First Look at WWE ‘Best PPV Matches 2014’ DVD, New RAW/SD 2014 Cover Shot

December 16, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE Best PPV Matches 2014 DVD - Screenshot

Here are first look screengrabs of the “Best PPV Matches 2014” DVD!

As we’ve reported, WWE is releasing this one as a UK exclusive title through in the new year. The 3-disc DVD will contain 21 matches and run almost 9 hours.

The release date has been pushed back 1 week from January 5th to January 12th.

WWE Best PPV Matches 2014 DVD - Screenshot

WWE Best PPV Matches 2014 DVD - Wyatt Family vs. The Shield

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This updated, exclusive look at the planned “Best of RAW & Smackdown 2014” DVD cover reveals that Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will be featured on the spine’s artwork. The DVD will release worldwide in February.

We’re hearing that the FULL content will be unveiled tomorrow, so check back!

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WWE The Best of RAW & Smackdown 2014 DVD Cover

“Timeline: The History of WWE – 2008” was just released on DVD, featuring special guest Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins), at Watch the trailer below.

Our series travels to a year where the world’s largest federation is split among three brands. In this era of roster shuffles and drafts, find out what it meant to be a member of one of those brands. And just how those brands worked together to create winning television.

Join Brian Myers, as he outlines the journey of his character, Curt Hawkins, and life inside the WWE in the new millenium. Hawkins and his partner would hold championship gold and take center stage alongside Heavyweight Champion Edge. WrestleMania… winning in Long Island… Kevin Dunn… the Draft… Undertaker… hirings and firings… video games… action figures…and more!!!

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WWE RAW Homecoming 2005 DVD - RARE

$41.00RAW Homecoming 2005 DVD

In addition to the above Homecoming DVD, eBay seller “dweaver541” is auctioning off more than 20 rare WWF/WWE DVDs tomorrow including the likes of Judgment Day 2002/2001, Survivor Series 2001/2000, Backlash 2001, and King of the Ring 2001.

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  1. attitude.era.4life says:

    2008 is one of my absolute favorite wwe ppv years.. shows like Royal Rumble with the excellent booked 2 first entrants in that match, No way out, One night stand, WM 24, etc..

    and the 2 main feud storylines that year: awesome HBK vs Y2J and The Undertaker vs. Edge with the Edgeheads…where Hawkins and Ryder actually were cool.

    Great year..

    • David says:

      2008 was a great year for PPVs, almost every one of them were awesome. I thought Judgment Day however was the weakest of them all, but still pretty good in comparison.

      • attitude.era.4life says:

        the Jericho vs. Michaels match was obviously awesome..but, yeah, apart from that, the weakest from the first half of the year.. Jericho and Cena had two matches that kind of dragged in periods at Survivor Series and Armageddon, but I loved the Scramble match concept from Unforgiven, and would love see it once a while, latest it was on Bash ’09.

        And of course, as we already have talked bout, it would be great to have all these ass-kicking shows on Bluray. 🙂

        • RCS1988 says:

          There’s actually people who transferred their wrestling collection from VHS to DVD to Blu-ray. I’d be curious when WWE will release a Blu-ray only release.

          • attitude.era.4life says:

            I would not count on bluray releases only, as long as the Network is streaming 720 p quality.. I assume that wwe is of the perception, that most fans settle with that quality, thus not producing bluray media for all releases.

            I, however, can well settle with my complete DVD collection, added with the Bluray releases I can get from Silvervision and now Freemantle..

            If Freemantle had the balls like Silvervision had, maybe, they would release all HD shot back catalogue on Bluray…and that would actually make me reconsider subsribing to the Network again.

            • Mark D says:

              It’s not necessarily the case that all the Network content will be shown in 720p maximum indefinitely. I’m sure MLBAM and WWE are working on developments all the time.

              • attitude.era.4life says:

                we’ll see how it evolves.. and it is good that they changed the subscription to no-commitment terms, so everyone can jump on or off board, when ever they like..

                • Mark D says:

                  I don’t agree with the removal of the commitment, especially for the people who were already within a 6 month period (which they agreed to)

                  • attitude.era.4life says:

                    well.. wwe have done several things wrong within the first year of the Network era..the 6 month commitment period being one of them.

                  • LP1 says:

                    Mark, the people who were already in a 6 month commitment when the Network switched to a monthly option were no longer under a 6 month deal. Everyone at that point was under a monthly deal.

                    • Mark D says:

                      Yeah, that’s wrong. If I had 4 months of my 6 left, I should have been changed at the end of the 6 I had agreed to. Why would they give me an out to a deal that I agreed to, that’s stupid. You wouldn’t get that with other deals, i.e. a cell phone contract

            • LP1 says:

              Not sure why you’re taking a shot at Freemantle. Freemantle already does release all of the PPV’s on blu-ray, whereas in North America they don’t. Silvervision didn’t start releasing every PPV on blu-ray until 2011. There werw a lot PPVs from 2008-2011 that they missed. Actually, the majority of them they missed. If Silvervision didn’t release all of the PPV’s from 2008-2012 on Blu-ray when they were relevant, why would Freemantle do it 5+ years later?

              • attitude.era.4life says:

                Obviously, Silvervision did not release bluray version of all HD filmed ppvs, unfortunately.. what I meant was, that back then Silvervision was the only place where you could get the In your house ppv’s and other, and you could get some Bluray releases only from them..

                so, what I meant to say, was, that it would be nice if Freemantle showed some courage too, and would then release all HD filmed ppv’s.. the first survey they had on their website, showed that Money in the Bank 2011 is a clear winner, when they asked which release they should re-release on a Bluray.

                Back then, it gave me a small hope that a possibility was being opened up for, that this new UK/European market seller could pull it off..

                now, even they begin producing DVD only release for HD filmed material, a.k.a. “Best ppv matches 2014″… and that’s even with WWE not having the ability to launch the Network in UK yet, after two miserable attempts, screwing their fans by using them as blackmail objects opposite SKY, though they already had made an agreement on a deal with SKY.

                Everything has been done wrong within the first year of the Network’s only grief is, that it hurts the physical media, and what we get instead, is a watered down product, that is hyped as more as it actually is, e.g. alledgly WWE stating wrong numbers of subscription to raise worth of their stock.

    • motorhead says:

      I would agree. After the horrific end of 2007–to be honest, I can’t even remember what happened on RAW or PPV or in TNA AT ALL after that weekend in June. It took WrestleMania XXIV and the build, which started at the Rumble, to get me out of my funk about wrestling. It took a very long time for me to come to grips with Atlanta and the fact that my money, my eyes, my rating point helped feed and drug a monster in wrestling tights. The WWE really stepped up and put on on one of the best years in company history, all while PG, all with no blood, all with the ghost of Benoit right over their shoulders. I wish WWE could harness that energy again, minus the horrific and terrible tragedy that caused the swell in 2008, and create a truly can’t-miss product again. It’s pretty sad when Lucha Underground (for my money THE best wrestling hour on TV) and NXT (the SECOND BEST hour of wrestling anywhere on TV) are routinely outpacing and outperforming the WWE. With the roster they have? The depth of talent? Gimme a break…

      Ya know, it’s like when I watch Monday Night War on the Network, I think sometimes they’re talking about WWE today when they trash the WWF of 1993 to 1995. Very similar ruts and very similar problems. One of them is the live audience who refuses to push back and chant for blood or wrestling or anything. It’s sad sometimes to see how far WWE has come on one hand, and how far back they’ve slipped on another.

      • motorhead says:

        I should have pointed out that the WWE went PG the night after Y2J tried to “blind” HBK. So from July on there was no blood or anything like that. my bad.

      • attitude.era.4life says:

        For me, No Way Out 2009 was the ppv, that I consider from a story telling point view the final coherent show..with the Money in the Bank 2011 show as a sole welcome return to that quality concept since then.

        What I loved from especially 1996 and up to 2009, are storylines, that are so excited that I love watching it over and over again. Plus, there is coherent segments that kind of tie the show together to an awesome experience..

        take a look at Armageddon 2000 for instant: you see a small truck, that from the first minute of the show somehow becomes a important part of the show, right to the shocking final few minutes. Love the writing and innovation from back then..

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