Exclusive Photos of WWE: The Attitude Era DVD – Released Today!

November 20, 2012 by Daniel Bee

“The Attitude Era” hits stores today on DVD and Blu-ray! Here’s a look at the artwork on the 3-Disc DVD version.

Yesterday we learned that the runtime of the DVD is 7 hours, 1 minute. The documentary length is 57 minutes. In the case of the Blu-ray edition, there are 1 hour 26 mins of exclusives.

WWE WWF The Attitude Era


WWE The Attitude Era DVD

WWE The Attitude Era DVD

WWE The Attitude Era DVD

Bust out your Austin 3:16 shirt, strike a 5-second pose, heat up a delicious slice of pie and countdown to Y2J all over again with The Attitude Era. Go back to the days of debauchery when radical antiheroes ditched saying their prayers and taking their vitamins for opening up a can of whoop ass and laying the SmackDown; when rebels ruled the airwaves and PG stood for puppies and grapefruits.

This 3-disc slobberknocker is packed with all the action that pushed censors to new limits, shattered cable TV ratings and crushed WWE’s competition like a Spanish announcer’s table.


– The Austin/McMahon rivalry
– The invention of Hell in a Cell, TLC, Brawl for All and more
– The revamping of Superstars’ entrance music
– All the top stars such as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley (all three of them!), DX, Undertaker, Edge & Christian, Chris Jericho, Trish Stratus, The McMahons, Kane, The APA, Sable, Goldust, Val Venis, and more!

WWE The Attitude Era DVD

WWE The Attitude Era DVD

WWE The Attitude Era DVD

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WWE The Attitude Era DVD

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  1. Got the DVD at RAW in the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey for $20

  2. SLEDGEHAMMER 1999 says:

    Pre-ordered the dvd from Amazon, got sent to my grandfather’s house… lol. He wasn’t too happy, but should be getting it Wednesday, also am getting the dvd for X-Mas… 🙂 From what y’all are saying it’s kind of not what y’all expected… hoping it was worth buying!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Watched the documentary and to be honest I hated it. The whole thing felt like the superstars was preaching that the Attitude Era was too edgy and disgusting and that it should have been toned down. It had to be the dumbest WWE documentary I have ever seen. Trust me don’t flame me until you see it and when you do you will understand what I mean.

    Matches and segments were cool though.

    • Dave says:

      If you’ve seen other docs and read articles it said Vince was always against going that route. He never wanted to have the edgy, vulgar product, it was always attended to be family friendly…but had no choice since he was competing with WCW and had to do what it takes to gain ratings and fans. If Vince had it his way, WWE would NEVER have an Attitude era.

      Austin mentioned this in his documentary.

      • Anonymous says:

        If that’s true why did Vince Mcmahon air a TV-14 product for 6 years after the Attitude Era. I don’t believe what you are saying to be honest.

      • LP1 says:

        Yes it’s true that Vince was very hesitant at first about going down the TV-14 route with all the edgy and adult oriented themes. But once he saw how over it was the audience and once he saw how his business picked up big time from it, he was 100% fully on board with it after that.

  4. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Picked up both versions of this set last night, Blu-ray and DVD. Haven’t watched yet though.

  5. Nick says:

    A big pass for me, anything with a 1 hour doc is not worth it, also not enough good matches on it, i’m more of a doc and matches kinda guy. I think they are saving some better matches for next year.

    Think about it, foley/taker HITC on foleys dvd, rock/hhh iron man and hhh/jericho LMS on HHH’s dvd, we got best of MSG and History of WWE so there is plenty to come, just wait it out people.

    • some guy says:

      I, too, am a doc and matches guy. Which is why I will be skipping this release because it only has a doc and matches.

      • Dave says:

        Good for you guys! keep having those high expectations and that fantasy concept in your head…hopefully WWE will put out a 5 hour documentary with 50 plus matches spanning 15 discs.

        Yup, keep dreaming…

        • Nick says:

          Im not asking for a 5 hour doc but 1 hour is lazy, either put some damn work into one or don’t do it at all. Look at the NWO dvd, mostly recycled clips, the legends roundtable should have been the main feature.

          • some guy says:

            So 1 hour bad, 2 hours good? It sure sounds like you’re asking for 5 hours because by your logic it would be AMAZING

  6. John says:

    It is really damn shame that they could not do this on the blu-ray! Great artwork just like the NWO DVD set!

  7. Paul says:

    By the way, any of you guys find the easter egg(s)? I found one so far on blu-ray disc 1!

    • ChadWWE says:

      I thought Easter Eggs died a while ago and were only on DVD. That’s cool to hear that they may be making a comeback, even if only WWE.

      • LP1 says:

        The CM Punk: Best In The World blu-ray had 3 easter eggs on it. One was him talking about naming his tour bus “Black Maria”. He asks the camera guy if he knows why it’s named that and the camera guy guesses it has to do with Maria Kanellis(Punk’s ex-girlfriend). Punk says that’s what most people figure, but it’s actually named after a truck from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. I forget what the other two easter eggs were at the moment.

    • JFR_WWfE79 says:

      @Paul I didn’t even knew that there was an Easter Egg on disc 1. I wish there was a loop of all of the WWF Attitude promos including the WWF Superstar version.

      BTW: have you noticed that the rating is TV-14 DVLS (instead of TV-14 DLVS). Kind of odd that older WWF DVD releases are TV-14 with the letters “L”, “V” and “D” in some sort of order. Guess this release didn’t get a cardboard slipsleeve.

  8. Paul says:

    After being denied at one bb I had success at another for price matching the blu-ray. Woooooooo!!!

  9. Mike says:

    Got my copy today. Been watching it all night. It’s a great set. I am surprised at some of the stuff they put on there. Thank god they didn’t hold back. Finally some attitude era stuff with no blurring. One thing I noticed was the tag match between Austin and mankind vs Rock and Taker. We hear Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler commentating but if you look at the announce table during the match. It’s Lawler and JR. I don’t see Michael Cole.

    Anyways. Great set. I noticed a few of the “bigger” moments were not included. Not sure if its because they have been released on previous sets. Or if they are saving them for a future release?

    • Nate says:

      My guess is that was from late 1998. It was around that time that JR suffered another incident of Bells Palsey, and was gone for several months. Also, I believe at that point, RAW was only live every other week, with the next week’s show taped. Even though the actual footage was taped, WWF still had live commentary from their television studios to make it seem more current. So that probably explains why you heard Michael Cole, but saw JR at the booth.

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:

        Lol, there were plenty of times I would catch something like that on RAW. Like the time I was listening to King talk on commentary, but when the camera showed him at the booth during a match in the background, his mouth wasn’t moving. Gotta love voiceovers, ha.

  10. Nick says:

    Hey guys, picked up the BB DVD this morning and well, im wondering what exclusives there are. Havent watched the first disc, but from what I can tell on the inside flap of the copy posted here, nothing seems any different. If someone else finds out what exclusives are on there before I watch the thing, great. I thought it might have been the GTV stuff as exclusive but im not sure. Will keep you guys posted if I figure it out.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      They are on Disc 3 – the 4 extras we speculated on the site are the Best Buy ones and turned out to be right. Labeled “exclusive bonus content”. They are not listed on the inside packaging though, probably because they didn’t want to print two different versions of the DVD art.

  11. Robert says:

    I shouted “Hell Yeah” when I saw everyone else inside the front flaps! I think my favorite thing they did here (besides having the scratch logo unblurred), is having lots of clips of interviews with THE FANS, and getting our perspective down, which is in my opinion a crucial element. Hands down, the best DVD of the year.

  12. captain planet says:

    So cool that the inner portion of the DVD has a continuation of the theme on front! I really wish they’d just do BR releases with this kind of packaging – I mean it’s the premium format, why not make it look better than the standard one? Nevertheless, looks great.

  13. JFR_WWfE79 says:

    I just watched the doc and some of the special features/blu-ray exclusives on the blu-ray version. Wish the doc was a bit longer. Now I’d like to get me the Best Buy Exclusive DVD. It is cool that you got to see the original WWF Attitude promo along with the Stone Cold Steve Austin WWF Attitude promo.

  14. Paul says:

    Just tried to price match the Blu-ray at best buy with Amazon’s for $19.49. DENIED. I’m not upset just kind of baffled that a company in such a struggle would shut out a customer over 5 bucks. Oh well, Amazon it is…

    • Mike says:

      Must be your best buy. They priced matched mine. All I had to do was show them the price on my iPhone. Got it for $19.45.

  15. Jonathan says:

    I brought the attitude era on blu ray at best buy today but I didn’t receive the best buy exclusive matches.

    Can I get your thoughts?

    • Daniel Bee says:


      The exclusives are only on their DVD (marked on the front as an exclusive). It’s never included on the Blu-ray too, rightly or wrongly.

      • Anonymous says:

        Danny what would you recondite people do from the UK who want the A.E DVD or Blu Ray now?

        • Daniel Bee says:

          If wanting it this year and before Christmas I’d say import from Amazon (http://amzn.to/QWmd0s) – good price there at the moment, or importcds.com is another reliable source. If prepared to wait, it is going to be released next year to the UK by the new distributor.

          • Anonymous says:

            Surprised you understood what I said damn auto correct messing up 😀 is there a way to get a region free/Region B Blu Ray version?

            • Daniel Bee says:

              Actually yeah, because Australia is Region B for Blu-ray also and the Attitude set is being released there soon. Not sure of the best site to use though, but if it were me I’d have a look on ebay.com.au first.

              • t says:

                Hi Daniel, are BestBuy exclusive DVD versions usually a limited quantity or can one still purchase them some months after release date (I am a bit short on money atm)? How can s.o. in Europe purchase the BB exclusive DVD and be on the safe side, that it is indeed the BB version? 🙂

                • Daniel Bee says:

                  Usually quite limited as far as I know. Not sure how long they stick around to buy. Best way might be having somebody in the US pick one up from a local store for you then ship it on, or see if any sellers on ebay.com have one.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Said it before and I will say it again I love that sticker on the cover saying “explicit content” it just makes the DVD even more adult, edgy and mature. Which is the kind of shows/movies I like.

  17. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Cool. I’ll be picking up both the Blu-ray and DVD versions of this tonight. I definitely have to purchase them both, just for the few exclusives on the Best Buy DVD. I hope this is one in many volumes of the Attitude Era, but, probably not. There are just way too many matches and moments that didn’t make this DVD.

    Even though it’s been on a few releases already, the Hell in a Cell – Undertaker / Mankind match SHOULD have been included without a doubt. Even “Bedpan McMahon” should have been on here again. Then I think of moments like Austin crushing The Rocks Lincoln with his monster truck, “Chainsaw” Charlie’s debut, The New Age Outlaws pushing Funk and Foley off the ramp in the dumpster, Terry Funk and Steve Austin brawling all over the bar on Shotgun Saturday Night, and SO much more that could have been on here. Classic material.

  18. RabidHeat says:

    Well that explains why the Outlaws weren’t on the front then! Nice to see all those guys on the inside. Still no Chyna though * cough * porn star! * cough *

    Has anybody else noticed the WWECW photo of Test with short hair though? That’s sloppy.

  19. LP1 says:

    The fold-out with all the other wrestlers is very cool.

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