First Look at Packaging & Contents of WWE ‘Randy Savage Story’ DVD Box Set

November 12, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE Macho Man - The Randy Savage Story DVD Logo

Today we have new shots of the Collector’s Edition box set for the upcoming Randy Savage WWE DVD! The box set will be made available to fans in North America and Australia.

“Macho Man: The Randy Savage Story” will be released next week. It hits the UK and Europe first this coming Monday and follows to the United States this coming Tuesday.

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WWE Macho Man Randy Savage Story DVD - Collector's Edition Box Set

The Collector’s Edition box set can be pre-ordered here on for the current price of $107.08. Alternatively, here at it’s priced at $106.99 which you can get down to only $91.99 by using the promo code “WWEAFF15”.

“Macho Man: The Randy Savage Story” will be available on standalone DVD, standalone Blu-ray, and in this Collector’s Edition box set containing multiple bonus items.


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As we’ve reported a few times, the complete content of the box set will be:

• 6 DVDs (New 2014 Randy Savage Story DVD & 2009 Macho Madness DVD)
• Randy Macho Man Savage T-Shirt
• Randy Macho Man Savage Bandana
• Randy Macho Man Savage Sunglasses

The planned designs of the shirt, bandana and sunglasses have been updated since the original concept art for the box set, as you can see in the below images.

WWE Macho Man Randy Savage Story DVD - Collector's Edition Box Set

WWE Macho Man Randy Savage Story DVD - Collector's Edition Box Set

Get your copy of “The Randy Savage Story” DVD/Blu-ray/Box set pre-ordered now…


UK/Europe: Releasing this Monday! Get it from

USA: Releasing this Tuesday! Get it here on

Australia: Coming December 3rd. Get it at

Speaking of box sets, these cheap eBay auctions for a SummerSlam Anthology DVD box set and a WrestleMania Anthology DVD box set are both expiring today. Worth a look.

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WWE WrestleMania Anthology & SummerSlam Anthology DVD Box Sets

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  1. Freddy says:

    How long does the new macho man dvd and blurays run for each disc?!?

  2. Tony K says:

    Does anyone who preordered the Box Set from Best Buy and got screwed have a new update?

  3. mike says:

    How in the blu hell are dvds better quality than blu ray!? Are you blind jacki? Im assuming you’re watching vhs still too and thats probably better than blu to you as well. You probably also dont have a hi def television with 120 htz and 1080p so you wouldnt notice much of a difference anyways…but still…get those eyes may have glaucoma!

  4. Todd Cash says:

    JAKKI STEAL DVD quality is better than blu ray quality…now that’s funny I don’t care who you are…smh

  5. Jeffrey says:

    Does it say if the box it comes in is tin?

  6. LP1 says:

    That’s great that it comes with all the bells and whistles, but it doesn’t come with the one thing I want the most… the BLU-RAY! It’s amazing how WWE can mess up such a simple idea. Overpriced and not worth it. I already bought the Savage Ultimate Collection years ago and don’t need the goofy looking shirt and glasses. The least they could’ve done was include one of the purple shirts that he actually wore back in the day. They sell them on WWE Shop so they definitely have them. At the end of the day all you’re getting with this set is just a collector’s box.

    There’s only 3 types of people that might buy this: 1)the hardcore completists, 2)the people who think they’ll turn a big profit on it few years if they keep it sealed(good luck with that) and 3)that wackadoo commenter that comes on this site and claims DVD is better quality than Blu-ray.

    • Jakki Steal says:

      I’m not claiming anything, just giving my honest opinion.
      DVD is just better quality than Blu Ray.
      If you guys claim to love Blu Ray than so be it (no skin off my back).
      Buy all the Blu Rays you want I could care less.
      Hopefully you don’t care that I would much rather have DVD’s.
      Who cares, I would have never said anything had I known how crazy you guys would be about it.

      P.S. I would never buy the macho man box set.
      I already have the Ultimate Collection.
      Even if I didn’t I still wouldn’t have bought it.
      The extra bells & whistles aren’t very impressive.

      • David says:

        Please explain why DVD is better quality than Blu-ray? because this is the first I ever heard from anyone.

        • Jakki Steal says:

          I’m not trying to be rude to you but I really don’t want to get into this discussion again on this forum.
          Last time everybody was jumping down my throat.

          I’ll just say that for me personally DVD’s look more crisp & clear.
          I’ve seen several Blu Rays & the picture was just very lackluster compared to DVD’s.

          I’ve said my piece & would love to just drop this topic once & for all.

          • SRB says:

            Why did you bring it up if you didn’t want to talk about it?

            • Jakki Steal says:

              I didn’t bring it up, LP1 brought it up & for some reason felt the need to use childish name calling.
              I was just defending myself.

              I’ve seen Blu Ray on several different hi def TV’s w/120 htz and 1080p & I was unsatisfied w/the quality of the picture.
              I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anyone.
              I’m trying to squash the whole thing but you guys won’t let up.
              It’s impossible to have a civil conversation here.

              I am easily over it why is it so hard for you guys to do the same.
              Unless you work for Blu Ray, I can’t fathom why it bothers people here so much.
              Never in a million years would I have predicted this kind of backlash.

              Please just drop it, you guys are getting all up in arms over nothing.
              It blows my mind that this is still being talked about here.

              I’d much rather talk about wrestling:
              The new Macho Man Randy Savage Story is coming out Tuesday & it is a first day buy for me.
              The documentary looks to be amazing & the WWE did a pretty job w/the match selection.
              I’m excited about it!

              • LP1 says:

                Jacki, I never mentioned you specifically. I honestly didn’t even remember who it was that said it. You could’ve just ignored what I said instead of bringing yourself into it.

                • Jakki Steal says:

                  Fair enough.

                  My bad.
                  I’m only gonna talk about wrestling on here from now on.
                  This is by far my favorite website when it comes to wrestling.
                  I mean no harm, peace to everybody here!

          • Stephen Dever says:

            The reason some blu rays look poor in picture quality is because they are more often than not just upconverts done badly from DVD. Watch a recent film on a TV or via a DVD then watch it on Bluray, the picture quality on BD is several times more sharper. Watch an old film on BD like say Psycho or the Universal Monster films and the imagery just pops from the screen

            • attitude.era.4life says:

              also, if you have a hd tele that actually is not full hd..or have adjustet your full hd tele wrong – like I did the first times I watched Bluray – you can get poorer quality.. at least on PAL european tele..

              I started watching my first bluray with resolution 1080 only.. and thought it was not mindblowing.. untill I found out I had to adjust my tele to graphic viewing 1920×1080.. that’s when it kicked in.. 🙂

              • SRB says:

                LP1 and I go to the same church. I’ll talk to him for you.

                • Daniel Bee says:

                  Jakki’s right and has always been right – that’s why we’re called WrestlingDVDNews, not WrestlingBluRayNews… 😉

                  • attitude.era.4life says:

                    and with that closing comment from Father Daniel we end our discussion on this boring topic, and turn back to main subject:

                    man oh man.. ECW is coming back on Bluray and DVD.. 2015 could’nt start more hardcore.. he he he that would of course be unless, a Falls count anyway vol. 2 is to follow it in february.. 😉

  7. Cris says:

    Definitely getting the bluray because of the quality and extras, I also think this collectors edition box set is too overpriced , think about it, the dvd is $20, the old dvd is about $5 or $6 around, the shirt would be like $25, glasses would be like $10 so it should’ve been like $60 not over $100 so the rest you’re paying probably for the box lol, I know you can’t buy these things separately but it shouldn’t be that much, that’s why I’m not a fan of collectors edition box sets because they’re ridiculously overpriced and I’m a dvd collector myself

  8. King1111 says:

    Blu-Ray is better. OOOOOHHH YEAH!