Exclusive: Planned Extras for WCW Greatest PPV Matches Vol. 1 Blu-Ray

February 14, 2014 by Daniel Bee

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This week we revealed the Match Listing for WCW Greatest PPV Matches Vol. 1 on DVD, and now we can show you the Blu-ray exclusives!

There will be 4 extra matches on the Blu-ray edition, as shown below, which added to the 21 already revealed for the DVD takes the total number up to 25 matches.



Thunderdome Match
Ric Flair & Sting vs. The Great Muta & Terry Funk
Special Guest Referee: Bruno Sammartino
Halloween Havoc • October 28, 1989

Jean Paul Levesque vs. Alex Wright
Starrcade • December 27, 1994

Dennis Rodman vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage
Road Wild • August 14, 1999

Billy Kidman vs. Hulk Hogan
Special Guest Referee: Eric Bischoff
Slamboree • May 7, 2000

WCW Greatest PPV Matches Volume 1 Blu-ray


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Survivor Series 2013 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray to fans in the UK and Europe this Monday. You can order a copy now at WWEDVD.co.uk.

That’s an exclusive Blu-ray edition since the PPV was not released on that format in North America nor in Australia. One of the Blu-ray extras on there is the Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan segment from the October 28th episode of RAW last year.

WWE Survivor Series 2013 Blu-ray UK - Shawn Michaels & Daniel Bryan

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  1. Johnny W. says:

    Anybody know what that big box includes with Mick Foley’s Greatest Hits And Misses?? Don’t remember ever seeing that before. Is it a UK exclusive??

  2. Nick says:

    that Thunderdome match is on the Legends of Wrestling DVD

  3. Bill w says:

    Oh boy a Triple H vs Alex Wright match, hardly should that ever make the cut as best of WCW ppv matches.

  4. THOMAS says:

    I would love to see the artwork of WWE Survivor Series 2013 dvd from inside the dvd case.

  5. LaParkaLover says:

    *i’m very

  6. LaParkaLover says:

    While not a technical masterpiece, by any stretch of the imagination, in very happy at the inclusion of Macho Man v Rodzilla. That is Mach’s last WCW ppv appearance… And pretty much the last time we so him looking so boss.

  7. Dan says:

    The two biggest omissions are Luger/Flair Wrestlewar 90 and Vader/Sting strap match Super Brawl 93. It’s pretty disappointing not to see either included here as I’ve never seen either but obviously heard great things about both. On the hand I’m very happy to see Vader/Cactus and Savage/DDP make it as I’ve wanted to own a physical copy of those for a long time. The amount of repeats on practically every release is making me question if it’ll be worth it to continue to buy these after the network debuts.

  8. Erik G. says:

    I am really surprised that The Giant (that’s Big Show for you youngsters) isn’t on here at all. He is in WWE currently after all. After there still store exclusives planned or is this it? Maybe he’s on that if so.

    Alex Wright is a nice surprise, also. He almost never appears on these things.

  9. Aaron Park says:

    The extras are highly insulting other than the thunderdome match. Not buying!

    And I’m sick of this comment moderation.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      If your comments are held for moderation, it’s because you were a naughty boy in the past. Maybe you shouldn’t have been. 😉

  10. Erik G. says:

    None of the three Hogan/Sting matches surprises me. Fall Brawl 1999 is the only unreleased one. Why is Hogan on the cover but only has two matches, one of which isn’t exactly his greatest moment? I thought for sure that Hogan/Flair from BATB 1994 would be on here.

  11. Erik G. says:

    I’m really surprised at how much late 80s/early 90s stuff is on here when you consider that WCW didn’t even have a PPV every month until 1997. I guess Rodman is on there because he’s in the news right now. At least all his matches have been released.

    BTW why are there two special referee matches on this?

  12. HP says:

    Thinking about getting blu-ray releases instead of DVDs. How does the picture quality compare for wrestling footage from the 80s/90s on the two formats?

    • David says:

      SD footage on Blu-ray looks slightly better and more crisp compared to DVD because the footage is uncompressed. DVD bitrate only allows 10 Mbps whereas Blu-ray is 40 Mbps.

      But now they have video compressions like MPEG-4 AVC which use half the size of MPEG2 and retains the same quality.

    • Erik G. says:

      It seems like getting already released matches onto blu-ray is an important objective here, while having a decent selection of unreleased matches. So far a significant portion of those matches are on this set and this is only volume one.

  13. XD says:

    Skimpy. But I’ll get it for the Thunderdome match. NWA ’89 was classic because of the four guys in that match, and Steamboat.

  14. Macro says:

    That’s it? What a joke!

  15. Spritz1999 says:

    Wow… the Dennis Rodman match… really? I thought this was the BEST WCW PPV Matches? But, hey can’t complain about having the only WCW Triple H match on there…

  16. Mr Hesse says:

    Just got 2 sealed copied of the Raw 20th Anniversary set.

  17. ck says:

    Hopefully the Sting-Lex Luger Superbrawl match will be in a future release-maybe in a rumored Sting compilation.

  18. Mike Pouli says:

    Alex Wright vs Jean Paul Levesque in my opinion is the best match o Starrcade 94 it’s a shame it’s only on the Blu Ray

  19. RhysehT says:

    I’d mark for a Best of Billy Kidman BR

  20. David says:

    Rodman vs. Savage was laughable, such a terrible match. Surprised they actually included this on a “WCW Greatest PPV matches” set”, because it FAR from that. The match was wrestlecrap worthy.

    The other extras are pretty good. I believe the Thunderdome match is on one of the Legends of Wrestling DVDs.

  21. SRB says:

    Maybe WWE read my comment the other day. Muta! Muta! Muta!

  22. f says:

    You better answer that one.

  23. WCWOnBlu-ray=Awsome says:

    Reckon the Blu-ray extras run for about 70mins, not bad blu-ray extras, surprised they included rodman vs savage from road wild 1999, wonder whats so good about that match, not surprised they included the Paul Levesque vs Alex Wright from Starrcade 1994, Sure Triple H had a input on that, The Hogan vs Kidman match from Slamboree 2000 is actually a good match and surprising at the time since it was rare to see Hogan in a match of that magnitude and mostly he faced big time players since his time in WCW, The thunderdome is a good match but sometimes its hard to keep up with the match, it is available on WWE youtube channel if anyone wants to check it out, i actually looking forward to this and will pick this up on blu-ray…

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