EXCLUSIVE: WWE WrestleMania 28 (XXVIII) DVD & Blu-ray Covers [HQ]

April 6, 2012 by Daniel Bee

Thanks to @NotLisatheroom for contributing to this article.

WWE WrestleMania 28 Logo

We can now confirm and release the WWE WrestleMania 28 DVD and Blu-ray cover artwork.

WWE WrestleMania 28 DVD Cover

As you can see, WWE are sticking with the design revealed in the event program, though some elements such as the spine’s artwork have been updated.

Also noteworthy, this years release will not be referred to as “Collector’s Edition”.

WWE WrestleMania 28 DVD Cover

These two Home Video editions of WrestleMania 28 are to be released on May 8th, 2012 in the United States. Get your pre-order in for either edition over here.

Silver Vision in the UK have WrestleMania 28 available to pre-order as a 3-Disc DVD and exclusive 3-Disc Blu-ray. These will be released in June.


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  1. Tyger says:

    I Know That The Undertaker Is An End of an Era Because Last Time He Never Came Back And Somebody In Raw Ended Triple H Streak and Era and He Never Coming Back and that was crush man.

  2. Anonymous says:

    covers not fantastic plus rock & undertaker matches were good other than that, it was a boring 4 hours!!

  3. aldo says:

    jonh cena v.s rok

  4. Anonymous says:

    friend of mine started a fun little petition to try and get WWE to bring back the ring carts for Wrestlemani like they did for WM3


  5. the blurayanddvd arecoming may8 2012

  6. Anonymous says:

    wrestlmania 28 was cool

  7. Tap Or Snap says:

    l think Undertaker looks beast. 😛

  8. AJ says:

    This will go down as one of the best WrestleMania’s of all-time to everybody slamming it. There was three 4 to 5 star matches with Taker/HHH, Punk/Jericho, and Cena/Rock. Tell me how many WM’s have 3 of them. Honestly, everybody has high expectations, but what do you really expect. WM’s I can think of with 3 great matches would be WM X-Seven, WM XIX, WM23, WMXXIV, WM XX, and maybe WM 3. I may have missed one or two. The undercard was still better than the undercard of the “greatest PPV ever” of WM17. The lower matches weren’t bad and had star power.

  9. Lawrence says:

    Will there be any special can/box packaging such as what WrestleMania 23, 24, 25 and 26 had?

  10. Dave says:

    @SRB i agree 100% and as for the cover i agree also i think they all look to happy to be going into a End of a Era match in a Hell In Cell. I think they could have made them look a little more serious and maybe have a Hell In A Cell surrounding there photo that could have been cool.

    • SRB says:

      HBK’s picture is probably the worst of them all. How can a smirk = Hell in a Cell? I didn’t see him smirking in the corner at all during that match when he was out cold

  11. Anonymous says:

    Great covers!

  12. nightmare says:

    Pass this ppv was ok the best match was the Hell In the cell and the Punk and Jericho match the rest was kind of boring .In Fact I feel asleep watching the so called once in a lifetime match

    • SAFRetro says:

      Yeah same here i fell asleep during the rock vs cena match and then watched it the next night and i wish i hadnt what a epic match so lived to the hype, beautiful setting Wrestlemania 28 going 2 look awesome on Blu-ray, Undercard was actually quite decent spoilt by the shocking db vs sheamus match, Orton vs Kane was good so was cody vs show, Maria Meaunous however u spell her name looked beautiful but cant wrestle to save her life lol in the beth phoneix and eve tag match 😉 hell in a cell hhh vs taker was edge of the seat epic stuff match of this decade already, the tag match was so and so not much happened, punk vs jericho was awesome and the right length, punk is guna be superstar of this decade and probs already is and already mentioned rock vs cena epic so for me this is easily a 9/10 show.

  13. Roaster says:

    If the UK bluray is region free I might wait and get that one depending on the extras. If they’re not worth it I’ll just get the US version next month.

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:


      I agree. I really want to see if Once in a Lifetime and some of the Rock/Cena promos will be featured as extras on the UK version.

  14. Thomas Goodearl says:

    Looking forward to the UK Blu-Ray, sometimes I feel sorry for the US fans as we seem to be getting all the cool exclusive stuff!

    • SRB says:

      I agree. WWE loves you guys. No disrespect but I never understand how companies like WWE have their headquarters in the USA, tour the USA more, most of their performers are from the USA, have PPV’s only in the USA and make most of their revenue from USA money, yet release exclusive retail and sets to the UK, this has always confused me.

      • Harry Faversham says:

        I think its just that the UK distributor has such a god relationship with wwe. In the US it seems to me the distributor changes now and then? Not sure but Silver Vision is always on top of their game. They get the stuff first (because they make it), usually the cheapest and free delievery. They give you a 10% discount if you buy 3 items too. Really can’t complain. But I’m not sure if its WWE looking after us so well, or Silver Vision looking out for us. We don’t often miss out these days, but I remember being pissed off when some of the US store exlcusives came out a few years back like Ultimate Warrior. If there’s a bonus disc here though its always available from silvervision rather than various outlets like US, which could be annoying. Ebay is helpful obviously. Thats where I bought most of my Region 1 stuff. But its much nicer when its released in your own country of course.

        Regarding the cover, I like it but I agree that the actual pictures of Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Triple H could be a little more serious and engaging. In those pictures they look like they are off to a Summerslam party or something. Kind of takes away from the drama / misery of the hell in a cell match when they look so bloody smiley about it. The match itelf I thought was excellent and I loved the drama. Thats why I don’t think this cover helps tell the story. However, I’ve just remembered that complainig about covers is frowned upon by the internet wrestling police. Therefore its perfect!

  15. jgreeds says:

    Is Trips smirking? What’s up with that?

  16. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I cannot wait to get the blu-ray…awesome pay-per-view. One of the best WrestleMania events in years. I’m glad the spine was changed too. I was hoping that Rock/Cena: Once in a Lifetime would be featured as an extra.

  17. Anonymous says:

    What’s with the stupid fucking look on HHH’s face?

  18. Dave says:

    Dose anyone know what the 3rd blu ray disc is gonna have on it for the UK edition? US is only a 2 disc so i’m thinking same as last year disc 1 will be WM28 and disc 2 will be HOF so UK will have a hole disc of extras i was hoping maybe it will have the Cena Rock Once in a Lifetime special and maybe promos of Cena and Rock like the Rap / Rock Concert maybe some of the Triple H Undertaker footage and Jericho and Punk build up. but if anyone knows anything about what the 3rd disc will be on the blu ray do tell….

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Silver Vision said today on Twitter that they don’t even know the extras yet. Waiting for word from WWE.

      • Simon says:

        I hope the third disc isn’t the same format as last year. The pre-WM Smackdown isn’t overly exciting, and in last year’s case, actually repeated much of the footage that was already on Raw (and thus already on the disc!) I’d rather have extras such as the Rock/Cena special, the Cena/Lesnar segment from Raw, the Chris Jericho ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ videos that appeared on WWE.com and other bits and bobs similar to the WMXX extras – such as the 30-second promos for the event, highlights from the press conference, and a round-up of the other events they held in Miami etc.

  19. Anonymous says:

    great cover

  20. James D says:

    Looks great. The only two matches I truly cared about too. Kind of funny that 4/5 guys on that cover are big names from the past. Says a lot.

  21. scsa says:

    Kewl cover.. But This has to b the worst WM of all time! W.H Championship match was first n only lasted 18secs! Hell in a Cell-My most annticipated match came after an hour n they didnt even climb the cage! N Taker looked so ridiculous w/short hair! Punk/Y2J shud have been a TLC or a Submission match, yet all singles matches were normal 🙁 Kane/Orton n Diva match! were my favourite! I neva saw Rock Vs Cena.. fell asleep 🙁

    • Mark D says:

      I’m sorry but if you didn’t at least enjoy something of those three main events – what do you enjoy?

      Taker/HHH didn’t need climbing up the cage it was one of the most dramatic, enthralling and captivating matches… EVER!

      And if it was Taker’s last match (which I hope it wasn’t) then it was a fantastic ending to the GREATEST character in the history of professional wrestling.

  22. Simon says:

    I like the main image(s), but not the grey border.

  23. John31 says:

    Awesome cover, I just wished they had a more serious picture for The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.

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