Exclusive: TNA Greatest Moments DVD Photos & Full Content Revealed

October 9, 2010 by Daniel Bee

Here are exclusive pre-release photos of TNA Greatest Moments DVD, plus first reveal of the full content included.

This one hits stores in North America on October 18th. The footage present is a 3 hour presentation of TNA moments and interviews with TNA stars on them in between and during.

Given this is a 1 disc release, most of the content is highlights but there are some full segments also.


Hulk Hogan’s Greatest Moments in TNA Wrestling

– Hulk Hogan joins TNA at MSG

– Hulk Hogan debuts in the Impact Zone

– Hulk Hogan gives Abyss his Hall of Fame ring (in full)

– Abyss & Hogan vs & AJ Styles & Ric Flair (in full)

– Team Hogan vs Team Flair at Lockdown 2010


– Kurt Angle becomes first TNA Champion

– Birth of Knockouts Division in 2007

– Gail Kim becoming first ever TNA Knocksouts Champion

– AJ Styles becomes first Grand Slam Champion

– Sarita and Taylor Wilde become first TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions

– Team 3D Wins 23rd Tag Team Championship at Bound for Glory 2009

– Sting wins at Bound for Glory 3 Years in a row

– Madison Rayne becomes TNA Knockout Champion at Lockdown 2010

– Motor City Machineguns win TNA Tag Team Championship at Victory Road 2010

Between the Ropes

– Animal and Rick Steiner vs Team 3D at Slammiversary 2007

– Jay Lethal upsets Kurt Angle at No Surrender 2007

– Abyss set on fire at Bound for Glory 2008

– Sting vs Kurt Angle in an Empty Arena match

– Samoa Joe helps Kurt Angle win the TNA Championship at Slammiversary 2009

– AJ Styles vs Daiels vs Samoa Joe at Turning Point 2009


– Booker T debuts at Genesis 2007

– TNA Wrestling debuts in High Definition in 2008

– Tara debuts in Impact 2008 (in full)

– Taz’s debut in the Impact Zone in 2009

– Ric Flair debuts in the Impact Zone in 2010

– Mr Anderson debuts Genesis 2010

Best of the Rest

– TNA Wrestling attendance record is set on UK Tour 2009

– TNA Backstage riot in Auguest 2009 (in full)

– AJ Styles ends Sting’s Bound for Glory streak in 2009

– Mike Tenay interviews TNA President Dixie Carter in December 2009

– Rise of Main Event Mafia

– Ric Flair aligns himself with AJ Styles

– “The Pope” becomes the number 1 contender at Against All Odds 2010

– Mick Foley shaves Eric Bischoff’s head (in full)

– “The Band” reunites

– Jeff Jarrett hits Eric Bischoff with a Guitar in March 2010 (in full)

– Mick Foley gets fired

– James Storm spits fire in Jeff Hardy’s face

– Ric Flair announces Fortune

– TNA Wrestling’s Brooklyn House Show 2010

– Ric Flair vs Jay Lethal Woooo Off (in full)

– TNA Predient Dixie Carter Invites EV 2.0 to the Impact Zone

Top 10 Best Moments, as voted by fans

10 – Desmond Wolf vs Kurt Angle at Turning Point 2009

9 – Rob Van Dam debuts in TNA

8 – Rob Van Damn defeats Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles in one night

7 – Kurt Angle wins every TNA Championship at Hard Justice

6 – Dixie Carter and Tommy Dreamer announce Hardcore Justice

5 – Jeff Hardy returns to TNA Wrestling

4 – Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle in Six Sides of Steel

3 – Mick Foley’s debut on Impact

2 – Kurt Angle vs Mr Anderson at Lockdown

1 – AJ Styles wins TNA World Heavyweight Champion at No Surrender 2009

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  1. Chris says:

    To be fair the reason theres nothing from before 2007 is because the period between TNA’s debut in 2002 and 2006 were already covered on the 50 Greatest Moments DVD. But this DVD just looks like a mess. Whoever was responsible for the content must of had Hogan in their ear demanding all of HIS moments in the entire first chapter and then pad the rest out with seemingly every former WWE wrestler appearence(eg Road Warrior Animal and Rick Steiner!) Also Mr Anderson and Ric Flair may have had good debuts, but RVDs still remains the WORST EVER. Why would any RVD fan want to relive that?

  2. tnawwefan94 says:

    this dvd looks lik its going to suck ass,they only good thing on here is the whole main event mafie world elite tna front line backstage riot.

  3. Jimmeh says:

    No Christian debut? No Sting debut? No Kurt Angle debut? No Samoa Joe debut? Madness.

    Nothing for the Weekly PPV Days? Nothing from prior to 2007? Which was the best period for in-ring action for TNA. I really don’t think I’ll bother with this set.q

  4. Chris says:

    Not impressed in the slightest with this set. The first 40 minutes is all Hogan Hogan Hogan, only 1 match in full. There was some weird editing choices on the moments shown as well some clips for example they showed the pin only which you’d already seen in the back ground of the interviews then other they showed a whole load of stuff in the segment prior to what they were talking about Tara debut for example where they feel the need to show the whole Kip getting fired stuff first.

  5. Daniel says:

    Hi good looking line up. Were will i be able to purchase this in the UK? Thanks.

  6. Daniel Bee says:

    It’s not awesome but fans of TNA may like it to briefly look back on some prominent moments mostly from 2008-2010. Moments like Tenay interviewing Dixie and TNA going HD (where they simply show the opening video to the first PPV that was shot in HD) are pretty lame.

  7. This looks so damm awesome!

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