Exclusive: Details on WWE Shawn Michaels ‘Mr. WrestleMania’ DVD for 2014

November 12, 2013 by Daniel Bee

Shawn Michaels WWE WrestleMania 19

We can now confirm that the Shawn Michaels’ WrestleMania Matches DVD first announced last month will be titled “Shawn Michaels: Mr. WrestleMania“.

This will be the first major WWE DVD and Blu-ray to hit stores next year, following The Best of Raw & Smackdown 2013. The release date will be February 11th, 2014.

Exclusively below, read the official synopsis for “Mr. WrestleMania”!

For 30 Years, WWE and its Superstars have created a pantheon of iconic WrestleMania moments that are immortalized forever in history- but only one man can lay claim to the nickname “Mr. WrestleMania”, Shawn Michaels.

Whether giving Undertaker all he could handle in a quest to break the streak, revolutionizing the business in a Ladder Match with Razor Ramon, or descending from the rafters for an exhausting 60-minute Iron Man Match with Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels always accomplished his one goal at WrestleMania. That goal was to steal the show.

Now, fans can own all 17 of his iconic WrestleMania matches. See all the jaw-dropping action from The Showstopper on WWE’s grandest stage.

The scheduled release date to the United Kingdom and Europe is currently March 10th, 2014. You can check WWEDVD.co.uk for further details on that soon.

By our count Shawn Michaels competed in 17 matches at WrestleMania since his first in 1989, which the synopsis above backs up. Further information we received states that the matches on the DVD will be “complete”. That’s likely to be the case but unconfirmed right now.

As you know, one of those said matches was the WrestleMania 20 triple threat between Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit and Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Despite the official synopsis above referring to 17 matches, the WrestleMania 20 match which Chris Benoit competed in will in fact NOT be featured on the “Mr. WrestleMania” DVD. The rest of Shawn Michaels’ WrestleMania bouts will all be present.

WWE WrestleMania 20 at Madison Square Garden

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  1. Spritz1999 says:

    Great, another dvd set messed up because of personal struggles that had nothing to do with Benoit’s career! And because they care too much about other people’s feelings when they don’t even watch the dvds!

  2. josh says:

    I agree! I’m not a hbk fan, either. I won’t need it. I also have the original copy of wrestlemania 20.

  3. Anan says:

    I guess Benoit can’t be edited out of that triple threat match.

    It’ll be a great set and it’ll be awesome to have all of his matches on one set.

  4. Junk says:

    Sweet!!!!!!!!! I can buy the Michaels/Ramon Match on DVD for the 58th time! Awesomeness. Yet the ‘WWE’ will barely show Crockett cards on classics on demand. I guess I should just quit while I’m behind….

  5. victory73 says:

    Cool concept if you want to have all those matches on a few discs. Basically a WM HBK comp. Nothing wrong with that. Easier to navigate for viewing instead of switching out a ton of discs.

  6. SRB says:

    Funny, all those complaining will still buy it. This blu-ray might not be intended for you. It might be intended for kids who played Street Fighter or Two Bad Dudes back in the 80s. Maybe it’s intended for girls. No one really knows.

    • josh says:

      I’m complaining, but I’m not going to buy it! I’m sick and tired of hearing about shawn michaels! How does he get all the accolades? Why is he named Mr. WrestleMania?

      • AJ says:

        Seriously??…since WrestleMania X it’s hard to find a WrestleMania where he wasn’t in the best match. WMX with Razor, WMXI with Nash, WMXII with Hart, WMXIV with Austin, WMXIX with Jericho (Some think Angle/Lesnar was better), WMXX Triple Threat Match, WM21 with Angle, WM22 with McMahon (yes, had a great match with McMahon), WM23 with Cena (close with Taker/Batista), WM24 with Flair, WM 25 and 26 with Taker. Every year, he had the best match. Michaels is regarded as the best overall wrestler in history.

  7. Shawn Phelan says:

    I find it funny when people act like if a Dvd isnt specifically marketed towards them then its a dumb release. No, this release does not appeal to hardcore collectors, just as the undertaker streak Dvd did not, but that didn’t stop it from selling well and it won’t stop this one. Think about all the young fans that came to love Hbk during his second run but are too young to be familiar with his original run, or even long time fans who don’t buy a lot of DVDs, thats who thisiis for.

  8. Shawn Phelan says:

    Aj nailed it, this release is not for people that are hardcore enough about wrestling vids to visit this site, cuz most of us already own every mania on Dvd or blu ray. that. Doesmt make it,a dumb release, I’m sure it will sell very well and s I’m sure therewill be plenty of releases aimed at collectors like us during the year.

  9. AJ says:

    It seems some fans still don’t get it. This is a release for the general fan, not the everyday collector. If you owned less than 10 DVDs and you saw all of Shawn’s WrestleMania matches on one collection, you may very well buy it. As a collector and huge Shawn fan, I would love an unreleased DVD and just because this isn’t it, doesn’t mean we won’t get one. Realistically, this will probably sell better than an unreleased dvd.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Cool idea for a set, but I’m not really seeing the appeal. Picked up Taker’s streak since I didn’t have a decent chunk of the matches and having them all on one DVD. If you’re a major Shawn fan, I can see this being a cool thing for you, but most of the good matches are floating around on multiple DVDs, and stuff like his earlier matches and vs. Nash at XI aren’t really worth shelling out money for.

  11. Sake Joe says:

    Not sure if I’m buying this, I already have all the Wrestlemanias. Only way I will buy it is if the Blu Ray extras are extremely good.

  12. Richard says:

    It’s silly of WWE to even include this match – if they plan to mute Benoit’s name from the bluray, skip his entrance and oh yeah – the FINISH – considering most of that story and match was built around Benoit’s quest for the title and finally winning it. I’m not saying they’re wrong in erasing Benoit – I don’t blame them AT ALL for doing it. But to do it in this particular match as they’ve done in others is silly and pointless, and only draws more attention to it. Plus it gives Benoit exposure that the company doesn’t need. Why even go there?

    They SHOULD have done the Top TEN Greatest Wrestlemania matches of his career, add a hour long doc on what Wrestlemania meant to him and what he meant to the event, along with comments from superstars past and present, etc, etc. Add new interviews with Scott Hall, Undertaker, Jericho, Bret Hart.

    That way, WWE can take creative liberty with the product and NOT include the Benoit match at all, limit the discussion about it and avoid any such headache. I mean, do we really NEED Rockers vs Twin Towers from WM5? I don’t. Rockers vs Orient Express? El Matador? Tatanka? Yawn. Just select his 10 greatest matches and leave it at that!

    HBK vs Undertaker I
    HBK vs Kurt Angle

    HBK vs Undertaker II
    HBK vs Chris Jericho
    HBK vs Bret Hart
    HBK vs John Cena

    HBK vs Razor Ramon
    HBK vs Ric Flair
    HBK vs Vince McMahon
    HBK vs Steve Austin

    Add in promos and angles associated with each match as BR extras and there you have it – done!

  13. Ed H says:

    are we gonna see a list for the 2014 dvd’s bluray like you did for last year?

  14. Tony Kegger says:

    This DVD release does not confirm that Shawn Michaels is officially 100% retired if anyone is wondering. Undertaker is still wrestling at WrestleMania despite The Streak DVD. I think a Daniel Bryan vs. Shawn Michaels WrestleMania 30 could happen.

    • Sid says:

      puh-lease, Daniel bryan is not even anywhere near HBK’s level. HBK facing a vanilla midget who really looks like a mid carder is not even WrestleMania worthy.

  15. John says:

    It is a pointless release but I will still buy it when it is $20 or less

  16. Steiner says:

    I’m sorry, but this DVD is pointless. Yes, HBK WM matches with better quality, blah blah

    But I was really hoping for HBK Unreleased matches. It would be great to have 1 of these a year. Bret Hart having one last year I was hoping they did one to HBK as well

    • King Shabazz says:

      I think the HBK release “My Journey” was supposed to be like the b-side matches, serving the same purpose as the release you’d like to see. But this release re-affirms the fact that the wwe video well has run dry.

  17. hbkid718 says:

    As you can tell by my name, I’m a huge Shawn Michaels fan. He’s my favorite wrestler of all-time, but what’s the point of this DVD. I have all of his other ones, which has most of his WM matches on it. His early matches as part of The Rockers against The Twin Towers & The Orient Express were OK, but those matches didn’t make him Mr. WrestleMania. His Iron Man Match against Bret was overrated. I thought it was great as a kid, but after watching it when I was older, I realized how boring it was. My favorite Michaels Mania match is either his match against Jericho at XIX or his final match against Taker at 26. But I’m not going to spend the money to watch all of them again, especially that I have every WM on tape or DVD, even if they have HBK give his thoughts before each match. Also, I have a feeling that after this gets released, Michaels will come out of retirement and have 1 final match at Mania XXX, so therefore this DVD will end up being incomplete.

  18. Simon says:

    The cynic in me thinks that the WWE – knowing the demand for Benoit matches, and the WMXX main event in particular – is putting out this release purely as an excuse to feature that match and reap the dividends accordingly. Just a theory, mind.

    • AJ says:

      Because fans who really want the match can’t watch it on the WrestleMania XX DVD, which you can buy for new for less than $7 on Amazon? What a snarky, internet comment to say the reason WWE is releasing a DVD on the one the greatest ever, featuring his greatest matches ever is for one 45 minute chapter.

  19. ALK says:

    The WM20 will be interesting, as they do put Benoit matches on DVD sometimes, but it is a Benoit heavy match and moment given the post celebration (Which they could skip as soon ass the match ends). Also with the match coming to its own 10th Anniversary, I can see some fans moaning about whatever editing they do to the match or if they leave it out….

  20. Justin Greeder says:

    Am I the only one that thinks his match against Chris Jericho at Mania 19 is the most overrated match in Wrestlemania history? The only aspect of it I like is the light in the arena because of the sun setting during the match. People say that stole the show, but I think it’s 4th best on the card. I think that Hogan-McMahon, Austin-Rock, and Lesnar-Angle are all better matches.

    • Mark D says:

      No, the Iron Man is the most overrated.

      • Timothy Thorpe says:

        The Iron Man is a good match but it’s an absolute chore to watch.

        • Simon says:

          I’m one of the biggest Shawn Michaels fans you’ll ever find, but I’m not too keen on the WM XIX match either. I think a lot of it was to do with my apathy going in; HBK had gone from the main event scene in 1997-98, to the big return and the World Title win in the main event at MSG… to a mid-card match with somebody who really hadn’t yet hit their peak. I just thought it was a step down for HBK, and it just didn’t feel like much was riding on the match. The build-up felt really drawn out too (it started on December 16, 2002), and I was glad when it was finally over. I thought their matches in 2008 were far superior – with the Judgment Day bout that year being my favourite.

      • King Shabazz says:

        I was there at the iron man match (HBK vs. Bret). It was solid, but boring as far as the crowd was concerned. Note: the chants of “boring” we’re edited out of the DVD release.

    • Marty says:

      I think the WMXX match is the most overrated of Shawn’s matches. People talk about that match as an all-time classic. It isn’t. All three guys have had better matches and performances (although Hunter had some cool moments in the match and legit seemed to try to make it a classic). You could hear pin drops due to how quiet the crowd was, although part of that may be due to an overly long show and some matches that took the wind out of the crowd.

      Still like the WM19 match. Very basic story (does Jericho REALLY not want to be like Michaels anymore?) but it worked, even if the match could’ve been shaven down a bit. Wasn’t their best match (really need to rewatch the first two PPV matches of their feud in 2008), but it was still pretty good.

      As for the Iron Man, I can really only watch it in the proper setting, but as far as long Shawn matches go, I’ll gladly take it over the awful HIAC match with HHH in 2004.

      • Simon says:

        Yes, the WMXX wasn’t really about HBK at all. He was just thrown into the mix because management weren’t convinced that HHH vs. Benoit in a singles match would necessarily draw. I’m in the minority of fans who think that the Backlash triple threat match was superior.

      • Ryen cooper says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t WMXX like one of the longest wrestlemanias ever? One of the worst too..

        • Simon says:

          It was just short of 5 hours. Not sure why you wouldn’t like it though: the main event, Guerrero/Angle, Jericho/Christian were really good wrestling matches, and returns of The Rock, Mick Foley and The Undertaker were all pretty entertaining too. Throw in Brock Lesnar beeing booed out of the company, Goldberg’s final match, John Cena competing at his first WM, and Molly Holly getting her head shaved bald, and it was a pretty eventful card.

  21. Justin F says:

    I’m seriously skipping the DVD until it’s cheap. I already have 3 HBK DVDs that came out in the last 10 years and this one is just repeating what has already been shown.

  22. Paul Kersey says:

    Even at 25% off, most of the WWE Blu-rays are $20+ each, and then you pay WWEShop’s overinflated shipping charges. 🙁

    I’ll wait for a real Blu-ray sale from them, which should be happening sometime around Black Friday. Earlier this year during heir last big sale, most of them were $12.99 or less. I’m hoping for the same for the next sale. There’s still about 7-8 of them I’d like to pick up.

  23. Bill Jones says:

    I guess I will get it for the Shawn Michaels collection.

  24. LP1 says:

    Just for laughs I’d love to see them include the Mania XX match, but with Benoit completely pixelated throughout the whole match. I don’t know why, but I would find that hysterical.

    • Marty says:

      There was some YouTube video of the WMXX celebration, but with Benoit blacked out. Someone was convinced it was WWE-made and asked CM Punk about it at a Comic Convention or something. It was pretty funny stuff.

  25. Daniel Bee says:

    Just want to give a reminder here in the comments that Shawn was interviewed for this (mentioned in an earlier article) so there will be that new footage/comments from him between some or all of the matches.

  26. Marty says:

    I normally don’t get negative about potential releases, or confirmed releases, of WWE Home Video, but I just don’t see the benefit of this particular one. Maybe a compilation of the Best of Shawn at Mania, but his whole set of matches?

    Obviously, the WM20 match sticks out like a sore thumb, and it’s because of it, I really see no benefit to it, for you’re going to get criticism one way or the other. You’ll get it from the anti-Benoit critics who’ll say that putting in the WM match with Benoit winning the gold (no matter how edited it is) is going against the word of “not promoting Benoit” and you’ll get the criticism from the pro-Benoit because the match will be understandably edited (judging from what we saw in the MITB Anthology). Obviously, the first criticism is more noteworthy/important, but the second will happen too.

    Of course, they’re looking at a set like this probably because of how Undertaker: The Streak sold, but that set works as a whole (all of Undertaker’s wins). I fail to see how the matches against the Twin Towers, Orient Express, Santana, Tatanka and HHH & Benoit (my opinion) really showcase Shawn as “Mr. WrestleMania”. On top of that, not sure Taker’s set selling well = Shawn’s set selling well, as Undertaker’s Tombstone set was the highest selling comp set for a while (might even still be the case with the decline in sales). I know Vince loves Shawn, but I question if it’s the same support as the fans’ for Taker. Just my two cents.

    • HD says:

      Who cares? Any reason to put a Benoit match in a DVD is a good reason. Even though the match is heavily centered around his rise to the top, the DVD is not about him and the ending will be cut out. Even as somebody who hates WWE’s Benoit censorship, I understand that because Shawn was long gone from the match by that point so there’s no reason to really include that one. (even if Benoit’s name wasn’t tainted) Will be interesting to see HBK’s interview regarding the match because… will he mention Benoit’s name? Will he talk about it with nonexistent details? Or will they cut straight to it and move on when it’s done?

      Also the anti-Benoit people will not do a damn thing. If they haven’t complained about his inclusion in the past few DVDs, they wont now. Since we’re in 2013 (2014 by that point), we have the wonderful option to fast forward, that’s what they can do. The only “trouble” with Benoit’s name being acknowledged is the media but they have long forgotten about him as we’re 6 years removed and they’re likely focusing on the most recent tragedy.

  27. Mongoose Wizard says:

    Even though I have every single one of these the only thing I could see myself picking this set up is if Shawn Michales provides alternate commentary for some of the matches.

  28. Nick says:

    Shawn should do commentaries for some matches. That would be a incentive for people to buy it.

  29. WWEHomeVideoFan says:

    HBK v Razor Ramon Ladder Match Wrestlemania 10 on DVD For the 1000th Time Lol, will be nice to have some WM Matches that have never been released on blu ray before,

    I hope they release the WM 10 Ladder match with a different version like hard cam like they have done for the hogan andre match at WM 3 on the history of WWE blu-ray DVD,

    My Personal fav looking forward to:

    vs Diesel – Wrestlemania 11
    vs Chris Jericho – Wrestlemania 19
    vs Triple H vs The Ghost aka (Chris Benoit) – Wrestlemania 20
    vs Kurt Angle – Wrestlmania 21
    vs Vince McMahon – Wrestlemania 22
    vs John Cena – Wrestlemania 23

    i hope the blu-ray exclusives are Segments leading up to the matches, i was disappointed that the undertaker streak 20-0 blu- ray exclusives were lackluster!!

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