Exclusive: First Details on WWE The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves DVD

May 10, 2012 by Daniel Bee

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“The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History” has officially been added to the upcoming Home Video schedule.

This countdown style feature is set for release on August 21st to the United States, following the Money in the Bank 2012 DVD release one week prior.

It’s confirmed that it will be produced as 3-Disc DVD and 2-Disc Blu-ray sets.

We can also reveal the official synopsis as shown below.

The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History presents the most amazing, devastating and bone crunching signature moves in this countdown-style production guaranteed to stir up controversy and banter among the WWE Universe.

From Sweet Chin Music to the Rock Bottom, Attitude Adjustment and everything in between, these are the moves guaranteed to bring the masses to their feet and to leave the unfortunate recipient lying on the mat for the inevitable three count.

Which moves made the cut, and what is the greatest finishing move in the history of WWE. This 3-Disc DVD is great for the opinionated WWE history buffs who love to debate which Superstar’s moves are the greatest.


The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History [3 DVD]
Catalog: WWE95067
UPC: 651191950676

The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History [2 Blu-ray]
Catalog: WWE95068
UPC: 651191950683

Expect to see pre-order listings go up on retail sites in the coming days.

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  1. SRB says:

    Move #50 Arm Bar…. Move #31 Arm Bar…. Move #17 The 3 handed Cincinatti Radunzel… Move #8 Arm Bar…

  2. scsa says:

    Well I’ll deffinetley buy it if they show the entire segment of Commissioner Shawn Michael’s being fired buy Vin-Man n laying his Sweet Chin Music in his face on RAW!

  3. al says:

    Lol Hogans leg drop wont be in the DVD probably #100 if lucky. Yokozunas banzai maybe in the list maybe #50

  4. al says:

    Takers tombstone #1. Hbk probably #50 thats just a kick to the face not much of a move my grandma can do that lol. Rock bottom kind of lame also maybe #40 hellsgate #2

  5. nightmare says:

    Yea I would agree I do this release as really a big failure and don’t think it will sell well at all .I myself so far have no interest in this one but that could change once we get more info .Just have to wait on see on this one .

  6. Simon says:

    That should read, “I’d probably *rather* see segments…”

  7. Simon says:

    I’d probably see segments rather than matches, as it’d get to the punchline quicker. However, matches are more likely to sell DVDs I’d imagine.

  8. nightmare says:

    This does sound like a very odd release it really depends on what matches are on it and what extras they are

  9. Mark D says:

    This set has the potential to be the sleeper set of the year – if they include a varied match selection (like the Top 50 Superstars) it could be very good. It will be interesting to see what 50 moves will be included. Given that I’m kinda looking forward to it.

    • james says:

      I’m also looking forward to it. I see the usual stupid comments here, but this really has potential. What is the match listing criteria, a match where somebody uses their finisher? That’s like, 98% of the matches in existence. You could really throw anything on here and if they open it up to all of wrestling, maybe you’ll get some rare WCCW with Fritz and the Claw, or some old school Shiek making jabronis tap to the clutch. Probably some old Superstars squashes to show off the Perfectplex, Rude Awakening, etc. I think people need to chill until they release a match list.

  10. Harry Faversham says:

    A countdown as a main feature is a terrible format for a DVD release in my opinion.

  11. WWEDVDNEWSGUY#1 says:

    Make sure to follow WWEDVDNews on Twitter by clicking that follow button up there now! For those who don’t know, Hoe Kogan won that match againts HBK at SummerSlam 2005. (PHOTOS|WATCH).

  12. Rob L says:

    Kinda iffy about this DVD. We all know how controversial these countdown sets can be, but they also make for a good debate. My biggest fear is the match listing though. Hopefully we get some rare never released matches.

  13. Dave says:

    Let the bitching begin…people need to realize WWE has to cater to a MASS crowd, not just segment of the market which is us. They can’t just release continuous ECW, WCW, AWA, WCCW, superstar sets, etc.

    Ever since the Coliseum Video days, they always had couple pointless releases throughout the year.

    Nobody is forcing you to buy it…but they’re are people out there that want to see a set like this.

    • SRB says:

      Just curious Dave, do you plan to buy it? If so, why? If not, why not?

      • Dave says:

        Yes, actually i will be purchasing the Blu-ray because I’m a avid DVD/Blu-ray collector and want to support WWE into releasing more Blu-rays in the future.

        • SRB says:

          While I feel the release is pretty poor for the most part considering the library available and what has not been released in the past i agree with you here. i pretty much grab them all for collection sake.

  14. SRB says:

    Moves 23-11 will be John Cena’s

  15. RabidHeat says:

    “This 3-Disc DVD is great for the opinionated WWE history buffs who love to debate which Superstar’s moves are the greatest.”

    Who exactly are these “buffs” that sit around discussing this? Lol.

  16. Steve says:

    All of those great fantasy concepts and this is what they come up with. The only thing that will save this will be the match listing. Let’s be real though this is destined to have Rock-Austin WM X7 on it due to multiple Rock bottoms and stunners. Don’t get me wrong a fantastic match but on 15 other DVD sets. Why can’t they just listen to the fans and make DVD sets of things we actually want to see.

  17. nightmare says:

    It seems like everything that may be on here has been on other release and it also seems that WWE and TNA tend to do this alot

  18. Joe Israel says:

    It would be really great if when talking about these different finishing maneuvers, the wrestlers “break kayfabe” (for lack of a better term) and talk about why various finishers have been good from a storytelling standpoint (i.e. Jericho adding the Codebreaker to his repertoire because it can be hit out of nowhere during a match and add excitement). Unfortunately, they don’t usually do this for the countdown DVDs, which have been fairly tame so far. Hopefully they go all out for this one though.

    No idea what to expect on Discs 2 and 3, I assume it will be left open for a ton of different matches, but we shall wait and see.

  19. Derick says:

    I’m expecting either the Tombstone Piledrive, The Pedigree or The Stunner to be number one here.

  20. Daniel Bee says:

    The YES! lock for the #1 spot, naturally.

  21. Ryan says:

    I wonder if they’ll include the moves that once were finishing moves but now are ordinary like Jake Robert’s DDT, Rick Rude’s Neck Breaker, or Bruno Sammartino’s bearhug.

  22. Roaster says:

    Unfortunately there will be no Crippler crossface. I understand that John Cena is their go to guy but his “finisher” is beyond weak. It’s pretty much just a backbody drop and we’ll see that and Hogan’s crappy legdrop on there too.

  23. Anonymous says:

    i hope it’s better than OMG top 50 incidents dvd.

  24. oldschool says:

    umm I hope they do a better job than the 50 greatest superstars dvd

  25. nightmare says:

    This set sounds kind of lam so far I am not interested in all but right now it depends on what matches are on it and extras so right now I am undecided

  26. StingaLing says:

    This set will be meaningless fluff at best BUT I like the idea of making the whole thing *super* kayfabe’d. The list would delve into the psychology of each move, why and how they are effective, even the moves that are best used to set up the finisher. Also comparisons between similar moves and how they are used, a conversation between DDP and Orton for example…

    Of course none of this will be included, no, the ‘E will simply trot out Josh Matthews to barf up a bunch of bullshit. It makes me sad but WWE’s hatred of wrestling has made me hate wrestling or more specifically WWE, which is, nowadays, wrestling.

    I really really miss WCW and ECW!!!!!

  27. NWO 4 Life says:

    Just predicting a few moves on the list, Chokeslam, sweet chin music, stone cold stunner, jacknife powerbomb, FU, rock bottom, and YesLock.

  28. Banjo says:

    For this video, I want to see every single time John Cena has made someone tap out to the STF!!!

  29. Michael says:

    Wow, WWE are just asking to be criticised after this list is released!

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