First Major 2014 WWE DVD & Blu-Ray Involving Shawn Michaels Revealed?

October 12, 2013 by Daniel Bee

Shawn Michaels WWE WrestleMania 12

The first major WWE DVD release of 2014 may have just been revealed! This according to new info from the UK distributor ( and thanks to Steven Watson.

Though still awaiting confirmation, “Shawn Michaels WrestleMania Matches” is down on the schedule for February-March time on DVD and Blu-ray formats.

It would appear self-explanatory what the content would be for this one. A WrestleMania match compilation, likely with new involvement from Shawn Michaels giving a commentary of each bout. Below is a list of all WrestleMania matches HBK competed in during his career.

Wrestlemania 5: The Rockers vs. The Twin Towers
WrestleMania 6: The Rockers vs. The Orient Express
WrestleMania 7: The Rockers vs. Barbarian & Haku w/Bobby Heenan
WrestleMania 8: Shawn Michaels w/Sensational Sherri vs. “El Matador” Tito Santana
WrestleMania 9: Shawn Michaels vs. Tatanka (Intercontinental Championship)
WrestleMania 10: Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon (Ladder Match)
WrestleMania 11: Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel (WWE Championship)
WrestleMania 12: Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart (WWE Championship Iron Man Match)
WrestleMania 14: Shawn Michaels vs. Steve Austin (WWE Championship)
WrestleMania 19: Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho
WrestleMania 20: Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit vs. Triple H (World Heavyweight Championship)
WrestleMania 21: Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle
WrestleMania 22: Shawn Michaels vs. Vince McMahon w/Shane McMahon
WrestleMania 23: Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena (WWE Championship)
WrestleMania 24: Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair (Career Threatening Match)
WrestleMania 25: Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker
WrestleMania 26: Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker (Career vs. Streak)

Eddy Shepard sends word of finding the Hell in a Cell 2012 DVD in the $5.00 bins at Walmart. The other 2012 PPV DVDs spotted on sale for $5 lately include Night of Champions, Over the Limit, SummerSlam and Capitol Punishment.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 DVD CM Punk Devil

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  2. Spritz1999 says:

    As much as I feel that Shawn has had enough sets… I’d rather see this promising looking set than another John Cena catastrophe honestly!!! 🙂

  3. mark foster says:

    I dont have anything against shawn micheals as a performer.He started out as a jobber and found a partner copied the rock and roll express,became a pretty good tag team wrestler as the midnight rockers in the a w a federation.He ended have a gret career wit matches faceing the undertaker and brett hart.Does any one a 6 dvd set for him ?I have one wrestler set to add and my collection is complete.Andre the giant,the first man introducted in to the hall of fame.A lot of young people have not seen how great a wrestler he was.Before his disease started to take over his was pretty agile for someone his size.His matches against blackjack mulligan,jhon studd,jerry blackwell,kamala,king kong bundy,ultimate warrior,and hulk hogan.Maybe 2014 his fans will finally get the ultimate collection we have been wanting.

  4. Anan says:

    I don’t hate HBK. I’m a big fan of his. But I still have to wonder how many HBK DVD’s have been done and if anymore need to be released? But hey, if they’re gonna do a WM compilation set on HBK, then hopefully that’ll start something here because there’s other names that deserve WM compilations too like Austin and Bret Hart for example.

    • David says:

      Not counting the DX and Greatest Rivalries, HBK has had 5 solo releases the last 10 years – 2 of them however were basically a waste; Boyhood dream was just a Coliseum Video re-release and the Superstar Collection last year.

      • Anan says:

        The other top stars from that same decade (the 90s) haven’t had 5 solo releases except for maybe Stone Cold and perhaps also The Rock. Taker, Kane, HHH, Bret Hart, Jericho, how many solo sets have they gotten, not counting Coliseum Video re-releases?

  5. Brian says:

    Is this the first time a Benoit match has been released since his death?

  6. RabidHeat says:

    I do agree that if you have all the WrestleManias there’s no point in it, and I will not be buying it, but I still think these DVDs are great for people that prefer to collect their favourite superstar’s work rather than complete events. And it should only be for people who traditionally steal the show at ‘Mania, like ‘taker and Michaels.

    I would bet a million dollars that the main title of this DVD is “Mr WrestleMania”, lol.

  7. Mr Disc says:

    This is just like Takers Streak dvd. Unless you’re out to collect every single title released there’s no point in picking this one up if you already own all Wrestlemania’s. Even if it’s on a Blu disc i am still gonna pass on this one just like i did with the Streak set.

  8. Big Dave says:

    never been a big shawn michaels fan but I may purchase this if the Benoit match gets released.

  9. Josh says:

    I’m sure Shawn will participate and add some insight and hopefully some cool stories. That’s probably the real selling point. No need for 60+ comments burying a title that there are no details on yet.

  10. John says:

    This is a pointless release in my opinion but I will get this when it goes for under $20

  11. Steve says:

    More lazy garbage from WWE home video. They must have felt they were running out of ways to release the Wrestlemania X ladder match. Obviously it’s all about the majority of sheep who will make the WWE money off of this style of release and not about the minority hardcore collector. They should have done Shawn Michaels unreleased but that would have been way too cool. The even sadder thing is they will be sure to release this in Blu Ray form only three of those matches were released in HD yet they don’t release 2013 PPV’s on Blu Ray. I mean who is in charge of WWE home video? This website creates such phenomenal fantasy ideas yet the people who get paid to actually make these collections come up with this lazy bullshit.

  12. Tom Jordan says:

    I will be skipping this one but they could’ve did one on Shawn and have classic DX stuff from 1997 and some hidden gem matches.

  13. FRS says:

    That meant to read “all of those titles”

  14. FRS says:

    that would be awesome…. if I didn’t have call those titles already lol (well except the Shawn super star collection). great deal though.

  15. DEVILSHOLIC says:

    This shawn michaels dvd is just stupid You can watch any of these matches online…. They should do more Documentaries/biographies instead

  16. mark foster says:

    I have been a wrestling fan for 35 years,and think i know something about it.Wwe,there are older people like me who still buy your dvds,Shawn micheals was ok,But the hitman and undertaker made him.There is more to wrestling history then stone cold austin,triple h,shawn micheals,the rock,and the undertaker.Great wrestlers like roddy piper,macho man savage,ultimate warrior,andre the giant,I could keep going.But we do have wwe classics

  17. Johnny says:

    I just wanna say that “Capitol Punishment” is from 2011 not 2012. Unless they mean to say that’s included also just not mentioning ’11 or ’12 that was an all right PPV.

  18. Justin F says:

    WWE milks their proftis off of famous talent. HBK is considered one of the best superstars to ever come along, so them releasing yet another HBK DVD is no surprise. It’s the same when they release another HHH DVD in 3 years because they enjoy milking the profits.

  19. captain planet says:

    Most people who buy WWE DVDs aren’t here on this site and they don’t care enough to talk about it online. They see it advertised on TV or they see it in the store. They don’t obsessively collect wrestling DVDs. This is the demographic WWE will always focus on with compilations like this, because it’s MARKETABLE to the average joe who may only have a few DVDs in his “collection”, which by the way is just some DVDs on a shelf and nothing he prides on about. Some of you guys are seriously implying that people who don’t care about this as a hobby should just go and track down like 10 different DVDs to get everything offered in various “double-dipping” sets. WWE are smart do to his stuff, because while they’re putting out riskier projects like the Mid-South DVD or the In Your House DVD that only the more hardcore fans would want, they have big mainstream releases like this that are more appealing to more people. You make an appealing ad for this, you get HBK to do a sit-down, you remind people of matches they’d like to watch again, and hey, they can go out to Best Buy or Walmart right now and get it all in a nice package for $20? Sold.

    I want an unreleased HBK collection, too. And I’ll be easily skipping this release. But it’s not FOR ME, and it’s clearly not for most of you, either.

    • LP1 says:

      Preach on. You’re 100% correct. Unfortunately most hardcore collector’s live inside a bubble and can’t comprehend what you just explained very clearly to them.

  20. zac says:

    For me similar as to why I didn’t bye the MITB boxset I have the majority of these matches on the other HBK boxsets and wrestlmanias. Think I will wait till this one is cheap ;).

  21. Simon says:

    Yep, would rather have had an unreleased matches set, but it’s pretty clear at this point that they don’t pay any attention to what we want, so I’m not sure why I even bother commenting.

    The only way I’d buy this is if there were some new commentaries on the matches from Michael Cole and Shawn Michaels.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I can’t say I’m surprised to hear about this new Michaels WrestleMania release, but I can say I’m VERY DISAPPOINTED. Michaels already nine DVD releases. The only Michaels release that I’ll buy at this point is a Michaels UNRELEASED DVD set. Anything else is an all-around waste.

    • LP1 says:

      Actually Shawn has had 5 DVD releases, not 9. Although I’m guessing you’re counting the 3 DX releases and the Shawn vs Bret release. Something else to keep in mind, while he had 5 releases, he’s never had a Blu-ray release. Also it would be nice to some of these matches released without the WWF censoring. So I don’t see this as a waste at all. In fact I think WWE should re-release everything from 2002-2012 all over again, this time without any WWF logo blurs and edits. Any DVD release from those years is the real waste.

      • David says:

        I don’t understand how people can say the DX and Greatest Rivalries were actual “Shawn Michaels” releases. They focused on the DX group and his rivalry with Bret. HBK only has had 5 solo releases the last 10 years – two of them were basically throwaway (Boyhood Dream and Superstar Collection).

        People seem to forgot how many VHS releases WWE had of Stone Cold during the Attitude era. I seriously lost count

  23. john rega says:

    I sent in this idea to WWE 3 years ago when HBK was retiring and I said that should call it Mr. WrestleMania.

  24. Harry Faversham says:

    1. From The Vault
    2. Hits From The Heartbreak Kid & Heartbreak Express Tour (Tagged Classic)
    3. Heartbreak & Triumph
    4. My Journey
    5. D-Generation X
    6. The New & Improved DX
    7. D-Generation X : The Last Stand
    8. Boyhood Dream
    9. Wrestling’s Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart
    10. Shawn Michaels Superstar Collection
    11. Best of WWE: New & Improved DX (Silver Vision Exclusive)

    I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve it, but I think they like this guy!

  25. Jamie Caldwell says:

    I also saw WWE Money In The Bank 2012 in the $5 bin at Walmart.

  26. SCSA says:

    Sounds okay, but I’d prefer an HBK set which has all his greatest matches from his time alone! + I really wanna see these matches on blu-ray like;

    • Shawn Michaels (with Sensational Sherri) Vs Rick Martel – SummerSlam 92
    • Bret Vs Undertaker w/Shawn as Guest referee – SummerSlam 97

  27. mark foster says:

    wwe has done 2 dvd sets on shawn micheals,I own both.Will pass on this one,there are a lot more pass wwe stars i would have liked to have on dvd.Superfly snuka,bob backland,andre the giant,to name a few

    • Harry Faversham says:

      There’s a lot more than 2! I see Andre as the only huge name not to be profiled (with the exceptions of Sting and Kurt Angle), but I’d love a Superfly set.

  28. Jamyn Blanton says:

    I would get the Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania DVD but, I have about half of the Wrestlemanias.

  29. indyfan says:

    How f*ckin lame…

  30. Max says:

    I was hoping for a Shawn Michaels unreleased dvd/bluray 🙁

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly! Along with UNRELEASED sets on Ric Flair, Steve Austin, Randy Savage, Sting, Chris Jericho, and the Four Horsemen.

  31. LP1 says:

    Remember, what’s old is new again. The thing to keep in mind is the majority of these matches were only released prior to the WWF ban being lifted last year. So this will be the first time most of these matches get released unedited and also their first time on Blu-ray.

    • Anonymous says:

      What? The blurring doesn’t affected ANY of these matches. And, who cares if it’s the first time many of these matches get released in Blu-Ray? The only matches actually filmed in HD have already been released in Blu-ray.

      Quit supporting everything and anything the company does. If you want to say this is a good release as it showcases how Michaels really is the best performer in the history of WrestleMania that’s fine. However, you’re reasons just don’t work and stink of a person who’s so loyal to the company that you’ll support anything they do.

      • LP1 says:

        The blurring affected Mania 14. The ring apron and the cameramen were all blurred. Also all the Manias prior to 2002 had to be edited any time someone says the letters “WWF”. Also the graphics on the screen had to be changed to “WWE”(ie. “WWE Intercontinental Champion”). Also the pre-HD era matches, while not filmed in HD, still have an upside to being presented on Blu-ray instead of DVD. The upconverting of the original tapes to MPEG-4 format will look crisper and than it would on DVD. DVD compresses the old tapes to a lesser format and you’re not getting the full clarity.

        Also I’m not sure why you decided to take a personal shot at me. Not sure what I ever did to you. It’s clear you don’t read everything I post since I’ve taken plenty of shots at WWE, including ripping on the Home Video department plenty of times, tearing apart the often “uncreative team” that’s booking the product and I also completely buried that God-awful PPV from last week. So the only thing that “doesn’t work” is you’re response to me. But that’s typical of people who hide behind “Anonymous” and refuse to give themselves an actual ID. So until you do I have no reason to continue this conversation anymore. Good day.

  32. rocky245 says:

    How are they gonna get round the wm 20 match benoit wins the title and they dont like showing benoit in a positive way I think this may be left off or shown in highlight form I hope I am wrong but I just cant see wwe showing this match in full

  33. Colin V says:

    I wonder what the blu-ray exclusives will be for this.

  34. @IMDJLUIS says:

    The thing I am looking forward to most about this release is the iTunes version I will be able to have on my iPod.

  35. Paul says:

    Sweet! Being the HUGE HBK fan that I am, I will be getting this. Hope there are some great exclusives, stories, extras. You know the DVD/BD title will include the term “Mr. WrestleMania”. Can’t wait…

  36. Bill says:

    I have all the WrestleManias so this is one HBK set I will not be getting

  37. ALK says:

    oh no, Undertaker The Streak has a brother/sequel… XD

  38. Timothy Thorpe says:

    More than likely this will be a 4 dvd-3 blu ray set given the length of some of the matches. An Idea for a blu ray exclusive would be his hall of fame speech. I can’t wait to see how this shapes up.

  39. X says:

    I love Shawn Michaels, but the best of these matches are on his DVDs. This idea should be given to John Cena, the name and face of WWE! Include the buildup and that could be epic!

  40. @IMDJLUIS says:

    Even though they have all been released, I’m cool with having them all in 1 place and finally not being edited, so I’m cool with this set.

  41. SRB says:

    An HBK WM only set??? Come on! These WM matches have been released like 65 times already. What about an unreleased collector’s edition???

    • Joe Israel says:

      Undertaker The Streak was a pretty big seller, so no surprise that they would want to release a similar set. And a lot of these matches (outside of WM10 and WM12) haven’t been released on compilation sets too often.

      • TNAJason says:

        Yeah specifically that 1 match that was only ever released on 1 compilation(The Benoit 2-Disc). I like the idea. I just hope there are reflections on each Mania match,in a kinda Bret Hart-Dungeon Collection type-way. I can see this being titled,by the way,…..
        Shawn Michaels:Mr.Wrestlemania:Ultimate Collection.

        Tho I see him being Vince’s Surrogate vs Triple H at Mania,so it wouldn’t be Ultimate for very long,but I just have a feeling that the Daniel Bryan vs Authority stuff is gonna lead to Shawn vs HHH at Mania,as each man’s last match. Shawn was on the “Pros” Summerslam Panel and was VERY Pro-Bryan,and is now the ref at Hell in a Cell. I do gotta say Shawn vs HHH is better than Cena vs HHH,or even Bryan vs HHH,as I want Bryan to be in a WWE Title Match with a Current Star,and Cena vs Undertaker just has to happen,or they are gonna risk Taker not being healthy enough to do it. No I’m not sure why I went on this rant.

      • David says:

        WM14 with Austin was released on several compilations too.

        • TNAJason says:

          It should also be noted that HBK vs Taker I has been released a handful of times too now. History of WWE upcoming,along with Shawn Michaels:My Journey,Undertaker:The Streak,True Story of Wrestlemania.

          • SRB says:

            Taker’s streak at mania has become something that WWE never thought it would become. That release made sense. To randomly release HBK’s mania matches seems worthless to me, and yes, tons of them are major repeats. Why not release Hogan’s mania matches too? Seems like they could make money off that too while they’re at it.

            • TNAJason says:

              Because HBK is “Mr.Wrestlemania” is known to have the best match on the show for the most part 94-onward,while 19,22,& 23 are more questionable(19-Austin-Rock,Lesnar-Angle,Hogan-McMahon & 22-Edge-Foley & 23-Taker-Batista) His Wrestlemania Legacy is so big that his involvement as a ref,or being in a corner can cause legitimate excitement. Plus if what I have expected since Summerslam IS true,they will release it to show “HBK will do anything it takes to steal the show at Wrestlemania” if the Vince’s Surrogate HBK vs HHH match does happen. Plus it will sell well,ala The Streak,as while HBK make not be undefeated,he has a very good ratio of Fantastic Matches from 94-on and really if they had HBK do Dungeon Collection-type commentary-intros on each Wrestlemania match and what he/those involved were thinking leading into it,and his take on them,I would be happier as a overall package than I was The Streak,since the “Documentary” was laughable,even tho The Streak has its own share of Fantastic Matches. If its just a Compilation like Goldberg(which I liked,but it wouldn’t work as well for this proposed collection) then I’m more inclined to agree. But I would buy it regardless. Plus if it was like what I am hoping,the Blu-Ray Exclusives could be stories of the HHH-Cena II shift at WM 23,Wrestlemania 13 Drama,Wrestlemania 14 Drama,and other possible stories of matches he might have wanted,or were planned,but were changed leading up to the Biggest Event of the WWE Year.

              • SRB says:

                His nickname is completely besides the point. Yes, he has had some good matches, but you can grab any of them on the releases WWE has put out many times. Look at the other 3 pages of comments. No one wants this. It’s a waste of a release and how can you argue and hope for something that you’ve already seen? An Unreleased Edition would be new to everyone…

                • LP1 says:

                  Actually, Unreleased only means that the matches have never been released on DVD before. They won’t necessarily be “new” to everyone. There’s plenty of matches that have been on previous Unreleased sets that I’ve seen plenty of times and I’m sure others have as well. With that said, there’s plenty of matches that I’ve seen that I would love to see again on some upcoming Unreleased sets. Also, how do you know that he’s already seen these matches? Maybe he’s a new fan? Just started watching last year maybe. Who knows.

                  • SRB says:

                    That’s just the issue. You guys argue for the public and not enough for yourselves. “Well, it’s very possible that others have not seen the matches, so this release is perfect for them.” Never once in the release catalog have I thought, “I’ve seen every single one of these matches, but maybe others haven’t. I’m so glad they get to now.”