REVEALED: First Look & Teaser Trailer for WWE WrestleMania 34 DVD, Blu-Ray, NXT TakeOver Disc!

May 9, 2018 by Daniel Bee

A new teaser trailer has been revealed for the upcoming Home Video editions of WrestleMania 34 – watch it above (there’s a longer length version expected soon).

WWE will officially release this year’s WrestleMania on both DVD and Blu-ray formats next Tuesday! Pre-order your copy from $17.99 by clicking here to

We’ve received new box art for the WrestleMania 34 DVD in the United States which, as you can see, shows that the release will be housed in more standard packaging than in previous years since we now know there will be no more Digipaks for WWE DVD titles produced by Warner Bros..

WWE WrestleMania 34 DVD - Official Box Art

Switching gears to the United Kingdom, this market will be getting the WrestleMania 34 DVD/Blu-ray a little later on June 4th, however fans there are being treated to an exclusive bonus disc featuring the NXT TakeOver: New Orleans special, available to anyone who pre-orders early.

WWE Home Video UK have just released the planned artwork for the DVD bonus disc which has the full match listing of the NXT special printed on it. Check it out below:

WWE 'NXT TakeOver: New Orleans' Bonus Disc with WrestleMania 34 DVD!

As for the WM34 Blu-ray, which for those unaware is releasing worldwide, has your exclusive first look at the menu layout you can expect to see for this edition.

In the United States Best Buy will be carrying a version of the Blu-ray with alternate artwork.

In Canada the Blu-ray release is now being advertised as a “Blu-ray + Digital Copy”.

WWE WrestleMania 34 Blu-ray - Main Menu
WWE WrestleMania 34 Blu-ray - Match Selection Screen

Extras on both the WrestleMania 34 DVD and the Blu-ray will include all three Kickoff Show matches that aired prior to the event and the RAW after ‘Mania from the following evening, in its entirety. The Hall of Fame ceremony is not present on the Home Video this year due to running times.

The Blu-ray edition places all of those extras – and two exclusives from the SmackDown Live episode after WrestleMania – on Disc 2, as shown in this screengrab:

WWE WrestleMania 34 DVD & Blu-ray - Extras List

Get your copy of the WWE WRESTLEMANIA 34 DVD or Blu-ray…

USA: Next Tuesday! Grab WrestleMania on DVD or Blu-ray right now here on

Australia: May 23rd. Your WrestleMania DVD pre-order is now live at

UK/Europe: June 4th. Pre-order the WrestleMania DVD or Blu-ray now on

More artwork has reached us for this summer’s WWE DVD on the women: “Then, Now, Forever: The Evolution of WWE’s Women’s Division” (side note: this first look again suggests the use of slimmer packaging and a move away from Digipaks).

The new box art reveals two female Superstars who were not featured on the front cover will in fact appear on the back — AJ Lee and Kaitlyn!

As you’ve no doubt spotted in the content listing WWE has given AJ Lee her own “Spotlight” segment on the DVD and featured her Divas Championship Match with Kaitlyn from Payback 2013.

WWE 'Then, Now, Forever: Evolution of WWE's Women's Division' DVD - Box Art, Front Cover

WWE 'Then, Now, Forever: Evolution of WWE's Women's Division' DVD - Box Art, Back Cover

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  1. Shane C Montgomery says:

    It was nice getting the Hall of Fame with WM Blu-ray, but I stopped watching the ceremony five or six years ago. Would gladly trade the HOF for NXT Takeover as a bonus. The RAW after Mania isn’t too bad of a bonus, usually one of the best Raws of the year.

  2. Patrick Roberts says:

    It would be nice if WWE would start releasing the NXT TakeOver shows on Blu-ray and DVD. I’m sure that WWE would find that they sell very well. I’m sure that most of the collectors would say that there hasn’t been a bad TakeOver event. They actually seem to get better. You can’t say that about WrestleMania. Some years they’ll hate one or two really good or even great matches but the rest of the card is usually a discount. NXT TakeOver shows don’t have that problem. TakeOver sticks to a 2.5-3hr format and keeps fans entertained from start to finish.

    • LP1 says:

      Agreed. There has yet to be a bad TakeOver event. And the majority of the time, the TakeOvers are better than the PPVs that follow the next night. Mania weekend was no exception. Gargano vs Ciampa was one of the best matches WWE has put on in years.

    • whut says:

      I feel you are seriously underestimating the appeal of WrestleMania in itself with that comparison.

      afair WrestleMania is usually (by far) the biggest selling ppv dvd/bd of the year, no matter the quality.

  3. Paul says:

    Is there any word on the Hall Of Fame getting its own release?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Seems unlikely – sorry. They would have to see it as viable to release on its own (sell enough) on top of fitting it into the line up of titles already scheduled and they might have Greatest Royal Rumble to add already.

    • Mark Markson says:

      I remember back when WWE released the 2004 hall of fame ceremony on DVD, it was put on sale shortly after its release. So I can only imagine it didn’t sell well. They never released the HOF ceremony on its own after that first try in 2004.

      • David says:

        Yeah, the 2004 Hall of Fame DVD was a pretty neat set at that time that included the inductees key matches as extras. However, the HOF should always be part of the WM package for the complete weekend and would have been great if they actually included the Takeover disc for the North American release. But you’re right the 2004 standalone must have not sold well, so it doesn’t look like 2018 HOF will ever see a release on physical media and only available on the Network.

  4. Robert emons says:

    I never understood why they started putting the year behind the wrestlemania logo on the DVDs why didn’t the number of the show stick around?

    • David says:

      Jericho mentioned that Vince hates the numbers for WM because it makes it sound old.

      • Daniel Bee says:

        Do they not say “WrestleMania 34” on TV leading into the PPV? I can’t quite remember but feel like they do at times. It’s bizarre that when the DVD comes it’s 2018. I reckon it could even confuse people since the events are never named by year.

        • Robert emons says:

          I believe they do

        • LP1 says:

          Also the merchandise for Mania had the number on it. There were tons of shirts on WWEShop and at the WrestleMania Store during Axxess that had the number 34 on the merchandise. Shirts, hats, keychains, etc.

    • Timothy J Thorpe says:

      It will always have a number to me.

  5. andemoine winrow says:

    I will be getting the blu-ray d.v.d of ‘WRESTLEMANIA’ part 34. The ‘SCREEN-GRABS’ look great. The back cover of the ‘THEN, NOW, and FOREVER’ women’s d.v.d looks terrific. So glad they added the women’s match from ‘BACKLASH’ 2016. Just saw it on ‘YOU-TUBE’. Great match. Now, when will we get any info on the up-coming ‘GREATEST ROYAL RUMBLE’ d.v.d release for the united states? Probably won’t be until either july or august.

  6. David says:

    I noticed WWEShop aren’t carrying any new DVDs/Blu-rays. The latest there is Best of RAW and SD 2017. Are WWEShop not carrying them anymore? as they don’t have RAW 25, Elimination Chamber + Fastlane 2018 Double pack and Best of Hardys or i guess they know within a month or so they will end up being $5, $10 or $15 so they aren’t bothering to stock new home video releases anymore.

  7. Mark Markson says:

    I will be getting this. That NXT Takeover was great! Mania was fine, but there were some matches where I was surprised by the booking: the Raw tag team title match, Asuka vs Charlotte and especially the outcome of the main event.

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