Extras Revealed for ‘The Music of WWE’ DVD & New Ultimate Warrior Blu-Ray

February 19, 2014 by Daniel Bee

Yesterday we revealed the “Music of WWE” DVD cover, which features Fandango. Here it is again below.

Signature Sounds: The Music of WWE DVD Cover

We recently reported that one of the extras planned for the DVD is the Shawn Michaels “Tell Me A Lie” music video. Today the full list of extras has come through.


Extras List

Shawn Michaels – Tell Me A Lie
Val Venis – Hello Ladies
Hakushi – Angel
Billy Gunn – Ass Man
Maria – Legs Like That
William Regal – He’s a Man

The Making of GoldLust
The Music of WWE Studios

Click here to order “Signature Sounds: The Music of WWE” for March 18th. Only $6.00!

WWE Ultimate Warrior Entrance

The planned Blu-ray exclusive content for “Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection” has been spotted over at WWEDVD.com.au. They are 5 extra matches and 1 extra segment.

Blu-ray Exclusives

Dingo Warrior vs. Matt Bourne
WCCW • October 24, 1986

Ultimate Warrior & The British Bulldogs vs. Demolition & Mr Fuji
Maple Leaf Gardens • July 24, 1988

Intercontinental Championship Match
Ultimate Warrior vs. Dino Bravo
The Main Event • February 23, 1990

WrestleMania VII Contract Signing
Road to WrestleMania VII • March 17, 1991

Ultimate Warrior vs. Sgt. Slaughter
WrestleFest • March 30, 1991

Intercontinental Championship Match
Goldust vs. Ultimate Warrior
In Your House: Good Friends, Better Enemies • April 28, 1996

In time for the Ultimate Warrior’s Hall of Fame induction before WrestleMania, his new DVD and Blu-ray release on Tuesday, April 1st. You can pre-order yours on either format from $19.53 here on Amazon.com. The UK and Australia also get it in April.

These two auctions for big lots of wrestling DVDs end today on eBay!

Lot of 43 WWE DVDs — some recent ones like Best PPV Matches 2013 and Goldberg.

Collection of WWE Wrestling DVDs

Lot of 58 ROH DVDs — inevitably includes some tricky to find, rare titles.

Collection of ROH Wrestling DVDs

Good news for Australian fans as WWEDVD.com.au will be releasing the WrestleMania 30 DVD and Blu-ray on the same date as the United States gets it – May 13th.

WWE WrestleMania 30 Logo

Temporary artwork is shown below. Australia will get a 2 disc DVD without extras, a 3 disc DVD, a Blu-ray and a “special edition” 3 disc DVD with the WrestleMania mini-book.

In comparison, the US gets similar editions but the “special edition” (Amazon exclusive) will also be in Blu-ray format and there will be no bare-bones 2 disc DVD version.

WWE WrestleMania 30 DVD & Blu-ray Editions

Next month, WWEDVD.co.uk re-release “The True Story of WrestleMania” on DVD. You may recall it was first released to UK fans via the previous licensee, Silver Vision. The new one will have different cover artwork to the original, as shown below.

WWE True Story of WrestleMania DVD Cover UK

The Royal Rumble 2014 DVD/Blu-ray is now up for pre-order here on WWEShop.com.

That releases next week. If you’d like a reminder of the special features on there, have a read of our previous article. The Kickoff show match is one of the DVD extras.

WWE Royal Rumble 2014 DVD & Blu-ray

Pictured above is the UK artwork and those versions release via WWEDVD.co.uk in April.


New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Corrector says:

    According to wwe uk dvd site this is also a bluray extra…

    The Ultimate Challenge – 25th March 1990
    WrestleMania VI Contract Signing

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Right, that wasn’t listed in our received US/AUS listing. Worth a mention in a next article. Thanks.

  2. David says:

    I’m surprised people are complaining about expecting Warrior vs. Hogan from Wrestlemania 6. What do you really expect? it was one the biggest matches at WM at that point with two of the most over babyfaces in the company and Warrior WENT OVER CLEAN and winning the WWF Title. Why wouldn’t WWE include this on an “ULTIMATE COLLECTION” set, this is not an unreleased compilation.

    People are really delusional if they expect WWE to not put that match in just because a small portion of their fan base buy every WWE DVD ever produced. The Bret Hart Unreleased Set didn’t look like it sell well at all, so not everyone is into the “unreleased matches” set.

    • ekkoes4life says:

      Agree with you, David.. and let’s face it: VM 6 was Hogan’s best match as the Hulkster..and together with Career Ending match againt Savage at VM 7 the Ttile vs Title match were Warriors best in ring work.. of course both those matches are to be on this set.

      And like I stated earlier on this column: I really like those 2 particular matches to have a commentary feature with Warrior and I think Lawler, now that JR is not with the Company.

  3. BornesBoy says:

    Dingo vs Doink… FTW!!’

  4. Domenic says:

    I hope this becomes an Unreleased Set. The WrestleMania VII Contract Signing is worth the Blu-Ray alone!

  5. josh m says:

    Can’t wait for the warrior dvd

  6. Spritz1999 says:

    Well, the re-release looks pretty sweet… may have to order it. 🙂 Looking forward to Signature Sounds a little bit… but I’m not a big fan of Warrior so that one isn’t a must have, but glad he’s gonna get a set that doesn’t show how much of a conceited jerk he is! 🙂

  7. Aaron Park says:

    The guys Warrior teams up with or faces, most of the are no dead. I hope the full match listing won’t disappoint.

    And take me off the comment moderation, it’s been months already >:(

  8. RCS1988 says:

    Hopfully the main DVD has these matches. I was right about Warrior vs. Goldust being a Blu-ray exclusive.

    Ultimate Warrior & Kerry Von Erich vs. Rick Rude & Mr. Perfect Providence, Rhode Island August 8, 1990
    Ultimate Warrior & the Legion of Doom vs. Demolition Ax, Smash, & Crush Wheeling, West Virginia August 29, 1990
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage West Palm Beach, Florida December 12, 1990
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Sgt. Slaughter in a steel cage match Orlando, Florida February 18, 1991
    Ultimate Warrior vs. the Undertaker Sacramento, California June 17, 1991
    Ultimate Warrior & the Undertaker vs. Papa Shango & Kamala Worcester, Massachusetts July 20, 1992
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Kamala Lanover, Maryland September 2, 1992
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Ric Flair Winnipeg, Manitoba September 21, 1992
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Nailz Terre Haute, Indiana October 27, 1992
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Vader Des Moines, Iowa April 30, 1996

  9. Steve says:

    It’s bad enough this release has to include Hogan-Warrior WM6 for the 1,000 time but if it is missing Ventura’s commentary it will be unwatchable. I could see them including the Wrestlemania X ladder match as well.

    • SRB says:

      I heard they’re doing Taker/Mankind cell match from 1998 on this set. It will contain alternate commentary by Nick Hogan.

    • some guy says:

      Speaking of repeats, don’t you make the same “Wrestlemania X ladder match” joke on every single match listing post?

  10. Erik G. says:

    I am genuinely surprised at the Warrior extras. This has potential to surprise people. There was a real threat of this being just PPV matches but now we can see that there will be more variety.

  11. SCSA says:

    Sorry, my mistake… I meant the IC title in the Bret Vs Bulldog match at Wembley Stadium!

  12. SCSA says:

    My main concern for a match is; Hogan Vs Warrior from WM6 – IC/WWF title match.

    I only say this cos I expected more matches on ‘Bret Harts Dungeon’ BLU-RAY too, though there was no Hart Vs Bulldog – EUROPEAN title match from Wembley Stadium, nor one on one match from WM10 with Bret Vs Owen.

    • ekkoes4life says:

      regarding Bret Hart release: The Dungeon Collection was tagged as Unreleased materials, which means that naturally the Bulldog match from Wembley would not be on there since it was on Bret’s first multiple discs release “The Best there is, The best there was and the best there ever will be”.

      Same goes for the Owen match.

      I fully expect that the VM 6 match Title vs Title epic encounter will be on Warriors set..cos I believe WWE will completely distance itself from its own release previously, The self Destruction.

      • ekkoes4life says:

        The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior release.

        And they should, for once I agree with WWE in taking a distance point to something they have created or having a great part in creation.

        The matches are not shown in full and the documentary is the worst produced and excecuted piece of crap that has seen the light.

        I do not understand how that release still is in the survey, maybe the rare 2-disc version has something magic, though I doubt it would get me to ever have it in collection.

        • chris says:

          “The matches are not shown in full and the documentary is the worst produced and excecuted piece of crap that has seen the light.”

          I have it, and the matches are complete. The WM VI/VII matches with Hogan and Savage, the SummerSlam 1988/1990 matches with HTM and Rude, and his debut squash match from 1987 on Wrestling Challenge are all shown in full.

  13. Jeff says:

    I will buy the music dvd for Hakushi’s video alone.

    I hope Warrior and The Legion of Doom Vs. Demolition is on the Warrior dvd. I have seen the match a thousand times but I love all 6 of the talent involved.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Probably not buying either of these, but the inclusion of Regal’s Man’s Man theme on the music DVD is brilliant.

  15. Mr Z says:

    The Warrior/Goldust match is horrible. I can’t remember what the injury was off the top of my head but I know Goldust was hurt and couldn’t do any actual wrestling. They still tried to go out there and do something, the resulting “match” shouldn’t be on any ‘Best Of’ type set.

  16. Tommy D says:

    Warrior Blu Ray extras look great. 5 unreleased matches are fine by me. I hope that the main feature has more than just PPV matches from 88-92. I really want one of his 2 other WCW Matches that he had besides the War Games that was released (Sting/Warrior .vs. Hart/Hogan from Nitro, and yes, I want Hogan/Warrior II). Also I’d like to see atleast one of his 4 RAW matches he had in 1996.

    • David says:

      I’m sure all his WCW matches in 98 will be on, he hasn’t had that many. Some weren’t even him wrestling, Fall Brawl 98 for example so i doubt that will be included.

    • Erik G. says:

      I’d like to see the WCW matches too. Not because they were good but just for variety. I was really excited about Warrior’s WCW stint back then.

  17. SRB says:

    Warrior’s extras are INCREDIBLE!!!

  18. ekkoes4life says:

    I hope the Survivor Series matches from 1990 are on; the Ultimate Team vs. The Perfect Team, and then The Match of the Survivors.

    A new commentary feature on VM 6 and VM 7 matches would also be awesome. I see the 2 VM matches and the above mentioned Survivor Series matches as his best work.

    • David says:

      Actually that would be nice to have. Since Jesse’s commentary will likely be muted and Warrior is on good terms with WWE and involved with the project, him providing commentary with someone like Cole or Lawler for the WM6 and 7 matches would be a great bonus.

      • ekkoes4life says:

        Agree, David.. I may not be the biggest Ultimate Warrior fan, but.. like with Hulk Hogan..I see the importance of what those two..and Cena today..have done and are doing for putting wrestling on the world wide map.

        I discovered wrestling in 1990, Royal Rumble, and was sold if not sooner then when Hulk and Warrior had show down in the ring in the middle of the rumble match.

        And of course VM 6, The Ultimate Challenge.. epic at that time, and still holds today.

        I may have evolved into an Attitude Era / Ruthless Agression addict..but, 1990 especially was a basic year and era for me personally..and thus the Warrior a big part of that.

        • ekkoes4life says:

          btw.. regarding that mute of Ventura’s commentary, what’s with that? Apart from Anthologies and Silver Vision Tagged Classics releases, why is he muted? Or is it a case of no real knowing like the Savage issue?

          • David says:

            Basically Jesse sued WWE in early 1994 about them screwing him out of home video royalties. Basically whenever his commentary is used, he gets a cut of the proceeds. If they mute him, they don’t have to give him anything.

            • ekkoes4life says:

              aaaah, of course.. Money! how could I not come up on that myself lol

              Thanks for info.. 🙂

            • chris says:

              It’s important to note that the lawsuit was specifically regarding home video, which is why his commentary is only removed on DVDs/Blu-rays. He was not edited out of individual matches or full shows on the now-defunct Classics On Demand, and the same will be true for the upcoming WWE Network.

  19. Luis says:

    I thought that the WWE Music DVD would be full of entrance videos like Ramped Up was, or at least the 25 songs they’ll talk about in video form as extras…

    • Daniel Bee says:

      A little bio on WWE music including interviews with Johnston and the extras list above, me thinks at a guess. Hope to have a full listing soon.

      • Wrestlevessel says:

        Will the DVD listings for the Warrior DVD be revealed this week? I can’t wait to see them so I know if I will buy it or not.

  20. David says:

    Extras for Warrior Blu-ray look good. The IYH match with Goldust really wasn’t considered a “match” and more of along drown out segment. Warrior gave him two clotheslines and burned his hand with a cigar.

    There was a rare RAW match from 1996 with Owen Hart vs. Warrior which hopefully makes it on the main feature. I think that was his last televised appearance in WWE.

    But i see them including many house show matches from the 80s and 90s and with obvious inclusions like vs. Hogan – WM6, vs. Savage – WM7 and one of the Rick Rude bouts.

  21. John Peterson says:

    The Warrior Blu Ray Extras are great.Looking forward to the rest of the content.

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