Extras for WWE Payback 2013 DVD & Blu-Ray, Chris Benoit War Games Edits

June 19, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE Payback PPV Logo

Last Sunday’s WWE Payback 2013 PPV will be released on DVD next month on Tuesday, July 16th. You can pre-order a copy here.

The extra features to be included on there will be as follows.

Special Features

CM Punk & Paul Heyman discuss Payback
Payback – 16th June, 2013

The History of The Shield, Team Hell No & Randy Orton

So far a Blu-ray edition is confirmed only for the United Kingdom and Europe, and is available to pre-order at WWEDVD.co.uk for August release. The planned extras for that version are listed below.

Blu-ray Exclusives

Monday Night RAW – 10th June, 2013:

– Triple H vs. Curtis Axel

– Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

– Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins

– John Cena & Ryback Face to Face

SmackDown – 14th June, 2013:

– Daniel Bryan distances himself from Kane

– Team Hell No & Randy Orton vs. The Shield

As you’ve heard, a match featuring Chris Benoit is included in the WCW War Games DVD. That match is the nWo vs. Four Horsemen bout from 1997. The contest is shown in full but there are some noticeable edits. In the same vein as the Elimination Chamber Anthology DVD, certain commentary audio about Benoit is muted during the match.

Another edit that perhaps is also related to Chris Benoit is the removal of the Four Horsemen coming to the ring to make their entrance. Michael Buffer was doing the ring introductions that night so this could also be a factor, albeit less likely.

Chris Benoit included in WWE War Games DVD

The War Games DVD and Blu-ray is released in 6 days; pre-order yours by clicking here.

ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 DVD

Yesterday we revealed the full ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 DVD & Blu-ray match listing.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com recently conducted an interview with Tommy Dreamer, who is hosting the second volume of ECW Unreleased series alongside Joey Styles.

In the interview there was some brief discussion about the DVD project, with Dreamer recalling Joey Styles introducing one of the matches included on the set by saying something along the lines of, “this is a horrible match, and this is why it is unreleased; make your own mind up”. It’s possible that the match being referred to by Styles was the ‘Extreme Hardcore Shoot Fight’ between Chris Jericho and Taz in 1996.

The next major WWE DVD and Blu-ray release to the UK and Europe is “Top 25 Rivalries in Wrestling History” next week. Check out an early look at the Blu-ray edition with the photos below, and don’t forget to pre-order your copy now at WWEDVD.co.uk.

WWE Top 25 Rivalries Blu-ray UK

WWE Top 25 Rivalries Blu-ray UK

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. richie says:

    Is there any instances of choking edited out? Like they did to WM 15 and several recent DVD and Blu-rays. Because there is a lot and I mean a lot of instances of choking in these matches.

  2. Fear says:

    i liked it when WWE released promos, commercials and segments as part of the special features and once in a while a match from raw or smackdown. now the extras are just crap.

  3. craig phillips says:

    So sick and tired of WWE releasing everything on blu-ray in the UK and Europe and not the US really sucks

    • David says:

      I agree. It looked like there was hope when EC 2013 was BB exclusive, but that was likely just a one time deal since Extreme Rules wasn’t released.

      Lot of movie studios have been doing Blu-ray + DVD combo packs the last few years. WWE just do that….they tried with RR 2011 and EC 2011 then stopped.

      • LP1 says:

        The whole point of Blu-ray is to watch things that were filmed in HD as they were meant to be seen. WWE releases Blu-rays of War Games, ECW, In Your House, etc., all shows that can’t be upgraded to HD, yet the PPV’s that ARE recorded in HD, they get just the standard definition DVD treatment.

        Logic goes right out the window.

        • David says:

          I guess the main reason you can say why WWE release sets like ECW, War Games, IYH, etc on Blu-ray is because those will sell more than “B” and/or “C” level PPVs like Night of Champions or Hell in a Cell…in North America anyways.

          At least people in UK moved on with Blu-ray unlike here where people stick to their ancient DVDs and say things like “there is no difference in quality between the two”, just ignorant comments people say just because they don’t have a Blu-ray player and/or HDTV.

          Don’t get me wrong, i have a huge DVD collection (especially wrestling), but given a choice i pick Blu-ray all the way. People should definitely upgrade if they haven’t. Its not like people’s DVD collection is obsolete.

          I remember all the hate Blu-ray use to get here couple years ago when listings for sets were released…lot of people use to whine about the exclusives not included on DVDs.

          • LP1 says:

            It’s easy to say the compilation sets sell better than the B-level PPV’s when all that’s sold are the compilation sets. How are they to know if the B-level PPV’s will sell on Blu-ray if they’re not even giving them a chance. They sold a handful of B-level PPV’s on Blu-ray a couple of years ago and they’re basing their sales(or lack of sales) just on those? That’s silly.

  4. LP1 says:

    No Sheamus-Sandow pre-show match included with Payback. It was probably one of the best pre-show matches they’ve done too. Not the usual 4-5 minute quick match. I don’t understand the logic when it comes to whether or not the pre-show matches get included. Some do, some don’t. No rhyme or reason as to why.

    • Wonderllama says:

      I think it will be included. It actually got a fair amount of buildup on RAW and Smackdown and they renamed it “Kickoff” instead of “Pre-Show”, making it seem more important. Don’t see why it wouldn’t be in

  5. David says:

    Nice Blu-ray extras for Payback…Bryan vs. Rollins and Team Hell No/Orton vs. Shield were great matches. Too bad its is not available in North America. I will likely import from Amazon UK.

    • Domenic says:

      Actually, the Payback Blu-Ray will be avaiable in North America, so THE PEOPLE will be able to see The Shield lose to Kane, Daniel Bryan, and Randy Orton, and Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan, a renewal from their rivalry in Ring Of Honor.

  6. @IMDJLUIS says:

    What I’ve seen in the past is that they would usually find another WCW announcer that introduced the same wrestler in the same situation (i.e. if he’s a champion) to replace Buffer’s introduction of them. I would say they cut the entrance of the Horsemen more for that reason, rather than just because they mention Benoit’s name.

    • David says:

      Yea, i noticed that with nWo Revolution…during the Savage/Hogan title match from April 98 they dubbed Buffer’s intro with David Penzer. You can clearly see Buffer for few seconds during Savage’s entrance with Penzer speaking…pretty funny actually.

      They also did that for couple matches for Best of Clash of Champions.

    • Kenny says:

      And on top of that, this isn’t the first set that they’ve included a match with this guy. On the Satan’s Prison (Elimination Chamber Anthology) they left the entrances and everything in tact, so his name being announced doesn’t seem to be an issue if the past is any indicator.

    • warresg says:

      why does wwe hate michael buffer?

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