First Look at WWE Triple H ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ DVD, Mid-South Released

September 10, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE Triple H Thy Kingdom Come DVD 2013

Get a first glimpse at the Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come DVD!

YouTube user SandersRobin24 managed to get hold of a copy early and has posted the following video which gives a look at the full packaging artwork and also a review.

“Thy Kingdom Come” contains a documentary on Triple H’s life and career, with a runtime of over 2 hours. Additionally there are 12 matches to go along with that, plus an extra match and more interview footage exclusive to the Blu-ray edition.

Order it for September 24th at; October 14th to the UK at

The Mid-South DVD is released TODAY – click here to get yours if you haven’t already!

Both the Legends of Mid-South Wrestling and Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come DVD/Blu-ray releases are advertised in the October WWE Magazine. Thanks to Jamyn Blanton.

WWE Magazine Mid-South Wrestling & Triple H DVDs

Here are the top 10 WWE DVDs that sold for the most cash in the past month or two. These rare titles sold on eBay from $50 all the way up to $249!

WWF King of the Ring 2001 DVD

1) Raw Homecoming (Sealed) – $249.00
2) Austin vs. McMahon (Sealed) – $130.00
3) Live & Unscripted – $110.00
4) Judgment Day 2002 – $96.00
5) Trish Stratus FYE – $75.00
6) WrestleMania 17 – $75.00
7) Best of the WWF 2001 – $70.00
8) Vengeance 2002 – $66.00
9) King of the Ring 2001 (Sealed) – $56.55
10) WrestleMania 16 – $51.00

Eddy Shepard sends word of finding the Night of Champions 2012 DVD in the $5 bins at Walmart as of late. It’s also priced at just $5.99 here on

WWE Night of Champions 2012 DVD Walmart Bin

Kyle Barker sends word of finding the Payback 2013 and 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded DVDs at Family Video for just $4.95 each. Keep a look out.

WWE DVDs Randy Orton

The TNA Slammiversary XI DVD (released next month by will have a runtime of 6 hours and 38 minutes! It’s a 2 disc set with the following massive list of extras.

TNA Slammiversary XI DVD

Full Metal Mayhem – 11/04/2013

The Return of ‘The Icon’ Sting – 25/04/2013

Matt Morgan / Hulk Hogan Confrontation – 25/04/2013

Chris Sabin Returning to IMPACT!

Inside IMPACT – 02/05/2013

Hulk Hogan / Sting / Matt Morgan War of Words – 02/05/2013

Kurt Angle Confronts AJ Styles – 02/05/2013

Sting vs. Matt Morgan: #1 Contender’s Match

Exclusive Chris Sabin Return Interviews

Inside IMPACT – 09/05/2013

The Return of Suicide

Inside IMPACT – 16/05/2013

Slammiversary Contract Signing

Inside IMPACT – 23/05/2013

Hulk Hogan / Bully Ray / Sting / Brooke Hogan – The Fall Out – 23/05/2013

Inside IMPACT – 30/05/2013

Sting Retrospective on His World Title

Inside The Mind of ‘The Icon’

Before The Bell: Slammiversary

Boston Strong Tribute

Kurt Angle Hall of Fame Package

Exclusive Fan Interaction Music Video

Simon Says with Simon Diamond

Interactive Q & A with Bully Ray

Exclusive IMPACT Fan Interview

Slammiversary Music Video

Exclusive Post Match Interviews

We recently mentioned that The Top 25 Rivalries in Wrestling History was streaming on Netflix but quickly pulled later that same day. It’s back on there now to watch and has a runtime of 2 hours and 50 minutes, the full countdown feature the DVD/Blu-ray had.

Click here to get a FREE 1 month trial of Netflix in your area, which can be cancelled at any time. That’s a great way to try out WWE’s instant streaming on Netflix absolutely free!

WWE Renee Young Chemistry Lesson

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Sick Rick says:

    Why is the last man standing match vs randy orton on triple h’s DVD? he didn’t even win but moreover, it was more a randy orton moment than triple h’s.

    WWE should’ve added the last man standing match vs Chris Jericho in 2000.

  2. Jai says:

    Hi, I am from India and was wondering that if I order the Triple H documentary (Blu-ray version) from, will it work in India? I recently learned about those Region based working ability of the Blu-ray, so I am confused whether it will work here or not?! Please Help! If it works then I want to pre-order it now.

  3. jt says:

    Very biased review unfortunately. Too many people who dont know much about the inside workings of the buisness talking as if they do :/

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      I totally agree with you and I was thinking the same exact thing while watching… whatever that video was.

      • LP1 says:

        The reviewer said he wishes the DVD contained more talk on the backstage politics and wishes they interviewed the people who have legit beefs with Triple H. Really? You think WWE is really going to talk about all of that on one of their own DVD’s? Especially a Triple H release? lol Come on now. He also said the DVD is very 1-sided. Well, duh. Obviously. It’s going to be WWE’s side since they’re the ones making the documentary. Not sure why he would expect anything different.

  4. Niko says:

    Ugh. I buy the Blu collections for the extra content and HD matches, but the DVD sets with the foldout cases ALWAYS look so awesome. That Triple H sets hurts my heart. Why can’t we have foldout blu cases?

    • John says:

      You want a foldout blu case? Go buy Wrestlemania 29

    • King Shabazz says:

      The nice thing about the BR is of the superior quality and, in the long run, the shelf space you will save. While they are nice to look at, dvds are bulkier and they eventually start to give you that bulk VHS feel in your library when you compare them to those slim BR cases. I know this welll, I am still a DVD guy. While I purchase DVDs because they are cheaper to buy, I can already appreciate the space a BR collection could bring. Speaking of blu-ray, when does Norman smiley’s wwe release drop?

    • Mr Disc says:

      I agree with NIKO that’s the only thing that annoys me with Blu-ray. Although Blu-ray’s are a better option viewing wise the 3 disc DVD digipak’s still look better in your collections. I buy the stand alone PPV’s on Blu-ray but sometimes i’m tempted to buy the 3 disc sets on DVD because of this.

  5. Steven says:

    Wtf I just won night of champions 2012 like 3 minutes ago on eBay and payed $12 -_- lmao

  6. Jamyn Blanton says:

    Wow I’m featured again on my favorite website. I wonder where SandersRobin24 got it. I also, wonder if they had the Blu-Ray where he got it. Awesome review. The artwork looks amazing.

  7. SRB says:

    Why does the artwork say II, I then III???

  8. David says:

    Its strange how 3 Faces of Foley and Rock Know Your Role are easiest and cheapest Attitude collection DVDs to find…then you have Undertaker Phenom, Austin vs. McMahon, Rock Bottom, Unforgiven that are the hardest and most expensive to find.

  9. The HHH DVD cover art looks fantastic, best I’ve seen in years. Wonder if the Blu Ray has a slipcase?

  10. Poopyboy McGee says:

    Too bad the actual content of the TNA DVD’s is crap.

  11. IP Freely says:

    TNA has better front covers and extras for their DVDs than WWE

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