that’s actually a good compromise for their own product.

    @oldschool. I agree about Monday Night Wars/competition. Unfortunatly Vince doesn’t even see TNA as competition which is why he has not stepped up his game. Obviously the attitude era came from the Monday Night Wars and that was wrestling at it’s best.

    @jasongoldsmith. I see your points and I agree. I am like you, an actual wrestling fan, not a PG sports entertainment fan. Vince has said over and over he is in the entertainment business and not the wrestling business, which I’m sure would make his dad go nuts. I don’t believe the WWE product will ever really improve or be what it was in the 1980’s. As far as TNA goes i actually prefer it to TNA. I’ve been so several live TNA shows and after taking pictures with Pope, Matt Morgan, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, etc I have found that TNA is not only grade A wrestling, but is a company that cares about its fans. On the other hand I just wonder about what really goes on behind the scenes and how they can continue to pay guys like Hogan, Bischoff, Sting and Flair. I’m worried that too much money is being thrown around and this will lead to their demise.

  29. Anonymous says:

    TNA need too start releasing Blu-Rays hopefully when they find a new distrobutor they will like the idea of Blu’s also 🙂

  30. oldschool says:

    Yeah no kidding, WWE business/product goes flat every time there is no other company. I think wwe has some great wrestlers but come on WWE Raw the Muppet show. You think that would fly during the Monday Night Wars?

  31. jasongoldsmith says:

    it just seems to me that people are licking their chops at the thought of TNA going under when i dont see it happening.
    could it?–yes,vince could show up on impact next thursday and say i now own my competition but not likely.
    i want TNA to thrive because wrestling (not sports entertainment) needs good competition to thrive and boom.
    maybe people forget what wrestling was like from 1983 to 1988/89 when there were at least 6 promotions going full steam between memphis,WCCW,mid-south/UWF,crockett,AWA and WWF then by 1991 they are all gone or a shell of what they were.
    while WWFs product from 1991-1995 wasnt bad it wasnt all great either then in 1996 WCW hits upon the nWo angle then goldberg and gives vinnie mac a run then ECW starts gaining steam so what happens? the WWF product gets much better.
    fast forward to summer 2001 and WCW and ECW are both gone and by 2003 WWE is putting up stinkers again and if TNA can hit upon that 1 idea like WCW did with the nWo then sit back and enjoy the ride.

  32. Dave says:

    If TNA doesn’t get a distributor i could see them producing their DVDs in-house and sell them on their website, like with ROH. At least there will be no middleman so all proceeds go directly to TNA.

    Only downside, is usually in-house produced are prone to have higher issues with defective discs. I’ve had problems with few ROH DVDs in the past since they parted ways with their distributor starting in 2009. I recall one show being just a blank disc, all my DVD players couldn’t read it, so i put it in my computer to check and it was 0 GB…but at least they have excellent service so they just ship out a new copy.

    That would be TNA’s resort or possibly just taking advantage of their on-demand site or putting them on Xbox Live and PSN.

  33. oldschool says:

    Yeah Jgold44 I agree with you, TNA has been in existence and every time I here someone whine about TNA I just role my eyes. TNA released dvds before Navarre and did just fine. In fact ROH releases dvds without a national distribution deal and they seem to be doing great. The business today is built on tv contracts, not dvds. WWE/TNA/ROH would not be in business if they did not have tv deals. As far as dvd sales go, WWE is actually losing units sold right now, the future is on demand.

  34. jasongoldsmith says:

    I agreed that their direction is confusing at times but so is the Es–i stuck with WCW,ECW,AWA,WCCW and UWF till the end and i will TNA as well because the last 2 or 3 impacts i have watched are looking better and better with such guys as bobby roode,james storm and aj styles being highlighted and guys like eric bischoff,ric flair and hogan not much seen.
    there is a much better base there than what vinnie mac has and as far as the E going out–wouldnt bother me a bit because i have never liked mcmahon–he likes to look down his nose at “rasslin” fans and ordinary “rasslers”.
    i do watch his stuff as i have since 1984 becuase i am a wrestling (not sports entertainment)fan and watch all companies i can to see what is offered and if no one has noticed vinnie mac is putting out stuff that is no better than what TNA is doing or even what WCW was trying till the end.
    as far as a backup company to distribute–it seems like TNA just had this dropped in their lap all at once and they will be fine–i am still sure i will own my copy of bound for glory ’11 this month.

  35. SRB says:

    @jasongoldsmith… Aren’t you the one who agreed with me on the other page when I said how much trouble TNA was in? Now on this article you seem to take it personally and tell me to talk to TNA about their hiring plans and that I should apply? All I said is that this is a bump in the roaqd for them and they should have had a backup company already in the books. And you mention putting the E out of business? Who are you? Eric Bischoff? Theyre 2 different wrestling companies and one has nothing to do with the other. Again, you agreed on the other page, but not on this one? Pick a side. I said the same thing twice.

  36. jasongoldsmith says:

    @SRB–why dont you talk to TNA about hiring you on to turn it around and put the E out of business?
    i dont believe your distributor deciding to suddenly get out of the dvd business constitutes lack of planning–just means bad luck.
    i will look forward to TNA going under as you bashers wish then everyone is stuck with the crapfest that is WWE which is owned by a guy who detests the word wrestling and looks down on wrestling fans as hicks who know nothing.

  37. ALK says:

    So does this mean all the previous DVD releases will become discontinued and go for insane prices on ebay? :/

  38. SRB says:

    When this was first reported someone said this does not effect TNA at all and that things will continue to go as planned for all future DVDs. I disagreed with this statement from the start and this article proves that such a statement is incorrect. When a company you work with decides to no longer work with you, for whatever the reason, it will effect your business. Now TNA is forced to resort to releasing their DVDs as an online feature only. “There is also another two unknown Home Video sets to be released in 2012, but until TNA get a new physical distribution/manufacturing partner secured they won’t get released.” So, because TNA doesn’t plan well fans are forced to then wait until TNA finds a new DVD distributor. At that point will they go back and release what was once unavailable? Or will they continue on as if no one noticed? What a joke. DVDS are a huge portion of the wrestling business. It’s the only way a fan can experience the product besides going and watching on TV. DVDs give you so much control and now TNA doesnt have any.