Exclusive: WWE SummerSlam 2012 DVD & Blu-ray Cover Revealed

August 22, 2012 by Mark D

Today WWE have finalized the cover for the SummerSlam 2012 DVD and Blu-ray which is released next month [pre-order] and we can exclusively reveal it!

Following a similar style to the PPV poster, the cover features shots of the competitors from the top two matches: Brock Lesnar, Triple H, John Cena, Big Show and CM Punk, with Lesnar and Triple H featured on the spine.

For the first time since WrestleMania XXVIII, US fans will have both a DVD and Blu-ray version. You can pre-order your copy now for release on September 18 by clicking here.

The show will also be released on DVD & Blu-ray for UK and European fans via SilverVision.co.uk and Australian fans from WWEDVD.com.au.


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  1. Thomas says:

    @Charlie stop your whining & bitching about the main event of SummerSlam 2012, so Go & kiss your boyfriend’s / girlfriend’s ass bitch

  2. Dave says:

    Don’t get why people crap on the main event…i thought it was a great methodical old school style match. Sure it wasn’t like the brutal beating Cena took at Extreme Rules, but the match was very good and Lesnar beating HHH clean – by submission nonetheless is pretty big deal.

    People bitched about Lesnar losing at Extreme Rules after a lucky shot by Cena after beating the crap out of Cena for 15 minutes. Now that Lesnar won clean after beating HHH people again are bitching, but because of course it involves the IWC’s number one enemy HHH its blasted no matter how great Lesnar looked.

    The hate HHH gets its ridiculous and just pathetic by internet wrestling fans. Just because he pedigreed the internet darlings Brian Kendrick and Paul London and uses politics to “bury so and so”. I feel IWC have no clue what the term actually means, they just throw it out there to seem cool because they know insider lingo.

    Internet wrestling fans are only concerned about backstage politics, who should be pushed and fired, etc…Newsflash! politics exists any company…its not WHAT you know but WHO you know….HHH knew and was friends with the right people. Kids who bash HHH on politics will see the real world when they work for a company.

  3. Marco says:

    The story behind this cover: Someone pooped. CM Punk is really angry about it and blames Big Show. Big Show is hurt by Punk’s accusation. Only John Cena knows the truth.

  4. charlie says:

    I really liked the jericho/ziggler match. The main event kind of sucked. I ll eventually get this on blu ray.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not the greatest SS but the main event between HHH and BL was better than I thought it would be, not as good as HHH and Taker in WM 28 but still an instant classic. This cover looks good and I though I don’t normally buy the PPV DVD a month after buying the PPV event, this is one I would like to have, this, and Extreme Rules 2o12.

  6. Person says:

    Any update on the Extreme Rules Blu-Ray and whether it works on American blu-ray players?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Cool cover.
    It’s surprisingly similar to the Wrestlemania 28 one.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to this. Definitely picking this up to keep my SummerSlam anthology up to date.

  9. nightmare says:

    The release is due in Nov I would say around them or maybe late Oct I would think

  10. CaptainCrazy says:

    when is the nwo n atitude era content gonna be up on the site

  11. SRB says:

    Great cover, but that main event really didnt deliver. WWE using Lesnar’s MMA theme isn’t working as well as I had hoped. The match came off a bit sloppy and the different in-ring styles was so apparent that the match came off with bad timing on most executed moves.

  12. Thomas says:

    fantastic sleeve for the 25th Anniversary of SummerSlam 2012

  13. nightmare says:

    Actually yes the site I read it on did tell me that Jericho was going to win at SS

    • Dave says:

      Dirtsheets just give speculation, they don’t know squat on whats happening backstage. Ever since Over the Limit, dirtsheets have been saying they wanted to take the title off Punk, well that didn’t happen…the excuse they give is “oh, plans look to have been scrapped”…well no shit!

      If you go by dirtsheets and spoilers, well thats your own fault…people like to enjoy the show without all that. Maybe you should try that…its actually a lot more enjoyable.

      • Mr Z says:

        I’m with Dave. Dirtsheets guess, and if they’re right they act like they have the inside scoop. If they’re wrong, they say WWE changed plans last minute (so they can still claim they were originally right).

        What other TV show has its fans read plot spoilers and then have those same fans complain the show is too predictable when they watch?

        The only ‘inside scoop’ site I visit is this one.

  14. nightmare says:

    I am more interested in the NWO release than this the ppv was so weak and had to be the worst SS ever done .I mean we all knew what was going to happen just by reading the news sheets on this ppv Pass

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Is a PPV DVD and the nWo set a fair comparison?

      A news site didn’t tell me Jericho was gonna beat Ziggler at SSlam. I don’t think they told me any result beside speculation.

      • Harry Faversham says:

        If you don’t want the show spoiled don’t read the bloody news sheets! And then complain about it. That’s your own f***ing fault. Nightmare.

  15. Mr Z says:

    I thought the guy who blurred all the F’s on DVD was going to be out of a job now that the F is legal to show. He might not have as much work, but at least he can still work part time removing “DRUG” from Punk’s knuckles on DVD covers.

  16. insanetombstone96 says:

    Daniel Bee; Can you plz unban me. I’m getting tired of this shit.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Just approved this comment so I can message you.

      I got tired of your shit and that’s why you were banned. Duh. Even when you’ve been banned we’ve seen the stuff you’re trying to post every week and even most of that is garbage. That and fake usernames got your banned to begin with. You know the reasons anyway if you understand I can see everything you post.

      But I’m a nice chap, so I will reconsider. Your comments will still be held for moderation but I’ll approve them each time if they aren’t nonsense. Over time I’ll lift the ban… if you get that far. 🙂

  17. insanetombstone96 says:

    Love the artwork on this one.

  18. Geolink says:

    Why is WWE so inconsistent with the covers though. Two PPV’s with spoilers, now this one is spoiler free?

  19. Bowers says:

    I already have the bluray on pre order, the cover is very cool. I liked this show, thought it was paced pretty well.

  20. LP1 says:

    Since we had a Title change on the Pre-show maybe now WWE will finally add the preshow match to a dvd\br release. That’s been one of my pet peeves the last few months.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Cool looking cover

  22. CaptainCrazy says:

    when are u guys realesing a new wwedvdnewstv episode

  23. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I really like the Blu-ray. One of the best SummerSlam covers in a long time. Can’t wait to get the Blu-ray.

  24. Jeff Copeland says:

    o god here we go again people bitching about a dvd cover news flash people ITS JUST A FUKING COVER FOR A DVD get over your selfs and quit complaning

  25. Rip says:

    Sadly, this DVD will probably not be in my collection. Unless I find it for $3.00 at a Dollar General without the jewel case. I found this PPV to be poor, like someone used spit and tape to put it together. Everything from poor storylines to poor wrestling. What were the writers thinking of? And, why Vince let this sort of PPV go on? I don’t know. Sorry WWE DVD department, you may keep this DVD.

  26. nightmare says:

    Pass worst SS ever and I mean ever

  27. mason says:

    sick cover

  28. Geolink says:

    My last comment was a joke, btw. LOL. I don’t like the cover though.

  29. Geolink says:

    Cover is lowkey homosexual.

  30. DDisNow says:

    Too many open mouths… and then that idiot Cena is just smirking like he always does…ehh..

  31. Harry Faversham says:

    Its alright. I prefer this kind of cover to photos from the event. It is a bit funny with Cena smiling while everyone else looks pissed right off!

  32. RStallcup says:

    They shrank the Big Show.

  33. WWEBluFan says:

    FINALLY! USA gets another (non-Mania) PPV on blu! Thank goodness I was at least able to import the Survivor Series blu in the interim… Between this and the news about the Lesnar blu’s contents, we’ll at least be able to get both of Lesnar’s recent matches in HD.

  34. Marco says:


  35. this guy says:

    Man, everyone looks so ANGRY

    Except Cena though, he’s cool

  36. Dave says:

    Cover looks awesome! Can’t wait to get the Blu-ray…i assume the exclusives will just be matches and segments from go-home RAW and SD shows. Hope Miz vs Jericho vs Ziggler and the contract signing with Lesnar and HHH with the aftermath with Lesnar attacking HBK.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I like it.

  38. Zach says:

    Awesome cover! Really like it. Can’t wait to see what the back art looks like!

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