Final WWE DVD Release of The Year Hits Stores; Complete List of 2022 WWE DVDs & Blu-Rays

December 28, 2022 by Daniel Bee

WWE DVD & Blu-ray 2022 List

Survivor Series War Games 2022, the final WWE DVD of 2022, hit stores in the US this week!

A Fathead of The Undertaker is included free inside the packaging. Thanks goes to WDN reader Makel Collins for sharing these photos.

WWE Survivor Series War Games 2022 DVD - Photos, Front Cover
WWE Undertaker Fathead Sticker, Free with Survivor Series WarGames 2022 DVD!

Juanito’s Wrestling Vlog on YouTube recently posted an early look at the Survivor Series 2022 DVD after finding it on Walmart shelves before Christmas — check out the video for a closer look.

With Survivor Series in stores, it’s that time of year again when we take a look back at the full list of 2022-released WWE DVDs and Blu-rays.

In 2022, the WWE DVDs produced in the US were current PLE (PPV) titles only, for the first time in forever. This was better than the alternative of no WWE DVDs at all, though, which almost did happen! Things were worked out, and a full slate of titles made it to North America and Europe, however WWE DVDs did not continue in Australia this year.

12 titles were released to North America, while Europe would get a handful of exclusives on top.

It was an almost documentary-less year for WWE DVDs in 2022, but “Ruthless Aggression Vol. 2” in the UK would see season 2 of the WWE Network docu-series released on Home Video.

WrestleMania would get a Blu-ray edition everywhere, while in the UK Fremantle once again produced Blu-ray counterparts for the rest of the Big 4 PLEs and even for Clash at the Castle, since Clash was a special event held in the UK; the first UK stadium show in 30 years and arguably their first proper PLE in all that time. On that note, the iconic SummerSlam 1992 event had a special 30th anniversary DVD and Blu-ray offering with extras this year in the UK.



Day 1 2022 Feb 15, 2022
Royal Rumble 2022** Mar 8, 2022
1997: Dawn of the Attitude – 25th Anniversary Edition^ Apr 4, 2022
Ruthless Aggression Vol. 2^ May 2, 2022
WrestleMania 38* May 10, 2022
Elimination Chamber 2022 Jun 14, 2022
WrestleMania Backlash 2022 Jul 12, 2022
Hell in a Cell 2022 Jul 26, 2022
Money in the Bank 2022 Aug 9, 2022
SummerSlam 1992 – 30th Anniversary Edition^ ** Aug 29, 2022
SummerSlam 2022** Aug 30, 2022
Austin 3:16: Best of Stone Cold Steve Austin^ Oct 3, 2022
Clash at the Castle 2022** Oct 4, 2022
Extreme Rules 2022 Nov 8, 2022
Undertaker: The Complete WrestleMania Collection^ Nov 14, 2022
Crown Jewel 2022 Dec 6, 2022
Survivor Series War Games 2022** Dec 27, 2022

* Also available on Blu-ray
** Also available on Blu-ray as UK/EU Exclusive
^ UK/EU Exclusive DVD

Already announced for 2023 (including in the US) is Best of Attitude Era Royal Rumble Matches in January, so the US releases will kick off with a non-PLE next year. A&E’s “Biography: WWE Legends” documentaries will also be made available to US fans in January.

Cover Artwork for WWE ‘Attitude Era Royal Rumble’ DVD, Rumble 2023 Release Date, More Non-PLEs?

The UK gets the Attitude Rumble set too, and Fremantle have been working with WWE to produce their own Cody Rhodes DVD for UK fans, a 2-disc set scheduled for February. The upcoming 30th anniversary episode of RAW will be released as a DVD to the UK in March.

On our socials, we recently gave an exclusive look at back cover artwork for “American Nightmare: The Best of Cody Rhodes”. Please give our accounts a Like/Follow headed into the new year:

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all the WDN readers. Thank you for your continued support as we head into another year of WWE DVD and Blu-ray releases!

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  1. Jay says:

    How can I find this Tuesday in Texas on dvd

  2. RabidHeat says:

    Imagine if Vince’s first order of business now that he’s back was to stop all WWE physical media being produced worldwide, lol. Literally the main reason he came back. Then he leaves again.

  3. joey helmsley says:

    I’m from australia and was wondering how can I get a playable copy of the attitude royal rumble matches on dvd? surely a bluray can play a US or UK dvd right??

    • whut says:

      unfortunately, not really.

      like, technically, +every+ dvd player can play every dvd, no matter the region code. in reality however a lot of devices are region-locked, so you need a code to unlock it (which you might find online, depending on your player).

    • Daniel Bee says:

      An Australian Blu-ray player plays UK Blu-rays if that helps as a side note, same region code of B. 🙂

      (not the same code for DVD though)

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