First Look at WWE RAW & SD 2013 DVD, Royal Rumble Sale, The Network Effect?

January 24, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE Best of Raw & SmackDown 2013 DVD Logo

The Best of RAW & Smackdown 2013 DVD is now available to pre-order for $22.99 here at

That’s the next scheduled release and ships out from this Tuesday. The runtime of the 3-disc set is approximately 7 hours and 31 minutes in total.

Courtesy of WrestlingSuperStore, below is a first look at the new DVD in the flesh!

WWE The Best of Raw & SmackDown 2013 DVD

In anticipation of the Royal Rumble this Sunday, are offering Royal Rumble 2013 for only £8.99 on DVD and £9.99 on Blu-ray, for one week only!

Also up for grabs are the Royal Rumble 2011 and Royal Rumble 2012 DVDs for £5.99 each.

WWE Royal Rumble 2013 DVD Blu-ray Sale

WWE Royal Rumble 2011 DVD Sale

Below is newly unveiled cover artwork for the UK versions of the Shawn Michaels “Mr. WrestleMania” DVD and Blu-ray sets.

As mentioned, this one is slated to have approximately 8 hours and 30 minutes of footage on DVD, plus about 22 minutes of extra features on Blu-ray. It hits US stores in February and follows on to fans in the UK, Europe and Australia in March. Pre-order a copy.

WWE Shawn Michaels Mr. WrestleMania DVD & Blu-ray Covers

Kayfabe Commentaries have interviewed the Insane Clown Posse for a “YouShoot: ICP” DVD to be released this March. Here’s a first look screenshot from the shoot.

ICP have worked in various wrestling promotions over the years including WWE and WCW.

Insane Clown Posse Shoot Interview - Kayfabe Commentaries

Upcoming releases at (DVD/On Demand):

Timeline – The History of WCW 1993: Vader – February 4th
Wrestling’s Most… Crappy Gimmick – February 24th

The Network Effect? Ending today here on is a huge collection of over 250 WWE DVDs! Among them are 37 Blu-ray discs and various hard to find WWF titles.

In there we’ve spotted original prints of Austin vs. McMahon, Undertaker: The Phenom, Royal Rumble 2000/2001, WrestleMania 16/17/18, and others.

Huge WWE DVD Collection Pile


Like this seller, do you plan to sell off your WWE DVD collection because of the Network?

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Huge WWE DVD Collection Pile


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  1. Jeff Copeland says:

    Hey vincenzzzzzo go complain about wwe bluerays and complain why u won’t buy DVDs

  2. Mark Markson says:

    I am definitely not selling my DVD collection. Not everything will be on WWE Network, new stuff will be added, and other stuff will be removed. So it’ll be like Netflix, where new movies and series are added, and other removed.

    The Network price of $9,99 is only a starting price. I’m sure it will go up with time. Also, I’m located in Europe, and I’m sure it will be more expensive over here. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is delayed over here.

  3. AJ says:

    My quick thoughts on Network/DVD. I think the Network will be a huge success. And although there will be revolving material (likely available year by year and no guarantee it goes away), the major selling point in the library right away is the archived PPVs. So, I imagine the PPVs will always stay on. I’m not selling my collection…yet. I’ll probably always keep some favorites, but owning every PPV for a 13 years plus, seems a little silly with the network. I think the value of rare DVDs will slowly fade with advent of the network. Think about people with WrestleMania X-Seven. If I really want to watch it unedited, I can go to the network.
    I also don’t know the next DVD I’ll buy. I may be TLC 2013 just to finish my 2013 collection. I also might get Best RAW and SmackDown 2013. I’m unsure on the availability of RAW and SmackDown on the Network, so those may be worth keeping. I’m just not excited about anything if the doc/event comes with the Network. I certainly have sentimental value with my 250 plus dvds, but we’ll see after the network launches. This guy may just want to beat the rest of the collection sellers.

  4. Ronaldo says:

    I am not get rid my collection beacuse of wwe network will be a huge sussecs !

  5. ZJ says:

    I hope this guy knows that they’re not going to put everything up on the WWE Network at once…

  6. LP1 says:

    Who said this guy was selling his collection because of the Network. That’s just you guys jumping to conclusions. Maybe he’s having serious financial problems and needs extra cash. Or maybe he’s not into wrestling the way he used to be. There could be a bunch of reasons why he sold them.

    • SRB says:

      People think he’s selling because of the network because the section is titled, “The Network Effect?”

      • Daniel Bee says:

        And the seller very well might be selling due to the Network. I’ve heard from a number of people who are planning to or even have done already. As you say the article above raises the question of the network effect.

        Not to say I necessarily agree with selling up. Personally I may sell the ones gathering dust that I never ever watch (planned for some time now) but never the original WWFs, ones that are particularly rare, nor most Blu-rays either.

        • LP1 says:

          I understand your point about how the Network could affect collecting in the future, but I’m talking more about the comments here with people jumping down this guy’s throat and outright assuming that the only reason he’s selling his collection is because of the Network. Nobody knows that for sure. Is it possible? Yes, but there could be a million other reasons why he’s selling them.

          • Daniel Bee says:

            Yes, that part of the article was designed just to raise discussion and voting on that topic. Lower down in these comments I said people shouldn’t be berating the seller.

  7. Tony Kegger says:

    I’m not selling because 1.) I probably wouldn’t get much and 2.) I’m assuming navigating through a PPV (i.e. skipping matches) on DVD is going to be a lot easier than navigating through a PPV on the Network. And 3.) I’m don’t think every single extra from the DVDs will be on the Network.

    • David says:

      Also no matter what WWE says there will be edits on PPVs compared to the DVD (see RAW 20th Anniversary). Think about it for example, do people actually think WM17 on the Network will be a direct copy of the original DVD release or any other PPV release? I don’t think so.

      I’m happy with my collection and I’m going to keep it, people selling their collection because of the Network will regret it down the road.

  8. Timothy Thorpe says:

    I’m not selling my collection ever, not if I can help it. I enjoy the hobby too much. Plus I couldn’t go through the work of packing, checking each disc for defects, shipping, etc. Hope this person selling knows what they’re doing.

  9. Paul says:

    WWE Network will not fail as long as they are including all their live PPVs with it. Vince is brilliant! I don’t see the price sticking at 9.99 per month forever but I think the subscription price will remain reasonable when it does go up… It won’t bomb!

  10. David says:

    I wouldn’t even consider selling my collection. Too much time and money were spent and I enjoy having the discs.

    Again, people with their knee-jerk reactions before even knowing exactly what’s going to happen. Its a boneheaded move selling everything, and I guarantee that down the road those people will be kicking themselves.

  11. THOMAS says:

    Vincenzzzzzo, I agree with you

  12. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Lol, there is a couple of you here talking about the WWE Network “bombing”. Typical IWC nonsensical chatter, as always. Tell me something though. If you’re a wrestling fan, why would you want something wrestling related to fail so hard? Is it because you’re a complete failure at life and feel the need to attack everything that’s positive?

    No, I will not be selling my WWE DVD collection because of the WWE Network, and I sincerely hope the Network thrives and becomes a huge success. A success for the sport & entertainment business that I’ve loved since birth.

    • mommy says:

      if it thrives it would be the worst thing since vince bought wcw

      they would have more of a monopoly, fans would not even watch any other wrestling even if it was good beacuse of it, we get more garbage like total divas

      any fan who really understands how things work knows this is true

      not to mention they will start to charge more and more, vince loves money and het still gets his 60$ for mania regardless

      some of you are thinking short term and not looking at the bigger picture

      • LP1 says:

        How you can compare the Network to the death of WCW is laughable. Two completely different situations each with completely different ramifications on the business. I have a newsflash for you, Vince already has a monopoly! He’s had it for 13 years. What other company out there is making any money? No one has been able to come even remotely close to WWE’s success. The Network will have no bearing on the success or failure of independent companies. Also we would still get shows like Total Divas regardless of the Network.

        • Vincenzzzzzo says:

          LP1, thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one that had no idea what the hell he was talking about.

          Mommy, of course over time WWE will raise the price of the Network. It’s a BUSINESS. You do know and understand what a business is, correct? And why that would make you, or anyone else for that matter, angry is completely beyond comprehension. You’re upset because a business wants to make money? Like, seriously? How does that even remotely concern you?

          • Jeff Copeland says:

            i swear all u do is troll on here about oh wa wa no blurays i am not gonna buy dvds wa wa wa seriously GROW the f up its just wrestling

            • Vincenzzzzzo says:

              Hey Jeff. Do you talk as goofy as you write? “wah wah wah WWE is dropping the ball”, “wah wah wah fail fail fail wwe network fail” “bomb bomb wwe network bomb”

              • Jeff Copeland says:

                do u talk as retarted from same mouth your mom blew the guy for 10 bucks to make u

                • Vincenzzzzzo says:


                  Yes, the WWE Network will be $9.99/month.

                • David says:

                  Hey look, we have an internet tough guy.

                  Jeff Copeland is clearly a troll who cannot even string proper sentences together.

                  • Jeff Copeland says:

                    oh what ever u vince and timmy can have your crap network that will bomb and it will bomb then what ?? You 3 gonna get together and find more ways to complain about why theres no blurays.? Or why u 3 arnt gonna buy dvds cause omg no blurays This site is a joke for allowing people to comment and complain and bit*ch about everything and vince get a life and take timmy and dave with u cause if all u 3 do is come on here to check wat people say thats sad then

  13. THOMAS says:

    I am not getting rid of my dvd collection because of the WWE Network, I am collecting the WWF dvds to complete the collection as well collecting the WWE Survivor Series 2013 event on home video {dvd} so stop running this seller from ebay down like a dog because of selling his collection

  14. GEOLINK says:

    Besides, who knows the reason why the seller is selling his collection? Maybe he’s broke and is in need of the money so bad that he needs to sell his DVDs?

    Nobody can assume as to why he’s selling his stuff off.

  15. mommy says:

    anyone selling there dvds because of the network is a idiot

    -who knows if this network will even be a success, imo it probably will bomb
    -its a streaming network which means stuff will be taking on an off, not everything will be on there every day forever
    -extras on dvd/blu ray make it better

    its much better having the dvd/bluray or a match or event because you can watch it anywhere, anytime, and not have to worry about it

    on the flip side, now looks to be the time to buy stuff cheap

  16. Daniel Bee says:

    Some of you guys are getting rather personal with remarks about the seller. It was just to get your opinions on whether or not the Network makes you want to sell up your DVDs, not berate anybody thinking the opposite. C’mon. 🙂

  17. Cody Schields says:

    I bet that guy just got married to a woman that hates wrestling and was told “You’re getting rid of your wrestling collection.”

  18. Jeff Copeland says:

    ok first off that seller is a moron cause the network will bomb 2nd fuk the icp stupid peices of crap and thats pretty much so yea moron seller and dumbass icp

  19. SRB says:

    I, like others have NO plans to sell my collection. The WWE Network is in no way a forever thing. Plus, the memories and stories regarding how the sets were bought are timeless as well. I’ve found some amazing sets that were low priced in bins they shouldn’t have ever been in! I’ve also driven hours upon hours to buy sets in person from private sellers and to get DVDs that were otherwise impossible to get. My point is that there is so much more than just having the sets on the shelf and any collector knows that. Some of my sets I received as Chirstmas and birthday gifts from family members that are no longer around. Taking them and selling them would make me feel guilty for ever asking for them in the first place. You never know about the longevity of something like this either. WWE is taking a chance and are simply trying something new. You never know what the result will be. It could be up for a few months and then come down. Plus, the network does not have everything WWE has ever done. It’s not like they have opened the vault for viewers. In a way, DVDs are still a better way to go and if WWE chooses to put more money into their network and less into DVDs, I still won’t sell, ever. The fact is that I enjoy walking into my basement, looking through my collection and pulling soemthing out that I haven’t watched in a while. There’s a satisfaction I get when I look at my collection and I highly doubt the WWE Network could ever offer the same emotion.

    And by the way, ICP completely sucks. Another brilliant move on the part of KFC. Just when I thought they were redeeming themselves with Bret Hart, they move on to another dumpster series with another act that should not even be answering questions about professional wrestling in the first place.

    • Kenny says:

      I agree completely.

      This guy is committing himself 100% to something we really don’t know anything about. For all we know, it could be a failure and they shut it down 2 years from now. At least level-headed guys like us will still have our collections to fall back on in the case that the Network doesn’t pan out as hoped.

      Never mind that they will be revolving content regularly, so just because all of this great stuff will be available when it launches doesn’t mean that it will be available non-stop for the life of the Network.

      This guy is not thinking rationally. Sucks to have to learn the hard way, but…

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      morons all ways gonna learn the hard way and this dumbass aka = seller WILL LEARN the hard way

  20. Stoopid Head says:

    Also, we’re still not sure exactly how extensive the Network library will be. Will content stay up “forever” once available or will some content be dropped occasionally? Will the full content of DVD/Blu-Ray sets be available or will it be like some Netflix content where only the documentary portion is available? IMO, there’s still too many unknowns in relation to current physical releases to warrant parting with currently owned content this soon.

  21. Kenny says:

    “[Do I] plan to sell off your WWE DVD collection because of the Network?”

    Absolutely NOT! Never mind the fact that I’m a guy who likes to have physical copies in my hand. On the Network side, having access requires a lot of things. With a DVD, I just need to buy the DVD, have a player and a TV, and I’m good to go. The Network requires me to pay a monthly fee, have an internet connection, an access point… The Network access is limited at best. My DVD collection isn’t going anywhere. I don’t need the Network to watch my DVDs.

    I expect the seller of this collection to be VERY disappointed once he unloads everything and realizes that his access is very limited in range. His butt will be very sore soon enough from him kicking himself for doing what he’s doing.

    Keep in mind that content will be revolving in and out (just like 24/7 Classics On Demand), so while the DVDs and PPVs will be available “at launch”, that does NOT mean that they will be available for the life of the Network.

    Dude’s seriously jumping the gun and over reacting.

  22. Eric says:

    In my opinion, that seller is a complete idiot. The network will NOT cause prices to drop on the rare discs much, if at all, in the long run. Hell, if anything, some of them will probably go UP, due to increased attention on the WWE and some of the content not being quite as “uncut” as advertised on the network (if the recent Raw box is any indication). Not to mention, selling it the way he is, unless it goes up a LOT in the next few hours, he is selling it for a small fraction of what he could get breaking it up.

    • GEOLINK says:

      I have to agree.

      I spent way too much money the past few years getting the rare U.S. DVDs and now that I have them I’m not going to sell them because the Network is going to have them.

      Can’t take WWE’s word when they say “uncut, uncensored” because something usually is.

  23. Ed says:

    i defently wont sell my collection..spent way too much time and money getting it. Always love the hard copies of stuff anyways. plus its just like netflix. dont have that yet but if i do, my regular dvd bd’s wont get sold either

    • Kelsey says:

      Yeah like most people on here with common sense, I wouldn’t dream of selling my collection. After all the years and money and effort put into it. I love owning the physical copy.I like to look at it and just have it in my hand. I’m not very technically inclined so I wouldn’t want to mess around with trying to get the network which most likely won’t even offer all that the dvds and blu rays do speaking of blu rays ,I doubt the network would have any blu rays for example like from the cm punk blu ray. It’s just better to have your own collection right at your finger tips anytime.

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