Fantasy Concept #20 – Sting: The Ultimate Collection

July 29, 2012 by Mark D

WDN Fantasy Concept

Well here we are the 20th Fantasy Concept, and for this edition I decided to take a look at a career spanning match compilation on WCW mainstay; Sting.

A Sting DVD set was listed on the schedules for release back in winter 2008; however the project was shelved shortly after being announced. I believe the format of this DVD should be similar to The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection, highlighting some of Sting’s greatest feuds with bonus features for many of the segments.

Sting: The Ultimate Collection

I’m sure you are aware Sting would be unable to contribute to this one at the moment, so I would have voiced over video packages between the matches providing background to the feuds. If Sting ever decided to work with WWE, his next set could be a Definitive Collection with career documentary plus collection of matches.


Bladerunners: Breaking in to the Business

The Bladerunners vs. Ted DiBiase & “Dr. Death” Steve Williams
UWF • May 9, 1986

Eddie Gillbert: The Battle of New Orleans

Sting & Shane Douglas vs. Eddie Gillbert & Terry Taylor
UWF • September 9, 1987

The Great Muta: A National Stage

NWA World Television Championship Match
Sting vs. The Great Muta
NWA Great American Bash • July 23, 1989

Special Features
Contract Signing
NWA World Wide Wrestling • July 1, 1989

Funk’s Grill with The Great Muta & Garry Hart
NWA Power Hour • July 14, 1989

Ric Flair: “To Be The Man…”

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ric Flair vs. Sting
NWA Great American Bash • July 7, 1990

Special Features
Sting’s out of The Horsemen
NWA Clash of the Champions X: Texas Shootout • February 6, 1990

Here comes Robocop…!
NWA Capitol Combat • May 19, 1990

Ric Flair Post Match Promo
NWA Capitol Combat • May 19, 1990

Ric Flair – Pre-Match Promo with Gordon Solie
NWA Great American Bash • July 7, 1990

Sting – Post-Match Promo with Gordon Solie
NWA Great American Bash • July 7, 1990

The Black Scorpion: Mind Games

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match
Sting vs. The Black Scorpion
NWA Starrcade • December 16, 1990

Special Features
Is that the Black Scorpion?
NWA Clash of the Champions XII • September 5, 1990

The Black Scorpion’s Magic
NWA Halloween Havoc • October 27, 1990

The Danger Zone with Sting & The Black Scorpion
NWA Clash of the Champions XIII • November 20, 1990


Cactus Jack: To the Extreme

Submit or Surrender Match
Sting vs. Cactus Jack
WCW Worldwide • November 23, 1991

Special Features
Cactus Jack attacks Sting
WCW Clash of the Champions XVI • September 5, 1991

Paul E. Dangerously Interviews Cactus Jack
WCW Clash of the Champions XVI • September 5, 1991

Happy Birthday Stinger
World Championship Wrestling • October 5, 1991

Lex Luger: Good Friends… Better Foes

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Lex Luger vs. Sting
WCW SuperBrawl II • February 29, 1992

Special Features
Lex Luger attacks Sting
WCW Clash of the Champions XVII • November 19, 1991

BattleBowl Climax
WCW Starrcade • December 29, 1991

Lex Luger Pre-Match Interview
WCW SuperBrawl II • February 29, 1992

Sting Pre-Match Interview
WCW SuperBrawl II • February 29, 1992

Big Van Vader: Rocky Mountain Monster

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Strap Match
Sting vs. Vader
WCW SuperBrawl III • February 21, 1993

Special Features
Up Close with Sting
WCW Saturday Night • January 23, 1993

The White Castle of Fear – Mini Movie

Sting Pre-Match Interview
WCW Main Event • February 21, 1993

Big Van Vader Pre-Match Interview
WCW Main Event • February 21, 1993

Rick Rude: International Feud

WCW International World Heavyweight Championship Match
Sting vs. Rick Rude
WCW Spring Stampede • April 17, 1994

Special Features
Rick Rude “signs” the contract
WCW Saturday Night • March 19, 1994

Rick Rude attacks Sting
WCW Saturday Night • March 26, 1994

Sting Promo
WCW Saturday Night • April 16, 1994

Rick Rude Promo
WCW Saturday Night • April 16, 1994

Ric Flair: A New Era

Sting vs. Ric Flair
WCW Nitro • September 4, 1995

Lex Luger: Teaming with an Old Friend

WCW Tag Team Championship Three-Way Match
Sting & Lex Luger vs. Harlem Heat vs. The Steiner Brothers
WCW Nitro • June 24, 1996


Hollywood Hogan – A New World Order

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Sting vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
WCW Nitro • December 28, 1997

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Sting vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
WCW SuperBrawl VIII • February 22, 1998

Special Features
Sting’s True Colors
WCW Uncensored • March 16, 1997

Sting wants Hogan
WCW Nitro • August 18, 1997

Sting sends a message to Bishoff
WCW Nitro • August 25, 1997

Sting(s) vs. nWo
WCW Nitro • October 13, 1997

That’s no dummy… That’s Sting!
WCW Nitro • December 8, 1997

Final Message before Starrcade
WCW Nitro • December 22, 1997

Hollywood Hogan challenges Sting to a rematch
WCW Nitro • December 29, 1997

Sting speaks
WCW Thunder • January 8, 1998

Goldberg – The Franchise?

Goldberg vs. Sting
WCW Slamboree • May 9, 1999

Special Feature
Who is the man?
WCW Nitro • May 3, 1999

Bret Hart – Sharpshooter vs. Scorpion Deathlock

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Sting vs. Bret Hart
WCW Nitro • October 18, 1999

Special Features
Bret Hart on his time in WCW
WCW Nitro • October 18, 1999

Bret Hart pre-match promo with Mike Tenay
WCW Nitro • October 18, 1999

Vampiro – Battling on the Dark Side

Sting vs. Vampiro
WCW Slamboree • May 7, 2000

Special Features
WCW United States Championship Match
Sting vs. Scott Steiner
WCW Spring Stampede • April 16, 2000

WCW Nitro • April 24, 2000

Vampiro and Sting Graveyward Brawl
WCW Nitro • May 1, 2000

Sting rises
WCW Nitro • May 1, 2000

Sting vs. The Great Muta
WCW Nitro • August 28, 2000

Ric Flair – End of an Era

Sting vs. Ric Flair
WCW Nitro • March 26, 2001

Special Features
Ric Flair challenges Sting one last time
WCW Nitro • March 26, 2001

“It’s Show Time Folks!”
WCW Nitro • March 26, 2001


Does this set interest you? It’s great to hear your feedback, so please use the comments section below or tweet me @_MarkD_


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  1. Richard Shultz says:

    How much is this Sting dvd collection?

  2. Spritz1999 says:

    Would be an AMAZING set if Sting and WWE would get their childish behaviors out of it! But, that’ll never happen.

  3. Eric says:

    I would buy that right now! That was awesome.

  4. tony barnes says:

    Sting is my favorite wrestler of all time. I want this DVD set soo bad.

  5. Markus says:

    Oh man. Please go and work for WWE and make this sets possible.

  6. Matthew Swanson says:

    I think this idea should be a wwe release i would love to see it

  7. CPBuff22 says:

    You need to include the Bash at The Beach where the nWo beat Sting, Luger, & Macho and Hogan turns heel. Then include the gear up for War Games where Luger accuses Sting of being nWo. Then the Fall Brawl: War Games Match. Then you need the “Blood, Sweat, & Tears to WCW” speech post War Games on Nitro. Follow that up with some footage of Sting taking out the nWo and then the Clash of Champions where he stands in the rafters with the vulture and calls out Hogan. A nWo Wolfpac section would be good as well. I would also like to see his WCW Championship win over DDP & the fatal four way where he lost it later that evening. And if WWE has the footage any behind the scenes stuff from Sting appearing in Ready to Rumble or on Walker Texas Ranger would be awesome as bonus material.

  8. frank d says:

    this is STING!!!!!!!

  9. Charlie F says:

    I know this is a little off topic but what program do you use to make the dvd covers? I would like to make a few and I’m having a hard time finding something. Thanks in advance.

  10. m.blier says:

    the ultimate dream dvd set ,nice classic cover photo,never say never.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well that would be one heck of a DVD set that is for sure…if WWE even put half of that on there it would still be a must buy.

  12. Tony says:

    I would love it if the wwe would actually make this dvd, instead of making 20 different Rock or Cena dvds. Sting is a legend and this dvd would make the wwe alot of money!

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      I only know of 1 Rock/Cena DVD :/

      • Anonymous says:

        He said Rock OR Cena.

        The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment
        The Rock: The Epic Journey of Dwayne Johnson
        The Rock – The People’s Champ
        The Rock – Know Your Role
        The Rock – Just Bring It
        Just Bring It 2 disc rerelease
        John Cena – My Life
        John Cena – Word Life
        The John Cena Experience
        Superstar Collection – John Cena
        Rock/Cena Once in a Lifetime

        That’s 11, not quite 20 but I get the point.

  13. John rega says:

    Yes on blu-ray for special features

  14. Markus says:

    Like it. I would buy this Set.

  15. SRB says:

    This listing makes me realize even how how amazing Sting is. Matches against Muta, Flair, Hogan, Hart, Rude and Goldberg would be amazing to have

  16. Brad Attitude says:

    Interesting concept but a normal match compilation set would work better as disc 3 looks to be really weak as the matches with Goldberg, Vampiro and Ric Flair weren’t anything special.

  17. KarlKayfabian says:

    swing and a miss

  18. Rip says:

    Count me out, Sting had a lot of potential in the WWE. But, his massive ego got in the way. So, save yourselves the time and effort into making this DVD. Oh btw, would it have come with face paint?

  19. MrV says:

    sounds shit, if theres no wwe matches involving sting, then who would want it.

  20. RCS1988 says:

    Another great concept. WWE should really make all of these fantasy concept DVD’s you come up with. These are worth getting. You should do a fantasy concept on the greatest stars of the 70’s, since they did one for the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s.

  21. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    Show this to wwe ASAP!!!

  22. oldschool says:

    great set, I am excited. YOu should work for WWE

  23. Mongoose Wizard says:

    Very good set! Only three things I wish was in this concept. Sting Vs. Macho Man @ Spring Stampede 1998 and at least two of his matches from the NWO Wolfpac era maybe Vs. Giant @ Great American Bash 1998 and Sting & Ultimate Warrior Vs. Hollywood Hogan & Bret Hart @ Nitro 1998 other than that I love this concept

  24. NickP says:

    This set would be a must for any Wrestling dvd collection

  25. TNAJason says:

    I wish this set was real. One of my favorite fantasy concepts so far,and thats saying alot I has I loved a huge majority of them!

  26. Sawcesome says:

    Sting is my all-time favorite, so I’d gladly purchase this.

  27. Roly says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t know WWE had the UWF library. I’d definitely purchase this if it was real though. For sure because of the entire build to Starrcade 97 more than anything else.

  29. Josh says:

    I’m loving the fact that your concept takes advantage of the recent acquisition of the Mid-South/UWF video library.

  30. Harry Faversham says:

    I wish it was real! Nice job.

  31. FUCK says:

    i feel like this was going to be the dvd that was supposed to came out in 2008 and you just had it laying around your computer so you took it like with most of these fantasy concepts!!

  32. KirbbDogg says:

    I think his best Goldberg match was on nitro in 98. When sting had the red paint on his face. The only bad part of that match was hogan comming in and doing a run in. Also I would have like to see his match with Niktia Koloff from 92 the chan match.

  33. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Nice job! Awesome content listing.

  34. Rocko says:

    Is there any way we can forward this page to the department in WWE that puts these sets together? This is fantastic on so many levels.

    • Steve says:

      Rocko WWE can’t be bothered making this they are too busy making DVD’s on Kofi Kingston & Zach Ryder. And don’t forget the 37 minute Undertaker documentary. That one must have taken forever.

  35. Steve G says:

    This concept would be great. The Ultimate Ric Flair collection was one of the first great WWE DVD ideas. It will be great one day when Sting gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and then in addition to a set like this they can have a documentary.

  36. Joe Israel says:

    Love this style of DVD, with promos showing the lead-up to each match. This would be one hell of a collection.

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