First Look at WWE’s Elimination Chamber 2015 DVD – US Release Planned?

July 13, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 DVD - Cover Artwork

The Elimination Chamber 2015 DVD will be released 2 week’s today to fans in the UK and Europe. As reported, as a standalone DVD the title will be a UK exclusive and not sold elsewhere.

Above and below is the artwork planned for the front and back of its packaging, plus a couple of first look screenshots from the DVD menu. Pre-orders are available now at

WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 DVD - UK Exclusive

The following special features will be included in addition to the WWE Network special event:

Zack Ryder vs. Stardust
(Elimination Chamber Kickoff Show Match)

Ryback Wants More
(Home Video Exclusive)

Nikki Bella is a Champion
(Home Video Exclusive)

Money in the Bank 2015 will hit US stores tomorrow and the copies of the DVD we’ve seen so far do not include a bonus disc of Elimination Chamber 2015. Therefore, unless there’s a store exclusive found last minute, it does not appear that the event will see a domestic release.

As you may recall, the Australian version of the MITB DVD will include that bonus disc.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 DVD - Menu

WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 DVD - Nikki Bella Extra

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  1. THOMAS says:

    I will not be buying any of the WWE Blu rays at all.

  2. jim says:

    What the hell ever happened to survivor series 97-99 coming out on dvd? And all of the king of the rings?

  3. Bandit says:

    OT – If anyone still wants to get the Jerry Lawler DVD or Blu-Ray – Best Buy website still has the DVD or Blu-Ray priced at $9.99. Unfortunately the Daniel Bryan DVD is now $19.99 and the Daniel Bryan Blu-Ray is now $24.99. I haven’t been in a Best Buy store in a few months time so I don’t know if the Jerry Lawler DVD or Blu-Ray is still price in-store – $9.99. If you want to save on shipping and want to get it in-store – order it online for store-pickup – you are then for sure to get it at $9.99.

  4. Timothy Thorpe says:

    My copy of Money in the Bank came in today via Best Buy and I can tell you it doesn’t have a copy of Elimination Chamber in it.