Digital Digest: Four ECW Releases, WWE Celebrates 10 Years of John Cena

June 16, 2012 by Roger Palmer

Digital Digest is back with news from the past fortnight’s digital wrestling releases, with an extreme ECW flavour.

Digital News

– This past fortnight has seen WWE make the most of their ECW library with their new ECW Unreleased video. Digitally it was released over 3 volumes. The volumes are available to own in SD at $13.99 each, or in HD/HDX at $15.99 each, so the physical DVD works out the better deal for the complete package. This title will be available to rent from July 3rd on Vudu and Xbox Live but available now on Playstation Store.

– There are also new re-releases of previous ECW DVDs too, including Blood Sport, Extreme Rules and December To Dismember. Both Blood Sport and Extreme Rules are split across 2 volumes, with each volume representing a disc from the DVD set. These titles are available on, Xbox Live, Amazon Instant Video and Playstation Store. Blood Sport and Extreme Rules are $8.99 each to own, also available to rent for $2.99.

– Best of WCW Clash of the Champions and You Think You Know Me: The Story of Edge have now been added to the Netflix streaming service.

– Extreme Rules 2012 is now available to own on, iTunes, and Playstation Store.

– has been updated with some new matches including John Cena & Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker & Batista from No Way Out 2007, as well as Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar from No Way Out 2004. They have also put some older John Cena matches onto the free service since this year marks Cena’s 10th year in the WWE. Opponents include Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Big Show, Chris Jericho, JBL, Triple H and others.

– Eariler this week the full content listing for Undertaker “The Streak” was revealed. After looking at the listing, it will be interesting to see how WWE releases this one digitally since none of their Home Video titles that included a documentary have yet been released in a volumed format with full set of matches.

– TNA’s latest PPV Slammiversary 2012 is available as a premium replay on and for a limited time, on

– Victory Road 2012 has been added to It was previously made available to download on Xbox Live last month.

– The TNA Lockdown 2012 PPV has also been added to for subscribers.

– Evolve 14, 15 and 16 will be available as iPPV’s at the end of June through Each show has 3 price options: $9.99 for the live showing only, $14.99 for live showing and unlimited onDemand access, or $24.99 for live showing, unlimited On Demand access, and the DVD.

– In some big independent digital news, it’s been reported that Walmart’s own digital service has been selling/renting older wrestling titles which they may not have permission to. According to women’s promotion Shimmer owner Dave Prazak, Vudu doesn’t have permission to have some titles such as Shimmer Volumes 1 through 5, as well as other shows from Full Impact Pro. Apparently Prazak has also contacted promotions Chikara and IWA Japan which also have titles on to see if they are aware of the situation. I personally know for a fact that these titles have been available to buy/rent for over a year. We will continue to follow this story’s developments, but as of writing the videos are still available on

Top 3 Downloads

There’s plenty of choice this month to remember the extreme, with ECW Unreleased and the other re-released ECW DVDs to digital.

1) ECW Unreleased Vol. 1

WWE’s latest release is ECW Unreleased, across 3 volumes digitally. It’s previously unreleased matches in a best of collection, with Joey Styles popping up randomly to keep things flowing. There are stand out matches on each of the volumes from this set with personal favourites including the RVD & Jerry Lynn vs. the Impact Players, Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka, plus the matches from Cyberslam 2000. Fans will get a kick out of almost every match and with the amount of ECW footage released digitally lately, be ready to be chanting ECW for a couple of weeks!

2) ECW: Bloodsport (Part 1 & 2)

Much like Unreleased, these two volumes feature plenty of original ECW footage that revolutionised professional wrestling and if you’re a big fan of ECW, this is another strong performance. You’ve got some fantastic hardcore brawls involving all the big names from ECW such as Cactus Jack, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Taz and others. With so many ECW matches available this month it’s hard to recommend just a single title as across all of the volumes. There are some gems and not all of them involve foreign objects. For me the triple threat with Super Crazy, Tajiri and Little Guido – and Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis are stand out matches.

3) ECW Extreme Rules (Part 1 & 2)

WWE decided to also release this older ECW DVD in digital format. Originally avaialble back in 2006, the first volume (disc 1 from the DVD) looks at some classic ECW original matches featuring the main names from the era including Tommy Dreamer, the Sandman, Cactus Jack, Mike Awesome, The Dudleyz, Tazz, Sabu, etc. So if you’re a fan of the original ECW then this is a must see especially when it arrives on Netflix at some point. Personally I felt the first part was the strongest of the two simply because there are some fantastic brawls on here. Part 2 focuses on some of the more recent WWE attempt to re-launch ECW, which was watered down at best. Seeing guys like Ric Flair, Hardcore Holly and Test included on a ECW collection doesn’t seem right, but there was a few great matches that took place at the first few ECW One Night Stand reunions.

Top 3

This month marks John Cena’s 10th year in the WWE. Greatest Matches have decided to bring us a load of classic Cena matches to enjoy, and best of all they are all free.

1) John Cena vs. Randy Orton (OVW)

It’s unique anytime we get to see some footage of superstars from their early days before WWE , and this month there is a few Cena matches from OVW where he faced off with Shelton Benjamin, David Flair and Randy Orton. My pick here is his match with Randy Orton as this one just stood out as one to watch. While many may scoff at Cena’s in-ring abilities, there is no doubt he has improved since this. Watch

2) John Cena vs. JBL (WrestleMania 21)

Going back to Wrestlemania 21 we see John Cena win his first world championship in Los Angeles in a simple but effective match that for me symbolises the change in direction that the WWE took. Wrestlemania XX was supposed to be about the new generation with Guerrero and Benoit standing tall as champions, but the following year it was Batista and John Cena standing at the end of the show as the new champions, both of whom dominated the WWE for years to come. JBL doesn’t get enough credit for his fantastic run as champion during this period. Watch

3) John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels (Taboo Tuesday)

In a rare Tuesday PPV, WWE tried to continue their interactive PPV idea with the fans picking Cena’s third opponent to join Kurt Angle in challenging for the WWE championship, which resulted in John Cena vs Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle. Anytime you get those two in the ring together you just know your going to have a good match and this one doesn’t disappoint. Watch

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  1. wwegreatestmatches . com is FANTASTIC. They have a ridiculous amount of classic, great, full matches on the website. As time goes on, and more and more matches are made available, the site will only get better.

  2. Fer says:

    10 years of John Cena something to celebrate? the guy has almost single handlely destroyed the wrestling industry

    • Roger Palmer says:

      Gotta admit I’m not his biggest fan but he is without doubt the top guy for this generation, millions love him, if he wasn’t successful Vince wouldn’t keep pushing him (if above everybody else)…

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      I’m curious… destroyed it, how?

        • Fer says:

          Cena is not good business, he just seem that way cuz he is overpushed, He sells the most merchandise, well that’s a no brainer since he gets more airtime than anybody else. However, he bores me and many fans to death, I do not order PPVs anymore, because I know Cena is going to be in a main event, and at least 1/6 of a 3 hour show would feature a guy that annoys me to death… People keep saying that Cena is a draw and what not, but everytime the guy gets injured there is no drop in ratings and in most ocassions there’s even a slight rise, but the WWE can’t just take the hint

  3. Bill says:

    LOL December to Dismember

  4. Anonymous says:

    Agreed on Holly and Test feeling out of place, but Big Show vs. Flair was a fantastic match and definitely worthy of the ECW name.

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