Fantasy Concept #14 – Mick Foley

April 29, 2012 by Mark D

WDN Fantasy Concept

Following the return of Mick Foley to the WWE family, this week’s fantasy concept looks at an extensive Mick Foley DVD/Blu-Ray set (similar to the recent Steve Austin recent set) with…

Mick Foley – More than Hardcore (4 Disc DVD & 3 Disc Blu-Ray)

Mick Foley - More than Hardcore - Fantasy Concept

Mick Foley - More than Hardcore - Fantasy Concept

The set would feature a 2 hour documentary looking at Mick Foley’s career and would be complimented with some of his greatest, most memorable and famous matches and moments. While I am aware that some of these matches and moments have been released on DVD previously, I felt they were so important to the story of Mick Foley they should be included.

Disc One

Main Documentary

  • Sleeping in cars
  • World Class
  • Atlanta
  • Extreme
  • Mankind
  • Famous
  • Socko
  • “Yo Adrian!”
  • Rock and Sock
  • Author
  • Retirement
  • Commissioner Foley
  • Legend… Killed?
  • Family
  • Hardcore Edge
  • One Night Stand
  • Announcer
  • Charity work
  • Homecoming
  • Legacy

Main documentary featuring interviews with: Mick Foley, The Rock, Vince McMahon, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, CM Punk, Vader, Dominic DeNucci, Edge, Mikey Whipwreck, Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, Paul Heyman, Joey Styles, Paul Bearer, The Big Show, Collette Foley, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, The Miz and more.

Special Features

  • King of the Death Match
  • My first promo
  • Boxes
  • Germany, Vader and my ear
  • Mason the Mutilator
  • WrestleMania Moment


Kamala vs. Jack Foley
Superstars • December 7, 1986

Loser Leaves Texas Match
Cactus Jack Mason vs. Eric Embry
WCCW • August 25, 1989

The Dynamic Dudes vs. Cactus Jack & Lee Scott
World Championship Wrestling • January 6, 1990

Submit or Surrender Match
Sting vs. Cactus Jack
WCW Worldwide • November 23, 1991


Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck vs. Shane Douglas & Tommy Dreamer
ECW Hardcore TV • January 30, 1996

Mankind vs. Bob Holly
Raw • April 1, 1996

Boiler Room Brawl
Mankind vs. The Undertaker
SummerSlam • August 18, 1996
[Alternate Commentary by Mick Foley & Jim Ross]

Mankind vs. Hunter Hearst-Helmsley
Canadian Stampede • July 6, 1997

Boiler Room Brawl
Mankind vs. The Big Show
Backlash • April 25, 1999

Disc Two

Texas Death Match
Big Van Vader vs. Cactus Jack
WCW Halloween Havoc • October 24, 1993

Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk
ECW Hardcore Heaven • August 13, 1994

Cactus Jack vs. Boo Bradley
Smoky Mountain Wrestling • December 17, 1994

No Rope Barbed Wire Match
Cactus Jack vs. The Sandman
ECW Barbed Wire, Hoodies & Chokeslams • June 17, 1995

IWA King of the Death Match – Tournament Finals
Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk
IWA King of the Death Match Tournament • August 27, 1995
[Alternate Commentary by Mick Foley & Jim Ross]

No Holds Barred
Mankind vs. The Undertaker
Raw • December 9, 1996

WWE Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match
Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie vs. The New Age Outlaws
Raw • March 30, 1998

Hell in a Cell Match
Mankind vs. The Undertaker
King of the Ring • June 28, 1998

WWE Championship No Disqualification Match
The Rock vs. Mankind
Raw • January 4, 1999
[Alternate Commentary by Mick Foley & Jim Ross]

WWE Tag Team Championship Buried Alive Match
The Rock & Mankind vs. The Undertaker & The Big Show
SmackDown! • September 9, 1999

Hardcore Match
Edge vs. Mick Foley
WrestleMania 22 • April 2, 2006
[Alternate Commentary by Mick Foley & Jim Ross]


WWE Championship Street Fight Match
Triple H vs. Cactus Jack
Royal Rumble • January 23, 2000

No Disqualification Match
Randy Orton vs. Cactus Jack
Backlash • April 18, 2004

Disc Three

Funk’s Grill with Cactus Jack
NWA Power Hour • January 19, 1990

WCW Saturday Night • April 27, 1993

Katherine White interviews Collette
WCW Saturday Night • June 12, 1993

Katherine White and Dustin Rhodes find Cactus Jack (in Cleveland)
WCW Saturday Night • July 3, 1993

Mikey really, really likes it!
ECW Hardcore TV • August 27, 1994

Cane Dewey
ECW Hardcore TV • June 13, 1995

Who is Leonard Cohen?
ECW Hardcore TV • February 6, 1996

Ready to Leave
Superstars • March 30, 1996

Jim Ross sits down with Mankind
Raw • June 2, 1997

I gave you Cactus Jack
Raw • April 6, 1998

Mr Socko
Raw • October 5, 1998

I Quit?
Raw • January 25, 1999

Mankind hosts “Rock: This is Your Life”
Raw • September 27, 1999

Cactus Jack… is back!
SmackDown • January 13, 2000

Killing a Legend
Raw • June 23, 2003

You spit on my Legacy
Raw • February 2, 2004

Rocking Chair
Raw • April 12, 2004

Co-Hardcore Champions
Raw • May 22, 2006

Hardcore Whore
WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head • June 7, 2006

Foley vs. Flair
Raw • July 31, 2006

Mick Foley’s advice for Edge
SmackDown • August 1, 2008

Glorified stuntman?
Raw • January 16, 2012


Happy Birthday Stinger
World Championship Wrestling • October 5, 1991

Cactus Jack vs. Wooden Crate
WCW Saturday Night • June 13, 1992

ECW Hardcore TV • January 31, 1995

Funk in a Box
ECW Hardcore TV • February 28, 1995

Anti-Hardcore Montage
ECW Hardcore TV • Fall 1995

Stupid Things
Break Down • September 27, 1998

Thank you
Raw • January 11, 1999

Spending $100,000
Raw • February 1, 1999

Ah, ha, ha, ha, Buried Alive…
SmackDown • September 9, 1999

10 Days
SmackDown • February 17, 2000

Sodas Rule!
Raw • June 26, 2000

Edge & Christian complain to Commissioner Foley
Raw • September 25, 2000

Every time you think your out – they pull you back in
Raw • December 15, 2003

The Rock hosts “Mick Foley: This is Your Life”
Raw • March 8, 2004

The Cutting Edge
Saturday Night’s Main Event • March 18, 2006


  • Mick Foley answers your Twitter questions
  • Diamond Dallas… Rage
  • Rock and Sock
  • A different kind of superstar
  • Stand Up for Mick Foley

Approx. running time: 12.5 hours

I would like to give special thanks to: Danny Bee, Chris Smith and @ColiseumCorner for their help with this one.

Does this proposed WWE DVD interest you? It’s great to hear your feedback, so please sound off in the comments below or tweet me @_MarkD_


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  1. Spritz1999 says:

    Fantasy Concepts happen… oh h*** yeah! 🙂

  2. Velvita says:

    I love it when fantasy concepts become a reality

  3. Anan says:

    Foley has stated his gratitude for both Sting and Taker so those rivalries should each have their own chapter dedicated sorely to those feuds. His rivalry and partnership with Rock should also get its own chapter as well. I see a Rock-N-Sock chapter. But no separate chapter for their rivalry.

    Every match with Rock, Sting, taker should be here because those were some of his greatest feuds. His matches with HHH were damn good too so there’s got to be a ton of those if not every match they had. The Dumpster Incident would be a great addition. I’m referring to when Jack & Charlie were against each other. I think Jack hit an elbow on Charlie inside the dumpster. The Outlaws closed the dumpster and pushed it off the stage with JR saying, “There’s people in there! What the hell is so special about that??!!!”

  4. Eric says:

    I would buy that

  5. Choxy says:

    We need the Hell In A cell matches with Triple H.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen enough. WWE DVD Production and Development’ve gotta hire this guy. He’s a genius

  7. XW1n5t0nX says:

    I love the idea. While there have been quite a few Foley DVDs, it would be nice to ave a definitive collection of his matches and promos. The only problem I see would be his match against Terry Funk from IWA Japan. It wouldn’t be a problem of who owns the rights to the footage, but the content. Yes WWE has put violent matches on DVDs before, but I doubt they’d put that match on one of their sets.

  8. neverAcquiesce says:

    I think we forget, thanks to his career being thoroughly chronicled through his books, that he’s never had a full-length, career-spanning documentary produced on him. It’s well overdue and would be a first-day purchase for me.

  9. WWEDVDNEWSGUY#1 says:

    Make sure to follow WWEDVDNEWS on Twitter by clicking here now!!!!!!

  10. Scott says:

    Fantastic! I have the other Foley DVD’s but would buy this on Blu Ray in an instant. Really nice work on this one.

  11. RabidHeat says:

    I’d love it one day, but I think Mick’s had so many DVDs that some people should be ahead of him on the list really. Good match listing though.

  12. nightmare says:

    Yea I know I would buy this in a second

  13. Anonymous says:

    I think this is amazing, would love to know the mick’s story from a dvd, it’s always fun to see clips and pictures and for the matches I think some of them are really just awesome.. I’ll definitely buy it!! If it turns to be a project, Nice back & front cover art by the way!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Would probably be MA not TV-14.

  15. FCK says:

    and plus why do we need another dvd on mick foley he’s had had one in 2004!

  16. FCK says:

    i feel these are wwe dvd’s rumor around at wwe and you just take them with the art and everything and just change a few things

  17. Phil says:

    I’m not sure where some of the hate is comIng from for this one, to me this is a simply incredible match listing as Mick wasn’t just about the matches his promo work was just as good (if not better than his ring work!) so I love the inclusion of the promos. In regard to the matches already released I only see 6 (out of 22) and of those 4 have alternate commentary adding value to them (I’d like to see the Hell in a Cell with new commentary aswell) and all 6 matches are very important to the story of Mick Foley.

    I cannot express how awesome this set would be, even down to the detail on the special features ‘Diamond Dallas… Rage’ is that the cookie story from Micks 1st book? And Stand Up for Mick Foley is something about Micks standup?

    Some of you people are stupid, you whine about repets then as where the Hell in a Cell w/ HHH and Mind Games w/ HBK are – those are repeated too! Supersonic you listed repeated matches that aren’t even on this set then said what matches have never been released which include at least 3 which are already out WTF? This lineup is much better than those you did on the forum at least some thought has gone into this one, instead of an endless list of matches. Zzzzzzz

    Keep up the good work Mark

  18. Anonymous says:

    i wish the fantasy concepts was true

  19. Fernando Santana says:

    for your next fantasy concept, can you do wwe 2009-2012 ppvs tagged classic style? for example over the limit 2010 with fatal 4 way 2010 tagg classic style, like weith gry borders and stuff, thanks

  20. nightmare says:

    Dam I wish this was a real release I would buy it in a min

  21. The WWE DVD department is running out of ideas for DVDs to release. A Falls Count Anywhere 3 Disk Set dubbed The Greatest Street Fights and other Out of Control Matches? Really? Yet, you come up with great fantasy concepts every week that WWE can easily make. Someone contact their department and tell them about these Fantasy Concepts articles for ideas for them to steal or just hire Mark. He’ll make them a lot of profits, he could also save them the time of making a DVD cover.

  22. NickP says:

    This dvd would be great as well as a best of Mick Foley Unreleased set.. Many WCW/ECW/USWA stuff not on dvd

  23. Supersonic says:

    This is largely a fail based on listing.

    For promos, you must include the Rock ‘N Sock reunion segment with La Resistance.

    For matches:

    Recycles –
    vs. HBK – Mind Games
    vs. Taker – KOTR 98
    vs. Rock – Raw 1/4/99
    vs. Whipwreck – ECW farewell
    vs. Austin – Raw 11/18/96
    vs. Orton – Backlash 04
    vs. Flair – Summerslam 06
    ECW intergender match – ONS 06
    vs. HHH – No Way Out 2000

    New matches for commercial release (no editing to Ventura commentary) –

    vs. HHH – Canadian Stampede
    vs. HHH – One Night Only
    Philly Street Fight – Slamboree 94
    vs. Vader – Halloween Havoc 93
    vs. Owen – stink up the joint match
    vs. Bret – Raw 1997
    vs. Taker – KOTR 96
    vs. Sting – Beach Blast 92
    vs. Sting – 11/91
    vs. Steamboat – one of their matches
    vs. Rock – Cold Day in Hell
    vs. Van Hammer
    Cactus/Malenko/Scorpio vs. Eddie/Steiners – ECW

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      If WWE was going to make another Foley DVD, such as this one, why wouldn’t you think they wouldn’t put that King of the Ring match w/ Undertaker on it? Just because YOU already own the match?

      People don’t seem to understand that certain matches make various DVD releases simply because they SHOULD be on them. Hell in a Cell with Foley and Taker SHOULD have been on OMG! 50 Top Incidents. Taker/Foley SHOULD have been on Best of King of the Ring.

      If they one day make an Undertaker 3-4 disc bio DVD set, I would think they would put that Foley/Taker match on there again.

  24. gtoner01 says:

    I think this is an awesome idea, as it follows the DVD profile format which I favour. I am not a fan of ‘in-character’ DVDs, like the Edge one that was released a few years back, and the documentary format works much better for me! Love the inclusion of Japan’s Death Matches – Would WWE have access to these in full?? I would hope so, as they included Japanese footage on the Benoit DVD years ago! Interesting concept!

  25. StingaLing says:

    I would love a new Mick Foley DVD. I would not love this Mick Foley DVD.

  26. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Thats awesome. The first fantasy blu-ray set (I think its your first). Anyway, nice job on everything. Nice cover and great matchlisting. You put alot of work into the matchlisting part of your concepts. Great job man.

  27. james says:

    Very nice! I think we’ll probably get something like this sooner rather then later. Mick is long overdue for a documentary. Four discs might be stretching it, I’m thinking they’ll lean towards three. Great job with the listings!

  28. Coliseum Video Fan says:

    Would love it 🙂

  29. Anonymous says:

    where is mankind vs shawn michaels mind games?

  30. jgreeds says:

    No matches with Foley winning the title? I figured one of them would make it. Only one match after 1999? I know there wasn’t a whole lot too choose from after then, but Foley-Orton was pretty good.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Also he’s written 4 (4!) bios, does ANYone need a Foley doc?

    The format of The Legacy of Stone Cold would work much better here.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I usually like these but this one isn’t so good. The title and cover are way too similar to the crappy TNA Foley release and the content leaves a LOT to be desired. The most obvious issue is there should be NO repeats from Greatest Hits And Misses: The Hardcore Edition. The only people even marginally interested in a Foley release at this stage already have that set. The next thing, your listing skips from 1999 to 2006???

    The saddest thing is I can see WWE releasing this exact set…

  33. Roaster says:

    Everytime I see these concepts it’s kinda depressing because i know they’re never gonna see the light of day and if they do WWE doesn’t do nowhere near as good a job as you.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Not that it’s bad, but a good majority of your covers are very similar. Content wise, though…phenomenal!

  35. Harry Faversham says:

    I’m surprised the Outlaws vs. Funk and Cactus Jack cage match hasnt been released on DVD yet. That was a big moment.

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      The match the night after WrestleMania XIV? The night X-Pac returned. That was a great cage match…and RAW.

      • Harry Faversham says:

        That’s the one. I think they want D-Generation X to be remembered as being just Shawn Michaels & Triple H. But at the time the formation of the new DX was big business. Not sure its a great Foley moment though. As I recall they get their asses totally handed to them. More of a DX moment, but then again Foley always gets his ass handed to him. Gotta love the Micker.

  36. SRB says:

    What can I say that won’t be said? Nothing. This set would mark the absolute definitive career collection for Foley. Very nice job here and I can’t think of one moment, segment or match that is missing. I would buy this in a heartbeat

    • Harry Faversham says:

      Didnt he have some matches in AWA aswell? I’d like to see his match against Bret Hart from Shotgun Saturday Night on DVD, but I don’t think it was much of a Mick moment.

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