Exclusive: Details on WWE Top 25 Rivalries DVD, New Blu-Rays Hit the UK

January 31, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE The Rock vs Stone Cold Rivalry

We can now fully confirm WWE: Top 25 Rivalries is on the way worldwide! It’s due to hit the United States on DVD and Blu-ray formats on May 28th, and expected to follow on to both Australia and UK/Europe for release in June.

This one promises to count down the most exciting, controversial and talked about rivalries in WWE history! In addition to the main feature will be a mix of bonus matches ranging from famous PPV bouts to rare classics pulled from the vault. Below is the official synopsis.

WWE Superstars clash year-round with championships, glory, and personal pride on the line. But only 25 rivalries can be considered the greatest in sports entertainment history. Now for the first time ever, WWE counts down the most intense rivalries of all time. With each segment narrated by a different WWE or mainstream personality, each rivalry takes on a life of its own as WWE fans get an inside, never-before-seen perspective on their favorite showdowns. From the grudges born from equal pursuit of a common goal to those where the animosity crosses personal boundaries, all the timeless conflicts in the history of WWE, WCW, NWA, ECW and more are presented. Featuring Cena vs Edge, Stone Cold vs Mr McMahon, Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat and many more, this controversial countdown is sure to be dissected and debated by fans of all eras. Plus, special features include over 5 hours of bonus matches highlighting the rivalries presented in the countdown.

Look for Top Rivalries and WrestleMania 29 to go up for pre-order on Amazon.com soon!


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Now released and shipping out to fans in the UK and Europe at WWEDVD.co.uk are The Top 100 Raw Moments in Raw History and Hell in a Cell 2012.

Below are new photos of the Blu-ray editions of both titles. In the case of Hell in a Cell 2012, this is exclusively on Blu-ray format in Europe.

WWE Blu-Rays FremantleMedia UK

WWE Blu-Rays FremantleMedia UK

WWE Blu-Rays FremantleMedia UK

Hell in a Cell 2012 Blu-ray Exclusives

RAW – 29th October 2012:

CM Punk addresses the WWE Universe

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

Vickie Guerrero accuses John Cena

Sheamus discusses his match at Hell In A Cell

Smackdown – 2nd November 2012:

Miz TV with Sheamus

Sheamus & Kofi Kingston vs. Big Show & The Miz

WWE Blu-Rays FremantleMedia UK

Both of these DVDs/Blu-rays are available now at WWEDVD.co.uk and The Attitude Era is not far behind, with orders expected to dispatch in the next few weeks.

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage (One of my favorite Rivalries in 1992)

    Ultimate Warrior returns in 1992 to help Hogan at Wrestlemania VIII and then fueds with Savage and then became the Ultimate Maniacs.

    Warrior Rules! – Savage Rules! – Together they are the Ultimate Maniacs & #1 to me!


  2. Anan says:

    Sting vs nWo, Taker vs Kane, Austin vs Mcmahon. Taker vs Mankind is missing from the list. I felt that was a great rivalry and should be included along with Sting vs Flair. These five should make the cut with Austin vs Mcmahon being at #1 for the obvious reasons. In terms of stables, I’d venture to say DX vs Nation and Ministry vs Corporation would be great additions to the set as well.

    I also hope the Taker HBK/HHH rivalries are included too. But Taker’s year long feuds with Orton, Batista and Edge would be great to see too.

    Fact is though, these are too many Taker rivalries and with a max of just 25 (I think it could be 100 since being at a mere 25, some great one will be left off.), it seems WWE will only have one Taker rivalry. Or two at most.

  3. jason says:

    i think the flair vs dusty rivarly should be included in this set

  4. Darnell harris says:

    i hope that the wwe add taker vs shawn michaels an taker vs triple h from their wm25,26,27,an28 to the countdown on the top 25 rivalries

  5. Joe Regan says:

    Hogan vs. Savage??? Hello???

    • Edward Letendre says:

      I agree, Hogan vs Savage was great for its time and I would love to see any of their matches on the discs.

  6. Lanomannen says:

    The Rock vs stone cold steve austin!! EASY the greatest rivalry of all time! to men constantly going for the gold from 1997-2003 rock got their 7 times and austin got their 6 times! 3 wrestlemaina single matches all in the main event! chemistry like no other! both icons in their prime! both the 2 biggest draws in professional wrestling history. you tell me how this cannot be the greatest rivalry of all time?

  7. Motracko says:

    Hogan vs Macho Man?
    Sting vs Flair?

  8. I’m so sick and tired of WWE leaving Ultimate Warrior out of these collections and other DVD’s. I most importantly want a new ULTIMATE WARRIOR DVD 3 DISK set, Not like the last bash job. Ultimate Warrior had lots of matches that are being disrespected and never brought up. Warrior faced Triple H, Honky Tonk Man, Andre, Hogan, Flair, Valentine, Shango, Rude, Smash, Earthquake, Bravo, Ninja, Heenan, Slaughter, Undertaker, Haku, Perfect, Sid, Dibiase & lots more, Including tag teaming with Hogan, Savage, Undertaker, Legion Of Doom, Sting, Roberts, Duggan & more. So in this DVD of Rivalries, I want Warrior vs. Savage from 1992. I WANT A NEW ULTIMATE WARRIOR DVD & THIS DVD INCLUDING WARRIOR! Also, The starting montage’s should including WARRIOR and WARRIOR should be included alot more in WWE programming! This is one of the reasons why Warrior will not accept the Hall Of Fame. Warrior already told me and lots of his fans that the only way he will accept the Hall Of Fame and any future involvement, including a possible return, Is WWE needs to make amends, produce a new Ultimate Warrior DVD and give him the respect that he Ultimately deserves and stop lying to the fans about him. ONE WARRIOR NATION RULES 4-LIFE!

    • SRB says:

      I can 100% agree with this statement. I’m really sick of Vince and the rest of the crew not being able to bury the hatchet when it comes to personal crap backstage that has happened over the years. Too bad for Vince he only really got over Randy Savage when he was so far removed from wrestling that he had no choice to forget about him. Let’s remember something Vince: Savage was your FIRST undisputed champion from WM4, not Jericho from Vengeance 2001!!! I understand Warrior was a maniac back then and maybe made some bad decisions in a business sense, but it was Vince who brought him back again and again, so what are you telling the fans then? You’re telling them that Warrior has got something left and plenty of fans agreed. I was there live for Warrior/HHH at WM12 and Warrior still had plenty of steam in him. I can agree with Daniel, Warrior needs to be on these sets. His programs with Rude, Savage, Hogan and Andre weren’t always pretty but they stood out and I’ll always remember them.

      • Another thing is not all Warrior’s matches were short. Everybody has Long & Short matches. It’s not about what other Legends/Superstars think of Warrior, It’s the fans that matter who pay there money for tickets, gear, live events, ppvs and lots more to give you a paycheck. I loved the Ultimate Maniacs!… Warrior should of never been fired and Warrior & Savage really could of made awesome history! But like always, Just when it gets good. Whoever bashes Warrior, Here’s a fact: If your a Legend or current Superstar and you bash Warrior, You will ULTIMATELY lose my respect and as a fan, No matter who you are. WWE, Make things right and do the right thing. Give the fans what they rightfully deserve! Here’s an idea to…. Have ROCK & ROLL LEGENDARY / HALL OF FAMER “Red Rocker” Sammy Hagar guest host WWE RAW, Perform live at WRESTLEMANIA!!! Trust me, It would not be a disappointment! … Last, Make ULTIMATE WARRIOR as RAW GENERAL MANAGER!!!

      • Ryan says:

        How was Savage the fist Undisputed champion? It was only the WWF title. He didn’t unify any other titles.

        • Mark D says:

          Technically the WrestleMania IV tournament was to crown an “Undisputed World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion” so while he didn’t “unify” the WWE and WCW/World Titles – I guess you could say Savage was an Undisputed Champion, but he wasn’t THE undisputed champion.

          • Ryan says:

            That makes sense Mark. Maybe we should count Lawler the first Undisputed Champ instead since he did unify two titles. LOL.

            • SRB says:

              How was Savage the first undisputed champion? Are you serious? Let me think… It was when WWF said, “Savage is the undisputed champion,” at WM4.. No one ever said you have to unify titles to be undisputed. This is WWF’s terminology, not mine.

    • Devin McDickington says:

      Well, maybe Warrior should of had a little foresight

  9. Rob L says:

    If WWE is producing a top 25 rivalries DVD does that mean the “Greatest Rivalries” series is done? I would much rather have them continue with the same format as Hart vs Michaels.

    • SRB says:

      Really? Believe it or not WWE made a mistake with Bret/HBK. They released the best, only real-life rivalry they can offer! Some people have said Austin/Rock had some real life words, not true! The only real rivalry they could release are ones that weren’t really ever great or stuck out in the minds of fans. What are they going to release? HHH/Orton??? Not worth a 3 disc set and WWE knows this, they know you cant follow HBK/Bret, so theyre doing the next best thing, releasing a bunch of rivalries at once. They shot themselves in the foot and they know it. I for one wouldnt buy a 3 disc Cena/Big Show set…

  10. prongcat says:

    Why couldn’t we vote for Taker vs Shawn? or Taker vs Mankind? or Triple H vs Foley? or HBK vs YTJ? WWF vs WCW? Dusty vs Flair? Road Warriors vs Four Horseman? Vader vs Sting? GLAD TO SEE RAVEN VS DREAMER ON THE POLL THOUGH, AMAZING FUED.

    • Mark D says:

      Really the poll was just a little bit of fun, we were NEVER going to be able to include everyone’s favourite, which is exactly why the Top 25 Rivalries DVD is going to be very interesting. 25 isn’t a whole lot even if you just consider WWE! Try it yourself and list just 25 rivalries – I’ll bet you end up with more 😉

  11. sheezy says:

    Expect them to throw in one divas feud.probably Trish v lita

  12. sheezy says:

    Why is Bret v Shawn not in the poll?I know they did a whole set on it,but I don’t think that means it will be excluded from the countdown.I expect it to.be in the top five and it may be number one.

  13. sheezy says:

    They better put the west Texas rednecks v no.limit soldiers feud on this

  14. Tony Schivaone says:

    I don’t know about “mainstream personalities” narrating things — that sounds kinda corny. I am interesting in one thing, though — will the fact that this is top 25 rather than top 50 mean we will have more time for extras or for each rivalry to be discussed? Either way it’s a win/win.

    • Tony Schivaone says:

      Actually now that I think of it, I think the “mainstream personality” thing could work if they match people up properly. If they have Arnold Schwartznegger talk about Hogan/Andre, for instance, that would be cool. I do like the idea of not just gathering up a few members of the current roster and have them talk about a bunch of stuff since virtually everyone isn’t qualified to talk about every rivalry that could potentially be on here. Some of the younger guys might not know about Freebirds/Von Erichs, JR might not know about Hogan/Sting, etc.

      • Tony Schivaone says:

        Ooh, I just thought of something else. Could the fact that this is only top 25 mean that EVERY rivalry will have an extra? That sounds great!

        Sorry for all the posts but i’m excited about this.

  15. Nick says:

    I hope Jack Brisco vs Dory Funk jr gets included. Their matches were incredible. But I wouldn’t be surprised if anything before 1985 isn’t included.

    • pmdmf says:

      I wouldn’t mind seeing it too, if nothing else to hear Gordon Solie. In my opinion, not enough of his matches that he called are released.

  16. Tony Schivaone says:

    Good to see Sting/Hogan so high on the poll. That is my favorite feud ever, even if the matches weren’t that great.

    I agree with what other people were saying about Austin/Rock. I never really got into that feud. Orton/Cena is a solid rivalry, also. I’m not really big on the PG era but I thought those two were natural rivals. It will be interesting to see what the proportional representation in terms of wrestling promotions is on this set. Will it just be WWE/WCW/ECW or will we see some territories?

  17. insanetombstone96 says:

    Orton/Cena should also be in there. Loved that rivalry. Their 60 min iron man match in 09 was EPIC!

  18. captain planet says:

    Hands down Eric Escobar vs Vickie Guerrero

  19. Fer says:

    My favorite rivalry of all time is Awesome/Tanaka, doubt that’ll be showcased here

  20. Ryan says:

    I hope they cover the Von Erichs vs the Freebirds and the Midnight Express vs the Rock n Roll express. Those are still the two best feuds I’ve ever seen.

  21. Ryan says:


    Awesome collection that includes the 21 disc wrestlemania anthology and rock bottom 1998 attitude era collection dvd

  22. SRB says:

    My favorite rivalry of all time is likely to be Sting/Muta. We didnt see it too much here in the states, but these guys went all over the world with their program. Classic matches. A more mainstream rivalry for me is Cena/Edge. Edge was such a great, multidimensional heel and his matches with Cena were great. I, unlike most, would not give my vote to Rock/SCSA

  23. Thomas says:

    The Rock / Stone Cold rivalry was fantastic, headlined three WrestleMania events was the top rivalry in my mind

  24. Tony Schivaone says:

    I am really looking forward to this one. Anything could be on it.

  25. Big Greg says:

    How about nWo vs 4 Horsemen and The Outsiders vs Harlem Heat?

  26. Big Greg says:

    What about DX vs Hart Foundation that was a good feud. DX won that easily Suck It

  27. Nelson says:

    Undertaker & Kane
    Undertaker & Shawn
    Undertaker & Batista
    Undertaker & Mankind
    Undertaker & Edge
    Steve Austin & Vince McMahon
    Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant
    Dreamer & Raven

  28. Go Niners! says:

    Hogan vs Andre
    Hogan vs Piper
    Hogan vs Savage
    Bret vs Shawn
    Bret vs Owen
    Bret vs Austin
    Austin vs McMahon
    Austin vs The Rock
    The Rock vs Mick Foley
    The Rock vs Triple H
    Triple H vs Shawn
    Shawn vs Undertaker
    Savage vs Flair
    Savage vs Jake the Snake
    Undertaker vs Mankind
    Rick Rude vs Jake the Snake

    All better then any Cena feud

  29. Marco says:

    Austin vs. McMahon
    Hart vs. Michaels
    Rock vs. Mankind
    Austin vs. Hart (Foundation)
    E&C vs. Hardys vs. Dudleys
    Cena vs. Edge
    Jericho vs. Benoit
    WWF vs. WCW
    NWO vs. WCW
    Flair vs. Steamboat
    Joe vs. Punk (ROH)
    Punk vs. ROH (Summer of Punk)

  30. t says:

    I miss Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar and Mankind vs Undertaker, but I understand it’s tough. But those 2 feuds were better than Cena – Punk (cut short by Triple H) or Rey – Eddie (ridiculous and pathetic – battle over the custody of Dominic, gotta be kidding).

  31. Go Niners! says:

    Really? More people voted for Kane vs Undertaker than Hogan vs Andre? Taker vs Mankind, Austin, or HBK were all better than his feud with Kane

  32. Anonymous says:

    At the risk of sounding like a jerk, people who picked Cena vs. Punk as their favorite should probably watch more wrestling. It was a really good feud, but there’s so many other great feuds from years past that deserve a look and still hold up just as well, if not better, than that one.

  33. indyfan says:

    I hope Dreamer vs Raven makes it. That was a great rivalry.

  34. Wwfer says:


  35. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Top 25 Rivalries will be a great set, I think.

    I still want to see a “Greatest Rivalries: The Monday Night War” Blu-ray come out one day. It’s the only one that can compete with the Bret vs Shawn set.

    • LP1 says:

      I agree. The top rivalries on that DVD should unquestionably be Bret vs Shawn and WWF vs WCW. Nothing else comes even close. The reason those feuds worked so well is because they were 100% real.

      • Ryan says:

        Depends on your age. I wouldn’t even put those in my top 10. Most likely they would land in the high teens or early twenties. So many great feuds happened before those that were better IMO.

        • LP1 says:

          I’m not sure what “age” has to do with anything. I would say the impact and long term business ramifications have more to do with it. Both of those feuds (Bret vs Shawn and WWF vs WCW) completely changed the business forever. Not necessarily for the better in some cases, but they definitely had a more long term impact than any other feuds in history. No worked storyline feuds can even come close. The wrestling business is still feeling the after effects of the WWF vs WCW war ’til this day. The business has never recovered from the death of WCW. And Bret vs Shawn culminated in the most talked about match in wrestling history. A match that changed the landscape of the WWF(and therefore the business in general) due to its outcome.

          So I’m sticking to my original point that no worked feud/rivalry in history can even touch the real life feuds/rivalries that were Bret vs Shawn and WWF vs WCW.

    • Scsa says:

      I agree! Though I’d also like to see a an individual Greatest Rivlary set’ between Austin n Rock! just like the Bret Vs Shawn set!!

  36. @imdjluis says:

    The only Cena rivalry I want to see is the original Cena vs. Lesnar rivalry, that was more entertaining than any other “rivalry” he ever had.

  37. Marius says:

    Nice 🙂

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