Evan’s Blog: Future WWE Superstar DVDs I would love to see produced!

August 20, 2010 by Evan McFarlane

Hi again everybody, Evan here.

This blog entry is a little related to my first one which got some heat, which to be honest was ok with me as it stirs up discussion. I’m not afraid to speak my mind so in most of my posts I’m gonna get mixed replies..you can’t please everyone!

So this blog today is about WWE Superstar DVD’s that I would personally love to see produced!

1. Jerry Lawler

Now this guy really deserves a 3 disc DVD set of his own! I mean c’mon ,he is the King! Just the basic 3 disc set format would be great. Maybe a documentary and 2 discs of matches would be pretty good. He has had some awesome matches and moments throughout his wrestling carrer and they would be really good to have anytime to relive.

2. The Rock

Now I know in 2008 he had a brand new DVD set come out and it was great, but it lacked the one thing that many fans are craving – a documentary! Although I feel that it is way too early as of yet to release another 3 disc set, it should definatley happen in the future. When he goes into the hall of fame perhaps? We shall see!

3. Randy Orton

There are many fans wanting this, as am I, but I feel it might be better to wait another few years before they release an Orton DVD. I feel this is what should have happened with John Morrison: Rock Star because it just came out way too quick and the guy hadn’t had as many good matches. Now Orton is a multiple time champion and has had some classic bouts so i can guarantee you that he will have a 3 disc set in the future although I feel it might be better left till later rather than sooner!

4. John Cena

I’m aware that “Experience” is to be released later this year. This one should should be intresting to see because I’m really not sure what they can cover here that they did not cover in My Life aside from new matches. I look forward to seeing what it’s about and a Blu Ray release should be fantastic.

5. Edge

Now Decade of Decedance was brilliant and all the matches were awesome but yet again this is another 3 disc set which lacked a much anticipated documentary. Hopefully we will see another Edge DVD set in the future with a documentary and interviews.

6. Triple H

A new Triple H 3 DVD set! He had a 2 disc set but that does not do justice for the King of Kings, despite the name! Maybe at a later stage in the Game’s career we shall se a 3 disc set with a documentary and lots of matches. Or at least I hope we do!

Thanks for reading this blog entry and please leave comments on your picks for future WWE Superstar DVD’s you would like to see released.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think a Randy Orton dvd is the one I’d most like to own. Also, Rick Rude deserves something similiar to the Mr. Perfect set. And it’s not even close to time for it, but I look forward to a Sheamus dvd set very much. And I, along with many other people, would love to see classic tag teams such as the British Bulldogs & Hart Foundation get some love too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Christan dvd!!!! hes had so many awesome matches!!!!

  3. Chrismoffat42 says:

    AWESOME, Would love to see a Christian DVD and a 3 disc set of Jerry Lawler LOL AWESOME!

  4. Dude im gonna tell u there is no chance of a owen hart dvd

  5. larry says:

    i would like to see a cm punk dvd a william regal dvd a christian dvd a jeff jarrett dvd(i know he is in tna but still what to see it happen) and the last one a owen hart dvd