First Clip of Goldberg WWE DVD, Early Review of Triple H ‘Thy Kingdom Come’

September 22, 2013 by Daniel Bee

Here’s a first preview of Goldberg: The Ultimate Collection. The clip was revealed this week by, who will be releasing the Goldberg DVD first to the UK on October 7th.

WWE Goldberg

WWE Triple H Thy Kingdom Come DVD

Brian Wise and Dan Mader send word of finding Triple H “Thy Kingdom Come” on shelves already, including in K-Mart stores for $19.99 on DVD. Shaun Blackford has viewed an early copy and has called it “DVD of the decade”. You can listen to his review below.

The Triple H DVD & Blu-ray officially release on Tuesday; get yours by clicking here.

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Below is the new cover artwork for the TNA Hardcore Justice 2 DVD. That’s released next month to the UK over at It’s not currently up for pre-order in the US.

TNA Hardcore Justice 2 DVD Cover

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  1. HunterW says:

    “DVD of the decade!”….What a mark!

  2. Benson says:

    I went to K-Mart after seeing this report and got the Triple H DVD. Absolutely love the dvd! So I have ordered the Blu-ray version on amazon. Can’t wait to see the extra Blu-ray contents.

  3. rajesh says:


  4. Sick Rick says:

    TNA has better ppv covers for ther DVDs even if nobody buys them, unlike WWE.

  5. Tony Kegger says:

    I’m not impressed with the match selection because the best matches I already own so I’m most excited about the Triple H documentary.

  6. Tommy O says:

    That Hardcore Justice 2 cover is awesome. I’m loving the UK TNA covers.

  7. tmax says:

    just ordered goldberg blu-ray for £17.99 at using discount code dvd-base

  8. Lemo says:

    Got Triple H early this week, one of the most boring documentries i’ve ever seen.

  9. Shaun blackford says:

    I reviewed the blu ray and therefore opinions are based on that

  10. Jake E says:

    How is Hardcore Justice 2 an 18?

  11. Hollywood says:

    Hey WWE Triple H is not in the top 20 greatest wwe superstars of all time

  12. D-Bryan says:

    Blackford is high for calling it the DVD of the Decade. I thought the documentary was great, but it felt incomplete, skipped over things, one sided, and bias. It’s still a must own, but I was a little disappointed.

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