Digital Digest: Free Edge DL, Brock Lesnar/WWE Greatest Matches, OMG!

April 21, 2012 by Roger Palmer

This edition of Digital Digest contains the latest digital news, Top 3 downloads featuring Edge, Top 3 Greatest Matches videos featuring the recent returnee Brock Lesnar, and more.

Digital News

– The big release of this fortnight is the documentary “Edge – You Think You Know Me?” which is available to rent and purchase on many different digital platforms such as iTunes and Vudu. The documentary is available in SD, HD & HDX.

– With the physical DVD release, Walmart is offering a free WWE digital download on with its new releases such as Story of Edge and Bending the Rules. Walmart has been doing this offer on lots of recent releases as a way of promoting their own On Demand service Vudu. WWEDVDNews reader Keith Young sent word they are offering a free download of Edge’s Decade of Decadence with the purchase of The Story of Edge.

– The latest WWE titles available on Netflix are Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart, The Epic Journey of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Best of King of the Ring, The Ladder Match 2: Crash & Burn, and Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line.

– has added TLC 2011 to its list of PPV’s available to download. This show is also available on other platforms already.

– Last week we heard that WWE will be releasing two Superstar Collection DVDs on John Cena & Zack Ryder on July 10th. Since these will be single disc titles, I’d expect these to be made available to rent/purchase as a digital release as well.

– Also last week, first details on the new Undertaker “The Steak” Home Video were revealed. Since this will features a documentary, I’d expect this documentary to be released as the digital version rather than being released in a volumed format.

– Elimination Chamber 2012 is now available to download on iTunes in Australia.

– New episodes of Smackdown, RAW and Impact Wrestling are available to download on most digital platforms.

– WWE’s No Way Out is set to return and be released on DVD on July 17th, so as per the norm with digital PPV releases, this one could hit online platforms either on the 17th or a day early.

– WWE Classics On Demand has been updated with its mid-month videos which include Survivor Series 1988, plus more 80’s classic videos featuring Hulk Hogan being showcased in the Hall of Fame, as well as the Greatest Stars of the 80’s.

– In other WWE Classics On Demand news, here is a preview for May’s videos – “Relive the insane moments that made you say…OMG! From unbelievable moves to shocking moments, it’s a jaw-dropping month full of the unexpected. It’s “OMG! Month” all May on WWE Classics On Demand”.

– Two new updates from the WWE Greatest Matches team: “Full matches from Extreme Rules past coming very soon! Relive the greatest matches from 2007-2011! This May we look at the greatest high flyers! We went into the vaults to find some rarely seen classics”.

– TNA’s next PPV Sacrifice will be available to view on It’s also worth noting that has added a 2012 PPV section but hasn’t actually uploaded any new shows. Expect them to start appearing soon.

– The Independent wrestling documentary “Fake it so Real” based on the promotion MWF is set to be released in May on video on demand.

– Evolve 11 is now available on demand through which features The Rematch of Dave “Fit” Finlay vs. Sami Callihan as well as Low Ki vs. El Generico.

– If your a fan of independent wrestling, many of the promotions have embraced digital on demand videos as it offers a easy and cheaper alternative to making DVD’s. I’ve mentioned the two biggest independent promotions Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA here before, but there is lots of other different companies offering wrestling on demand including RFVideo, Smart Mark, Kayfabe Commentaries, WWNLive, Click Wrestle, Hybrident and many more. Each company offers a variety of different videos including interviews, documentaries, Japanese, Lucha, Women, Extreme and much more. Prices vary between pay per view and subscription based downloads, whilst some videos are even free.

Top 3 Downloads

1) “You Think You Know Me?” – Story of Edge

Ever since Edge retired from wrestling due to health issues and was announced as the lead entrant into 2012’s Hall of Fame, I’ve been looking forward to a proper documentary that showcased Edge’s career (Decade of Decadence didn’t include one). The documentary follows a similar format to most WWE biographical releases where friends, family and wrestlers go through Edge’s life from childhood, including some fantastic early footage with Christian and Rhyno. Edge is very open about his life and career which makes me believe this video is a closing of a chapter of his life which he seems to have accepted. It’s hard to squeeze a entire career into a 2 hour video. It feels like he was still in his prime and I’m still not sure it’s sank in that he won’t return to the ring. My only complaint is that they should have waited a few months to release this video with Edge’s Hall of Fame induction included, for a perfect ending. If your a Edge fan, this is as easy recommendation and for the casual fan, it’ll make a great rental.

2) Edge – Decade of Decadence

It’s a bit of an Edge themed month, with Bending the Rules and Story of Edge coming out, so I thought it is only right to go back to Edge’s original home video, available to download as well as being on Netflix. This home video is spread across three volumes (1 volume per disc) and is a great way of watching some fantastic Edge battles. It is worth noting that if your planning on downloading this title, it might be worth checking out eBay/Amazon/Silvervision as it is cheaper to buy the DVD than to buy online, but for Netflix subscribers, this is a perfect way of catching up on some of Edge’s finest matches such as my personal favourites; Mick Foley from Wrestlemania 22, his matches with Taker and Cena, and tag battles with the Hardy’z and Dudleys.

3) Wrestlemania 27 – Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio

Keeping with the Edge theme, there are plenty of excellent matches available to download on iTunes including the Elimination Chamber 2011 match and his match with Dolph Ziggler at Royal Rumble 2011, but I thought it’s only right to go with Edge’s final match. Possibly the finest way to go out; to have your last match at Wrestlemania and to retire as the World Heavyweight Champion. This is am excellent match that kicked off Wrestlemania 27 and little did anyone know that it was Edge’s last match. It may not the greatest match from the show, but still very memorable for being a great way to finish the ‘story of Edge’.

Top 3 Greatest Matches

With the return of “The Next Big Thing”, Brock Lesnar, let’s look back at some of his standout matches available (and completely free) on

1) Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg – Wrestlemania XX

This might not be a popular choice nor the best Lesnar match ever, but it’s a unique match that the Madison Square Garden crowd made their own. Both Lesnar and Goldberg were leaving the company and the fans made sure they let everybody around the world know that they weren’t impressed with either guys. Stone Cold played the role of the Special Guest Referee which probably was for the best as he was able to get the fans back into the match, but this dream match wasn’t what it should have been.

2) Brock Lesnar vs.The Rock – Summerslam 2002

This was a huge match for Lesnar, as he had only been on TV for barely six months and had been pushed to the top of the roster. This was also one of The Rock’s last runs between shooting movies before he departed. This match was a big deal as not only does Brock win the WWE title for the first time, but Rock really gave him the rub as the new face of the company. And if all the internet rumours are correct, the rematch could very easily be the main event of Wrestlemania 29. Not only that but it’s a fantastic match that really shows Brock off as the animal. It was a shame we weren’t able to see him in the WWE for so long. Watch

3) Brock Lesnar & John Cena vs. The Undertaker & Kurt Angle – Smackdown 2003

With Lesnar and Cena going toe to toe at Extreme Rules, this is a nice little preview of their match, as a young Lesnar and even younger looking Cena team up to face the veterans. Cena was the cocky young rookie who wasn’t getting as big a push as Lesnar did and its almost like watching Zack Ryder now, trying different things out and getting over with the fans. Anytime you get Brock, Cena, Taker and Angle in the ring together, there is little doubt that your going to be entertained. Not only are there these matches, but a fantastic Iron man match with Kurt Angle and a massive match involving the Big Show, available on Greatest Matches for free. Watch

Top 3

With TNA’s presenting their Lockdown pay-per-view last weekend, I’ve picked 3 matches based on the same theme, that I think any TNA fan should check out.

1) Lethal Lockdown 2011

After James Storm and Robert Roode headlined this years event, I thought it was only right to go and look at last years main event which featured Beer Money teaming with Fortune members Kaz and Daniels to face Immortal. This is a brutal and bloody match with Ric Flair looking like he just spent the night at the abattoir as he was covered in blood. The big surprise was the return of AJ Styles to help his team. Fortune get the win and take part in the big celebration.

2) Lethal Lockdown- 2007

I had wanted to pick Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle from 2008, but it’s not available on (but it is available on iTunes!), so instead turned back the clock another year to the big 10 man Lethal Lockdown match which involved some big names including Sting, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Christian, Rhyno and many more. This was easily one of the best matches from this PPV and felt like a proper big time main event that delivered what it promised. Your only going to get Lethal Lockdown in TNA and while it might be a little too old school WCW for some, I enjoyed it anyway.

3) Beer Money vs. Team 3D – 2009

Much like with my first pick, this once again is a great way of seeing Beer Money at their best, facing arguably one of the finest tag teams in history. This is essentially a hardcore match with 5 sides of steel since one side had been left open so they could brawl around the arena. Considering the main point of a cage match is to keep everybody inside it makes a mockery of the cage! However, it did at least make this match feel a little different to everything else on the show. This is a excellent match that I really enjoyed, brutal and just very well put together with a great finish. It’s a shame that the tag team division isn’t anything like this anymore.

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  1. raveesh.M says:

    dear sir i like wwe i like shwn and triple h pls send old matches dvd

  2. Supersonic says:

    That Smackdown tag should be on a Lesnar comp when it inevitably gets released.

  3. William says:

    The vid got me pumped for may! Can’t wait!

  4. yourself. says:

    Very nice.

  5. Jim says:

    How about doing a news report on the video quality problems (frame rate issues) that exist on WWE Classics on Demand?

  6. J says:

    They also added Orton’s DVD to Netflix Instant Streaming.

    • Roger Palmer says:

      I will look into the problems on wwe classics on demand. I can see them pulling it once the network launches. The new WWE titles on Netflix went live today so they went up just after this post went up.

      Thanks for the feedback guys.

      • TBG says:

        You guys do such a great comprehensive job on the site. Looking forward to finally finding out why they don’t fix that very annoying WWE cable on demand framerate problem! I’m honestly about to cancel it.

  7. Quack says:

    Thanks for the update on the Netflix instant’s!

  8. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I really hope WWE doesn’t do away with Classics On Demand once the Network starts. I’ve had Classics on Demand for alittle over a year now…I love watching RAW, Nitro and ECW again from that era.

    • Dave says:

      Same here…had Classics for about 2 years and its great…love watching the old school Nitros, RAW, WCCW, ECW. Just wish they would put up Smackdown and Thunder.

      I think once the Network is up and running, WWE will have it’s own On Demand similar to HBO, basically it would have stuff that aired on the network.

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:

        Yeah, I hope so. That would be great if the Network had something like that. Thunder and SmackDown would be a great addition.

        I’m glad they just started airing WWF Mania and WCW WorldWide Wrestling, lol.

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