eBay Watch: Anthology Alert, Over 50 WWE DVD Deals, $200 Top Seller

November 16, 2012 by Aaron Carnevale

WWE DVD News - eBay Watch : Latest WWE DVD Bargains

Welcome to the newest edition of eBay Watch. I’ve dug deep into eBay.com to find the best deals around so lets see what is out there for you right now!

Up first are some auctions and ‘Buy it now’ listings for WWE Anthology box sets. These can get pricey, so don’t let them get away!

Wrestlemania Anthology – Bid Now!

Wrestlemania Anthology – Bid Now!

Wrestlemania Anthology – $130

Wrestlemania Anthology – $150

Leather Wrestlemania Anthology – $600

Summerslam Anthology – $147

Summerslam Anthology – Bid Now!

Royal Rumble Anthology – Bid Now!

Royal Rumble Anthology – Bid Now!

Survivor Series Anthology (1992-1996) – Bid Now!

Survivor Series Anthology (1987-1991) – Bid Now!

Survivor Series Anthology (1987-1991) – $33

Survivor Series Anthology (1992-1996) – $33

EVERY WWE Anthology (Plus 4 Tagged Classics) – $400

Next, great WWE DVD deals – best prices and rare stuff – up for grabs right now. Whether it’s an auction, or a ‘Buy it now’, make sure to act fast with these!

WWE Trish Stratus: Collector’s Edition – Bid Now!

WWE Eddie Guerrero Limited Edition Tin – Bid Now!

Complete 2007 PPV Set – $110

Complete 2008 PPV Set – $110

Complete 2009 PPV Set – $110

WWF Summerslam 2000 – Bid Now!

WWF Unforgiven 2001 – $11.50

WWF Royal Rumble 2002 – $14.80

WWF nWo: Back in Black – $20

WWF Vengeance 2001 – $23

WWE Multi-Feature w/ Dusty Rhodes, WCW, and Mr. Perfect – $10.50

WWE Cause Stone Cold Said So – $4.25

WWE McMahon – $5

WWE The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment – $5

WWE Ladder Match – $5.50

WWE Judgement Day 2003 – $5

WWE Triple H: That Damn Good – Bid Now!

WWF Ringleaders Collection – Bid Now!

WWF King of The Ring 2000 – Bid Now!

WWF Vengeance 2001 – Bid Now!

WWF Invasion 2001 – Bid Now!

WWF nWo: Back in Black – Bid Now!

WWF The Undertaker: This Is My Yard – Bid Now!

WWF Backlash 2002 (Brand New!) – Bid Now!

WWF Hardyz: Leap of Faith (Autographed!) – Bid Now!

WWE Unforgiven 2005 – $4

WWE Summerslam 2005 – $4

WWE Vengeance 2003 – $4.50

WWE Bad Blood 2004 – $4.50

WWE Rise & Fall of ECW – $5

WWE Roddy Piper Story: Born To Controversy – $5

WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 – $5

WWE Superstar Collection: Kofi Kingston – $5.75

WWE Superstar Collection: John Cena – $5.75

WWE Superstar Collection: Sheamus – $5.75

WWE Superstar Collection: Daniel Bryan – $5.75

WWE The True Story of Wrestlemania – $6

Sick of buying one by one? Get a bunch at once. How about a collection of 48 WWE DVDs together? Here are a few lots ending soon!

Lot of 48 WWE DVDs – Bid Now!

Lot of 25 (Including nWo Back in Black!) – Bid Now!

Lot of 21 (Including some WWF titles!) – Bid Now!

Lot of 5 WWE DVDs – Bid Now!

Finally, it’s only right we check out DVDs that sold for crazy cash lately!

12 Tagged Classics – SOLD $247

WWF Austin vs. McMahon – SOLD $199

WWE Homecoming – SOLD $153

WWF Austin vs. McMahon – SOLD $130

WWF Wrestlemania X-7 – SOLD $130

WWF Best of 2001 – SOLD $103

WWE Trish: Collector’s Edition – SOLD $102

WWE Judgement Day 2002 – SOLD $93

WWF King of the Ring 2001 – SOLD $80

WWF Judgement Day 2001 – SOLD $75

WWE Vengeance 2002 – SOLD $66

That wraps up eBay Watch. If you find a noteworthy DVD, make sure to let me know via @AaronCarnevale and you may see it on the next edition of The Watch!

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  1. Greg says:

    Got a copy of WWE Live and Unscripted magazine promo DVD from 2006 on ebay right now if anyone is interested just type in seller name videogameswrestlingandmore.

  2. Charlie 1185 says:

    Im selling a bunch of WCW/WWF VHS now and in the next few weeks if anyone wants to check them out. realmech is my eBay name.

  3. Sarah g says:

    Vengeance 2002 for sale starting at 59 dollars as wel as backlash 2001 DVD starting at 30 dollars Check out remuscallmetonks on eBay

  4. Harry Farrow says:

    I am amazed that some region 1 dvds go for so much.

    • Dave says:

      Most carry the WWF label and have been OOP for about 10 years. Some were store exclusive (Trish Stratus CE, RAW Homecoming, Ultimate Warrior 2 Disc, etc) and sold out the first couple days.

      Vengeance 2002 and Judgment Day 2002 were only available on WWE Shop in the US so those are rare and fetch big bucks. The Canadian version were widely available but still hard to find. Early 2002 ppvs are also rare since their shelf life was limited since they were released during the name change and were OOP very quickly.

  5. Good stuff on here. Hope you got that Christmas cash early

  6. any wwedvdnews tv coming?

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