First Details on WRESTLEMANIA 35 DVD & Blu-Ray, Trailer for WWE’s Next Cena DVD, NXT Tomorrow!

March 18, 2019 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'Best of NXT TakeOver 2018' DVD - Logo

Tomorrow, it’s time for a brand new WWE DVD release!

We’re talking about “Best of NXT TakeOver 2018” which is about to officially hit stores across the United States (grab it for $14.99 here on and will land in the UK exactly one week from today (that’s currently £16.61 if you order through

WWE 'Best of NXT TakeOver 2018' DVD - Main Menu
WWE - The Undisputed Era Host The 'Best of NXT TakeOver' DVD!

As we’ve reported, WWE went in a different direction this year with their annual NXT retrospective to deliver the first-ever Home Video release centered around NXT TakeOver.

Expect to see a 2-disc set with approximately 6 hours of footage; that’s 11 hard-hitting matches selected from TakeOver specials held last year on the weekends of Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, Money in the Bank, SummerSlam and Survivor Series. can reveal that Undisputed Era are “taking over” as the hosts of this anticipated collection! Watch a free preview that shows one of their host segments, right here:

Grab a copy of the new WWE “BEST OF NXT TAKEOVER 2018” DVD…

United States: TOMORROW! Go get your copy here on

UK/Europe: March 25th. Pre-order your copy now through

Australia: April 17th. Pre-order opportunities available at

It’s that time of year when we confirm the Home Video release of WrestleMania!

WrestleMania 35 will release on DVD to fans in the United States on May 14th, and we’re pleased to announce that ‘Mania is once again being produced on Blu-ray format too. WrestleMania continues to be WWE’s best-selling Home Video release, explaining why it gets the Blu-ray treatment.

Of course, it’s early days as far as hinting about the content goes and special features to be included, but we can see that the DVD is slated to be a 3-disc set and the Blu-ray a 2-disc set.

We can also exclusively reveal that the Topps trading card included inside the packaging will feature Ronda Rousey and therefore with a purchase of WrestleMania 35 you have the chance at nabbing a card signed by Rousey herself, since WWE began including limited numbers of Signature Cards with their latest Pay-Per-View DVDs.

Pre-orders for both DVD and Blu-ray are expected to show up here on any day now.

WWE WrestleMania 35 Logo - With Fireworks

Welcome to WrestleMania, The Showcase of the Immortals, The Grandest Stage of Them All, and the biggest event in the world of sports entertainment.

On this night, WWE Superstars become legends and legends become immortal.

Hustle. Loyalty. Respect.

You’ve seen the cover artwork and the match listing, now check out the official trailer for WWE’s next John Cena DVD!

“John Cena – Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” boasts nearly 6 hours of John Cena’s “latest and greatest” matches he has competed in between 2015 and the present day in 2019.

It’s incoming for release as a 2-disc DVD set this May. Neither the trailer or the content listing hint at the inclusion of a new interview with Cena [insert you can’t see him gag here] so at this time we would expect this DVD to just pack in the in-ring action alone.

WWE 'John Cena: Hustle Loyalty Respect' DVD - Official Box Art

Get your copy of the WWE “John Cena: Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” DVD…

UK/Europe: May 27th. Pre-order the new John Cena DVD right now via

United States: May 28th. Pre-order the new John Cena DVD very soon here on

Australia: TBA. Look out for your pre-order opportunity soon over at

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Robert Emons says:

    I was hoping for another volume to the best of NXT regular show set I watch more of the takeover shows than I do the actual NXT shows because I’m always working but I guess that’s what the WWE Network is for

  2. LP1 says:

    Yeah it started at 1pm because they didn’t book that date far enough in advance. Back then they would run MSG once a month. They already had the MSG schedule for 1985 planned out, including dates on February 18th(The War To Settle The Score), March 17th and April 22nd. When they decided to do WrestleMania, they had to squeeze it in on March 31st, which wasn’t on the original schedule and the NY Rangers had a home game that night. So they had to be out of the building early. Thankfully Mania 1 was only a 2 and 1/2 hour show. But anyway, that’s why they ended up doing 2 MSG shows in March that year.

    It’s crazy to think, looking at it through a 2019 perspective, that they ran WrestleMania in the same building they did a show just 2 weeks earlier. And then went back to the Garden again 3 weeks later.

    • LP1 says:

      ^^Meant that as a reply to VintageSimon.

    • VintageSimon says:

      @LP1 Cool, thanks for all the info. I’m often scrolling through’s ring results (for one reason or another), so was aware that they ran MSG once a month – up until around March 1997, if memory serves – but hadn’t quite realised the circumstances of the first ‘Mania. Very strange to think that, just hours after the iconic main event with Mr. T etc., there was a brand new audience in the building watching ice hockey!

      As for your final point, I guess the only modern day equivalent is when Raw, the night after WrestleMania 21 and 22, took place in the same venue as ‘Mania itself had the night prior. Some fans were slightly aggrieved by this, as they felt it lowered the prestige of ‘Mania, but it didn’t really bother me.

      Anyone else miss WrestleMania in arenas, by the way? I obviously get the business reasons behind holding it in a stadium (and visual reasons, to an extent), but the wrestling fan in me wishes we could see it in a smaller, more intimate venue again. I was at the final arena WM, which was WM22 in Chicago, so it’s been 13 years already. I was really hoping that WMXXX would take place at MSG, and can you imagine how amazing the atmosphere would have been, assuming the same card had taken place? Seeing ‘Taker’s streak broken in the Garden would have been magic. That entire event would’ve been bonkers in front of that crowd, tbh.

      • LP1 says:

        The problem with going back to holding Mania in standard arenas, they would have to jack up the ticket prices so high it would be ridiculous. Think about how much money they make in ticket sales with 70-80,000 people. Now imagine having to make that same money with 15-18,000 people. The prices for even the cheap seats would be astronomical.

        I was at Mania XXX in New Orleans. The legit shock in the audience when Taker lost was surreal. A lot of people thought it was a mistake, that the ref messed up or Taker didn’t kick out on time or anything. It wasn’t until the 21-1 image appeared on the screens that the crowd realized it was real. Crazy.

        • Rkmo says:

          I always love going back to watch that match during my Mania marathon just for the atmosphere. Watching that poor ref squirm after the three, trying to wave off the pinfall lol

          • RabidHeat says:

            I can’t actually watch the full match though as I genuinely think it sucks as a match, despite the shock ending.

            • LP1 says:

              Yeah, but due to the circumstances, it’s amazing the match continued at all. Taker got knocked out from a spot very early in the match, causing a bad concussion, and he still finished the match. Gotta give Taker credit.

  3. BAS says:

    If the Hall of Fame were to be excluded again, hopefully the ceremony at least gets its own release and they could probably include bonus matches from each of the inductees if they were to add extras. Maybe even release last year’s ceremony? Pointless to ask for that, I know, but if WWE can release certain events long after they happen like Greatest Royal Rumble getting released 7 months after it happened, I don’t see why they can’t do that for others.

    • David says:

      The HOF hasn’t had an individual release since 2004 so I doubt they will start now. If last year didn’t make it then I don’t see it happening. Don’t think it is much of a demand and quite frankly its more of a bonus to include with the WM releases.

      The HOF has been a joke anyways for over a decade by making a spectacle out of it and only about selling tickets attracting all the smarks that ruin the whole thing their cat calls and smarky chants just to get themselves over whereas before it use to be a smaller gathering with the company and their friends and family.

  4. Patrick Mcnamara says:

    I love how WWE releases their dads far apart so that the modest avid collector like me can get them all. Thank you wwe for understanding times are rough and actually accomadating that. I apologize for any misspelling

  5. Richard W says:

    Let’s hope this year’s WM 35 DVD and Blu-Rays sets will include the full HOF ceremony, unlike last year.

    • David says:

      Rumours are saying that WM35 will end up having 17 matches including the kick off and saying it could be the longest WM nearing 6 hrs for the main show, so I doubt all content will fit on a standard 3 disc DVD and 2 disc Bluray unless they add an extra disc which I highly doubt. I think they will do the same thing as last year with the HOF being digital and the RAW after WM episode.

      • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras4Life says:

        WWE really has to stop this Mega-Overkill 6-8 hours shows! One gets exhausted already half way through the night. Nothing get stuck as real memoriable, because of the overloaded program, with a content that becomes forgettable, partly because of the looooooong stretch!

        Skip those horrible boring scripted a matter of fact, just skip the pre-show! Cut down again to the maximum of 4 hours on the main show! There will be plenty of room for most of the roster, if WWE is never to do segments again like the horrible boring ROCK-segment from 32.

        • VintageSimon says:

          @Ruthless.Attitude Completely agree on the bloated shows, and they actually put me off from watching. Sitting through seven hours of the Royal Rumble felt like a chore (especially in the middle of the night, here in the UK), and even though I’ve now got the Blu-Ray, I can’t envision sitting down and watching it from start to finish, ever.

          I’ve decided not to stay up for ‘Mania this year, and even the prospect of sitting through five hours of it the following day feels like hard work. Which is a shame, because the Rumble and WM used to be highlights of the year, but they’ve completely ruined them with these excessively long durations.

          Worse still, there aren’t really any matches I particularly want to see at WM35 either. The only match I were interested in was Angle’s farewell, but against Baron Corbin? No thanks.

          • whut says:

            same here. four hours of WrestleMania (as the one big “exception to the rule” regarding its longer runtime) was fine. but now every of these goes on for hours and hours.

      • Mark Markson says:

        Not a big fan of those big shows either. If WWE wish to continue doing this, they should do like Ring og Honor and other indy promotions. And just do WrestleMania 35, Night 1 and WrestleMania 35, Night 2. Have the HOF on Thursday, NXT on Friday and Mania on Saturday and Sunday. A 3 hour show on Saturday and Sunday.

        • Mark Markson says:

          edit: those longer shows.

        • Vincenzzzzzo says:

          I agree with you that WrestleMania should now take place over the course of two night, Night 1 and Night 2. I think that is a phenomenal idea.

          • LP1 says:

            WrestleMania being held on 2 different days could end up being a mess. For one, WWE now has to hope to sell out a 70,000-80,000 seat building on two seperate days when they already have enough trouble selling it out on one day. And they won’t go to a smaller building. Those days are over. They look at WrestleMania as the Superbowl. A major single event taking place in a huge stadium.

            The other issue is the people that want to go to WrestleMania now have to pay double, for two seperate days, to see everything. Tickets are already expensive as it is. And they’re not cutting back on prices either. They haven’t lowered the price on Mania tickets since the mid-2000s. The other issue is the Saturday show will be the inferior show in terms of prestige, not necessarilly match quality, because the Sunday show will be the one to get the real main event.

            My issue has never been about how long the show is, it’s about what timeslot they use. If they want to run a 6 hour show then start the show at 4pm or 5pm on the east coast and finish up at 10pm or 11pm. These shows that go past 11pm, and in the case of the last 2 Manias, past midnight, are horrible for people in the arenas who have to get up early for work the next morning or kids who have school the next morning. WrestleManias back in the 80s and early 90s used to start early all the time. WrestleMania 1 started at 1pm in NYC. Granted that was because they had to get out of the building early for a Rangers game that night, but it still worked out fine.

            • Mark Markson says:

              If they do the shows over two days, I’d definitely expect them to slash ticket prices by 50%.
              Then you could have the Smackdown matches on Saturday and Raw matches on Sunday.

              • LP1 says:

                Would never happen. Plus there’s no point in doing that. If they cut the price in half, and sell out both days, they’re essentially making the same exact money had they only done one day. So why even bother? There’s alot of expenses that come with running a giant stadium and now they have to double those expenses yet only make the revenue they would for one day. They’d end up losing a lot of money by cutting the prices in half. It just won’t happen. In a perfect world that would be nice, yeah, but not realistic.

            • VintageSimon says:

              @LP1 Interesting stat about the WrestleMania I start time. In all the years I’ve been watching (since the early 90s), I’d never realised that it was an afternoon show.

      • Justin says:

        Last year, Warner Bros completely botched the HOF digital version and it was only through persistent communication that they finally corrected the problem. Hopefully that won’t be a problem this year.

    • champz says:

      me too. Hope its can included the full HOF ceremony in it.

  6. Ruben says:

    I hope Wrestlemania includes a digital code like last year

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