Fantasy Concept #15 – Battle Royal Collection

May 6, 2012 by Mark D

WDN Fantasy Concept

This week’s fantasy concept looks at the history of the Battle Royal. Mean Gene Okerlund would be your host for some over the tope rope action with…

The Greatest Battle Royals in Wrestling History (3 Disc DVD & 2 Disc Blu-Ray)


Disc One

King of the Battle Royal

Battle Royal
Stampede Wrestling • 1970s

Battle Royal
Championship Wrestling from Florida • 1970s

20-Man WWE & NFL Battle Royal
WrestleMania 2 • April 7, 1986

First Battle Royal in The Garden

20-Man $10,000 Battle Royal
Madison Square Garden • June 4, 1979

Grab Your Weapons

King of the Hill Battle Royal
ECW Hardcore TV • December 24, 1996

Bunkhouse Battle Royal
Boston, MA • January 3, 1987

Cruiserweight action

Cruiserweight Battle Royal
Velocity • October 10, 2005

January 24, 1988

Bunkhouse Stampede Match
NWA Bunkhouse Stampede • January 24, 1988

Royal Rumble Match
Royal Rumble • January 24, 1988

Disc Two

Royal Rumble

15-Man Royal Rumble Match
SmackDown • January 29, 2004

Battle for gold

Battle Royal for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship
SmackDown • January 13, 2006

More rings… more mayhem!

60-Man 3-Ring Battle Royal for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship
WCW World War 3 • November 1995


Draft Battle Royal
Raw • June 23, 2008

WWE vs. ECW Battle Royal
WWE vs. ECW – Head to Head • June 7, 2006

Battle Royal
Millionaires Club vs. New Blood
Thunder • May 3, 2000

Disc Three


Divas Battle Royal
Raw • June 7, 2010

Star Power

Battle Royal
Saturday Night’s Main Event • February 1987

Tag Teams

$50,000 Tag Team Battle Royal
Madison Square Garden • October 19, 1986

Tag-Team Battle Royal
Raw • April 2, 2007

7-Team Battle Royal
Superstars • February 16 1991

International Battles

20-Man Battle Royal
London, England • October 3, 1991

16-Man Battle Royal
Hamilton, Ontario • May 1, 1989


BattleBowl II
Starrcade • December 28, 1992

Biggest WWE Battle Royals

40-Man Battle Royal
Cincinnati, OH • May 18, 1992

41-Man Battle Royal
SmackDown • October 14, 2011

Blu-Ray Extras

$30,000 18-Man Battle Royal
St. Louis, MO • February 10, 1984

22-Man $50,000 Battle Royal
Madison Square Garden • July 12, 1986

20-Man Battle Royal
Superstars • February 25, 1995

Breakthrough Battle Royal
Raw • November 23, 2009

15-Man Battle Royal
Tribute to the Troops • December 2010

Raw Royal Rumble Match
Raw • January 31, 2011

“All I want for Christmas” Battle Royal
SmackDown • November 29, 2011

Draft Battle Royal
Raw • April 25, 2011

Does this proposed WWE DVD interest you? It’s great to hear your feedback, so please use the comments section below or tweet me @_MarkD_


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  1. Guest says:

    This without a doubt would be a huge success if it were to be released.

  2. teresa madden says:

    they have came out with a rumble set it is called the true story of the royal rumble check it out!!!!!!!

  3. SCSA says:

    When on earth r they gonna bring out a Rumble set?!?!?!

  4. Timothy Swan says:

    This would be, without a doubt, an essential DVD release from WWE Home Video. However, it should be released as a 5-disc DVD or 3-disc Blu-Ray edition, with ALL material appearing on both formats. Also included should be the battle royals from Saturday Night’s Main Event 1991 and Wrestlemania 4 in 1988; the Monster Mash from ECW; battle royals from Wrestlemanias 21, 26 and 27; plus a 10-Man battle royal from Superstars in 1987.

  5. Spritz1999 says:

    Some sweet battle royals there… want this one next year!!! :))) I agree with @Thrilla though… the Corporate Royal Rumble would be sweet! 🙂

  6. Erik Bohman says:

    I would get it in a heartbeat no matter what price…please make it happend!

  7. Thrilla says:

    The only match you left out that I’d like to see included is the Corporate Royal Rumble from Raw in 1999. Other than that, looks perfect.

  8. Miz4life says:

    U had me at Battlebowl II

  9. HHHfan1999 says:

    This would be a pretty cool set to get… looking forward to them using your ideas soon. 😉 Lol

  10. Anonymous says:

    if wwe continues do release “gimmic” dvds like top 50 this & that ect.. then the MUST release a dvd like this one, this would be awesome ! great concept

  11. Brad Attitude says:

    I’ve never seen the word “Battle” so many times until now.

  12. james says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the match itself, but I do enjoy viewing them as time capsules, you get a pretty comprehensive snapshot of the roster at the time. The Shotgun Saturday Night battle royals were pretty cool. I like that you put the 1995 Superstars battle royal on there, I’m watching 1995 Challenges right now and they hype that a lot. Always liked the booking, Davey got “screwed” at the 1995 Rumble, so this was him getting a second chance to show what he could do.

  13. NickP says:

    Awesome set that I hope WWE would consider because battle royals are probably the most unique and even people who dont watch wrestling are intrigued when a battle royal is on

  14. Anonymous says:

    Would buy. I wouldn’t mind having the 1997 World War 3 on there too though.

  15. Jon says:

    Love the idea. Love Battle Royals from the 80’s felt there was soooo much talent and anyone could hold WWF championship if Hogan wasnt there.

    The only one I remember that is not here was when Rick Martel and I believe Razor Ramon were 1 & 2 and they had a match for the title. Believe it was from Raw.

  16. Simon says:

    I’d have included the battle royal from Raw on December 18, 2006, which was particularly entertaining. Had a pretty hot finish between Edge and Shawn Michaels, and also featured Triple H, Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Jerry Lawler, Sgt. Slaughter, Jim Duggan and many others.

  17. John Peterson says:

    This would be a cool set.Battle Royals are always fun to watch

  18. Cody Schields says:

    On the poll at the end of last year this was a concept I put down as wanting to see on DVD, nice to see others would like this too.

  19. jason says:

    Funny I saw this, cause about a week ago I was youtubing battle royals and thought of the concept and welp here it is! Sweet it would be

  20. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    The only way WWE will get the message about making these types of DVD sets, is if people call, write, tweet, facebook and contact WWE about it personally. Just just people did with the WCW and ECW footage. Let your voice be heard.

    The most anticipated DVD / bluray box set that I want to see made is a Legends of Wrestling anthology. That set NEEDS to be made.

  21. Trent says:

    Absolutely I would buy this DVD in a heartbeat I am a huge fan of the battle royal match and the match has been around a long time so there would be alot of matches available. I love your selection of matches and the art looks great. I actually got into reading this so much that at the end I had to remind myself this was a fantasy concept and is not actually coming out. I so wish WWE would come out with this including all the matches you listed.

  22. RCS1988 says:

    Excellent set. All of your fantasy concept DVD’s should really be made by WWE, because they would all sell like hotcakes.

  23. Anonymous says:

    that is a gread idea for a DVD set, the WWE should released this set

  24. I would buy this

  25. Supersonic says:

    Would the commentary be butchered for the May 2004 match (winner faces Benoit) thus explaining why it was excluded? Maybe the best traditional battle royale I’ve ever seen.

    • Dave says:

      Do you mean the one from July 26, 2004 RAW? That was the RAW with Benoit/HHH Iron man match and Orton won the battle royal for the #1 contendership for the world title at Summerslam the following month.

  26. KarlKayfabian says:

    Great match listing and fantastic art. Job well done, mi amigo!

  27. Michael says:

    Great match picks, but for the Diva ones, I would have chosen ones from 2002-2004. At least they were watchable.

  28. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Awesome job. Just one match I would have added as a bluray extra though. The Intercontinental championship battle royal from Monday Night RAW in October 1993. Razor Ramon and Rick Martel were the last two participants, and they had the final one-on-one match for the title the next week on RAW. I went to that RAW show, thats why I would havelike to see it, lol.

    Nice job.

    • Micheal says:

      Can you pleassssssssssssse do a updated kane set? would be really cool to see if u cant tell i am a huge kane mark

  29. StingaLing says:

    WOW! I really hated that Foley DVD but this is awesome! Great cover!!! Way to rebound. I’m not a fan of battle royals but I can’t imagine anyone covering it any better then this. Well done!

  30. Ben says:

    I think the idea has legs, great job! I would agree that probably keeping the Royal Rumble matches off of there is a good idea. The bunkhouse battle royals were always my favorites, I remember Don Muraco wearing football pads!! Great stuff and excellent job, WWE needs to pick up your talents.

  31. Steve says:

    Great idea but i wouldn’t want Royal Rumble matches because I own them all on DVD. Would be better with just battle royals over the years that have been unreleased. But this will never be made because WWE would rather make DVD’s of current stars to jam down our throats; ex. Sheamus & Zack Ryder or of the most insane falls count anywhere matches. Fail!

  32. Marco says:

    That’s a DVD set I want to see since years now. Good choice of matches, but you would have to add the Rumble match from 1992 imo – best Rumble in history!