First Look at ‘Best of RAW & SmackDown’, Warrior Doc, WrestleMania 31 DVD?

January 26, 2015 by Daniel Bee

Last night’s Royal Rumble 2015 pay-per-view event will release on DVD and Blu-ray formats next month on February 24th.

You can pre-order a copy using the buttons below.

Get it on Amazon
Get it on Amazon

Before then, “The Best of RAW & Smackdown 2014” is on the way. That’s the next WWE DVD release ready to hit US stores and will do so on February 3rd.

WWE The Best of RAW & Smackdown 2014 DVD - Menu

This one is planned to be a 7 hour and 20 minute compilation spread over a 3-disc DVD package. There will be 20 RAW/Smackdown matches featured on the set, a few of which have alternate commentary added, in addition to 7 interview and promo segments.

As you can see from these exclusive first look screenshots, Byron Saxton is the host of the DVD. Along with his host segments between matches, there are also fan interviews included in which fans give their opinions on major moments from RAW/Smackdown in 2014.

WWE The Best of RAW & Smackdown 2014 DVD - Host Byron Saxton

WWE The Best of RAW & Smackdown 2014 DVD - Fan Interviews


Release dates for the WWE “Best of RAW & Smackdown 2014” DVD. Get yours…


USA: February 3rd. Pre-order now here on

Australia: February 4th. Pre-order now via

UK/Europe: February 9th. Pre-order now from

The full match & promo listing for the “Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe” WWE DVD/Blu-ray was revealed last week. Still to come is confirmation of the documentary chapters.

We’ve received a new synopsis for that documentary, revealed below, which promises “unparalleled behind-the-scenes access” and interviews with Warrior’s wife and daughters.

The new Warrior DVD/Blu-ray set releases in April. Click here to pre-order yours.

WWE Ultimate Warrior - Always Believe DVD/Blu-Ray Logo

Follow WWE Hall of Famer, The Ultimate Warrior, in his long awaited return to the WWE Universe. With unparalleled behind-the-scenes access, watch Warrior’s first meetings back at WWE headquarters, reconnecting with past and present WWE Superstars at WrestleMania 30, and his 2014 Hall of Fame induction.

After Warrior’s untimely passing, his wife Dana, and daughters, Indiana and Mattigan, talk about the legacy Warrior left behind.

We’ve received another synopsis. This one is for the WrestleMania 31 DVD, which you can read below. The WM31 DVD/Blu-ray is expected to release at the beginning of May.

Roman Reigns Royal Rumble Winner - Main Eventing WrestleMania 31

All roads lead to the grandest spectacle in all of entertainment as WWE heads to the west coast for the 31st edition of WrestleMania! WrestleMania has held the distinction as the preeminent event to perform on, in front of an excess of 60 thousand screaming fans and millions watching around the world. All of WWE’s biggest superstars get set to do battle in the biggest matchups of the year.

This year, in the brand new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, who will add their name to the history books by walking out of WrestleMania 31 with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship held high John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Big Show, Triple H, and several major Superstars strive to cement their legacies and create moments that will own a permanent place in WWE lore. Featuring exclusive backstage footage, the 2015 Hall of Fame Induction, and much more!

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WWF WrestleMania 16 DVD (2000) - Rare

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  1. Warrior Fan says:

    They should have interviewed Warrior’s mother as well so we could look into his childhood.

  2. The funny thing is, Not only is WWE catching hell from the WWE Universe for disappointments, But WWE 2K is also for creating lots of lies and pi**ing buyers off with over charging after we already bought the Season Pass, Including me!

  3. Christian says:

    I wonder if the will edit the boos to cheers on the Royal rumble DVD when roman reigns enters at #19 and when he wins

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      If they edit something, it will likely be the sign saying: “2004: Never forget”. And the “Bull§hit” chants. If at all that disaster piece of crap will be released in any form.

      • LP1 says:

        They showed the entire Royal Rumble match on Raw. For free so the whole world can see it. I’m sure they’ll have no problem releasing it as is.

  4. The one & only DVD/Blu-Ray I will be ordering is,
    Warrior is the one & only reason I’m still a wrestling fan to this day since I was a kid.
    Oh & possibly MACHO MAN DVD/BLU-RAY…
    Forever, oWn “Always Believe!”

  5. Richard Wierzbowski says:

    Just wanting to know if the 2015 Royal Rumble DVD set coming out next month is still going to be a two-disc set as Best Buy has it advertised or is it just going to now be a single disc and if it is a two-set, what will the second disc entail and contain?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      When the extras list for Royal Rumble is revealed (never too far away after a PPV has aired) that should tell us whether or not the DVD is a 2 discer.

  6. attitude.era.4life says: is nice to see, that there is still one cool place that you still wanna be subscribed to, where you really get something nice out of your subscribtion. And this one in here is even free to be part of! 😉

  7. King1111 says:

    Boo Roman Reigns. The man didn’t deserve to win, much less be in the match itself. I’m writing a letter

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